Kakefuda Kyoto - Famous Furoshiki Store

Kakefuda Kyoto - Famous Furoshiki Store

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During Golden Week 2007 we visited Kyoto. During our stay we went to one of the famous traditional "furoshiki" or cloth wrapping stores. The quality and colour of the material was amazing. We even got to see the furoshiki that Mick Jagger bought last year!

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Japanese Furoshiki: How to wrap boxes

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The use of Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese tradition. It can be used to wrap boxes, small objects and even bottles. In modern Japan, to use a furoshiki when taking a present to a friend is considered very good manners. Also, it is a good and elegant way to avoid using plastic or paper bags and...

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» Utilizando apenas um pedaço de pano quadrado é possível fazer vários tipos de bolsa. Letícia Yabiku ensina a técnica no programa SABOR DE VIDA da REDE APARECIDA.REDE APARECIDAVocê em boa companhiawww.a12.com

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Music : Hackbeat- by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/This is a traditional japanese method of carrying items and wrapping gifts with just cloth...this is my own video and I own all the contents in this...


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Shopping with furoshiki The 'My bag movement' of using no plastic bags for shopping has become popular but it is a little troublesome to carry a separate bag for shopping. It is almost impossible if you go shopping straight after work. However, the furoshiki does not take much space in your...

Furoshiki gift wrapping

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How to wrap your presents in Furoshiki (cloth) to avoid using wrapping paper. Unlike wrapping paper (which usually can't be recycled) Furoshiki can be used again and again.

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A Vitrine do Artesanato traz mais um kit inédito para você!É o Kit Furoshiki para fazer lindas bolsas de tecido apenas com nós e amarrações! CONTEÚDO DO KIT- 01 DVD Aula - 01 Passo a passo- 03 Tecidos com estampas diferentes para confeccionar as aulas ensinadas no DVDDescarte totalmente as...

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Com a parceria da Vitrine do Artesanato, a artesã Letícia Yabiku nos ensina a fazer furoshiki.Sabor de Vida: de segunda à sexta, às 15h, na Rede AparecidaREDE APARECIDAA TV de Nossa...

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Cómo usar Los Mil y un vestidos - How to use the dress Adquirilos directamente en nuestro Shop on line en w w w picaropuck com

Earth Friendly Gift Wrap. Furochic It!

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Wrap your gifts with reusable fabric, furoshiki style. Have fun! It's easy! Reduce waste!Jenn demos six techniques with her Furochic brand wraps using simple wrapping methods such as tying knots, rolling, tucking, twisting and making carry handles. No scissors or tape required! The wrap is a gift...

3 Furoshiki Styles for Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping

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Have you ever heard "Furoshiki?" - Furoshiki is an eco-friendly wrapping cloth, originally from Japan. It's been used to carry various items, transport merchandise, interior decoration and mostly to wrap gifts for weddings and other occasions.This video shows 3 different styles to gift wrap wine...

Dica de Artesanato: como fazer bolsas: Furoshiki

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Dica de Artesanato: como fazer bolsas: Furoshiki

Japanese Furoshiki: How to wrap bottles

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In this video, we show an easy way to wrap a bottle using traditional Japanese furoshiki. You can use this simple but elegant method to wrap wine bottles, Japanese Sake bottles, or bottles containing your favorite drinks.By using a furoshiki, you help to preserve natural resources and at the same...


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Japanese Gift Wrapping: Kimono Style with a Heart Shaped Message CardMaterials: Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Card StockTools: Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided TapePaper Size: Width - About 3 times the width of the box / Height - Enough to wrap around the boxMusic: A Moment in Time...


Tags: Furoshiki 

KKS News on Furoshiki

The Cross Body Bag + The Hobo Bag

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Use a wrapping scarf to create either a cross body bag or a Hobo Bag. Demonstration features a Jumbo size BOBO Wrapping Scarf in Willow. Happy Wrapping!www.bobowrap.com

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Booktrailer del libro di Valentina Sardu "Foulard creativi e furoshiki", l'antica arte giapponese per realizzare borse, oggetti di arredamento, pacchetti.http://foulardcreativi.wordpress.com