Sexy Mistress Dirty Preteen Knee High Socks

Sexy Mistress Dirty Preteen Knee High Socks

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Mistress Alexia Fetish Queen's Dirty Neon Pink Knee Highs. These are my fav knee socks that got ruined shooting a Sleep grope clip with the sexy J.C Simpson.I would be mad if she was not so hot! So if you are a slave thats into dirty socks and feet....ENJOY!

sexy  mistress  dirty  preteen  knee  high  socks 

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Eternally alone day nine 2 (Split time! 1/2)

Tags: Eternally  alone  day  nine  2  (Split  time!  1/2) 

Dear Youiairy,Sorry I had to take down the work out video but it is okay! let us stretch!

Teen's Tiny Feet Shoe Sock Teaser

Tags: Teen's  Tiny  Feet  Shoe  Sock  Teaser 

Mistress Alexia Fetish Queen's tiny size 5 pink preteen sneakers with fun neon green socks!! Check out my website for pics and more clips!

WEBCAM sexy Teen

Tags: WEBCAM  sexy  Teen 

webcam amteur

cs dirty pink socks yt.avi

Tags: cs  dirty  pink  socks  yt.avi 


cum see My pretty pink socks BEFORE I trash and stink them up with My prefect feet for 7 days!

Tags: cum  see  My  pretty  pink  socks  BEFORE  I  trash  and  stink  them  up  with  My  prefect  feet  for  7  days! 

(((the focus gets a bit fuzzy at times, but it gets better as the video progresses.))) It can be hard filming these Myself w/My little camera & I do the best I can. So enjoy....THIS IS RIGHT AFTER TAKING OFF A STINKY BLACK & WHITE PAIR OF SOCKS I WORE FOR 5 DAYS STRAIGHT!....then putting on a...

White Knee Highs and soles from tumblr :D

Tags: White  Knee  Highs  and  soles  from  tumblr  :D 

A girl on tumblr helped me out and made a video for me. Her soles are in white knee high socks! Comment and enjoy!

Socks and Sneakers

Tags: Socks  and  Sneakers 

More videos and photos at

Dirty Nylon Tease

Tags: Dirty  Nylon  Tease 

Hi everyone, so unfortunately these nylons are pretty worn out. I've worn them, slept in them, sweated in them, and now it's time for them to be retired. No one wanted them when I offered them up! So here's one last video with them in it. Soles, spreading, and toeclampingI hope you like it!

Knee High Black Socks.wmv

Tags: Knee  High  Black  Socks.wmv

Ikke Naken

Tags: Ikke  Naken 

Delightful coming of age film from Norway.

Basic Ankle Sock | Knit Pattern

Tags: Basic  Ankle  Sock    |    Knit  Pattern 

Email: | Twitter: @KnittWhitCheck me out on Ravelry: everyone! This video will be teaching the basics of knitting a sock. This one is an ankle sock. Easy to learn and fun to make. If you make a sock using this tutorial please...

School uniform, Wearing pink tights and Japanese losse socks

Tags: School  uniform,  Wearing  pink  tights  and  Japanese  losse  socks 

Cute wear with School uniform. Wearing loose socks with pink tights

Very Thin Light pink Ankle Socks

Tags: Very  Thin  Light  pink  Ankle  Socks 

Outside in my thin pink ankle socks

Sexy mistress shows her lickable feet

Tags: Sexy  mistress  shows  her  lickable  feet

Adult XXX Membership Website - @PlanetKANDY - Ms Kandy Kash - Model - Rapper - Entertainer

Tags: Adult  XXX  Membership  Website  -  @PlanetKANDY  -  Ms  Kandy  Kash  -  Model  -  Rapper  -  Entertainer 

promo video for im sure it will be taken down very soon so enjoy it while u can ;)

socks getting dirty!

Tags: socks  getting  dirty! 

jaimie and traci 3

Tags: jaimie  and  traci  3 


Samantha's super dirty socks.

Tags: Samantha's  super  dirty  socks. 

Samantha is a girl I met in the park. She ALWAYS seemed to be wearing the same dirty pink socks or leggings under her skirt/pants (I learned they were socks .. so happy).When she told me she never washed them cause she left them at work and wore them when it got cold .. I had to buy them.they...

How to Make a Sock Monkey - Step-by-Step for Beginners

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Sock  Monkey  -  Step-by-Step  for  Beginners Shows you how to make a sock monkey step by step to help you be successful and get the best results.This video is very long, but I felt it was necessary to make sure there were no unanswered questions during the making process (if you still have questions,...

Frisky feet taking her smelly socks and shoes off

Tags: Frisky  feet  taking  her  smelly  socks  and  shoes  off 

Hey guys! I am so new to this but, here I am taking my dirty smelly socks and shoes off! Just for you! The shoes and sock will be on ebay for your purchase! Come take a look! Frisky*feet!

Check Out These Hot Socks! Petite Feet In Sexy Knee Highs-15.wmv

Tags: Check  Out  These  Hot  Socks!  Petite  Feet  In  Sexy  Knee  Highs-15.wmv 

knee high sock fetish - cute girls massaging each others feet in socks

Danielle's Worn Out Mismatched Sock Tease 01

Tags: Danielle's  Worn  Out  Mismatched  Sock  Tease  01 

My friend Danielle wiggle her toes in some worn out mismatched socks at a sole view. Comment and enjoy! This video is also in HD so try it out.

Sniff my stinky, dirty socks, beautiful barefoot woman dominates guy

Tags: Sniff  my  stinky,  dirty  socks,  beautiful  barefoot  woman  dominates  guy 

Click Here . to View the Most Amazing High Heels you have ever Seen. You are 5 clicks away from geting your own pair of these am. Smell my feet, they don't stink? says 29 year old Anna who stands 5'8 tall and wears a shoe size of 9. With nice wider feet and French Pedicured toes, Anna s. Triple...