Bamboozle '09 Jon Jajoie- Show Me Your Genitals

Bamboozle '09 Jon Jajoie- Show Me Your Genitals

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bamboozle  '09  jon  jajoie-  show  me  your  genitals 

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Tags: WTF  COLLECTIVE  (Jon  Lajoie) 

Step aside Wu-Tang, G-Unit, NWA, D-12... There are some new kids on this

Bamboozle '09 Parkway Drive- Boneyard

  • Length: 3:41
  • Author: FCEE1

Tags: Bamboozle  '09  Parkway  Drive-  Boneyard 


Very Super Famous (Jon Lajoie)

Tags: Very  Super  Famous  (Jon  Lajoie) 


Jon La Joie - Lee's Palace (2008-12-11) Show me your Genitals

  • Length: 2:30
  • Author: Joe M

Tags: Jon  La  Joie  -  Lee's  Palace  (2008-12-11)  Show  me  your  Genitals 

Jon La Joie at Lee's Palace in Toronto. December 11th 2008 -- "Show Me Your Genitals"

Everyday Normal Guy

Tags: Everyday  Normal  Guy 

A rap song by comedian Jon Lajoie.For the free MP3 visit

prikolists - Parādi Savu Pežu (Jon Lajoie - Show Me your Genitals remake)

Tags: prikolists  -  Parādi  Savu  Pežu    (Jon  Lajoie  -  Show  Me  your  Genitals  remake) 

You can donwload this song here: is a remake of Show Me Your Genitals by Jon Lajoie.Original video: remake is in Latvian language. Entirely whole lyrics are translated into Latvian so there is no need for...

Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)

Tags: Please  Use  This  Song  (Jon  Lajoie) 

Purchase this product on Tunes: by Jon LajoieProduced and mixed by Joe Corcoran ( by Joe Corcoran and Jon LajoieBack up vocals...

Jon Lajoie - Show Me Your Genitals - Live in Montreal 2010.01.11

Tags: Jon  Lajoie  -  Show  Me  Your  Genitals  -  Live  in  Montreal  2010.01.11 

Jon LajoieMontreal, QuebecJanuary, 11th 2010I only filmed the encore at this show as my batteries were low. It was the highlight anyway. Enjoy!Mike

Show Me Your Genitals

Tags: Show  Me  Your  Genitals 

Show me your genitals pt2

Tags: Show  me  your  genitals  pt2 -- Find more videos like this

WTF Collective 2 (Jon Lajoie)

Tags: WTF  Collective  2  (Jon  Lajoie) 

BUY THIS SONG ON iTUNES HERE: to Brandon Dermer ( and Zak Zeman for all their help shooting the videoThanks to Julien Dermers Arsenault for the awesome intro...

prikolists - Es Nogalinu Cilvēkus (Jon Lajoie - I Kill People remake)

Tags: prikolists  -  Es  Nogalinu  Cilvēkus  (Jon  Lajoie  -  I  Kill  People  remake) 

You can download this song here: Kill People Latvian version. This is my last remake of Jon so be sure to rate and comment it. L to the atvia bitches.prikolists ir atpakaļ ar vēl vienu spēcīgu gabalu un šoriez viņš visus nogalinās.Paldies visiem,...

An Evening with Jon (1of4) - Intro & Everyday Normal Guy (HQ)

Tags: An  Evening  with  Jon  (1of4)  -  Intro  &  Everyday  Normal  Guy  (HQ) 

Jon LaJoie live in concert on March 12, 2009 in Club Soda, Montreal.(He comes on stage at 3:59)

An Evening with Jon (4of4) - Show Me Your Genitals (HQ)

Tags: An  Evening  with  Jon  (4of4)  -  Show  Me  Your  Genitals  (HQ) 

Jon LaJoie live in concert on March 12, 2009 in Club Soda, Montreal.

Show Me Your Genitles 2

Tags: Show  Me  Your  Genitles  2 

We did not make this video !the person who made this video his name is Jon Lajoiehis account is : jonlajoiesubscribe to him and us !u can see us on MYspacefacebookmsnaimbebotagedJust ask for them in a personal message :)

Jon Lajoie's ESKIMO BROTHERS: The League - Music Video - EXCLUSIVE

Tags: Jon  Lajoie's  ESKIMO  BROTHERS:  The  League  -  Music  Video  -  EXCLUSIVE 

Can't wait for the return of The League on September 3? Well, Taco MacArthur (Jon Lajoie) has you covered with his latest hip-hop anthem to all your Eskimo Brothers!Get the song and the rest of The League Soundtrack! The League on...

JON LAJOIE LIVE HIGH QUALITY - How To Make Successful Online Videos

Tags: JON  LAJOIE  LIVE  HIGH  QUALITY  -    How  To  Make  Successful  Online  Videos!/pages/Sammy-Tork/144346702243867?ref=ts guys like my fan page !!!! its for the nike chance challenge to go to england and play soccer!

Jon Lajoie - Show Me Your Genitals (with lyrics)

Tags: Jon  Lajoie  -  Show  Me  Your  Genitals  (with  lyrics) 

Lyrics: for checking out our videos and site!

The Best Song (Jon Lajoie)

Tags: The  Best  Song    (Jon  Lajoie) 

Pretty much the best song ever made in the world. By Jon Lajoie.www.jonlajoie.comThanks to Brandon Dermer for being a very convincing male prostitute, and for the help shooting this work of art. Also, thanks to

Demi Lovato- Don't Forget- 5/3/09 Bamboozle

Tags: Demi  Lovato-  Don't  Forget-  5/3/09  Bamboozle 

Demi Lovato performing Don't Forget on 5/03/09 at Bamboozle.

Everyday Normal Crew

Tags: Everyday  Normal  Crew 

Everyday Normal Guy is back, and this time he brought his crew.

Pokaż mi swoje genitalia (Show Me Your Genitals) - Jon Lajoie POLSKIE NAPISY

Tags: Pokaż  mi  swoje  genitalia  (Show  Me  Your  Genitals)  -  Jon  Lajoie  POLSKIE  NAPISY 

Kolejny filmik z archiwum Jona w tym tygodniu. Moje tłumaczenie piosenki 'Show Me Your Genitals' autorstwa Jona Lajoie.Jak dobrze pójdzie w tym tygodniu codziennie postaram się dodawać jakieś nowe tłumaczenie starszych filmików.Aha - od teraz napisy już zawsze będą białe. Deal with it ;)

A Day To Remember - Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End Live From Bamboozle 09

Tags: A  Day  To  Remember  -  Mr.  Highway's  Thinking  About  The  End  Live  From  Bamboozle  09 

A Day To Remember performing Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End, live from the Bamboozle festival in 2009.

Show Me Your Genitals - Jon Lajoie LYRICS

Tags: Show  Me  Your  Genitals  -  Jon  Lajoie    LYRICS 

here ya go sub