Transformers: Dark of the Moon | Movie Review

Transformers: Dark of the Moon | Movie Review

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Is Transformers: Dark of the Moon this summer's can't miss 3D extravaganza?The Transformer films have caused some of the biggest arguments in TRS history. The newest, Dark of the Moon, is Michael Bay's first foray in 3D, and it looks like he has pulled out all the stops. With Alex still in France, Dan and Jeff enlist the help of Blaise Hemingway to review what could be this summer's most spectacular - and most polarizing - blockbuster.Be sure to check back tomorrow for our review of the board game, Formula D!

transformers:  dark  of  the  moon  |  movie  review 

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3D TRANSFORMERS The Return of live action optimus prime!

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My 2nd attempt on optimus live action transforming! Optimus prime battles megatron for the all spark!! Hope you all enjoy this short 3D animation i made!! LATA!!

Transformers 3 Shoot Chicago

Tags: Transformers  3  Shoot  Chicago 

Transformers 3 was shooting scenes on LaSalle in Chicago. I in no way shape or form own the music used. Go to itunes and download it, it's good stuff.

TRANSFORMERS 3 in LEGO Toy Figure Animation! - Dark of The Moon Stop Motion Spoof!

Tags: TRANSFORMERS  3  in  LEGO  Toy  Figure  Animation!  -  Dark  of  The  Moon  Stop  Motion  Spoof! 


Transformers 3 Megatron's death (how it should of been)

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As bad ass as the fight between Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime was, Optimus Prime's fight with Megatron should of been longer, more epic and brutal. So I have combined all their fight scenes in the trilogy into one to make the fight longer. And yes I know some parts may be the forest and not...

Everything Wrong With Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

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Continuing Transformers week here, as we look at the sins of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Some people say it's a lot better than the second Transformers movie, but honestly... that's not saying much. Next week: Superhero sins and horror sins. Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's...

Transformers - Above and Beyond - Exploring Dark of the Moon - Part 1

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Watch the all-access feature-length documentary on the making of Michael Bay's blockbuster "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," including interviews with the cast and crew. New "Transformers 4" are coming soon, let's watch how great previous movies were...

Transformers Dark of the Moon Movie Review

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Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Movie Review. Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the low-down on Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon starring Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, directed by Michael Bay! Then get a review of Transformers 3 from audiences fresh from the theater!...

Transformers DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime With MechTech Trailer

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WylunCustoms Presents Takara Tomy version Optimus Prime with MechTech Trailer

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon: The Autobot's Return

Tags: Transformers  3  Dark  Of  The  Moon:  The  Autobot's  Return 

The return of the autobots with optimus bumblebee and wreckers(mirrored)

Transformers Dark of the Moon- Leader Sentinel Prime in Stop Motion

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Become a fan! me on Twitter!!/JAWSifyJAWSify here again with another stop motion, this time of the very cool Transformers: Dark of the Moon- Leader Class Sentinel Prime. This stop motion consists of 845...

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Special Edition - Special Features - Behind The Scenes - Part 4

Tags: Transformers:  Dark  Of  The  Moon  -  Special  Edition  -  Special  Features  -  Behind  The  Scenes  -  Part  4 

Go & Subscribe to director Michael Bay at visit his website at:

the transformer movie trailer

Tags: the  transformer  movie  trailer 

movie out 07-04-07be there

Video Review of the Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon (DOTM) ; Ultimate Optimus Prime

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Optibotimus Video Review of the Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon (DOTM) ; Ultimate Optimus PrimeSince i changed my style a bit in this video...If you want to see how to transform this figure from it's vehicle forms, where i left out, check out peaughs review...

Transformers 3 Filming-- Explosions, Jumpers and Movie Stars in Downtown Chicago

Tags: Transformers  3  Filming--  Explosions,  Jumpers  and  Movie  Stars  in  Downtown  Chicago 

From explosions and gun battles on Wacker Drive to parachutists plummeting from Trump Tower and celebrity sightings, the "Transformers 3" film shoot provided plenty of free entertainment in downtown Chicago this week outside the Crain's Chicago Business office building....

Transformers Dark of the Moon Return of the Driller 1080p HD

Tags: Transformers  Dark  of  the  Moon      Return  of  the  Driller  1080p  HD 

And Another Epic Scene with Optimus Prime. I Dont Own Any Of The Copy Rights In This Video,All Rights Go To Paramount

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon (Music Video)_Linkin Park - New Divide

Tags: Transformers  3  Dark  Of  The  Moon  (Music  Video)_Linkin  Park  -  New  Divide 

Watch my new music video of "The Island" (Michael Bay Movie): Song: Linkin Park - New Divide ........Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a 2011 American science fiction-action film based on the Transformers toy line. First released on June 23, 2011, it is...

Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie review

Tags: Transformers:  Dark  of  the  Moon  movie  review 

Transformers 3 hits theatres, and Jeremy review it. "It" being the sequel to the movie that started everything on Youtube for him.See more videos by Jeremy here: more Awesometacularness, Subscribe to Jeremys blog here:

Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron Vs Sentinel Prime (Blu-ray) Edition

Tags: Transformers  Dark  of  the  Moon  Megatron  Vs  Sentinel  Prime  (Blu-ray)  Edition 

Optimus Prime is still Battling Sentinel Prime to the Death..... While Megatron wait's For the Right Time To Strike......---(C) 2011 Paramount Pictures.(C) 2011 Paramount Home Entertainment.



New Transformers ROTF Trailer.1:13 you can hear my computer tell me what time it is!to lazy to re-doit!

10 Transformers die-cast Cars Unboxing Review Bumblebee Ironhide Optimus Prime

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Get all of the Transformers die-cast vehicles for the ultimate showdown! Each pack features a mix of either Autobot and Decepticon vehicles with detailed styling and robot detail on the chassis for a More Than Meets the Eye play experience! Traditional mini vehicle play with More than Meets the...