Macbook Pro 13" VS Macbook Air 13" 2011

Macbook Pro 13" VS Macbook Air 13" 2011

Watch the video from YouTube - iDevice & Travel Clothing.iGlaswegian on iTunes:*******************Would appreciate if you guys could check my new venture out:http://www.ayegear.comiGlaswegian T-shirts my site: Twitter: Facebook: Gallery: OTHER YouTube channel: Air 13" 2011 vs macbook pro 13" 2011 February thunderbolt 2.3ghz core i5 4GB 320GB 5400rpm 1.86ghz Speed Test Comparison Mac race USB fast sandy bridge sandybridge TAM ayegear steve jobs tim cook OS lion backlit keyboard theunits3 iglaswegian i6laswegian glasgow scotland scottish

macbook  pro  13"  vs  macbook  air  13"  2011 

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Which Macbook 2012 To Buy? Retina or Air?

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http://www.ayegear.comwhich macbook to buy june 2012 new Retina Macbook Pro to its full potential. Spec: 15" 2012 2.3ghz quad core i7 with turbo boost 3.3ghz, 8gb ram, 256 flash storage, intel HD 4000 with Nvidia Geforce GT 650m with 1GB VS versues the Macbook Air 13" 2012 ivy bridge low end 4GB...

Gaming on the Macbook Air 13" 2011: Dual Core i5 1.7

Tags: Gaming  on  the  Macbook  Air  13"  2011:  Dual  Core  i5  1.7 Fraps test for Black Ops: avg 15Fraps test for Modern Warfare 2: avg 21Gaming on the Macbook Air 13" 2011: Dual Core i5 1.7iGlaswegian on iTunes:*******************Would...

Guide: Cheapest Way to get an Apple Computer / Mac

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I've compiled this video because I get a lot of requests from people who are looking to get a new machine and they ask for advice. Rather than replying to loads of these emails, I thought i would share an entire video dedicated to this cause.Visit my site: Twitter:...

Which Macbook Air (2011) Should I Get?

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Which Macbook Air (2011) Should I Get? iGlaswegian on iTunes:*******************Would appreciate if you guys could check my new venture...

First Intel Mac

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Jan 10, 2006 - Steve is indeed a master showman! Watch him welcome Intel CEO Paul Otellini at Macworld 2006

Steve Jobs introduces original MacBook Air & Time Capsule - Macworld SF (2008)

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Steve Jobs announced the demise of the DVD by unveiling the DVD-less and world's smallest notebook, the MacBook Air, and movie rentals on Apple TV. HIGHLIGHTS00:00. Get a Mac intro "Happy new year"01:06. Update on Apple (2007, OS X Leopard)03:57. Time Capsule introduction & demo06:37. Get a Mac...

13" MacBook Pro vs 13" MacBook Air

Tags: 13"  MacBook  Pro  vs  13"  MacBook  Air 

Proof how much of a difference SSD makes in performance. Also proof that the MacBook Air is a legitimate contender in the laptop space despite being "underpowered" in paper.MBP Specs: 2.4GHz, 4GB Ram, 256 HDDMBA Specs: 1.8GHz, 2GB Ram, 128 HDD (SSD)MBP was plugged in. MBA was on reserve power (as...

How to repair an Apple MacBook power supply (MagSafe)

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The cable came out of the MagSafe plug on my MacBook power supply, so I ordered a replacement cable. This is how to crack the power supply open and fit it, no need for a Dremel or a knife.Thanks go to eBay seller junk-is-us7399 ( for supplying a working...

2013 13" Retina MacBook Pro vs. 13" MacBook Air Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares Apple's late 2013 13" MacBook Pro with Retina and the 2013 13" MacBook Air Haswell laptops. Read our companion comparison article here: . Check out our video review of the 2013 13" MacBook Pro with...

CNET Top 5: Best Laptops

  • Length: 4:5
  • Author: CNET

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If you're in the market for a new laptop, here are CNET Editors' Top 5 choices right now.

New Retina MacBook Pro: Unboxing and Tour

Tags: New  Retina  MacBook  Pro:  Unboxing  and  Tour 

Unboxing and Tour of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display.$2,199CPU: 2.3 GHZ Core i7RAM: 8GBSSD: 256GBDisplay: 15.4" 2880x1800 (220PPI)GPU: Nvidia GeForce 650M (1GB GDDR5)USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, SD Card, HDMIApple: Info: Google+:...

FAKE Macbook Air - Airbook 2014 Unboxing - How to spot the differences ! [HD]

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Specs Link:*Disclaimer* I DONT Sell those phones and i´m not affiliated with DHGATE or get comissions. This video is for education only.Hey guys and welcome to a short FAKE Macbook air unboxing. In this...

A1369 13.3" Macbook Air LCD Screen Repair step by step howto guide

Tags: A1369  13.3"  Macbook  Air  LCD  Screen  Repair  step  by  step  howto  guide 

You can buy the 12mm(bezel) & 5mm(polarizer/LCD) adhesives we use here. See a video demonstrating why our adhesive is the best here: can buy the screen itself...

Which Mac Laptop? MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

Tags: Which  Mac  Laptop?  MacBook  Pro  vs  MacBook  Air 

We help you decide which Apple laptop is best for you, especially now that the entry-level Retina MacBook Pro costs only £150 more than the 13-inch MacBook Air. We examine portability, power, price, battery life, build to order options, screen and resolution, graphics and games, so you can make...

macbook air de 11 o 13 pulgadas ¿Cúal elegir? especial de appledroide

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full review en http://www.appledroideapps.comEn este capitulo especial veremos los modelos de 11 y 13 pulgadas del macbook air, para ayudarles a decidir cual es el equipo que se adapta a sus necesidades

$1000 Earphones! (Shure SE846 Unboxing & Test)

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Pricing & AvailabilityShure SE846 (US) - SE846 (UK) - SE846 (CA) - Hoodies - to my Shure SE846 unboxing. Here are some detailed specs from the manufacturer.Key FeaturesQuad...

Apple MacBook Air 11.6": Unboxing

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Here is a very detailed unboxing and first look at the new MacBook Air.Amazon Link: Specs: Gallery:

2012 13" MacBook Pro - Review

Tags: 2012  13"  MacBook  Pro  -  Review 

This video is on th new 2012 13' MacBook Pro with IvyBridge CPU. Ladies and Gents I truly apologize for the bad audio, I had some issues with the Mic and software.Enjoy!FACEBOOK - -

Always On - MacBook Air extreme torture test

  • Length: 8:26
  • Author: CNET

Tags: Always  On  -  MacBook  Air  extreme  torture  test's our most dramatic torture test yet with the new MacBook Air. Plus, we ElliptiGo, control home theaters with Android, and Molly attempts to control your mind.

Before you buy that macbook pro...

Tags: Before  you  buy  that  macbook  pro... 

I talk about the following: resolution, weight, where to buy and save some money (craigslist, education store, refurbished store), free things you could get (printer and $100 gift card), your upgrade solutions after buying the pro (ram, ssd, dvd drive), and what the 2012 macbook pro could look like

 Macbook Pro 13" VS Macbook Air 13" (2011)

Tags:   Macbook  Pro  13"  VS  Macbook  Air  13"  (2011) 

Please LIKE this video as I really appreciate it! Subscribe for more! In this video Its a showdown! 13'' MacBook Pro (2011) VS MacBook Air( 2011)!

Обзор MacBook Air 13" 2013

Tags: Обзор  MacBook  Air  13"  2013 

Ура ура! Оценивайте!Я в Инстаграме :Я Вконтакте :

NEW Retina MacBook Pro vs. 2012 MacBook Air: Benchmark And Speed Tests

Tags: NEW  Retina  MacBook  Pro  vs.  2012  MacBook  Air:  Benchmark  And  Speed  Tests 

This is my speed and benchmark test video for the new 2012 Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. Also discussed in this video is which computer to buy or purchase and both MacBooks are thoroughly compared by means of reboot, standard boot, benchmark and flash storage speed tests.Here are the...

25 SOLID Reasons to BUY the Macbook Air - 11 or 13 Inch

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Macbook Air 11 and 13 Inch  computers are the ULTIMATE notebook computers on the market today. I'm saying that from a writer's perspective. I've had my 11 inch Air for almost a year now, and when I upgrade, I'll also get an Air. I still can't decide between 11 and 13 inch. Maybe the 13 and...