United States and the world after 9/11

United States and the world after 9/11

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While most people will complain about the US presence in global affairs, it is in fact the US absence that has allowed these stalemate conflicts to shift. The traditional geopolitical lines have changed. Israel is a more confident state then 10 years ago and its expanding its influence. However the US does not want a too strong Israel. Therefore Washington will slowly distance itself from Tel Aviv. Pakistan is another example, today the country can no longer effectively compete with neighboring India. In order the prevent an Indian hegemon the US will have to support Pakistan to keep the stalemate in the Indian subcontinent. There is also the Iraqi Iranian stalemate, however after the American invasion of Iraq, the state of Iraq has been under a strong Iranian influence. Thats why only after the American invasion of Iraq, Tehran was able to emerge in the region. In order to restrain Iran, the US will have to make specific accommodations with Iran. Another emerging country is Turkey, the historic center of the Islamic world. Washington can support Ankara to contain the growing influence of Tehran.Now while the United States was engaged in the Middle East for the past 10 years. The security apparatus in Russia regained its control in the government. And American absence in Eurasian theater has created an opportunity for the Russian state to re-expand its influence throughout the former soviet states and Eastern Europe. Once the US finishes the withdrawal process from Iraq and Afghanistan, they will have to deal with a complete different Russia then before 2001. Aside this, German-Russian relations are expanding and so too will the Polish-American relations. The alliances left behind from the cold war era will no longer function in the 21st century. Cold War institutions such as NATO and the IMF will diminish. In the next ten years these new realities will sink in and we will see many new conflicts arise.

united  states  and  the  world  after  9/11 

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