BEST Women Farting Compilation: Girls Farting, Farting Girls

BEST Women Farting Compilation: Girls Farting, Farting Girls

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I found a lota fart profiles on here A very good women farting video; girls farting, farting girls.

best  women  farting  compilation:  girls  farting,  farting  girls 

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Date Oopsie

Tags: Date  Oopsie 

Sometimes, a girl sees a guys apartment for the first time.written by: Angela Trimburstarring: Angela Trimbur, Neil Campbelldirected by: Jeff Seibenick

World's Biggest And Best Fire Fart Compilation

Tags: World's  Biggest  And  Best  Fire  Fart  Compilation 

Guess how many pairs of trousers andor reputations were ruined by this video.

In Your Head: Yoga

Tags: In  Your  Head:  Yoga 

See more on http://www.jest.comDid you ever wonder what the people in your yoga class were thinking?or LIKE us on Facebook:


Tags: FART  SCIENCE asked for this video over twitter -- follow him, he's funny!!!LINKS TO LEARN MORE:My video on Space Lab.. LEAVE QUESTIONS! book I mention is this one: fart poetry:...

Fart Zooka in The Bathtub by Play Visions ...Ultra-Realistic Fart Sounds!

Tags: Fart  Zooka  in  The  Bathtub  by  Play  Visions  ...Ultra-Realistic  Fart  Sounds! 

Bath time! Butch and I had a blast listening to all of the fart sounds in the bathtub. Which sounds did you like the best?Buy Here ▶ Penny Thoughts: You can spend hours experimenting with different sounds. Depending on how you use your...

Ultimate Farting

Tags: Ultimate  Farting 

More farting in Times Square. The reactions were priceless.

A Compilation Of Girls Farting : On Live TV, News Reporters, Celebrities : fail :

Tags: A  Compilation  Of  Girls  Farting  :  On  Live  TV,  News  Reporters,  Celebrities  :  fail  : 

A Compilation Of Girls Farting : On Live TV, News Reporters, Celebrities, etc..

Babies Scared of Farts Compilation 2013 [HD]

Tags: Babies  Scared  of  Farts  Compilation  2013  [HD] 

Baby Afraid of Farts | Baby Scared of Own Farts | Baby Scared of Fart Noise | Baby Fart | Top 10 Baby Farts | Babies Farting | Funny Baby Fart | Babies Afraid of Farts | Babies Scared of FartsPuppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!Subscribe:...

TV FARTS! Funniest TV Farts Worldwide Compilation

Tags: TV  FARTS!  Funniest  TV  Farts  Worldwide  Compilation 

Ever farted in public and felt a bit embarrassed? How's about doing it in front of millions of television viewers?

Really Awkward Date!

Tags: Really  Awkward  Date! 

A date gets awkward and strange when a guy interrupts sex with his horny girlfriend to go to the bathroom. SUBSCRIBE for more weird short films.Facebook: - Google +: Robert Olmedo and Kali Cook.The Bold Guy web series:...



I got dressed as "OLD MAN HARRY" again and brought the POOTER. I had a bit of an attitude this time when farting around people. Buy a Pooter here: http://www.thepooter.comThis mask is available at

Extreme Movie-Fart Scene

Tags: Extreme  Movie-Fart  Scene 

weird and funny



Yes it's true, all women do it...

Why Girls Don't Fart...

Tags: Why  Girls  Don't  Fart... 


CLARK GABLE FARTS in "Gone With the Wind 2"

Tags: CLARK  GABLE  FARTS  in  "Gone  With  the  Wind  2" 

RARE FOOTAGE of Actor CLARK GABLE Farting Accidently in "Gone With the Wind" final Scene .

Hot girls farting battle

Tags: Hot  girls  farting  battle 

Girls night in... This is what truly happens.

Woman farts in pool!!

Tags: Woman  farts  in  pool!! 

pool, fart , women

Girls Farting Up A Swarm

Tags: Girls  Farting  Up  A  Swarm

World's Biggest Fart - The Hippo

Tags: World's  Biggest  Fart  -  The  Hippo 

The Hippopotamus is a giant in the animal kingdom and hold the dubious title of world's most prolific farter! If farting was a animal olympic event the hippo would surely hold the gold medal.



Holly proves that women do in fact fart. Bloopers at the end.Song name:Scheming Weasel Artist name: Kevin MacLeod Song Link: Rights Link: