Jeremy Lin Cooking Deron Williams! NY Knicks vs NJ Nets 2012

Jeremy Lin Cooking Deron Williams! NY Knicks vs NJ Nets 2012

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This Boy Went Off NEW YORK KNICKS! First Game From The Last Bench! Jeremy Lin Taiwanese Pride Highlights Cooked Deron Williams NEW JERSEY NETS! (Career Performance) Highlights

jeremy  lin  cooking  deron  williams!  ny  knicks  vs  nj  nets  2012 

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The Jeremy Lin Show Vs. Utah Jazz (2/6/2012)

Tags: The  Jeremy  Lin  Show  Vs.  Utah  Jazz  (2/6/2012) 

Jeremy's rise as a starting point guard continues as he leads the New York Knicks to their second victory with 28 points. This is his first game that he has started with the Knicks.

The Jeremy Lin Show Vs. Los Angeles Lakers (2/10/12)

Tags: The  Jeremy  Lin  Show  Vs.  Los  Angeles  Lakers  (2/10/12) 

The New York Knicks take on the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden. Jeremy Lin leads the team to a 4th consecutive win ever since becoming the leading point guard. He scores 38 points in the game outscoring Kobe Bryant.

Jeremy Lin 38 points vs Lakers full highlights (2012.02.10)

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  38  points  vs  Lakers  full  highlights  (2012.02.10) 

2011 - 2012 NBA seasonLakers - Knicks2012/02/10*some of the clips are from geraldd39

The Jeremy Lin Show Vs. Dallas Mavericks (2/19/12)

Tags: The  Jeremy  Lin  Show  Vs.  Dallas  Mavericks  (2/19/12) 

The Dallas Mavericks challenge the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Jeremy Lin leads the Knicks to his career high of 14 assists, and the team manages to take a win. This game was highly televised as it was one of the highest viewed games in the season.

Jeremy Lin CNN From Harvard to NBA Interview / 2012

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  CNN    From  Harvard  to  NBA  Interview  /  2012 

Jeremy Lin from Harvard University to NBA! Interview at CNN!

Jeremy Lin Takes New York: Knicks' Lin-Sanity Resumes With Buzzer-Beating Game Winner in Toronto

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  Takes  New  York:  Knicks'  Lin-Sanity  Resumes  With  Buzzer-Beating  Game  Winner  in  Toronto 

New York's new starting point guard has been on a scoring tear.For more on this story, click here:

Jeremy Lin - Knicks vs. Raptors Sportcenter Highlights

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  -  Knicks  vs.  Raptors  Sportcenter  Highlights 

Linsanity continues in Toronto! Jeremy Lin hits the last second game winner.

Jeremy Lin Highlights vs Kings || 2.15.2012 || HD

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  Highlights  vs  Kings  ||  2.15.2012  ||  HD 

With Jeremy Lin setting a career high with 13 assists Wednesday night, the Knicks won their seventh straight game.13 assists in only 26 minutes.

Kobe Bryant on Jeremy Lin: 'What the [fudge] is going on?'

Tags: Kobe  Bryant  on  Jeremy  Lin:  'What  the  [fudge]  is  going  on?' 

BOSTON -- After his Los Angeles Lakers defeated the archrival Celtics 88-87 in overtime, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant fielded a number of questions about his next opponent: Former Harvard and current New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin, who has averaged 25.3 points and 8.3 assists in his last three...

Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks' New Point Guard, Inspires Basketball Mania in Big Apple

Tags: Jeremy  Lin,  New  York  Knicks'  New  Point  Guard,  Inspires  Basketball  Mania  in  Big  Apple 

The Harvard graduate is the first Chinese American to play in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin's Brothers, Joshua and Joseph

Tags: Jeremy  Lin's  Brothers,  Joshua  and  Joseph 

The NBA is a dream come true for the whole Lin family! Visit for more!

Jeremy Lin Highlights vs Utah Jazz || 2.6.2012 || HD

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  Highlights  vs  Utah  Jazz  ||  2.6.2012  ||  HD 

With Melo and Amare both out, Jeremy Lin stepped up again, scoring 28 points in a Knicks win.Jeremy Lin Highlights vs Utah Jazz || 2.6.2012 || HD28pts 8ast 2st

Jeremy Lin vs. John Wall - Mavs vs. Wiz Summer League 2010 Highlights

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  vs.  John  Wall  -  Mavs  vs.  Wiz  Summer  League  2010  Highlights 

4th quarter highlights of Jeremy Lin matching up against John Wall both on offense and defense. Lin playing amazing, impresses the commentators as well as the crowd.Update 7/20/2010: Jeremy Lin is about to sign a deal with the Golden State Warriors.

bulls vs knicks '92 playoffs

Tags: bulls  vs  knicks  '92  playoffs 

from the vhs classic "michael jordan: air time"

Jeremy Lin & Carmelo Anthony Bow To Each Other

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  &  Carmelo  Anthony  Bow  To  Each  Other 

This clearly is not a s**t bow.

Jeremy Lin 林書豪 2013 12 25火箭vs馬刺 Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  林書豪  2013  12  25火箭vs馬刺  Rockets  vs  San  Antonio  Spurs 


Jeremy Lin - Episode 1: A Day in the Life

  • Length: 3:46
  • Author: jlin7

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  -    Episode  1:  A  Day  in  the  Life 

Just another day in the off-season for NBA's point-guard Jeremy Lin of the Golden State WarriorsPart 1 - 5 on 5 Basketball at 24-HR FitnessPart 2 - Lower Body Workout at SPARTA Performance SciencePart 3 - Afternoon Ball Handling/Shooting WorkoutPart 4 - Guest Judge at Kollaboration San Francisco...

Jeremy Lin TimberWolves vs Knicks Highlights 02.11.2012

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  TimberWolves  vs  Knicks  Highlights  02.11.2012 

Jeremy Lin 20pts-7assists-6 rbs-3stls against Minnesota Timberwolves. 38 Mins of Play. February 11th 2012 02.11.2012

Jeremy Lin Highlights vs Dallas Mavericks (Career high 14ast) || 2.19.2012 || HD

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  Highlights  vs  Dallas  Mavericks  (Career  high  14ast)  ||  2.19.2012  ||  HD 

Lin's 28 points, career-best 14 assists help Knicks snap Mavs' six-game win streak .

Jeremy Lin 38pts Knicks vs Lakers Highlights 02.10.2012

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  38pts  Knicks  vs  Lakers  Highlights  02.10.2012 

Jeremy Lin Show NY Knicks CAREER HIGH 38 Points against LA Lakers Highlights 02.10.2012

Jeremy Lin 林書豪 2013 11 11火箭vs暴龍 Rockets vs Raptors

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  林書豪  2013  11  11火箭vs暴龍  Rockets  vs  Raptors 


Jeremy Lin Full Highlights 2013.11.13 at 76ers - 34 Pts, 12 Assists, 9 Threes

Tags: Jeremy  Lin  Full  Highlights  2013.11.13  at  76ers  -  34  Pts,  12  Assists,  9  Threes 

Got a request? Drop a comment here - Appreciate the hard work? You Can Donate ;) -...

Knicks vs Lakers - Jeremy Lin Career High 38 Points LIN-SAAAAANITYYYY!

Tags: Knicks  vs  Lakers  -  Jeremy  Lin  Career  High  38  Points  LIN-SAAAAANITYYYY! 

Skip song at 3:45"Lin-sanity" has hit Broadway and far beyond as Lin, who went from a seat at the end of the bench to stardom in leading the Knicks to three consecutive victories this week, facest his toughest test to date against the visiting Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night at Madison Square...