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A short movie shot in Oradour-sur-Glane using an iPhone 3GS and the iSupr8 app.9th September 2011


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Rencontre historique Hollande-Gauck à Oradour-sur-Glane (émission intégrale)

Tags: Rencontre  historique  Hollande-Gauck  à  Oradour-sur-Glane  (émission  intégrale) 

4 septembre 2013 :Les présidents François Hollande et Joachim Gauck ont fait une longue visite des ruines du village-martyr d'Oradour-sur-Glane en Haute-Vienne en compagnie du survivant du massacre Robert Hébras. + d'infos : http://bit.ly/oradour-4septembre2013Retrouvez le programme de France...

Oradour sur Glane: a nazi massacre

Tags: Oradour  sur  Glane:  a  nazi  massacre 

Une video sur le massacre d'Oradour sur Glane (Limousin) par les Nazis le 10 juin 1944.Les photos noires et blancs sont prises du guide de la visite, le reste sont mes photos personelles prises l'an dernier.A 14h, les soldats SS encerclerent le bourg et donnerent l'ordre aux habitants de se...

Extrait "Juin 40 : Le Grand Chaos"

Tags: Extrait  "Juin  40  :  Le  Grand  Chaos" 

Juin 40 : Le Grand Chaos Un film de Christophe WeberProduit par Louis VaudevilleDurée : 90' Première diffusion sur France 3 : 14 Juin 2010Une production CC&C -- BoréalesEdition vidéo et Distribution Internationale : France Télévisions DistributionA partir du 10 mai 1940, la France vit l'une...

Bodyboard en Makaha usando el iSupr8 de Rip Curl de iPhone con una funda Aquapac

Tags: Bodyboard  en  Makaha  usando  el  iSupr8  de  Rip  Curl  de  iPhone  con  una  funda  Aquapac 

Ok, video dentro del mar, bravazo! pero sumale pasarlo a super 8 con la aplicacion del iPhone, el iSupr8 de Rip Curl, que las vuelve super retro, bien 70´s!Claro, que filmar dentro del mar con un iPhone solo es posible usando una funda Aquapac, la marca inglesa logra que tu iPhone, o iPad o...

Isobel & The Witch Queen

Tags: Isobel  &  The  Witch  Queen 

My short film "Isobel & The Witch Queen" which world premiered exclusively at the 2012 Macworld | iWorld event on Friday January 27th at 7:00PM at Moscone Center West as part of the iPhone Film Festival discussion panel.Shot entirely on the iPhone 4S using the FiLMiC Pro and iSupr8 apps. Sound...

TD Lind: Head Over Heels

Tags: TD  Lind:  Head  Over  Heels 

TD Linds official Head Over Heels video from The Outskirts of Prosper.Buy The Outskirts of Prosper on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-outskirts-of-prosper/id513341457Website: http://www.tdlind.com/Twitter: http://bit.ly/TDLtwitterFacebook: www.facebook.com/TDLIND2012

Irving takes New York

Tags: Irving  takes  New  York 

A 1950's educational style film starring Irving the red monkey visiting New York City and some of its highlights. I grew up having to suffer through these types of films in school which were outdated, corny, had little regard for editing, scenes would be randomly cut, the music would also just be...

Isupr8 test - various filmstocks

Tags: Isupr8  test  -  various  filmstocks 

5 filmstocks used for the same clip. Which gives the best feel?A. Tru8B. RipCurlC, CrossProcessD. ComboChrome B&WE. Levi's

Ambient Song #19

Tags: Ambient  Song  #19 

LISTEN to my music here: http://music.lowercasenoises.comGROW YOUR AUDIENCE AND IMPROVE YOUR SONGWRITINGwith my weekly tips for musicians: http://andyothling.comDownload this song at http://music.lowercasenoises.com/album/ambient-songsVisit my website at http://www.lowercasenoises.com. Follow me...

WedOverHeels & Bean Benson + Haute Bride - Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Tags: WedOverHeels  &  Bean  Benson  +  Haute  Bride  -  Wedding  Inspiration  Shoot 

A short film featuring WedOverHeels co-founder Bean Benson wearing couture accessories by Haute Bride. Shot with iSupr8 for iPhone.To see more amazing bridal accessories, visit http://hautebride.comLook 3 & 4 makeup by MUAHjwn http://muahjwn.comSong is "Week Seven" by Ben von Wildenhaus...

Appel du 18 Juin 1940 - De Gaulle

Tags: Appel  du  18  Juin  1940  -  De  Gaulle 

Voici un extrait du télé-film, documentaire sur l'Appel du 18 juin 1940. Scène final avec le Général de Gaulle qui lit son Appel à la BBC à Londres.Voici le texte original : Les chefs qui, depuis de nombreuses années, sont à la tête des armées françaises, ont formé un gouvernement....

The Icarus Line recording at Valley Recording Co.

Tags: The  Icarus  Line  recording  at  Valley  Recording  Co. 

A moment captured by Travis Keller. The footage offered here is The Icarus Line tracking for this years forthcoming LP's. All instrumentation was recorded live, together in one great sounding room with a lot of bleed.

Вести.Net Томск #50 от 06.12.2012

Tags: Вести.Net  Томск  #50  от  06.12.2012 

В выпуске: Нестандартный ТОП-5 - знакомимся с новогодними подарками:- Будильник, который имитирует восход солнца и звуки природы- Компьютерная мышь-трансформер от...

Sharkoon (an iPhone 4 movie)

Tags: Sharkoon  (an  iPhone  4  movie) 

Tweet this! http://bit.ly/eRjv3USharkoon (noun); a rare and elusive sea creature.Shot entirely on an iPhone 4From Dan Nguyen and Dan BakstApps used: iSupr8, almostDSLRa GLIF tripod mount was used.Music by: NovelsFor more fun, follow us on twitter!@dannnn@DanBakst

Friend Slash Lover: Dear God (iPhone Music Video) XTC cover.

Tags: Friend  Slash  Lover:  Dear  God  (iPhone  Music  Video)  XTC  cover. 

This was made with an iPhone. Some aerial shots were done with the Parrot AR Drone quadricopter that is controlled by, and shoots video into, my iPhone. This is a cover of Dear God by XTC, one of the greatest alt rock bands from the 70s and 80s.PRODUCED BY: Thom Flowers and Josh MintzFOR...

iPhone Time Lapse - Clouds, Ice and Incense (Nuvens, Gelo e Incenso)

Tags: iPhone  Time  Lapse  -  Clouds,  Ice  and  Incense  (Nuvens,  Gelo  e  Incenso) 

NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAYiPhone Time Lapse "Clouds, Ice and Incense" is a video shot using 4 cameras, iPhone gadgets + App's shooting clouds time lapse, ice melting and incense burnig.NOVOS VÍDEOS TODAS AS QUARTAS-FEIRASVelas derretendo é um vídeo feito com 4 câmeras, acessórios para iPhone...

Turin Brakes - The Door (Live)

Tags: Turin  Brakes  -  The  Door  (Live) 

Turin Brakes playing The Door at the Hebden Bridge Picture House - 7th November 2013

Stars Timelapse

Tags: Stars  Timelapse 

A timelapse of a sequence of images captured for a star trail image

Friend Slash Lover: The Grey Area (iPhone music video)

Tags: Friend  Slash  Lover:  The  Grey  Area  (iPhone  music  video) 

The Friend Slash Lover art show is in two weeks, June 29th! DJ Shepard Fairey, tacos, come hang out: https://www.facebook.com/events/125328414333370/"The Grey Area" is the title track off Friend Slash Lover's 2nd EP. Available on...

TD Lind: BONES AND FANGS official

Tags: TD  Lind:    BONES  AND  FANGS  official 

Official video for TD Lind's upcoming release of Bones and Fangs. Exclusive on Youtube.Buy TD's album Outskirts of Prosper on ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-outskirts-of-prosper/id513341457Website: http://www.tdlind.com/Twitter: http://bit.ly/TDLtwitterFacebook:...

iSupr8 - Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Limited Edition

Tags: iSupr8  -  Rip  Curl  Pro  Bells  Beach  Limited  Edition 

In anticipation of the 51st annual Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach this Easter, MEA Mobile and Rip Curl have launched a limited edition free version of iSupr8. The app, available for the iPhone & iPad allows users to shoot a video, develop it with a special vintage treatment and share it with their...

The Dig

Tags: The  Dig 

On the way back to my office on Thursday, I walked past Professor Hoffman's Hamline History dig. That day they were hosting students from the nearby Hancock Elementary School and having great fun. I just couldn't pass up another chance for playing around with my iPad and iSupr8.

Praha '11

Tags: Praha  '11 

Music: Kleerup "Chords"Shoot & edited: iPhone 4 + isupr 8 & miniaturesMade by: Ola be www.fotele.tumblr.com

Logic 8 Orchestral Soundtrack, Miroslav Philharmonik (Oradour-sur-Glane tribute)

Tags: Logic  8  Orchestral  Soundtrack,  Miroslav  Philharmonik  (Oradour-sur-Glane  tribute) 

Hey, this is the Logic 8 timeline of my original composition for the short film "Oradour-sur-Glane" directed by Pascal Lemoine. I used mainly IK.Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik, Kontakt and Ethno World 5 for voices. Here is the link to the short film:...