Getting Started With The Kendo UI DataSource

Getting Started With The Kendo UI DataSource

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An introduction to the Kendo UI DataSource, Kendo UI Models and binding Kendo UI widgets to the DataSource for full CRUD support against remote data.

getting  started  with  the  kendo  ui  datasource 

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Kendo UI SPA Episode 1: View And View-Model

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This is the first episode of a series. Derick Bailey walks through the development of a Single Page Application using Kendo UI's MVVM framework and SPA components.In this episode, you'll be introduced to the kendo.View object, and see how to connect it to a kendo.observabled. You'll create a...

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Building Uncomplicated Single Page Apps (SPAs) with Kendo UI

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This webinar will cover how to use Telerik Kendo UI with Angular JS.

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Learn all about the new features in Kendo UI's Q2 2012 release in this recorded version of the live online keynote webcast. This 60-minute event covers what's new in Kendo UI Web, DataViz, and Mobile, with high-level details and practical, hands-on demos of the major new features. The new "Docs...

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Telerik VP HTML5 Web & Mobile Tools, Todd Anglin, talks about Kendo UI during the official launch. Learn more about why Telerik is building Kendo UI, what Kendo UI does, and what makes it unique on the market today.Download a Kendo UI free trial today!

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This video looks at how you can use Kendo UI Datasource and KendoGrid with mydigitalstructure. Part 1 looks into setting up the Datasource framework to work with Reading data from the mydigitalstructure platform. Part 2 will focus on Create, Update and Destroy. Part 2 is here...

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Lesson Code: JSON for beginners with Adam. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a lightweight format for creating and sending data objects. JSON is a part of JavaScript and not a separate entity, the notation syntax is built into the...

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Debugging Kendo UI Applications

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How to use the Chrome Developer Tools to debug your Kendo UI application.

Using KendoUI Grids on ASP.Net MVC - Tutorial 1

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In this tutorial, we will start from an ASP.Net MVC Templated List and convert it to a KendoUI Grid. Check out the complete blog post (demo page and source code) at:

Kendo UI Q2 2014 Release Webinar

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Kendo UI – Enterprise UI for Every DeviceThe new Kendo UI release introduces powerful data visualization and data management capabilities, AngularJS integration and more.Join Todd Anglin and Burke Holland on July 30, 11 am ET, for a live Kendo UI® webinar to see the newest release in action:...

User Interface (UX) Techniques - Janne Jul Jensen

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Here's a description of Janne's talk from GOTO Aarhus 2012:Most developers today are aware of the importance of creating a good user interface with a high level of usability, but many are lacking the methods and techniques that can help in this process. This session will present to the listeners...

jQuery: a beginners look

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This video we take a look at jquery and a few of the things you can do with it. Being that jQuery is such a robust and large framework, I didn't show everything or even close to it. But I did show 2 widgets, and how to run an asychronous http request using ajax.If you have any questions,...

A Simple Data Grid for ASP.NET MVC 3 and 4 - Part 1

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One of the most useful and often overlooked features of ASP.NET MVC 3 and 4 is the ability to create and use Simple Data Grids. Unlike prior versions of ASP.NET MVC which did not have built in support for Data Grids, the latter allows you to fairly quickly create a Grid wich includes Sorting of...

Getting Started With The ASP.NET MVC Wrappers For Kendo UI - Episode 4

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Enable editing in the Kendo UI Grid, as well as validation and custom editor templates. Demo code available at

Kendo UI Mobile and Icenium - Build native looking iOS & Android apps from one codebase

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Within Icenium you can use mobile UI frameworks like Kendo UI Mobile to build apps that align with each individual platform they run on. This video shows how you can leverage Kendo UI and Icenium to build apps for mobile devices that offer native-like experiences for end users automatically,...

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 4 with Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

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This Video is created by Ravi Nangunoori, MVP and Team. In this video we will introduce installing the MVC 4 framework into Visual Studio 11. We will discuss and demonstrate the enhancements to the project templates, including the very important new feature "adaptive...