12th Doctor Who Revealed! | BBC

12th Doctor Who Revealed! | BBC

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Exclusive announcement of the 12th Doctor Who for the 2014 series. As Matt Smith leaves the show who will he regenerate into. Well the speculation is no more as the BBC reveals in this exclusive new interview with the 12th Doctor. Follow the 12th Doctor on twitter: https://twitter.com/Chris_Kendall_Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-...tumblr: http://crabstickz.tumblr.comTags: Matt Smith The Doctor 12th Doctor Regeneration announcement Chris Kendall Doctor who

12th  doctor  who  revealed!  |  bbc 

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A sketch on Friday Night Project... David Tennant plays the part of the Doctor's "gorgeous time traveling assistant." Not much to it, but hey, David in a dress.

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EDIT: HOLY COW 100K + VIEWS ?! 0O Woah, thanks everyone, i hope you enjoyed it ! Doctor Who FTW ! =DDavid Tennant and Matt Smith!Enjoy!Dr Who belongs to BBC, i own nothing!

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