Le Mutant!!

Le Mutant!!

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This Guy is a Mutant!!

le  mutant!! 

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Damien Walters 2011 Official Showreel

Tags: Damien  Walters  2011  Official  Showreel 

To be up to date with all the latest from Damien Walters be sure to subscribe here: http://smarturl.it/DamienWaltersSubMake sure you also check out the Flow network. YouTube's biggest Parkour hub: http://smarturl.it/SubscribeToFlowBuy your Damien Walters T-shirt here:...

Bodybuilders dueling biceps arm wrestle

Tags: Bodybuilders  dueling  biceps  arm  wrestle 

Champion teen and collegiate bodybuilders Jonathan Irizarry and Yumon Eaton use arm wrestling to show off their biceps in Tampa, FL, in August of 2008 and again in August of 2009. See more of Yumon and Jonathan on mostmuscular.com and related sites.

Truite mutante

Tags: Truite  mutante 

René Fournaise a pêché une truite mutante amianté. Contreverse ou Réalité???

Ce mec n'est pas humain Une force de fou

Tags: Ce  mec  n'est  pas  humain  Une  force  de  fou 

J'invite quiconque à le défier.Cette homme à une force de malade

Urban Ninjas!!!

Tags: Urban  Ninjas!!! 


Damien Walters Showreel 2007

Tags: Damien  Walters  Showreel  2007 

Some of the moves i've bin playing round with this year. For my new moves every year, make sure you're subscribed! http://bit.ly/DamienWaltersDamien Walters is a British gymnast, stuntman and parkour practitioner with one of the largest followings on YouTube. Star of Walters and Shieff as well as...

Duel de motards au feu rouge truc de fou(dangerous bikers at red lights)

Tags: Duel  de  motards  au  feu  rouge  truc  de  fou(dangerous  bikers  at  red  lights) 

vidéo du groupe urbain mondain, une fois de plus ils ont réussis à éveiller notre esprit par la pertinence de cette vidéo.

Damien Walters 2010

Tags: Damien  Walters  2010 

Les trucs les plus fous - Compilation #1

Tags: Les  trucs  les  plus  fous  -  Compilation  #1 

Damien Walters 2010 Showreel

Tags: Damien  Walters  2010  Showreel 

Training and new things early in 2010 from Damien Walters. Subscribe for more http://bit.ly/DamienWaltersTumbling Gymnastics Freerunning Stunts "Derby City Gymnastics Club" parkour PK l'art du déplacement traceur traceuse équilibre de chat passe muraille Lâché Franchissement underbar cat...

truc de fou au billard

Tags: truc  de  fou  au  billard 

le mec il fait des effet de tarré au billard!une seulle chose a dire: respect

Mutant 2011

Tags: Mutant  2011 


Yamakasi style

Tags: Yamakasi  style 

Yamakasi style

Crazy Yamakazi Video

Tags: Crazy  Yamakazi  Video 

Yamakazi vid with two metal songs

Real life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tags: Real  life  Teenage  Mutant  Ninja  Turtles 

Turtles as Sumo wrestlers

Brokeback Mutant

Tags: Brokeback  Mutant 

The legally released footage of X-Men 3 cut together with a very familiar sound track. From RichAndMark.com


Tags: Мутант 

Акула мутант,Япония

Mutant Devils

Tags: Mutant  Devils 

A professional photographer sets out to photograph what Tasmanians call the "devil", and discovers something very disturbing.Curse of the Tasmanian Devil : SAT AUGUST 2 8P et/pt : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/wild/3461/Overview/?source=4003

le mutant version russe.mp4

Tags: le  mutant  version  russe.mp4 

voila un gars de fou qui fait ces truc n'importe regarde et laisser des com's

Russian police in action

Tags: Russian  police  in  action 

Your comments make me smile.

David Belle SpeedAirMan

Tags: David  Belle  SpeedAirMan 

" I'm happy to see that the parkour generation is ever growing and my father would be proud of you. He lit the fire within me to illuminate my own path. Now you are the founders for what will follow. Be free and no matter what you do with parkour, do it well. Goodbye and good training to all of...

Fukushima mutant rabbit: Earless bunny born near radiation zone

  • Length: 0:30
  • Author: RT

Tags: Fukushima  mutant  rabbit:  Earless  bunny  born  near  radiation  zone 

A nuclear rabbit has sparked online panic in Japan. Amateur footage shows an earless mutant rabbit, and the person who made the video claims it was shot just outside the exclusion zone near Japan's crippled Fukushima plant. The clip has given rise to fears the radiation threat in the area is far...



PLEASE READ FIRST this is a small clip from the luc besson french movie "Banlieue 13 (french) or District 13(english)".P.S. If I have any brazilian jiu-jitsu lovers check out my other channel Fix Your Jiu Jitsu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeANGxINWJEP.S.S. i don't own the rights to the movie...

T-one and Mutant "dope boyz"

Tags: T-one  and  Mutant    "dope  boyz" 

T-one and Mutant "dope boyz"Vidéo by Memento mori prod.