Kakefuda Kyoto - Famous Furoshiki Store

Kakefuda Kyoto - Famous Furoshiki Store

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During Golden Week 2007 we visited Kyoto. During our stay we went to one of the famous traditional "furoshiki" or cloth wrapping stores. The quality and colour of the material was amazing. We even got to see the furoshiki that Mick Jagger bought last year!

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Leia mais no site:http://madeinjapan.uol.com.br/2009/07/01/aprenda-a-fazer-bolsas-de-furoshiki/

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Today's challenge for Jim and Zoe is gift wrapping. Jim's feeling pretty confident about this one.... who do you think will win? Leave us a comment below!Thanks to Karen Burge http://amberburge.com/ http://www.youtube.com/DailyMixThanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE:...

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