Illustrated penguin is human blockhead! (Squidling Bros @ Bohemian Carnival)

Illustrated penguin is human blockhead! (Squidling Bros @ Bohemian Carnival)

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Illustrated Penguin of the Squidling Bros Circus Sideshow demonstrates the human blockhead stunt, at Bohemian Carnival, San FranciscoSee more here: 550D T2i EOS 1080p footage

illustrated  penguin  is  human  blockhead!  (squidling  bros  @  bohemian  carnival) 

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Vau de Vire Society -- Shredder Fire Hoops (Canon 550D)

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Shredder hoops / Fire hoops at Sand by the TonCanon 550D T2i footagevau de vire society fire shredder hoops sand by the ton burning man festival 2010 canon 550d T2i

Swallowing a rifle

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Swallowing a rifle -- Squidling Bros Circus Sideshow at Bohemian Carnival Canon 550D T2i eos 1080p footage

Betty Bloomerz @ Bohemian Carnival

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Betty Bloomerz of Squidling bros Circus Sideshow at Bohemian CarnivalCanon 550D T2i eos DSLR footageMusic by incompetech.combetty bloomerz bloomers bohemian carnival squidling bros circus sideshow sword swallowing swallower canon 550d t2i

Burning Man 2014 : Natalie @ Sex Bombe Kabaret

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Burning Man 2014 : Natalie @ Sex Bombe Kabaret on the Dustfish stage

Burning Man 2014 : Alien Siege Machine head....

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Putting the head n the Alien Siege Machine at Burning Man 2014

America's Got Talent MOST DANGEROUS ACT: Brad Byers Hook and Drill (Season 4)

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Brad Byers puts an 18" hook up his nose and out his mouth then hangs an anchor from it on NBC's America's Got Talent Season 4! Brad is the originator of the drill act. He holds the THE HUMAN TOOLBOX Guinness World record: Due to the EXTREME DANGER of...

Todd Robbins - The Human Block Head - On AOSLI!

  • Length: 4:17
  • Author: AOSLI

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Watch performance artist Todd Robbins perform his Human Blockhead act for ART or something like it! Todd Robbing is featured on AOSLI! in the episode called "One Ring Robbins or America Cooks Galore". Please visit; for more info.

The human block head magic trick revealed?

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This is believe it or not this one magician is doing the human block head trick is it revealed cus i dont know much about the magic tricks so yeah

Omegle Magic #12 (Human BlockHead)

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Doing the Human Blockhead magic trick to strangers on Omegle and getting Funny ReactionsThanks for watching subscribe for more!Music Credits:Artist: Dalma7ianTrack: HorrorSupport:

Human Blockhead Explained on CNN

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Brian Brushwood, host of Revision3's "Scam School" appears on Anderson Cooper to explain how the human blockhead sideshow stunt works... and gets Dr. Sanjay Gupta to try it!

Squidling Brothers.

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i4 januari 2010 is er een byzondere show in het DOKHUIS THEATER aan de Plantage Doklaan 8Het start om 21:00 u, op het programma staan o.a.CARNIVAL of HELLUCINATIOSTHE SQUIDLING BROTHERSVIDEO PROJECTIONS of CULT TVand DJ'salso the great vegetarian restaurant from 19:00 for GREAT TASTEFULL...

Vau De Vire Bohemian Carnival - Burlesque Dancers

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Vau De Vire Bohemian Carnival - Burlesque Dancers

Guinness word record - Rubber man

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Guinness word record - Ruber man

Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow part 1

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Shot at Shine in San Francisco during The Walking Dead Apocalyptic Bar Crawl.

Fire eater squidling brothers sideshow

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Girl fire eater at the garage Winston Salem 10-26-10

Carnivolution-Jelly and Betty Fire Dance

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Jelly boy the Clown-Fire StaffBetty Bloomerz-Fire sword balance, fire fingers and belly dance.A clip from The Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow october Carnivolution performance.

Human Blockhead - Dezrah's Version

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Here's my variation of the classic "Human Blockhead". Originally created by Melvin Burkhart and currently popularized by Brian Brushwood. I've got a subtle little twist that you may not notice at first. Feel free to play around with it. ...and by that I mean "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!" It's not a...

World Famous Penguin Boy Pulls Truck

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The Penguin Boy pulls a full sized pick up with his pierced ears while Betty Bloomerz and Jelly Boy the clown breathe fire out the windows. Located somewhere in West Philthy.

Ballyhoo Betty - Human Blockhead

Tags: Ballyhoo  Betty  -  Human  Blockhead 

Ballyhoo Betty performs the Human Blockhead and pulls it off flawlessly. Then an unlucky participant picked from the audience to "assess" with the act.

Bed of Swords / Human Chopping Block - The Switchblade Sideshow - Joe Lyon's Carnival of Souls

Tags: Bed  of  Swords  /  Human  Chopping  Block  -  The  Switchblade  Sideshow  -  Joe  Lyon's  Carnival  of  Souls 

The Switchblade Sideshow, performing at Joe Lyon's Carnival of Souls at Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN. Remedy reclines on a bed of razor sharp swords, and Nathanael uses a katana to chop produce in half on her bare stomach.The Switchblade Sideshow is a traditionally-influenced circus...

Enigma & Serenia Rose's Sideshow

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Rose swallows a clown balloon. It's marriage material! She has skillz!!! At The 1st Annual Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival. March 4-6 2011

Burning Man 2014 : The Kraken burns

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Burning the Kraken, at Burning Man 2014

Sword Dancing at Bohemian Carnival

Tags: Sword  Dancing  at  Bohemian  Carnival 

Vau de Vire Society at Bohemian Carnival Canon 550D t2imusic by Trip Trap, (c) 2009vau de vire society bohemian carnival canon 550d t2i sword cell space

Double Dream Hands!

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John Jacobson teaches his original choreography for the song Planet Rock. Planet Rock is an original composition of John Jacobson and all credit goes to him. The original video is also available for free viewing on his website at video has...

The Squidling Bros. - The Baron Von Geiger

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The Baron Von Geiger lifts a bowling ball from his ears while Lil J the World Famous Penguin Boy introduces the act.Video taken July 24th, 2010 at Club Diablo in Buffalo, NY. Performance was part of The Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow starring The Squidling Bros. Also performing: Hick'ry...