Louis Vuitton men's shoemaking in Fiesso d'Artico

Louis Vuitton men's shoemaking in Fiesso d'Artico

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The making of a men's Louis Vuitton shoe in Fiesso d'Artico's workshops

louis  vuitton  men's  shoemaking  in  fiesso  d'artico 

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Inside Louis Vuitton's success

Tags: Inside  Louis  Vuitton's  success 

Starting out as a trunk maker, the Louis Vuitton brand is now estimated to be worth $30 billion.

The Art of Shoemaking - Prada handmade collection

Tags: The  Art  of  Shoemaking    -  Prada  handmade  collection 

Stunning video about the art of shoemaking and what makes the shoes so special! Shop the Shoe from the Prada handmade collection at Bungalow!Visit us: http://www.bungalow-gallery.com

Basic Shoemaking Method - The Cemented Construction

Tags: Basic  Shoemaking  Method  -  The  Cemented  Construction 

This is the first construction, beginner shoemakers learn. This 24 minutes video is the short version of my 2 hours DVD and I believe it will be a good help uprising shoemakers. I DON'T suggest to learn from this video, but it can help a bit. Enjoy!

Louis Vuitton Real vs Fake men's wallet

Tags: Louis  Vuitton  Real  vs  Fake  men's  wallet 

Showing some things that can help you spot a fake Louis wallet.

Louis Vuitton shoe making in Fiesso d'Artico (loafers)

Tags: Louis  Vuitton  shoe  making  in  Fiesso  d'Artico  (loafers) 

The making of Louis Vuiton loafers in Fiesso d'Artico's workshops

Gucci Bamboo Handbag Factory Production.mp4

Tags: Gucci  Bamboo  Handbag  Factory  Production.mp4 

Gucci Bamboo Handbag And Purse Factory Production in Italy. Visit www.FIOSO.com and signup for our upcoming products

The Salvatore Ferragamo bag, a masterpiece of craftsmanship

Tags: The  Salvatore  Ferragamo  bag,  a  masterpiece  of  craftsmanship 

Wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo bag means not only owning a unique accessory, but also keeping alive a fascinating, ancient craft that still survives to offer the greatest exclusivity available on the market. Workmanship made up of slow, careful, encoded gestures that are the fruit of a typically...

Gucci Mocassino Shoe Factory Production.mp4

Tags: Gucci  Mocassino  Shoe  Factory  Production.mp4 

Gucci Mocassino Footwear Factory Production in Italy. Visit www.FIOSO.com and signup for our upcoming products.

Ambiorix Personal Pair

Tags: Ambiorix  Personal  Pair 

Ambiorix Personal Pair of Shoe's - how its made!for more information check http://www.shoerecrafting.beMovie from Ambiorix © 2009

How Jeans Are Made

Tags: How  Jeans  Are  Made 

The manufacturing process of denim jeans. From harvesting the cotton to the final product.Oh, and the 'roughening up' ritual of the jeans is both ingenious and amusing.

The Art of Shoemaking

Tags: The  Art  of  Shoemaking 

Trailer for a Instructional step by step video on making your own pair of custom shoes.

How to make shoes: making pattern with folds

Tags: How  to  make  shoes:  making  pattern  with  folds 

Tutorial on how to make shoe pattern with folds.It's a long one, but its a step by step tutorial will guide you thru the process.To get maximum efficiency from this video, please visit http://www.shoemakingcoursesonline.com/ for full shoemaking lessons online: Shoemaking Courses Video platform,...

Barker - how traditional english shoes are hand-made

Tags: Barker  -  how  traditional  english  shoes  are  hand-made 

Video showing how british producer "Barker", founded in 1880, makes traditional english shoes completely hand-made. I got it from their website.

The production of Ambiorix shoes -Longplay-

Tags: The  production  of  Ambiorix  shoes    -Longplay- 

www.ambiorix.be / www.personalpair.be Video Ambiorix © 2009

How Our Moccasins are Made - Handmade Triple Sole Canoe Mocs - Handcrafted in Maine

Tags: How  Our  Moccasins  are  Made  -  Handmade  Triple  Sole  Canoe  Mocs  -  Handcrafted  in  Maine 

http://www.wassookeagmoccasins.com/ How our handcrafted leather moccasins are made - by Wassookeag Moccasins.


Tags: LOUIS  VUITTON  FOR  MEN  (Spycam) 

This Video is from Youtube.com/Gigi2698. This is for the guys. See inside a Louis Vuitton store as I shop for Men's fashion (shirts, jackets, shoes, etc.). This video was in response to a spycam shopping video request from one of my valued subscribers (Thanks Ahfoe).;-p Please Subscribe, Rate,...

Manufacturing a Pair of Shoes - DB Shoes Ltd

Tags: Manufacturing  a  Pair  of  Shoes  -  DB  Shoes  Ltd 

This 6 minute video shows a brief overview of some of the processes involved in making a shoe. The shoe progresses from "clicking" or cutting of the leather components, through "closing" or stitching and fitting of the various components to make the upper. The upper is then "lasted", a sole is...

How to Authenticate a Louis Vuitton Handbag

Tags: How  to  Authenticate  a  Louis  Vuitton  Handbag 

How to make sure your Louis Vuitton handbag is authentic. Make sure your LV is not a Fake.Go to LuxeDH.com and Check out the latest designer handbags. We carry all styles on used or pre owned designer handbags. We have the top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada,...

The Tradition Double Document Case by Alfred Dunhill

Tags: The  Tradition  Double  Document  Case  by  Alfred  Dunhill 

http://www.dunhill.comhttp://www.dunhill.com/DAY8The Alfred Dunhill Tradition leather range truly celebrates the brands rich heritage using vegetable tanned leather and techniques such as hand stitching and skiving the act of thinning the leather for a clean finish on curves and corners that...

Ayakkabı - Shoemakers - Ellerin Türküsü Kanal B

Tags: Ayakkabı  -  Shoemakers  -  Ellerin  Türküsü  Kanal  B 

Yapım-Yönetim: Ayşe Öksüz Kanal B TurkiyeKamera: Hüseyin FındıkKurgu: Nehir GündüzerUstalar: Ahmet Kavcar - Durmuş Özyurt - Hatice Semerci - Ümmügülsüm Çevik - Arif Şahan - Yunus Acar - Ramazan - Zeynep - AysunYeşilyuva Denizli24.Mart.2011

Louis Vuitton men's shoemaking in Fiesso d'Artico

Tags: Louis  Vuitton  men's  shoemaking  in  Fiesso  d'Artico 

Louis Vuitton men's shoemaking in Fiesso d'Artico

Loake Shoemakers - a film.

Tags: Loake  Shoemakers  -  a  film. 

http://www.loake.co.ukhttps://www.facebook.com/LoakeThe Loake family has been producing fine, handmade men's footwear for longer than anyone can remember.Our premium Goodyear Welted shoes continue to be made in England and take eight weeks to produce. Some 130 skilled craftspeople, up to 75 shoe...

Esquivel Shoes - "Handmade"

Tags: Esquivel  Shoes  -  "Handmade" 

"Handmade"A photographic documentation of the shoe making process used to create all of our shoes.- Photography and Direction by Olivier Staphylas- Produced by Michelle Jurado- Music by Andrew RosenShot on location at Esquivel WorkshopHandmade in Californiahttp://esquivelshoes.com



Birkin Hermès,Orange bag

The handwork of JnK. - Leica X1 half case making movie

Tags: The  handwork  of  JnK.  -  Leica  X1  half  case  making  movie 

The handwork of JnK. - Leica X1 half case making movie...introduce of JnK.JnK is the most famous handworker group about leather craft in Korea.All working processes of JnK are done by only traditional full-handmade method including all of hand sewing.To such reasons, our products spend much time...