David Nalbandian angrily kicks Linesman in Queens Final [17/6/12] - BBC One (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

David Nalbandian angrily kicks Linesman in Queens Final [17/6/12] - BBC One (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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Though this is the BBC's footage, I was the original capturer of this EXACT video.The South-American tennis player was disqualified due to 'court violation'. They should have played on. Anyway...This is the footage of Argentinian David Nalbandian angrily kicking the linesman in the Queens Final 2012.He did so in utter fury of his mishit shot previously. What you see in the video is a later replay, so please do not complain that it isn't his bloody leg or rolling about, as you can find that on the official BBC Sport website.The linesman's name was Andrew McDougall and the man was bleeding heavily, but really over reacted.Please do not discuss anything regarding The Falklands or Croatia or Argentinia, this is purely a tennis/sports video.Keep your xenophobic comments to yourself.Thank you for reading, now leave a like, subscribe and share! :-)P.S - This has been embedded by Yahoo Sports and Digital Journal.And has featured on YouTube's "Trending".

david  nalbandian  angrily  kicks  linesman  in  queens  final  [17/6/12]  -  bbc  one  (original  video) 

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tä olis nyt tällänen biisi!!!!!!!!!!Katso mys sporttiset tien muut videot anna myös palautetta

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