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Fangirls! | crabstickz

Tags: Fangirls!  |  crabstickz 

A FanGirl has got in! Shoot her! SHOOT HER!!!Follow me on Twitter|||

I Can't Even: Geek week Special!

Tags: I  Can't  Even:  Geek  week  Special! 

A special YouTube Geek Week themed edition of 'I Can't EVEN.'Follow me on twitter: http://crabstickz.tumblr.comWatch more YouTube Geek Week videos at

Sherlock (parody) | Chris Kendall

Tags: Sherlock  (parody)  |  Chris  Kendall 

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Animal Impressions 3 | CRABSTICKZ

Tags: Animal  Impressions  3  |  CRABSTICKZ 

Latest Video: to me! : Duck!...

How To Speak Northern

Tags: How  To  Speak  Northern 

Edutainment!! Dan and the rest of the world learn of the wonders and HORRORS of Northern England.How To Speak Northern English! (not) Enjoy :Dhere is Charlie's original video if you are one of the 3 people on earth who haven't seen it: here is my pal...

Crabstickz Quiz Show! | Comedy Week

Tags: Crabstickz  Quiz  Show!  |  Comedy  Week 

In celebration of comedy week I whipped up a quiz show!!?!??! HAHAHAHA! Make sure you click 'LIKE' if you want more of these shows, as this is kind of a pilot! Spread it ALL over the INTERNET MINIONS!!! ... I mean friends. Follow me on twitter for noodz:...

Becca Meets Alfie | BALFIE

Tags: Becca  Meets  Alfie  |  BALFIE 

Subscribe to Alfie: to me :'s video with Becca: last video:...

Foursome Twister

Tags: Foursome  Twister 

positions you should never have seen us in.follow me on twitters! - POSTERS! :D http://www.scratchthatrecords.comclick here to tweet the video, thank you! :] - partners in...

Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who - Classic Comic Relief

Tags: Rowan  Atkinson  is  Doctor  Who  -  Classic  Comic  Relief 

Doctor Who Special starring Rowan Atkinson, Richard E Grant, Hugh Grant (as Doctor Who), Jonathan Pryce and Joanna Lumley.Buy the very best of Red Nose Day on iTunes,

I HAVE A MOUSE!! | crabstickz

Tags: I  HAVE  A  MOUSE!!  |  crabstickz 

There is something here with me, watching me, judging me!Follow me on twitter:

Harry Potter Abridged

Tags: Harry  Potter  Abridged 



Tags: Ask  Chris  |  CRABSTICKZ 

PLEASE follow me on twitter! It's the only way you'll know when I upload videos video you may have missed with Becca: is my FaceBook: a...


Tags: Becca'sFirstVlog.mp4 

My first vlog guys! Seriously don't leave hate. Seriously yeahTweet me!!! FaceBook page! tumblr/diary! YouTube:...

Pug Dog Of Wall Street | Crabstickz

Tags: Pug  Dog  Of  Wall  Street  |  Crabstickz 

So after a half year hiatus get ready for the biggest comeback video ever conceived. Prepare your tiny undeveloped minds. Twitter:

My Tumblr Tag!

Tags: My  Tumblr  Tag! 

Me and Dan have a look through the AmazingPhil tag on tumblr!Follow me on tumblr!! http://www.amazingphil.tumblr.comMy video is here if you wanna reblog it :D Contains cartoon butts!THANK YOU TO ALL THE PPLZ ON TUMBLR WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE!...

Never Mind the Buzzcocks - Doctor Who Special

Tags: Never  Mind  the  Buzzcocks  -  Doctor  Who  Special 

Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Doctor Who Special.Oh how I adore Dr. Who!

Coffee and a chat? | crabstickz

Tags: Coffee  and  a  chat?  |  crabstickz 

It's time for a back to basics approach to YouTube videos!Follow me on twitter FOOL! :

Jimmy Fallon's Do Not Read List -- Summer 2013 (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Tags: Jimmy  Fallon's  Do  Not  Read  List  --  Summer  2013  (Late  Night  with  Jimmy  Fallon) 

Jimmy offers up some books you should avoid, including "Dating For Under a Dollar."Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35cGet more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy:...

Chris And Jimmy's Show!

Tags: Chris  And  Jimmy's  Show! 

September is OVER so let me and Jimmy show you best of YouTube you might have missed!Here's the best of September playlist! to Jimmy!

Animal Impressions 4 | Crabstickz

Tags: Animal  Impressions  4  |  Crabstickz 

For the love of sweet jesus! AARDVARK?! Where the F**K IS AARDVARK?! twitter:

Ironic Appreciation

Tags: Ironic  Appreciation 

Are we losing ourselves to irony? Or using it to shield our guilty pleasures? Has society shackled us behind bars of sarcasm?! THE REVOLUTION BEGINS. click here: to subscribe to my channel to be told when i make a new video :Dokay so...



Doctor Who Bonus Reactions : Vids Sun, Tues & Thurs! Subscribe: all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/YouTubers): to the REACT channel for MORE shows: Doctor Who Content at this...

My Mum and Harrogate | CRABSTICKZ

Tags: My  Mum  and  Harrogate  |  CRABSTICKZ 

Last video:

How to get a boy to like you! | Becca Hodgekins

Tags: How  to  get  a  boy  to  like  you!  |  Becca  Hodgekins 

Here are my sure fire genuine tested ways of getting a boy to like you despite his personal thoughts and opinions. Xtwitter:'s twitter: