Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

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A little kid walks into a breakdancers performance and gets kicked pretty badly.

little  kid  is  kicked  by  a  breakdancer 

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kid nearly falls out of a high rollercoaster to his death

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Kid vs Adult Breakdance Duel

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They both have some sweet moves but the little kid ends up owning this dude in a nice breakdance duel!

Little boy dancing... too funny and really good dancer

Tags: Little  boy  dancing...  too  funny  and  really  good  dancer 

This was during an event for the organization my home your home in milwaukee, wi... they had a talent show and this young boy came out.. He is about 7 years old and he was sure gettin it that day. I hope you enjoy it!! lol I did!!!

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tiny kid break dancing

Tags: tiny  kid  break  dancing 

little kis breakdancing on the ellen show!!!!!!!!!!!


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Funny video of the best 50 little kid fails!

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7 year old defeats older boy in Dance Battle

Tags: 7  year  old  defeats  older  boy  in  Dance  Battle 

7 year old boy defeats older boy in a Dance Battle