Louis Vuitton men's shoemaking in Fiesso d'Artico

Louis Vuitton men's shoemaking in Fiesso d'Artico

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The making of a men's Louis Vuitton shoe in Fiesso d'Artico's workshops

louis  vuitton  men's  shoemaking  in  fiesso  d'artico 

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Louis Vuitton shoe making in Fiesso d'Artico (loafers)

Tags: Louis  Vuitton  shoe  making  in  Fiesso  d'Artico  (loafers) 

The making of Louis Vuiton loafers in Fiesso d'Artico's workshops

The Art of Shoemaking - Prada handmade collection

Tags: The  Art  of  Shoemaking    -  Prada  handmade  collection 

Stunning video about the art of shoemaking and what makes the shoes so special! Shop the Shoe from the Prada handmade collection at Bungalow!Visit us: http://www.bungalow-gallery.com

Basic Shoemaking Method - The Cemented Construction

Tags: Basic  Shoemaking  Method  -  The  Cemented  Construction 

This is the first construction, beginner shoemakers learn. This 24 minutes video is the short version of my 2 hours DVD and I believe it will be a good help uprising shoemakers. I DON'T suggest to learn from this video, but it can help a bit. Enjoy!

Barker - how traditional english shoes are hand-made

Tags: Barker  -  how  traditional  english  shoes  are  hand-made 

Video showing how british producer "Barker", founded in 1880, makes traditional english shoes completely hand-made. I got it from their website.

Salvatore Ferragamo women's shoes

Tags: Salvatore  Ferragamo  women's  shoes 

The use of original materials was a hallmark for Ferragamo, whose answer to the wartime shortage of hides was to introduce materials never-before used for fashion footwear, such as cork and cellophane. Nowadays there are constantly evolving technologies to help man in his work and improve it....

Louis Vuitton - Damier graphite

Tags: Louis  Vuitton  -  Damier  graphite 

The making of an Damier Graphite Alzer suitcase in Louis Vuitton Asniéres' historical workshops

Loake Shoemakers - a film.

Tags: Loake  Shoemakers  -  a  film. 

http://www.loake.co.ukhttps://www.facebook.com/LoakeThe Loake family has been producing fine, handmade men's footwear for longer than anyone can remember.Our premium Goodyear Welted shoes continue to be made in England and take eight weeks to produce. Some 130 skilled craftspeople, up to 75 shoe...

The Art of Shoemaking

Tags: The  Art  of  Shoemaking 

Trailer for a Instructional step by step video on making your own pair of custom shoes.

John Fluevog Miracle Shoe Production / Manufacturing

Tags: John  Fluevog  Miracle  Shoe  Production  /  Manufacturing 

Some of our Fluevog Shoe Families are made in this wonderful, small, family-owned factory in Peru. The Miracles are one of those Families.Watch the Fluevogian creation of a Miracle Cana.For as long as we produce the Miracles they can be found on our site...

The Salvatore Ferragamo bag, a masterpiece of craftsmanship

Tags: The  Salvatore  Ferragamo  bag,  a  masterpiece  of  craftsmanship 

Wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo bag means not only owning a unique accessory, but also keeping alive a fascinating, ancient craft that still survives to offer the greatest exclusivity available on the market. Workmanship made up of slow, careful, encoded gestures that are the fruit of a typically...

Santalum Video - Handmade goodyear welted construction

Tags: Santalum  Video  -  Handmade  goodyear  welted  construction 

Santalum - The Making OfHandmade Goodyear Welted Construction.www.santalum-indonesia.comwww.facebook.com/SNTLM@Santalum_IndoMusical artist "Drifting" by Andy McKee.

Ambiorix Personal Pair

Tags: Ambiorix  Personal  Pair 

Ambiorix Personal Pair of Shoe's - how its made!for more information check http://www.shoerecrafting.beMovie from Ambiorix © 2009

Handmade Mens Shoes - How Its Made

Tags: Handmade  Mens  Shoes  -  How  Its  Made 

Please Rate 5 Starts if you like this videoHow Handmade Mens Shoes are Made from the show How its Made

Russell Peters - Louis Vuitton and Indians (LOOOZ WOOOTON) HQ

Tags: Russell  Peters  -  Louis  Vuitton  and  Indians  (LOOOZ  WOOOTON)  HQ 

Russell Peters - Red White and Brown year 2008. If you want to buy the DVD don't forget to check and support him http://russellpeters.shop.musictoday.com/Dept.aspx?cp=10465_10547Please check another (amateur) comedian Haris Khan -...

Gucci Bamboo Handbag Factory Production.mp4

Tags: Gucci  Bamboo  Handbag  Factory  Production.mp4 

Gucci Bamboo Handbag And Purse Factory Production in Italy. Visit www.FIOSO.com and signup for our upcoming products

Fox go FLOOF

Tags: Fox  go  FLOOF 

Yep, that winter coat time of the year again!! and the fox go FLOOF, all fluffed up and poofy! This is his 6th edition winter coat (being 5 1/2 years old)!________________________________Ron is a pet red fox I bought from a licensed exotic animal breeder, in Oklahoma, captive-bred and...

How Our Moccasins are Made - Handmade Triple Sole Canoe Mocs - Handcrafted in Maine

Tags: How  Our  Moccasins  are  Made  -  Handmade  Triple  Sole  Canoe  Mocs  -  Handcrafted  in  Maine 

http://www.wassookeagmoccasins.com/ How our handcrafted leather moccasins are made - by Wassookeag Moccasins.

De la idea al zapato

Tags: De  la  idea  al  zapato 

Zapatos de España. Este audiovisual muestra el complejo proceso de elaboración de un zapato, desde la idea creativa hasta su colocación en el escaparate. Elaborado por la Federación de Industrias del Calzado Español (www.fice.es), en el marco de la campaña de comunicación Zapatos de...

Handmade in Germany - A Shoe for Life | Made in Germany

Tags: Handmade  in  Germany  -  A  Shoe  for  Life  |  Made  in  Germany 

A climbing boot can contain up to 180 different parts. Bavaria-based Hanwag is an outdoor footwear specialist, with production still done by hand and according to traditional methods.Making a pair of mountain boots can involve up to 200 steps, from punching out the leather parts to threading the...

Japan Series The Business of Luxury

Tags: Japan  Series      The  Business  of  Luxury 

丙級製鞋教學 Footwear teaching & Shoe design

Tags: 丙級製鞋教學  Footwear  teaching  &  Shoe  design 

With English subtitle, please click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnXwi8edy34技冠鞋版工作室主任陳坤雄連絡電話:06-2324266行動電話:0937340876各式鞋款教學,證照考試鞋樣設計台南應用科技大學時尚設計系鞋靴設計兼任講師Footwear teaching in...

Shoe School

Tags: Shoe  School 

A collection of video clips and interviews during the Introduction to Shoemaking Workshops. People designing and handcrafting footwear, with the emphasis on learning, sharing and working... working... working...

Hermes - Craftsmanship

Tags: Hermes  -  Craftsmanship 

A beautiful video of the craftsmanship of the luxurious French fashion house.http://http://lesailes.hermes.com/http://www.selectism.comhttp://www.highsnobiety.com

Creating the Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Bags

Tags: Creating  the  Louis  Vuitton  Monogram  Empreinte  Bags 

Louis Vuitton Monogram EmprienteLearn more about the Monogram Empreinte collection here: http://www.ilvoelv.com/2010/10/louis-vuitton-monogram-empreinte.html/More photos of the construction of the Monogram Empreinte bags here:...

High heel making step by step (koronya ShoeMaking School)

Tags: High  heel  making  step  by  step  (koronya  ShoeMaking  School) 

Shoemaking course ad (high heel making) Final