Against Violent Extremism: The Story of AVE

Against Violent Extremism: The Story of AVE

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Seeded at the 2011 Summit Against Violent Extremism, AVE is a network of former violent extremists, survivors, nonprofits and private sector leaders from around the world united by one common goal: to tackle violent extremism. This is the story of how an extraordinary network came together, and what comes next.http://www.againstviolentextremism.orghttp://www.strategicdialogue.org

against  violent  extremism:  the  story  of  ave 

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The Next Dimension of Google Maps

  • Length: 51:19
  • Author: Google

Tags: The  Next  Dimension  of  Google  Maps 

Twas the week before finals...

Tags: Twas  the  week  before  finals... 

Xavier College Prep World History teacher Ms. Nunez will have to miss class during the critical review week before final exams. She turns to Google to interact and connect with her students. Learn more about teachers and students using Google tools in education at

Google Search Education

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Introducing Gmail Tap

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A Google a Day in the classroom

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A Google a Day provides daily trivia, and can be a fun way to teach your students important online research skills.Get a Google a Day classroom challenges, lesson plans and more at

What can you do with geography?

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Google+ Hangouts for Media

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Watch the ways that broadcasters and media organizations are using Google+ to connect and engage with their audiences.

A word about Gmail Tap

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Go Google: Google Drive

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Google+: Daria Musk

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Daria Musk knew her global audience was out there, somewhere -- and she found it on Google+. joining Google+, Daria was, as she likes to say, "singing for the trees." She'd played gigs but hadn't been able to build her following. Now, with her entrepreneurial streak...

The new, larger version of the Internet: IPv6

Tags: The  new,  larger  version  of  the  Internet:  IPv6 -- Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, and a founding father of the Internet, discusses the next version of the Internet, IPv6, and why we need it. When the Internet launched operationally in 1983, no one ever dreamed that there might be billions of devices and users...

Introducing the Google Fiber Bar

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Tour the Amazon with Street View

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Exploring Google Drive

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Valentine's Day Google Doodle

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"Cold, Cold Heart" performed by Tony Bennett. Courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony/ATV.

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review

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Google+: Getting Started With Hangouts On Air

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Broadcast Hangouts and record them as YouTube videos with Google+ Hangouts On Air. Learn more at

Google Maps 8-bit for NES

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