Basic furoshiki gift wrap

Basic furoshiki gift wrap

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Basic furoshiki wrap shown by Szilvia from Furoshiki is a creative and ecofriendly gift wrapping althernative. Music by Sonia And The Beast.

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How to Wrap a Gift

Tags: How  to  Wrap  a  Gift 

Learn how to wrap a gift, make a beautiful gift tower and tie a hair bow gift bow. Find all these wholesale gift packaging supplies listed below! And please subscribe to our channel. :)GIFT WRAP:

風呂敷の包み方④ How to FUROSHIKI wrapping

Tags: 風呂敷の包み方④ How  to  FUROSHIKI  wrapping風呂敷流行のリュック型の風呂敷の包み方です。中の物はわりと安定します。

Bolsa de Furoshiki - Artesanato Sabor de vida

Tags: Bolsa  de  Furoshiki  -  Artesanato  Sabor  de  vida 

» Utilizando apenas um pedaço de pano quadrado é possível fazer vários tipos de bolsa. Letícia Yabiku ensina a técnica no programa SABOR DE VIDA da REDE APARECIDA.REDE APARECIDAVocê em boa

Furoshiki 2 Apparel & House hold

Tags: Furoshiki  2    Apparel      &  House  hold 

Making a knot changes its shapeMaking a knot in a furoshiki is an easy way to change its shape to a bag. It can also be used to fasten together like a zip, button and hook work in a similar way, but they have limits. For example, they cannot be fastened if the contents are too big. But a knot in...

Furoshiki :Japanese method of carrying items and wrapping gifts with just cloth

Tags: Furoshiki  :Japanese  method  of  carrying  items  and  wrapping  gifts  with  just  cloth 

Music : Hackbeat- by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 is a traditional japanese method of carrying items and wrapping gifts with just cloth...this is my own video and I own all the contents in this...

Furoshiki Japanese Wrapping Techniques

Tags: Furoshiki  Japanese  Wrapping  Techniques 

Furoshiki is a traditional, reusable way of presenting gifts. Faith Nagasawa demonstrates how a simple square cloth can be folded into a delightful--and useful--gift wrap for items of all shapes and sizes. Furoshiki wraps with a built-in handle are great for carrying lunch boxes and picnic foods,...

DIY Holiday Gifts! ❄

Tags: DIY  Holiday  Gifts!   

Learn how to make your own Mod Podge here!❤Subscribe to my Vlog Channel!❤Subscribe to my Beauty Channel!❤Follow me on twitter!...

Japanese Furoshiki: How to wrap bottles

Tags: Japanese  Furoshiki:  How  to  wrap  bottles 

In this video, we show an easy way to wrap a bottle using traditional Japanese furoshiki. You can use this simple but elegant method to wrap wine bottles, Japanese Sake bottles, or bottles containing your favorite drinks.By using a furoshiki, you help to preserve natural resources and at the same...

10 DIY Gift Ideas ! Last Minute DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

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Thumbs up for more DIY videos! Here are 10 DIY gift ideas for your DIY holiday gifts as well as DIY gifts all year round. These DIY gift ideas are cute and affordable to make, only costing around $1-$3 each! Have fun and Instagram/Tweet/Facebook me your photos with #SpankieValentine so I can...

Sleek & Stunning Gift Wrapping Design

Tags: Sleek  &  Stunning  Gift  Wrapping  Design 

I lost my father to cancer a week before Father's Day in 2006.He was always supportive of my passion for visual arts. Every Father's Day, he enjoyed receiving gifts that I wrapped for him and I enjoyed being able to fill him with so much joy.No matter what your plans are this Father's Day,...

DIY Gift Wrapping! Ideas to Wrap a Present (8 Creative Techniques, Styles)

Tags: DIY  Gift  Wrapping!  Ideas  to  Wrap  a  Present  (8  Creative  Techniques,  Styles) 

Need creative gift wrapping ideas? In this DIY present wrapping tutorial I show 8 creative gift wrapping styles and techniques on how to wrap a gift! These present wrapping ideas are perfect for birthday or Christmas and will surely impress all your friends and family. If you have a special gift...

Furoshiki 1 Basic knot & Wrapping

Tags: Furoshiki  1  Basic  knot  &  Wrapping 

Shopping with furoshiki The 'My bag movement' of using no plastic bags for shopping has become popular but it is a little troublesome to carry a separate bag for shopping. It is almost impossible if you go shopping straight after work. However, the furoshiki does not take much space in your...

Flower Bouquet Gift Wrapping

Tags: Flower  Bouquet  Gift  Wrapping 

For those who plan to give flowers for special occasions...This tutorial shows how to wrap flower bouquets in an unforgettable presentation the receivers will always remember.Materials: Sheer Ribbon, Decorative Paper, Lace Paper or Floral Mesh PaperTools: Scissors, Clear TapeMusic: A Moment in...

Japanese Furoshiki: How to wrap boxes

Tags: Japanese  Furoshiki:  How  to  wrap  boxes 

The use of Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese tradition. It can be used to wrap boxes, small objects and even bottles. In modern Japan, to use a furoshiki when taking a present to a friend is considered very good manners. Also, it is a good and elegant way to avoid using plastic or paper bags and...

1 Minute Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping! (3 Styles * No Tape & Scissor Necessary!)

Tags: 1  Minute  Eco-Friendly  Gift  Wrapping!  (3  Styles    No  Tape  &  Scissor  Necessary!) 

Do you have some extra fabric and are inspired to do something creative? Join me for gift wrapping tutorials ideal for books and boxes (anything in that shape), using a square piece of fabric (or Furoshiki in Japanese). Furoshiki gift wrapping is eco-friendly, fun and relatively easy to follow....

Japanese Style Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping

Tags: Japanese  Style  Wine  Bottle  Gift  Wrapping 

This video tutorial shows how to gift wrap a wine bottle in a fashionable Japanese pleating style.Featured in the holiday advertisement for Nanbu Bijin Sake Bottle ( by Chopsticks NY (

How to Video: Tie a Furoshiki

Tags: How  to  Video:    Tie  a  Furoshiki 

Created on October 4, 2009 using FlipShare.

Earth Friendly Gift Wrap. Furochic It!

Tags: Earth  Friendly  Gift  Wrap.  Furochic  It! 

Wrap your gifts with reusable fabric, furoshiki style. Have fun! It's easy! Reduce waste!Jenn demos six techniques with her Furochic brand wraps using simple wrapping methods such as tying knots, rolling, tucking, twisting and making carry handles. No scissors or tape required! The wrap is a gift...

DIY Gift Ideas for Him & Her ! 7 DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriends or Girlfriends

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I've got 7 DIY gift ideas for him or her! DIY gift ideas for boyfriend, for girlfriend, or for friends! These DIY gifts are great for Valentine's Day or for any just because day! These are simple and fun to make! DIY flowers, colorful headphones, candy bouquet, love coupon book, DIY T shirt...

How to do the Furoshiki Four Petal Giftwrap

Tags: How  to  do  the  Furoshiki  Four  Petal  Giftwrap 

The furoshiki four petal wrap shown by Szilvia from Furoshiki is a creative and ecofriendly gift wrapping althernative. Music by Sonia And The Beast.

Eco Wrapping Samurai "Furoshiki: Ultimate Eco-Bag" -Panasonic ecoideasnet

Tags: Eco  Wrapping  Samurai  "Furoshiki:  Ultimate  Eco-Bag"  -Panasonic  ecoideasnet 

Watch me demonstrate how to use a furoshiki. A furoshiki is just a square piece of cloth. In traditional Japanese culture it was used to wrap and carry many things. As you can see, a furoshiki can take the place of throw-away plastic shopping bags. I want people everywhere to discover this simple...

Peacock Style Gift Wrapping

Tags: Peacock  Style  Gift  Wrapping 

Make an impression with this Japanese-inspired gift wrapping! In this tutorial, you will learn how to incorporate a peacock style design with your gift wrapping package along with a simple single bow.Materials: Decorative Paper, RibbonTools: Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided TapeMusic: "Reverie...



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Ku-Ku WRAPPING Furoshiki 2 (Envoltura)

Tags: Ku-Ku  WRAPPING  Furoshiki  2  (Envoltura) 

MUSIC: "Si Tu No Estas" By Franco de VitaEasy, Fun, Cute and Environmentally Friendly(Ku-Ku Arts & Crafts)