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2013 NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies at Spurs Game 2 - Duncan Foul Trouble Helps Spurs

Tags: 2013  NBA  Playoffs:  Grizzlies  at  Spurs  Game  2  -  Duncan  Foul  Trouble  Helps  Spurs 

FOLLOW: Nick on ESPN Radio: Nick breaks down this schizophrenic game as it see sawed back and forth and culminated in 2 exhausted teams slugging it out in over time.

The TOP 5 Power Forwards In The NBA

Tags: The  TOP  5  Power  Forwards  In  The  NBA 

Coach Nick breaks down the games of LaMarcus Aldridge, Chris Bosh, Blake Griffin, David Lee, Zach Randolph. Make sure to cast your vote in the comments section for the crown of Best PF in the NBA!

The Refs Want Seven Games: LeBron Fouls Out - Game 4 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Tags: The  Refs  Want  Seven  Games:  LeBron  Fouls  Out  -  Game  4  2013  NBA  Eastern  Conference  Finals 

FOLLOW: Nick dives into the strange calls against both sides, as the Indiana Pacers held their own against the favored Miami Heat. LeBron fouled out for the second Game 4 in 2 years. Conspiracy?

2013 NBA Playoffs: How Joakim Noah Outplayed Brook Lopez (Badly)

Tags: 2013  NBA  Playoffs:  How  Joakim  Noah  Outplayed  Brook  Lopez  (Badly) 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down the profound effect Joakim Noah has on both sides of the court, in stark contrast to Brook Lopez, who didn't post up or rebound at all in Game 6.

2013 NBA Playoffs: Tim Duncan's Real Effect on Defense - Grizzlies v Spurs Game 2

Tags: 2013  NBA  Playoffs:  Tim  Duncan's  Real  Effect  on  Defense  -  Grizzlies  v  Spurs  Game  2 

FOLLOW: Nick refutes this notion that Tim Duncan had such a huge effect on the Memphis Grizzlies shots at the rim. We break down each one of them to see how often Duncan forced a miss.

Spurs vs Warriors Game 5: How Tony Parker Has Worn Steph Curry Out

Tags: Spurs  vs  Warriors  Game  5:  How  Tony  Parker  Has  Worn  Steph  Curry  Out 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down what the Spurs are doing to stop Klay Thompson and Steph Curry from shooting as well as they did early in the season. It helps that Curry has a severely sprained ankle.

Heat at Pacers Game 3: Miami Gets Reaquainted With LeBron Down Low

Tags: Heat  at  Pacers  Game  3:  Miami  Gets  Reaquainted  With  LeBron  Down  Low 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down how the Heat were able to blow out the Pacers in Game 3. By remembering how good LeBron is in the post, they just punched their ticket to the Finals.

2013 NBA Finals Game 6: Spurs And Heat Are An Epic Treat

Tags: 2013  NBA  Finals  Game  6:  Spurs  And  Heat  Are  An  Epic  Treat 

FOLLOW: Nick utilizes a little help to properly express his opinions on many of the plays of the 4th quarter and overtime, as the Heat snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. LeBron saved his legacy for one more game, after committing two turnovers late that under...

NBA 2012-13: The Lakers Offense And What's (Not) Wrong With It

Tags: NBA  2012-13:  The  Lakers  Offense  And  What's  (Not)  Wrong  With  It 

Coach Nick gets in depth with the Princeton offense, explaining why they are a lot closer to success with it than most people might think.

Why LeBron And The Heat Can Get Beat By The Pacers: 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Tags: Why  LeBron  And  The  Heat  Can  Get  Beat  By  The  Pacers:  2013  NBA  Eastern  Conference  Finals 

FOLLOW: Nick exposes a serious issue for the Heat defense. If Coach Spoelstra doesn't adjust, he'll put the Heat in a perilous situation as they've lost home court advantage heading into Indiana for two games.

How The Spurs Pick And Roll Is Killing The Grizzlies: 2013 NBA Western Conference Finals

Tags: How  The  Spurs  Pick  And  Roll  Is  Killing  The  Grizzlies:  2013  NBA  Western  Conference  Finals 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down this thrilling overtime game, showing you how the Spurs have been able to shut down Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph in the post, as well as exploit Memphis's hedging on pick and rolls.

Nuggets at Warriors Game 3: Steph Curry Keeps Lighting Them Up 2013 NBA Playoffs

Tags: Nuggets  at  Warriors  Game  3:  Steph  Curry  Keeps  Lighting  Them  Up  2013  NBA  Playoffs 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down the offensive and defensive issues the Nuggets are struggling with, particularly against a Warriors team shooting so well, there is no margin for error.

Bulls vs Heat Game 3: How The Referees Influence The Game

Tags: Bulls  vs  Heat  Game  3:  How  The  Referees  Influence  The  Game 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down the calls that benefitted both teams to examine how it's affecting this series.

2013 NBA Playoffs: ECF Game 6 How LeBron James & Erik Spoelstra Let The Heat Down

Tags: 2013  NBA  Playoffs:  ECF  Game  6  How  LeBron  James  &  Erik  Spoelstra  Let  The  Heat  Down 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down the failure of the Heat offense to generate good shots on the road in this tough conference finals game. Their defense has also been compromised by gambling and lack of rim protection.

OKC Thunder at MEM Grizzlies: Durant Can't Do It All, Brooks Ain't Helping 2013 NBA Playoffs

Tags: OKC  Thunder  at  MEM  Grizzlies:  Durant  Can't  Do  It  All,  Brooks  Ain't  Helping  2013  NBA  Playoffs 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down this thrilling Game 4 overtime epic, where the Thunder refuse to double the post and the Grizzlies are making them pay for it. Perkins continues to hurt OKC while KD is getting worn out having to guard Gasol on some possessions, and create...

2013 NBA Finals Game 7: Heat Repeat While Duncan Retreats

Tags: 2013  NBA  Finals  Game  7:  Heat  Repeat  While  Duncan  Retreats 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down perhaps the culmination of the most thrilling NBA Finals we've seen, perhaps ever. While Tim Duncan missed an easy shot to tie the game, Gregg Popovich took solace knowing his team did enough to win the title. Congratulations to LeBron James...

NBA Offense: The Golden State Warriors Offensive System

Tags: NBA  Offense:  The  Golden  State  Warriors  Offensive  System 

Coach Nick shows you what Mark Jackson is running in his first year with the Warriors, enabling Monta Ellis, Steph Curry, and David Lee to get so many open looks. Of course, it takes a lot of mental toughness to run these sets in the 4th quarter against a good Memphis Grizzlies team, led by Marc...

The Triangle Offense Part 1: How The Lakers And Bulls Won Titles:

Tags: The  Triangle  Offense  Part  1:  How  The  Lakers  And  Bulls  Won  Titles: 

Watch Part 2 HERE: Nick got on the basketball court to demonstrate the first two options out of the famed Triangle Offense. The offense, as designed and implemented...

2013 NBA Playoffs: Why Chris Paul Can't Save Del Negro's Job-Grizzlies Clippers Gm 5

Tags: 2013  NBA  Playoffs:  Why  Chris  Paul  Can't  Save  Del  Negro's  Job-Grizzlies  Clippers  Gm  5 

FOLLOW: Nick isolates the post ups by Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph to illustrate how the Clippers have no defensive philosophy. Without the ability to double down on the Memphis big men, they don't deserve to win this series. And Vinny might not keep his job.

How Doc Rivers Rescued CP3 By Fixing The Clippers Offense

Tags: How  Doc  Rivers  Rescued  CP3  By  Fixing  The  Clippers  Offense 

Watch: Is Marc Gasol Better Than Dwight Howard? Nick compares the old Clippers offense under Vinny Del Negro to the new turbo charged version Doc Rivers is running. Spacing and movement is already much...

NBA 2012-13: How Every Team In the NBA Uses HORNS

Tags: NBA  2012-13:  How  Every  Team  In  the  NBA  Uses  HORNS 

Coach Nick breaks down this offense du jour, showing you how many teams in the NBA use the initial double high post lineup to get good shots for their best players.

Game 7: The Heat Aggressively Beat The Fumbling Pacers - 2013 Eastern Conference Finals

Tags: Game  7:  The  Heat  Aggressively  Beat  The  Fumbling  Pacers  -  2013  Eastern  Conference  Finals 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down this less than thrilling Game 7, as the Heat put it away with a big run in the 2nd quarter. Aggressive play got offensive rebounds and putbacks for Miami, while the Pacers turned it over 17 times in the 1st half alone.

Secrets Behind the Top 3 Sets NBA Teams Run on Offense

Tags: Secrets  Behind  the  Top  3  Sets  NBA  Teams  Run  on  Offense 

Coach Nick breaks down 3 of the most common offensive sets in use today in the NBA: Pinch post, HORNS, and the high screen and roll. With animated diagrams, learn the intricacies of the offenses and how they work so well.

How NBA Teams Run HORNS

Tags: How  NBA  Teams  Run  HORNS 

Enter DraftStreet's One Day NFL Fantasy League and You Can Win $1,000: Nick gets on the court to show you how HORNS works - the offensive set every NBA team utilizes because of its versatility. Feel what it's like...

2013 NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies at Thunder Game 5

Tags: 2013  NBA  Playoffs:  Grizzlies  at  Thunder  Game  5 

FOLLOW: Nick breaks down the key runs during this game that gave the Grizzlies the series.