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green  meteor  fireball  reported  streaking  across  east  coast  skies  friday  night  (mar  23,  2013) 

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Meteor Hits Russia 2013 - Best Footage Collection

Tags: Meteor  Hits  Russia  2013  -  Best  Footage  Collection 

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Strange Sky Phenomena Escalating Worldwide

Tags: Strange  Sky  Phenomena  Escalating  Worldwide 

With the Russian meteor impact on Earth, asteroid 2012 DA14, and fireballs entering the atmosphere in Cuba, Florida, and California - the amount of "coincidental" aerial activity on February 15th, 2013 is humbling at best. With conflicting information from NASA scientists and other astronomers,...

Meteorite Explosion - Russia Chelyabinsk 2/15/2013 - Asteroid expected to pass close by Earth

Tags: Meteorite  Explosion  -  Russia  Chelyabinsk    2/15/2013  -  Asteroid  expected  to  pass  close  by  Earth 

From RT: Russian Urals region has been stricken by a sudden cosmic attack. Unidentified flying objects exploded over several major cities, including Chelyabinsk, where the blast waves blew out windows and disrupted mobile connections.­The Emergency...

(HD) What if the Earth STOPS Spinning- (Full Documentary)

Tags: (HD)  What  if  the  Earth  STOPS  Spinning-  (Full  Documentary) 

Also watch these interesting Documentary ,videos Alien Planets Like Earth - Are we Alone ? (2014 Full Documentary)'Mind Uploading' & Digital Immortality May Be Reality By 2030 : Dr. Michio Kaku Car...

Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future - What will happen to our world? - HD Full Documentary

Tags: Planet  Earth  100  Million  Years  In  The  Future  -  What  will  happen  to  our  world?  -  HD  Full  Documentary 

SUBSCRIBE to WORLD GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL and never be bored again: GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL is a broad category of Amazing Documentaries from around the world, whenever you are bored, want to watch tv, open WORLD GEOGRAPHIC...

Meteor crash in Russia, 1500 people injured!! Ural, Chelyabinsk! New Video Part 4

Tags: Meteor  crash  in  Russia,  1500  people  injured!!  Ural,  Chelyabinsk!  New  Video  Part  4 

New Videos! Watch the video until the end, a lot of different views and at the end the real meteorite crater left after the fall in a frozen lake!!! and Possibile crater! Inside you will find video with damages produced by explosion in real time, meteor fall ( different angles of view ),...

Fire in the Sky : Green Meteor lights up the East Coast from Virginia to Boston (Mar 22, 2013)

Tags: Fire  in  the  Sky  :  Green  Meteor  lights  up  the  East  Coast  from  Virginia  to  Boston  (Mar  22,  2013) 

News Articles:Flash reported in East Coast sky consistent with meteor shower, NASA says Spotted Streaking Through Sky Over East...

Chelyabinsk meteor all videos February 15, 2013

Tags: Chelyabinsk  meteor  all  videos  February  15,  2013 

Chelyabinsk meteor all videos February 15, 2013



A compilation of the best videos of meteorites which hit Russia today, falling and exploding over Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk, smashing windows, damaging buildings and injuring over 500 people!! This all happens less than 24 hours before the arrival of huge asteroid DA14 2012!! Though...

Meteor strike fireball from space 720p hdtv x264

Tags: Meteor  strike  fireball  from  space  720p  hdtv  x264 

In February a meteorite bigger than a double decker bus, travelling at 40,000 miles an hour, crashed into planet Earth. This film shows previously unseen footage of what happened.

Earth From Space HD 1080p / Nova

Tags: Earth  From  Space  HD  1080p  /  Nova 

The groundbreaking two-hour special that reveals a spectacular new space-based vision of our planet. Produced in extensive consultation with NASA scientists, NOVA takes data from earth-observing satellites and transforms it into dazzling visual sequences, each one exposing the intricate and...

If A Meteorite Hit East Coast USA....

Tags: If  A  Meteorite  Hit  East  Coast  USA.... 

If A Meteorite Hit East Coast USA....I say that because I live on the East Coast...probably applies in many places.Free to copy and share, but at least give me credit. Oh, and it is already on Youtube, don't put it here again please.

Meteorite falling over Russia AMAZING New HQ Footage Compilation Челябинск метеорит

Tags: Meteorite  falling  over  Russia  AMAZING  New  HQ  Footage  Compilation  Челябинск  метеорит 

Падение и взрыв метеорного тела в атмосфере в окрестностях Челябинска на высоте 15-25 км. утром 15 февраля 2013 года примерно в 9.25 по местному времени (UTC+6).ru.wikipedia...

March 2014 Breaking News What do U know about Transhumans - Last days final hour news prophecy

Tags: March  2014  Breaking  News  What  do  U  know  about  Transhumans  -  Last  days  final  hour  news  prophecy 

March 2014 Breaking News What do U know about Transhumans? Animal Animal Hybrid human animal Genetic Hybrid Engineering? 3 of 5 Last days final hour news prophecy update1 of 5 of 5 of 5...

Another Meteor? Fireballs Light Up Florida Sky 2013

Tags: Another  Meteor?  Fireballs  Light  Up  Florida  Sky  2013 

Floridians who happened to be looking in the right place at the right time Sunday night saw one spectacular light show -- possibly a sporadic meteor.The Coast Guard began getting flooded with phone calls about 7:30 p.m., with reports of folks seeing flare-like objects from Jacksonville to Key...

Meteor New York City (NYC) - 3/22/13 (ORIGINAL)

Tags: Meteor  New  York  City  (NYC)  -  3/22/13  (ORIGINAL) 

somehow managed to hold camera steady, here is what I got - Meteor in New York, USA 2013 *******NOTE - - I have EXTREMELY reduced FPS [frames/sec] captured a long video, during the process of editing last part got cut, will soon post the extended version. - Please try not to repost. Thank you for...

Alien Planets Like Earth [2014 Documentary] NEW

Tags: Alien  Planets  Like  Earth    [2014  Documentary]  NEW 

Alien Planets Like Earth [2014 Documentary] NEWHabitable alien planets similar to Earth may not be that rare in the universe, a new study suggests.About one in five sunlike stars observed by NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft has an Earth-size planet in the so-called habitable zone, where...


Tags: METEOR  LIGHT  UP  THE  SKY  OF  JAPAN  MAY  8,  2013 

Tajemnice meteorytu z Czelabińska HQ

Tags: Tajemnice  meteorytu  z  Czelabińska  HQ 

W lutym 2013 roku eksplozja meteoroidu wstrząsnęła rejonem Uralu w Rosji, rozrzucając ogniste pociski i wywołując silną falę uderzeniową. Ponad 500 osób zostało rannych, w większych miastach wybuchła panika. Dokument wykorzystuje materiały filmowe zarejestrowane w czasie katastrofy,...


Tags: METEOR  STREAKS  OVER  EAST  COAST  -  March  22,  2013 

METEOR STREAKS OVER EAST COAST - March 22, 2013, Friday eveningfrom west to east, over North Carolina to Massachussetts. Re: Space.comMeteor Over Manhattan: East Coast Fireball Sets Internet Abuzz - by Tariq Malik, Managing EditorDate: 23 March 2013 Time: 01:02 AM...

Raw Footage Meteor Over Manhattan East Coast Fireball 3-22-2013

Tags: Raw  Footage  Meteor  Over  Manhattan  East  Coast  Fireball  3-22-2013 

News for meteor in usZee NewsMeteor captured on camera in ‎- 1 hour agoNasa has said that the flash of light that streaked across the sky over the US East Coast and was captured on security cameras appeared to be ...'Boulder' from space: meteor flashes across US east...

Green Fireball Burns Across California Sky 2013 HQ

Tags: Green  Fireball  Burns  Across  California  Sky  2013  HQ 

About 50 people contacted the American Meteor Society on Thursday with reports of a "green fireball" lighting up the sky. Sightings were reported in Ventura, Anaheim, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Paso Robles, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, according to the group's website.Photographer Susan Lary of...

UFO zmienia trajektorię meteorytu nad Czelabińskiem PL

Tags: UFO  zmienia  trajektorię  meteorytu  nad  Czelabińskiem  PL 

UFO strąca obiekt (kosmiczny) nad Czelabińskiem 15.02.2013r.UFO -- Kosmici ratują miasto Czelabińsk przed katastrofą.Czy ktoś chciałby postawić pomnik Kosmitom lub UFO (Latający Spodek) w Czelabińsku ?Rusłan Browkin

Streaking Meteor Sighted Along East Coast

Tags: Streaking  Meteor  Sighted  Along  East  Coast 

A bright light streaks across the horizon that seemed to burn up before reaching the ground.

METEOR FIREBALLS OVER East Coast of North America - March 22, 2013

Tags: METEOR  FIREBALLS  OVER  East  Coast  of  North  America  -  March  22,  2013 

METEOR FIREBALLS OVER EAST COAST of North AmericaMarch 22, 2013witnessed by hundreds on Friday evening.See: for mapping of meteor flyover.