Christina Grimmie's Questions for Greyson Chance & Celeb Mystery Planker (7/19/11)

Christina Grimmie's Questions for Greyson Chance & Celeb Mystery Planker (7/19/11)

Watch the video from YouTube edition of The Click Clique is special. Like, more special than usual guys. And that's because we don't have a celebrity guest are introducing a brand new segment that we like to call "Celeb Mystery Planker". Thanks. We came up with that ourselves. Plus, there's tons more celeb goss, exclusive summer tips from Zendaya, and more Christina Grimmie goodness where Christina even gives our host Janet a very funny proposition. Now this you gotta see...It's The Click, Yo!Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez, Professional Wedding Crashers Gomez Admits to Girls' Life: Loving Biebs is "Hard But So Wonderful!" Black's "My Moment" Sponge! Zendaya? Find her here: obsessed? Us too. Stalk her here: Christina! Download her album "Find Me" on iTunes:

christina  grimmie's  questions  for  greyson  chance  &  celeb  mystery  planker  (7/19/11) 

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Christina Grimmie Outtakes - Accents, Dryers, and Dubstep, Oh My!

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Tags: The  Click  Clique  -  Hannah  and  Lindsay  from  The  Glee  Project  &  Grimmie  Dance  Moves  (7/26/11) you miss us all weekend? We bet you did. But luckily, we're back with a new ep of The Click Clique! And this time we've got Christina Grimmie showing off her brand new signature move with a little help from a Selena Gomez...

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Dana Ward and Joslyn Davis sat down with YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie to talk about her music and YouTube success.

The Click Clique 21/07/11 - The Grimmie Tiny Tour Room

Tags: The  Click  Clique  21/07/11  -  The  Grimmie  Tiny  Tour  Room All rights reserved, 2011

Christina Grimmie Planks! / More

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She's So Gorgeous I love you Christina.

Digitour 2011 Day 20: 2/3 Christina Grimmie's last day

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Hey guys so pretty much everyday while I'm on tour, with The DigiTour 2011, I decided that I'm gonna upload a little video right from my iPhone of something I did or happening that day! So please stay and subscribe for my daily unedited, behind the scenes vlogs =)Thanks for watching!Twitter:...

The Click Clique 26/07/11 - Grimmie Dance Moves

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Grimmie Dance Moves

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I just COULDN'T get enough of Christina's epic + random dance moves but I didn't want to load The Click Clique all over again just to see this though. My internet speed's SUPER slow.And since no one posted this before, I cropped it out so I can watch it all over again!!! This is just for laughs,...

Greyson Chance - "Empire State Of Mind" (ALICIA KEYS COVER!!!)

Tags: Greyson  Chance  -  "Empire  State  Of  Mind"  (ALICIA  KEYS  COVER!!!) piano phenom Greyson Chance tackles Alicia Keys and Jay-Z's New York megahit, "Empire State of Mind" in his dramatic classical-meets-vocal style.

Christina Grimmie Answering Question / More

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Have a great summer everyone! :D

Greyson Chance - Funny moments 4

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Part 4 is already here! It lasts a little longer than previous ones...I hope you like it ;-)-----------------You can see the original video anytime by clicking the 'source' button, otherwise (if the original is not on youtube) you should be able to find it...

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Christina Grimmie answers some of your questions in a new Question and Answer series called Spotlight.

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Greyson Chance - Funny moments 2

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Here is another small compilation I made. Hope you like it ;-)_________________________________________________You can listen samples from his upcoming album here:•

Christina Grimmie - "Advice" (Official Music Video)

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Yoo team, here is my music video for my song "Advice". I worked with two really AWESOME guys, Sean Babas and Brian Henderson!!! hope yu like it ! TEAM GRIMMIE RAWWKS !! \m/ new album is exclusively on ITUNES! :D TEAM...

Christina Grimmie Shares Embarrassing School Secrets!

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For more on Christina Grimmie, visit http://celebsecrets4u.comFollow Us! spoke with Christina Grimmie at her concert in Holmdel, NJ!

Justin Bieber's New Bieber Bites & Christina Grimmie's Fave Videos (7/12/11)

Tags: Justin  Bieber's  New  Bieber  Bites  &  Christina  Grimmie's  Fave  Videos  (7/12/11) Is that you? Holding little baby Bieber bagel bites (which is super hard to say 3 times fast)? Um, yeah, that's pretty much all you, loyal readers, need to know about this episode of The Click Clique. Oh, aside from...

The "Real" Grimmie (Christina Grimmie Funny Collections Part 1)

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Hey Guys, I edited some of Christina Grimmie's funny moments and this video shows her real but cool personality :)Credits to Christina Grimmie's videos ( your calendars on June 13 for the premiere of her album and her first single "Advice" on Itunes and Radio...

Christina Grimmie and Brian Dales of The Summer Set! (9/6/11)

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Bella Thorne Shakes Up Your Summer Wardrobe & The Grimmie Tiny Tour: Room Edition (7/21/11)

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Me Singing - "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz - Christina Grimmie Cover

Tags: Me  Singing  -  "I  Won't  Give  Up"  by  Jason  Mraz  -  Christina  Grimmie  Cover 

Hey guys ! Hope yu like this's a beautiful song and i LOVE IT! Team Grimmie RAWWKS ! \m/Check out my other covers! for more of Christina Grimmie's Me Singing Covers, Above All That Is...

The Click Clique - Greyson Chance & Christina Grimmie Nerding Out in 8-Bit (7/14/11)

Tags: The  Click  Clique  -  Greyson  Chance  &  Christina  Grimmie  Nerding  Out  in  8-Bit  (7/14/11) to Potter Mania? Well, so is Janet. Watch her casting spells on the great Christina Grimmie as well as her future singing buddy, Greyson Chance! We may just have too much cute for one video. And if that's not...