Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

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A little kid walks into a breakdancers performance and gets kicked pretty badly.

little  kid  is  kicked  by  a  breakdancer 

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kids dance off

Tags: kids  dance  off 


kid falling out a rollercoaster

Tags: kid  falling  out  a  rollercoaster 

kid nearly falls out of a high rollercoaster to his death

7 year old b boy jabbawockezz

Tags: 7  year  old  b  boy  jabbawockezz 

This kid is amazing. He learns from the best: Jabbawockeez!!

Jalen Testerman - Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets Game

Tags: Jalen  Testerman  -  Denver  Nuggets  vs  Houston  Rockets  Game 

Jalen performing at Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets

Boy not Breakdance but Poping (Amir)

Tags: Boy  not  Breakdance  but  Poping  (Amir) 

A little boy is breakdancing at the hip hop wm/em in austria ( graz).

tiny kid break dancing

Tags: tiny  kid  break  dancing 

little kis breakdancing on the ellen show!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid hits his mom on Dr Phil

Tags: Kid  hits  his  mom  on  Dr  Phil 

A very rude 10 year old child hits his mother on Dr.Phil

5 year old B-boy!!! (breakdancer)

Tags: 5  year  old  B-boy!!!  (breakdancer) 

Clip shot in amsterdam @ leidsesquare!This kid rocks yo... he did even better moves in his 1st run...

Charlie bit my finger - again !

  • Length: 0:56
  • Author: HDCYT

Tags: Charlie  bit  my  finger  -  again  ! 

Charlie bit my finger - again ! Subscribe here: had I thought of trying to get my boys to do this I probably couldn't have. Neither were coerced into any of this and neither were hurt (for very long anyway). This was just one of those moments when I had the video camera...

Old man doing turtle freeze on a bottle

Tags: Old  man  doing  turtle  freeze  on  a  bottle 

No baby freeze bla blaOld man doing a handstand and a freeze on a bottle in Nuernberg (Germany)on the "christkindlmarkt"He is probably above 60 years old.sry for my crappy cam

Fat Girl Falls On Treadmill

Tags: Fat  Girl  Falls  On  Treadmill 

Fat girl falls on treadmill getting owned 3 times.

7 year old chinese bboy

Tags: 7  year  old  chinese  bboy 

7 year old chinese bboy



Funny video of the best 50 little kid fails!

Little Kid Breakdancing!

Tags: Little  Kid  Breakdancing! 


Break dancer kicks baby, exclusive interview with the Break dancer him self( B-Boy S-Dot)

Tags: Break  dancer  kicks  baby,  exclusive  interview  with  the  Break  dancer  him  self(  B-Boy  S-Dot) 

Break dancer kicks baby, New york City Break dancer kicks baby, New york city Street dancer kicks baby, Break dancer in subway kicks baby, New york city subway Break dancer kicks baby, Baby gets kicked by break dancer, baby get kicked"Old school popper" "old school locker" "oldschool b boy" "old...

break dance

Tags: break  dance 

break dance

7 year old defeats older boy in Dance Battle

Tags: 7  year  old  defeats  older  boy  in  Dance  Battle 

7 year old boy defeats older boy in a Dance Battle

idiot pisses off reporter

Tags: idiot  pisses  off  reporter 

stupid guy pisses off a reports

Killer Whale drowns trainer Dawn Brancheau at seaworld

Tags: Killer  Whale  drowns  trainer  Dawn  Brancheau  at  seaworld 

40 year old, experienced trainer Dawn Brancheau was drowned and killed on Wednesday at Sea Worlds Shamu Stadium. Dawn Brancheau was married to a water skier whom she met at Sea world. The couple was married for 13 years and had no kids. She is survived by her mother and 5 siblings. Her mother...



Breakdancing youth named, "J Styles" in action at a breakdancing competition. He's only 6, but is very good, and has even been on the Maury show for his extreme talents in breakdancing!shot&edited_by;Jeremy Cathey

Baby break dance

Tags: Baby  break  dance 

http://www.IngyFit.comBreak Dancing Baby

Sick Break Dancing Kid

Tags: Sick  Break  Dancing  Kid 

Break dancing isn't just for adults, this little kid can thrash with the best of them

Baby Battle

Tags: Baby  Battle 

Competition in Venezuela, Lolo vs AntoinDon't Hate THEY ARE KIDS!!!!

World's Best Break Dancer

Tags: World's  Best  Break  Dancer 

***PLEASE READ*** I uploaded this video forever ago. His name is Junior and he has polio which has caused a lot of damage to one or both of his legs (haven't confirmed which). At the time I uploaded, I thought he was the best B-Boy ever. After watching plenty of other B-Boy videos, I still think...

Mpls Hott Steppers

Tags: Mpls  Hott  Steppers 

Dance be the judge!