Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

Little kid is kicked by a breakdancer

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A little kid walks into a breakdancers performance and gets kicked pretty badly.

little  kid  is  kicked  by  a  breakdancer 

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The worst pain ever!!!!!!!!!

Tags: The  worst  pain  ever!!!!!!!!! 

Me getting OC sprayed.

kids (BEGINNERS!) breakdancing in central park NYC

Tags: kids  (BEGINNERS!)  breakdancing  in  central  park  NYC 

they ARE NOT the best breakdancers ever, but it was fun for us to watch them performing and entertaining so many people!

7 year old b boy jabbawockezz

Tags: 7  year  old  b  boy  jabbawockezz 

This kid is amazing. He learns from the best: Jabbawockeez!!

Fat kid on Rollercoaster

Tags: Fat  kid  on  Rollercoaster 

Jalen & Micah Krump Battle

Tags: Jalen  &  Micah  Krump  Battle 

Two young Krumpers!



Funny video of the best 50 little kid fails!

Kid vs Adult Breakdance Duel

Tags: Kid  vs  Adult  Breakdance  Duel 

They both have some sweet moves but the little kid ends up owning this dude in a nice breakdance duel!

Kid hits his mom on Dr Phil

Tags: Kid  hits  his  mom  on  Dr  Phil 

A very rude 10 year old child hits his mother on Dr.Phil

Fat Girl Falls On Treadmill

Tags: Fat  Girl  Falls  On  Treadmill 

Fat girl falls on treadmill getting owned 3 times.

7 year old defeats older boy in Dance Battle

Tags: 7  year  old  defeats  older  boy  in  Dance  Battle 

7 year old boy defeats older boy in a Dance Battle

break dance

Tags: break  dance 

break dance

MONSTER JAM 2011 - The 4 Korean finalist Highlit Clip

Tags: MONSTER  JAM  2011  -  The  4  Korean  finalist  Highlit  Clip 

Twitter : @Bboy_Monsterjam4 Entrants moved up to the finals!Street, Octopus, Leon, FletaLet's go!!!

little girl battle

Tags: little  girl  battle 

my little cousins battling

Kid dies falling from Ferris wheel

  • Length: 2:8
  • Author: RT

Tags: Kid  dies  falling  from  Ferris  wheel 

(Follow RT at and at )The small Siberian town of Berdsk is in shock after a six-year-old fell to his death from a Ferris wheel. The police are now looking into why bystanders did nothing to intervene to help the boy before he plunged the...

7 year old chinese bboy

Tags: 7  year  old  chinese  bboy 

7 year old chinese bboy

Hip Hop Baby

Tags: Hip  Hop  Baby 

Our 1 year old son dancing to ringtones

Toddler AMAZING Choreographed Hip Hop Dance Moves - One Republic Apologize

Tags: Toddler  AMAZING  Choreographed  Hip  Hop  Dance  Moves  -  One  Republic  Apologize Ringtones for your iPhone, smartphone, or cellphoneThis kid is like a ROBOT the dance moves are PERFECT! I was holding my breath while watching this for the first time. He only messes up like once or twice.Amazing toddler dancing to One Republic - Apologize and mixtape...

Hip Hop Dance Battle Highlights from The Jump Off 2004/5

Tags: Hip  Hop  Dance  Battle  Highlights  from  The  Jump  Off  2004/5 

Just cleaning up and dug up some old Video from the best Crew Street Dance and some BBoy battle stuff in London, UK, watch for the uncut headspin from Lil' Tim!see for info on next event.See if you can see members of Flawless & Diversity from Britains Got Talent way before their TV...

Baby break dance

Tags: Baby  break  dance 

http://www.IngyFit.comBreak Dancing Baby

Most amazing human statue ever!

Tags: Most  amazing  human  statue  ever! 

This guy deserves some credit...I don't think I've ever seen a human statue on the street draw as large a crowd as he has. If you like it, share it! ^

Top 10 Treadmill Fails

Tags: Top  10  Treadmill  Fails 

Thank you everyone who had told me who I have featured in my video without knowing, who are Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. You don't need to tell me who they are anymore, I have had many comments of who they are and what programme they have been on, Mythbusters.I have eventually decided to change...

Kid dies on tv program

Tags: Kid  dies  on  tv  program 

This is when a hidden camera goes very wrong, The Bald guy in the video was sentence to life in prison.

Bentley Green - Hey mama

Tags: Bentley  Green  -  Hey  mama 

A five year old kid rapping to the insturmental "Tupac hey mama"

Baby Battle

Tags: Baby  Battle 

Competition in Venezuela, Lolo vs AntoinDon't Hate THEY ARE KIDS!!!!

Fat Kid FALLS Off Rollercoaster....well funny!

Tags: Fat  Kid  FALLS  Off  Rollercoaster....well  funny! 

Get strapped in & hold on tight with.... The Genius Disk - Hilarious-Funny-Stupid-Fat Kid FALLS off rollercoaster at the fairground.....Well FUNNY!!!!.....