Getting Started With The Kendo UI DataSource

Getting Started With The Kendo UI DataSource

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An introduction to the Kendo UI DataSource, Kendo UI Models and binding Kendo UI widgets to the DataSource for full CRUD support against remote data.

getting  started  with  the  kendo  ui  datasource 

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Kendo UI Official Launch Webinar

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In this recorded webinar, Kendo UI Evangelist Burke Holland reviews the Kendo UI ToDo app featured in the Kendo UI Launch event. Get an in-depth look at the Kendo UI Data Source and see how it can be used to sync local changes to data with the server. Also learn best practices for structuring...

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MVVM & Validation using Kendo UI in Web Applications

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We've listened to your feedback and focused this important product update on Responsive Web Design. As your users increasingly toggle between laptops, tablets and smartphones, the websites and apps you build should automatically adapt to accommodate a variety of screens. To that end, our release...

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In this third and final part of the screencast series, I'll walk you through some advanced Kendo UI Grid configuration, including custom templates and editors, and handling custom JavaScript from the PHP code.

Using Kendo UI with Web API

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This video shows how to use Kendo UI's datasource with the new Web APIs from .NetSource Code:

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