How To Root Your Nook Color Without Voiding Your Warranty (Updated!)

How To Root Your Nook Color Without Voiding Your Warranty (Updated!)

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Link A: There is no password now.Link B: C: I renamed it correctly so that the Nook Color can recognize the file D: Instructions:First, in order to dual-boot your Nook Color (Ill call it NC from now on), you need a good Mini SD Card, like a Lexar High Speed 8 Gig or higher. Ok, now go to this link ( then download it to a place you will remember! Now go to this link and click on the binary download button ( once you are done installing it, open it and select your drive where your Mini SD card is, click the folder button, then find the image file that we download earlier from Media Fire and select that, then click "Write", it will say Are you sure you want to do this and stuff, just hit Yes! Once you wrote the image succesfully, exit out of the program, then download this .zip file (Its the Cyanogenmod7 file) ( and put it on to the root of the Mini SD Card (make sure it is still zipped). Now make sure that your NC is COMPLETELY off, once it is off, put the sd card in and turn on, it should take a while too load, so leave it alone for a little while, once it is off again, take the sd card and put it in your computer, then download this file ( and save it to the root of your MINI SD Card (again, make sure its still zipped), now put it back into your NC (make sure it is off again) and turn on, it should take you to the home screen, hold the power button untill it gives you a list off stuff, then hit "Reboot" and then "Recovery" then "OK" the some codes will popup, and leave it alone for a while, then come back take it out and put it back in and start it up again and it starts setting up! Tada! Please comment rate and subscribe and tell me how it worked for you!Becuase some people have been having problems with the Disk Imager, just go here and search around for a file that works for you (make sure its the binary)! went wrong? Unroot your Nook Color here! Desktop Background is here,,r:17,s:66,i:147&tx=48&ty=46

how  to  root  your  nook  color  without  voiding  your  warranty  (updated!) 

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Nook Color Hacked Into Android Tablet

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This is my nook color that i have turned into an android tablet running cyanogenmod 7.

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Rooting your Nook Color

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This is my rooting my Nook Color. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

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How to get free eBooks on a Nook rate comment and subscribe Thank You

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This is a video showing Android 4.0 running on the Nook Color. This is a beta build. Its very stable but there is a few problems. SOUND AND VIDEO DO NOT WORK. It can be overclocked to 1.2ghz. Do this at you'r OWN RISK this is a early beta...

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***Read Below***This video is made as a result of a Youtube video request. After spending at least 3+ hours testing, troubleshooting, and understanding, the long awaited CM 10.2 video is finally here! You have questions, and I have answers. Let's do this. Enjoy!Note: I'm using the 16GB version,...

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Mac Version: This video will demonstrate an easy way to unroot, restore, and/ or unbrick your Nook Color. This will bring your Nook Color back to the way it was when you took it out of the box. It'll be like nothing ever happened.This particular video...

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my gf giving a quick demonstration of her brand new nook color that i bought and rooted for her :)Launcher Pro, Raging thunder, angry birds, merin broswer, and a calculator

nook color hacked and rooted w/ android 2.3.4 cyanogen mod 7 review

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Micro SD card: the screen protector it comes with is good but it DOES NOT FIT so buy a different one.device(refurbished):...

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For all of you have been frustrated, searching the web for how to make our NT 1.4.3 an android device...N2A cards is the answer. http://n2acards.comThis is a concise (but cheesy) video of me opening my N2A and uploading it. No cuts, no edits. It is literally that fast. Hope it helps!

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Demo of my Rooted NOOK Color.Modified with Cyanogen mod 7 for the Encore using reference from XDA forums and Tablet Tweaks. This custom ROM eliminates the Barnes and Nobles UI completely and converts the Nook into a complete Android Tablet...

Jelly Bean on 8GB Nook, pt3 - 1.4.3

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Here, I allow the B&N OTA update from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 in order to find out if the standard root process (SDCard with CWM) will work on the newest OS. IT DOES! For info or to ask questions, visit the Bishop of Technology website at

How To Install CM 11 (Android 4.4.2) On Nook Tablet

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Video On How To Root The Nook Tablet - On How To Install TWRP On Nook Tablet (Nessesary To Install Android 4.4+) - Video - To Nook Tablet KK Files - To WinRAR -...

Nook Color Disassembly

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How to take apart your Barnes and Noble Nook Color.Disclaimer:This WILL void your warranty. Also don't attempt this if you aren't 100% sure you can do it without breaking anything. YOU and YOU alone will be responsible.

Installing Honeycomb V4 on Nook Color (PC version)

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How to install Honeycomb v4 on the nook color internal memory (pc version)This is what you are going to need-Micro SD card memory 1gb minimum-Micro SD to SD memory adapter and an SD card memory reader-Honeycomb flashable zip RootPack 0.7 / Clockwork...

Nook Color: CM7 ROM with Android 2.3 and Android Market

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Nook Color CM7 Install Directions: that link to learn how to install CM7 on the Nook Color, including the Android Market and Google Apps.

Illegal Nerf Gun Mod

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Twitter: to mod a Nerf gun into a lethal weapon in 3 easy steps.Warning: This Nerf gun mod can result in personal harm. Second channel: is an illegal Nerf gun hack. Do not attempt this. This video is for...

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Demonstration of how to dual boot into Honeycomb (3.0) for the Nook Color from the dual SD card with the dual boot menu. The install directions can be found on XDA or you can buy the card ready made from me on ebay: cheztresors.

Nook Color running ICS/CM9

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Been playing around with the nook lately. Managed to get a fairly stable nightly build of CM9. There are a few small things like temporary place holders in the settings. Plus Netflix doesn't play videos properly. But nothing major. CM9 allows overclocking to 1.2ghz but I keep it at 1 for...