Male Brazilian Waxing Training Video - teaser trailer

Male Brazilian Waxing Training Video - teaser trailer

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!! WARNING - CONTAINS MALE NUDITY !!Male intimate waxing (also known as Brazilian or Boyzilian waxing and the 'back, sack and crack'), is one of the hottest trends in male grooming, with customers often travelling many miles to find a therapist willing and able to provide a first class service.The Axiom Wax Academy is the only UK provider to offer Habia-endorsed training in male intimate waxing, fully accredited by both BABTAC and The Guild Of Beauty Therapists and written by award-winning international educator, Andy Rouillard.There's a reason why we're the UK's leading provider of advanced training in male waxing techniques, and why customers look for 'Axiom Certified' therapists!Learn male waxing with the pros: for more details, visit or follow us on Twitter:

male  brazilian  waxing  training  video  -  teaser  trailer 

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Brazilian Wax Cry Baby

Tags: Brazilian  Wax  Cry  Baby 

I got my testicles, penis, anus, and the crack in between all waxed hairless. IT HURT!

Waxing/Shaving for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research

Tags: Waxing/Shaving  for  Leukaemia  and  Lymphoma  Research 

Grax Completes his waxing/shaving challenge in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Many thanks to his house-mate for being the cameraman (and seeing a little more than most people would want to) and the fine staff of Fit Kit beauty salon in Oxford.You can still donate money until the end of...

I HAVE A SECRET! Hard Wax Demonstration and Information

Tags: I  HAVE  A  SECRET!  Hard  Wax  Demonstration  and  Information 

Add me on Facebook? :) TWEET!!! (We all know what that means right? :D):!/SincerelyCass11Maybe you want to Subscribe To The Youtube Channel?!: out and...

Circoncision - Jean Rouch

Tags: Circoncision  -  Jean  Rouch 

Documentaire - MaliLa circoncision est une des cérémonies les plus importantes des populations Songhay du Niger. Par ce rite, les jeunes garçons qui jusqu'alors n'avaient pas de sexe, vont devenir des hommes.Le film a été tourné à Hombori en une seule journée, celle où se pratique...

Male Body Waxing, Waxing for Men

Tags: Male  Body  Waxing,  Waxing  for  Men 

Waxing is a hair removal trend for men that involves spreading hot wax on to the desired area, and then applying a strip of cloth or muslin onto the wax, rubbing it and ripping off the strip in one fell swoop -- wax, hair, root, and all.There are benefits to waxing compared to other forms of hair...

Waxing Eyebrows, Lips, Forehead, Neck, Arm, with Hard Wax

Tags: Waxing  Eyebrows,  Lips,  Forehead,  Neck,  Arm,  with  Hard  Wax 

Natural way wax based on beeswax. Use microwave, double boiler or wax warmer; leave the top loose on the wax container, and when the center is liquid and looks like a peanut butter, then it is ready. Take some of the liquid and some of the solid of the wax, apply on the eyebrows on the direction...

Full Body Wax

Tags: Full  Body  Wax 

Vote at for next weeks video and scavenger hunt item and give us your ideas in the comments below!You voted for "Get A Full Body Wax" for our scavenger hunt item this week. We threw our names in a cauldron and picked who will do it... Follow at...

London Marathon Forfeit 2010 - Full Body Wax - Part 1

Tags: London  Marathon  Forfeit  2010  -  Full  Body  Wax  -  Part  1 

As a result of achieving certain sponsorship targets for the London Marathon 2010, this full body wax has been put on YouTube for everyones viewing pleasure!! The money raised was donated to the British Heart Foundation.Thanks to Sandra Dawn Waxing Salon in Guildford, UK and everybody who...

Salon Secrets - What to expect during a Brazilian Wax - Salon Secrets

Tags: Salon  Secrets  -  What  to  expect  during  a  Brazilian  Wax  -  Salon  Secrets 

Find out what will happen when you get your Brazilian. A great video for 1st timers and seasoned waxers. This video covers what you should do before the appointment, what will happen at the appointment & what standards of safety and hygiene should be expected of your therapist.How NOT to treat...



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Worst Experience Ever! MY WAXING NIGHTMARE | Gigi

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Literally the worst experience ever.Follow me on Twitter! me on Facebook!

Arabic Wax- How to prepare at home in 2 minutes!

Tags: Arabic  Wax-  How  to  prepare  at  home  in  2  minutes! 

This is my recipe for the Arabic Depilatory Wax. Enjoy it! and send me your results to my facebook page:) questo video vi insegno come fare la ciretta araba fatta a casa con lo zuccheroBIG BIG thank you to Dj Jacobo Hijazin my n.1 dj...



Waxing hurts..New video every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!Make sure to subscribe to our main channel: our merchandise: our songs on iTunes! us...

The Waxing

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Chance, Malena, Hotted, Lea, and Celeste go to the spa for some relaxation and pampering. But what they have in-mind for Chance is all but relaxing.join the team: you feel like helping out the Youtube click below! Team Sodapoppin Gear!US Store:...

Male Brazilian Waxing.Male Hair Removal in Manhattan,New York.Body Hair Removal For Men NYC

Tags: Male  Brazilian  Waxing.Male  Hair  Removal  in  Manhattan,New  York.Body  Hair  Removal  For  Men  NYC Provides Expert Male Waxing Hair Removal in Manhattan New York NY.One of Dyanna's most popular services - Male Brazilian Waxing.Full Body Wax.Back And Chest Waxing.Buttocks hair removal.Pubic Hair Removal.If you thought the desire to be smooth all over with the help of...

sugaring - the gentle hair removal method with hairexpil sugarpaste

Tags: sugaring  -  the  gentle  hair  removal  method  with  hairexpil  sugarpaste 

in our video we´ll demonstrate the professional application of sugarpaste using two different hair removal methods.HairExPil sugar paste is 100% natural, and therefore suitable for sensitive skin types.become a HairExPil partner, profit from your attractive prices, our complete programm or let...

Learn Male Waxing : Men's Nostril Wax Tutorial

Tags: Learn  Male  Waxing  :  Men's  Nostril  Wax  Tutorial 

Andy Rouillard from Axiom Wax Academy demonstrates how to perform a male nostril wax, safely and painlessly. Wax used is Cirepil Blue from Perron Rigot. Kudos to Lori Nestore at Eva's Esthetics for the inspiration. Video tutorial originally created for

Waxing Legs With Pickles

Tags: Waxing  Legs  With  Pickles 

PICKLE CHALLENGE Can We Get 100,000 Likes? (: Click below for Matt's & Nash's Social Media's. Go Follow Them!MERCHANDISE :...

Melinda Waxing Male Brazilian on 94.7 FM Breakfast Xpress using Melinda waxes

Tags: Melinda  Waxing  Male  Brazilian  on  94.7  FM  Breakfast  Xpress  using  Melinda  waxes 

Melinda waxes 3 male brazilian using Melinda Black Cherry Hot wax and Platinum Film Wax on the pubic area, scrotum and anal-bottom area. Melinda Melon wax used as the strip wax. A hilarious clip for a good laugh!



So we kinda did a thing and it hurt!Click to tweet: to my channel: Like if you enjoyed. Enjoy this video? Then go ahead and share it on Facebook and Twitter. I'll love you long time!Tash:

Daniels Waxing Part 2

Tags: Daniels  Waxing  Part  2 

Daniels Full Body Wax Part 2

Waxing: Sack & Crack (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Tags: Waxing:  Sack  &  Crack  (Beauty  &  Grooming  Guru) 

Getting that area waxed seems way frightening, so if you're a guy and thinking about getting a treatment, watch this!

Ellipse I2PL laser hair removal, bikini line

Tags: Ellipse  I2PL  laser  hair  removal,  bikini  line 

See more on Put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal by Ellipse's outstanding I2PL laser technology for permanent hair removal. Owing to Ellipse's patented dual mode filtering our laser hair removal treatments are practically pain free. Large areas...

Vagina Waxing (HOT!!)

Tags: Vagina  Waxing  (HOT!!) 

Girls pubic hair gets waxed. Vagina art. Pussy.

TGK Days (Ep. 18) "The Manzilian"

Tags: TGK  Days  (Ep.  18)  "The  Manzilian" 

Subscribe: check out to register and vote for our entry into the Cinecoup contest. We are trying to win a million bucks to shoot a feature film. A mockumentary about a missing lead singer of a stoner death metal band who was kidnapped...