Squirrel On Yankee Stadium Foul Pole!!!

Squirrel On Yankee Stadium Foul Pole!!!

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This is a video I took from Section 27 Tier yesterday at the Yankees Vs Redsox game. A Squirrel kept going up and down the foul pole.

squirrel  on  yankee  stadium  foul  pole!!! 

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Hi everyone. Hear it is the moment the squirrel hunters among you have been waiting for. Im back out on my usual place the 1000 acre farm trying to reduce the squirrel population down and get me some squirrels for my winter stew. I hope you all enjoy my latest upload. Thanks for watching and...

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This is video of the Yankees players going into Yankee Stadium! You can see some of the players in their cars, but the video is better when they are walking in their casual clothes into the stadium. ; )

Squirrel takes over baseball game

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  • Author: Max K

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A squirrel doesn't want to leave the game

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During the 5th inning during the 8/5/09 Royals/Mariners game, a cat runs onto the field.....most entertaining thing that happened all night!!!!

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During a promotion called "Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game" where a local dog from a shelter is featured for adoption, the dog got loose while being escorted off the field.



Vampire Squirrel Hunts Deer. There is an elusive species of squirrel found in the jungles of Borneo that local legend claims to hunt and consume deer. Because of its ferocious reputation is it now being dubbed the Vampire Squirrel. Otherwise known as the tufted ground squirrel, this tiny...

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Sept 4, 2007, a wild squirrel terrorizes visitors Pittsburgh Pirates at Busch Stadium.