A little boy singing "digu desa dutuwama" song from kavindu avishka silva

A little boy singing "digu desa dutuwama" song from kavindu avishka silva

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Sinhala kid named "SITHUSHA" singing "digu desa dutuwama" from kavindu avishka silva.

a  little  boy  singing  "digu  desa  dutuwama"  song  from  kavindu  avishka  silva 

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Former LTTE member sings a Sinhala Song " Hanthanata Payana Sada "

Tags: Former  LTTE  member  sings  a  Sinhala  Song    "  Hanthanata  Payana  Sada  " 

he starts to sing at 06.10

How to Make Sri Lankan Eggplant Pickle / Wambatu Moju (Recipe)

Tags: How  to  Make  Sri  Lankan  Eggplant  Pickle  /  Wambatu  Moju  (Recipe) 

One of the most celebrated classic Sri Lankan dish. There are few regional variations of cooking methods for this lovely side dish, rest assured non of them will disappoint your taste buds. Locals calls this vegetable as "wambatu" & it's also known as eggplant, brinjal eggplant, aubergine &...

Nawa Pituwak - Doctor new song - HD Music Video

Tags: Nawa  Pituwak  -  Doctor  new  song  -  HD  Music  Video 

//cmd: "nawa pituwak - doctor new song"

Talent Boy sing a Sinhala song

Tags: Talent  Boy    sing    a    Sinhala  song 

Talent Boy sing a Sinhala song

Digu Desa Dutuwama - Romesh Sugathapala - Full HD 1080p

Tags: Digu  Desa  Dutuwama  -  Romesh  Sugathapala  -  Full  HD  1080p 

Lyrics and Chords: http://www.chords-lanka.com/song_view.php?song_id=907~~~MUSIC DISCLAIMER (Artists/Producers & Recording Labels)~~~I have nothing to do with any of the music played in this video and this is for promotional/entertainment/educational purposes only. Credit should remain with the...

Male Artists Performing - Group Song - Part 1 - At Sri Lankan Life

Tags: Male  Artists  Performing  -  Group  Song  -  Part  1  -  At  Sri  Lankan  Life 

Male Artists Performing - Group Song - Part 1 - At Sri Lankan Life By www.hasitha.net On 29.03.2009

3 yr old child singing famous sinhala song

Tags: 3  yr  old  child  singing  famous  sinhala  song 

cannot read but can keep hard words and tune in memory

Sinhala New Songs 2014 Ahan Innawa Nam - Roshan Fernando

Tags: Sinhala  New  Songs  2014  Ahan  Innawa  Nam  -  Roshan  Fernando 

Ahan Innawa Nam - Roshan Fernando(https://www.youtube.com/user/HasinduPerera)

Perada Handawa Giya Oya - Oya Nisa Handala 2 - Roshan Fernando (New Sinhala Songs 2013)

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Share with your friends and SUBSCRIBE for more : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=SriLankanVideosPerada Handawa Giya Oya - Oya Nisa Handala 2 - Roshan Fernando (New Sinhala Songs 2013)පෙරදා හඩවා ගියා ඔයා රිදවා සිත මා...

Mal Mal - Chandrasena Hettiarachi - www.Music.lk

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MUSIC.LK - Unstoppable MusicMal Mal - Chandrasena HettiarachiDownload Linkhttp://www.music.lk/song-video-mal-mal-chandrasena-hettiarachiArtist - Chandrasena HettiarachchiMelody - Chandrasena HettiarachchiMusic - Radeesh VandebonaLyrics - Chandrasena HettiarachchiVideo Production - Ela Idea...

Hinsa karanne - kaveesha kaviraj

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kaveesha kaviraj new songහින්සා කරන්නේ වෙන්වී ගිහින් මාගේ අතින් වු වරදක් කියන් හැංගී වසන්තේ මාගේ ලොවින් කදුළක් නැගෙන්නේ ...

Digu Desa Dutuwama - Romesh - HD - 1080p (Voice Edited)

Tags: Digu  Desa  Dutuwama  -  Romesh  -  HD  -  1080p  (Voice  Edited) 

Song - Digu Desa Dutuwama Singer - Romesh SugathapalaVideo - Wideangle

Homeless Boy Can Sing

Tags: Homeless  Boy  Can  Sing 

Duppath Adare - Udesh Indula -[Full HD video] HD 2013 sinhala new song.-www.Tzone.lk

Tags: Duppath  Adare  -  Udesh  Indula  -[Full  HD  video]  HD  2013  sinhala  new  song.-www.Tzone.lk 

ඇස් රිදෙනකම් බලා හිත රිදෙනකම් සිතා ම ඔබට පෙම් කළා මුළු හදින් පෙම් කළා නොහැගි සේ ඉන්නේ ඇයි දුප්පත්ද මගේ ආදරේ...

En Uyir Kadhaliye video song - lakshan (Tamil Version Of Digudasa)

Tags: En  Uyir  Kadhaliye  video  song  -  lakshan  (Tamil  Version  Of  Digudasa) 

En Uyir Kadhaliye video song - lakshan (Tamil Version Of Digudasa)

Sri Lanka,ශ්‍රී ලංකා,Ceylon,Has Talent, Singer

Tags: Sri  Lanka,ශ්‍රී  ලංකා,Ceylon,Has  Talent,  Singer 

A young fisherman improvises a popular song while spending time with his friends under the coconut trees. Too much wind to go fishing..but the sea is never far..

Mokka Manusha - kalakalappu

Tags: Mokka  Manusha  -  kalakalappu 

Kalakalappu is a 2012 action comedy film directed by Sundar C and produced by his wife Kushboo Sundar. It stars Vimal, Shiva, Anjali and Oviya. Music composer is Vijay Ebenezer (Kanden fame). P. Vijay penned the lyrics for all songs. Kalakalappu is Sundar's 25th movie in his film career as...

Digu Dasa Dutuwama by Gihan Umagiliyage...!

Tags: Digu  Dasa  Dutuwama  by  Gihan  Umagiliyage...! 

Ananda Rathriya Musical Show @ Crowne Plaza Hotel, Abu Dhabi..!

OLD SINHALA SONGS MUSICAL SHOW 2010-- Kasthuri Suvada - Pata Podak Thilakala

Tags: OLD  SINHALA  SONGS  MUSICAL  SHOW  2010--  Kasthuri  Suvada  -  Pata  Podak  Thilakala 

From - Wijayananda Ranasinghe ( Ranasinghe 2)A song from the film Kasthuri Suvada. Cast -Gamini Fonseka, Malani Fonseka. Song By-H. R. Jothipala- Hettiarachchige Reginald...

2 year old sings "Do not Let Me Down" by The Beatles

Tags: 2  year  old  sings  "Do  not  Let  Me  Down"      by  The  Beatles 

1 year old boy and 11 months surprised to sing Beatles !

tamil love feeling ennai thalatta varuvala songs

Tags: tamil  love  feeling  ennai  thalatta  varuvala  songs 

tamil love songs

DJ Manthila Remix Digu Desa Dutuwama

Tags: DJ  Manthila  Remix  Digu  Desa  Dutuwama 

DJ Manthila Remix Digu Desa Dutuwama ft Romesh