Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

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A little kid walks into a breakdancers performance and gets kicked pretty badly.

little  kid  is  kicked  by  a  breakdancer 

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Jalen Testerman - Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets Game

Tags: Jalen  Testerman  -  Denver  Nuggets  vs  Houston  Rockets  Game 

Jalen performing at Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets

kids dance off

Tags: kids  dance  off 


New York Subway Break Dance (better quality)

  • Length: 5:11
  • Author: gnsec

Tags: New  York  Subway  Break  Dance  (better  quality) 

LOL vid gets popular, then trolls need to hide it with ads?? Maybe I need to move the notations out from under the ads xD ... Getting off the NYC subway I ran into this breakdancing performance at the station. The song is "We gonna rock it" by Flying Steps, except 1st 10 seconds Sandstorm by...

Fat kid on Rollercoaster

Tags: Fat  kid  on  Rollercoaster 

5 Year Old Chinese Bboy/Breakdancer

Tags: 5  Year  Old  Chinese  Bboy/Breakdancer 

Check out my site:

Old man doing turtle freeze on a bottle

Tags: Old  man  doing  turtle  freeze  on  a  bottle 

No baby freeze bla blaOld man doing a handstand and a freeze on a bottle in Nuernberg (Germany)on the "christkindlmarkt"He is probably above 60 years old.sry for my crappy cam

Break dancer kicks baby, exclusive interview with the Break dancer him self( B-Boy S-Dot)

Tags: Break  dancer  kicks  baby,  exclusive  interview  with  the  Break  dancer  him  self(  B-Boy  S-Dot) 

Break dancer kicks baby, New york City Break dancer kicks baby, New york city Street dancer kicks baby, Break dancer in subway kicks baby, New york city subway Break dancer kicks baby, Baby gets kicked by break dancer, baby get kicked"Old school popper" "old school locker" "oldschool b boy" "old...

Breakdance Baby 7 years

Tags: Breakdance  Baby  7  years 

Breakdance baby...respeckt...!

Young break dancer - incredible !

Tags: Young  break  dancer  -  incredible  ! 

A really young and incredible breakdancer in a public performance. Video shot in a public place in amsterdam, during a breakdance contest.DV - 1' - 2006



Funny video of the best 50 little kid fails!

LeeLou FastBreak 6 years old BBoy

Tags: LeeLou  FastBreak  6  years  old  BBoy 

LeeLou FastBreak battles at the StreetMasters Amsterdam OlympiaPlein 2007

best break dance ever.........

Tags: best  break  dance  ever......... 

this guy really needs to go to can he bend like that........

Jalen & Micah Krump Battle

Tags: Jalen  &  Micah  Krump  Battle 

Two young Krumpers!

Kid In Purple Doing The Robot and Street Performing to "Day And Night" by Kid Cudi (part 1/3)

Tags: Kid  In  Purple  Doing  The  Robot  and  Street  Performing  to  "Day  And  Night"  by  Kid  Cudi  (part  1/3) 

Here's a video of me street performing at an annual local event. My regular spot was taken but it didn't matter cause I wasn't dancing for long before I got kicked out. And I know you've seen me dance to this song a couple times before but this is what my friend recorded when I gave him my...

BEST TALENT EVER! (robot dance)

Tags: BEST  TALENT  EVER!  (robot  dance) 

we are RobotBoys, and people can find os on Facebook here:

Kid hits baby in face with bat

Tags: Kid  hits  baby  in  face  with  bat 

Sammy wacks Luke with a plastic baseball bat

Fat Girl Falls On Treadmill

Tags: Fat  Girl  Falls  On  Treadmill 

Fat girl falls on treadmill getting owned 3 times.

Boy not Breakdance but Poping (Amir)

Tags: Boy  not  Breakdance  but  Poping  (Amir) 

A little boy is breakdancing at the hip hop wm/em in austria ( graz).

The Little People Version Of Michael Jackson.

Tags: The  Little  People  Version  Of  Michael  Jackson. 

The Little People Version Of Michael Jackson.

Most amazing human statue ever!

Tags: Most  amazing  human  statue  ever! 

This guy deserves some credit...I don't think I've ever seen a human statue on the street draw as large a crowd as he has. If you like it, share it! ^

Kid hits his mom on Dr Phil

Tags: Kid  hits  his  mom  on  Dr  Phil 

A very rude 10 year old child hits his mother on Dr.Phil

7 year old defeats older boy in Dance Battle

Tags: 7  year  old  defeats  older  boy  in  Dance  Battle 

7 year old boy defeats older boy in a Dance Battle

Kid dies on tv program

Tags: Kid  dies  on  tv  program 

This is when a hidden camera goes very wrong, The Bald guy in the video was sentence to life in prison.

Kid dies falling from Ferris wheel

  • Length: 2:8
  • Author: RT

Tags: Kid  dies  falling  from  Ferris  wheel 

(Follow RT at and at )The small Siberian town of Berdsk is in shock after a six-year-old fell to his death from a Ferris wheel. The police are now looking into why bystanders did nothing to intervene to help the boy before he plunged the...

Breakdancer kicks a baby

Tags: Breakdancer  kicks  a  baby 

Breakdancer kicks a baby