Dennis Seidenberg hits Jeff Skinner

Dennis Seidenberg hits Jeff Skinner

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Skinner appeared to draw the call in a game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Dennis Seidenberg drills Martin St. Louis in Game 7 5/27/11

Tags: Dennis  Seidenberg  drills  Martin  St.  Louis  in  Game  7  5/27/11 

Dennis Seidenberg throws a big open ice hit on Martin St. Louis in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, on May 27, 2011.

Evander Kane hits Mike Smith [HD]

Tags: Evander  Kane  hits  Mike  Smith  [HD] 

Some diving antics after a collision in a game between the Winnipeg Jets and Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday, October 15th, 2011 at the Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Patrice Bergeron is slewfooted, goes at Skinner during a Seguin ENG 1/28/13

Tags: Patrice  Bergeron  is  slewfooted,  goes  at  Skinner  during  a  Seguin  ENG  1/28/13 

By request - Patrice Bergeron is apparently slewfooted by Jeff Skinner. We're told by the announcer that he throws a number of lefts but the cameras do not get over there in time to see anything. The other network aired even less than this. Each was called for roughing.

Dennis Seidenberg Elbow on Bobby Ryan (11/15/13)

Tags: Dennis  Seidenberg  Elbow  on  Bobby  Ryan  (11/15/13) 

Dennis Seidenberg Elbow on Bobby Ryan. Dennis Seidenberg Elbow on Bobby Ryan Not sure about this hit, Elbow or Punch to the head?. Boston Bruins vs Ottawa Senators

Ian Laperierre-Dennis Seidenberg (hit on Oreskovich)

Tags: Ian  Laperierre-Dennis  Seidenberg  (hit  on  Oreskovich) 

Ian Laperierre fights Dennis Seidenberg after he lays beauty hit on Oreskovich.

NHL Mic'd Up - Chirps / Trash Talk Compilation Part III [HD]

Tags: NHL  Mic'd  Up  -  Chirps  /  Trash  Talk  Compilation  Part  III  [HD] 

Happy Opening Night, everybody.For you, enjoy.

Dennis Seidenberg hit on Alex Ovechkin. Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins 4/12/12 NHL hockey

Tags: Dennis  Seidenberg  hit  on  Alex  Ovechkin.  Washington  Capitals  vs  Boston  Bruins  4/12/12  NHL  hockey 

Dennis Seidenberg hit on Alex Ovechkin. Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins 4/12/12 NHL hockey

Gear Talk w/ The Pros, Episode #2: Dennis Seidenberg

Tags: Gear  Talk  w/  The  Pros,  Episode  #2:  Dennis  Seidenberg 

Pure Hockey offers you unprecedented access inside the Boston Bruins locker room, as players talk about their favorite hockey equipment, why they use what they do and memories of hockey gear as a kid growing up. Episode #2 features the Bruins Dennis Seidenberg, talking about his Bauer TotalOne...

Zdeno Chara DESTROYS Max Pacioretty (HD - Full Incident)

Tags: Zdeno  Chara  DESTROYS  Max  Pacioretty  (HD  -  Full  Incident) 

Follow my YouTube video updates on Twitter. -, Que. -- Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty suffered a severe concussion and a non-displaced fractured fourth cervical vertebrae in his neck after being hit into a glass partition between the benches by...

Mark Fraser's BIG Hit on Jeff Skinner - Leafs vs Canes - Feb 14th 2013 (HD)

Tags: Mark  Fraser's  BIG  Hit  on  Jeff  Skinner  -  Leafs  vs  Canes  -  Feb  14th  2013  (HD) 

Steam ROLLED!Toronto Maple Leafs @ Carolina HurricanesNHL 2013 Reg-SeasonToronto Maple Leafs Game #14

Jeff Skinner All Goals From The 2013-14 Season

Tags: Jeff  Skinner  All  Goals  From  The  2013-14  Season 

Jeff Skinner Highlights All Goals From The 2013-14 Season 33 goals Jeff Skinner All Goals From The 2013-14 Season Carolina Hurricanes

Jeff Skinner Kisses Peanut Butter

Tags: Jeff  Skinner  Kisses  Peanut  Butter 

The kiss that shattered the hearts of Puck Bunnies everywhere! See more at

Best Ice Hockey Fight In History [HD]

Tags: Best  Ice  Hockey  Fight  In  History  [HD] 

TOP TEN NHL FIGHTS 2008 2009Top 5 Hockey Fights Ever HDUnbelievable Hockey FightTop Ten Hockey Fights of the DecadeIce Hockey Fights - Guildford Flames v Bracknell Bees (Sunday 15th September 2013)Ice Hockey Fights - Guildford Flames v Bracknell Bees (Sunday 15th September 2013)Top Ten NHL Hockey...

Dennis Seidenberg fakes dump-in and scores 12/2/10

  • Length: 0:51
  • Author: NHL

Tags: Dennis  Seidenberg  fakes  dump-in  and  scores  12/2/10 

Dennis Seidenberg fakes a dump in, but shoots it straight into the middle of the net, past a flopping Mike Smith for a 2 goal lead in the first.

The Funniest Hockey Bloopers From the 2013-14 NHL Season

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NHL Funniest Hockey Bloopers From the 2013-14 Season, Funny Hockey moments 2013-2014 NHL Hockey Funniest bloopers hockey. Goalies NHL Bloopers From the 2013-14 Season. Hits, Goals, Skates, NHL, Blunders, HilariousNHL Hockey Bloopers From the 2013-14 SeasonNHL Bloopers From the 2013-14 SeasonNHL...

P.K. Subban Hit on David Krejci (January 12, 2012)

Tags: P.K.  Subban  Hit  on  David  Krejci  (January  12,  2012) 

P.K. Subban lays out David Krejci (January 12, 2012)!/hockeyvault

Top 5 Hockey Fights Ever HD

Tags: Top  5  Hockey  Fights  Ever  HD 

Top 5 AMAZING hockey fights!!!!!!

Chris Pronger's eye gets destroyed [HD]

Tags: Chris  Pronger's  eye  gets  destroyed  [HD] 

Serious injury in a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday, October 24th, 2011 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dennis Seidenberg fights Colby Armstrong w/SlowMo 3/6/12 (NESN)

Tags: Dennis  Seidenberg  fights  Colby  Armstrong  w/SlowMo  3/6/12  (NESN) 

Dennis Seidenberg fights Colby Armstrong, on March 6, 2012. Slow motion starts at 2:17.

The Future of the Hurricanes

Tags: The  Future  of  the  Hurricanes 

Jeff Skinner, Elias Lindholm and Ryan Murphy discuss bonding as a young trio and much more.

P.K. Subban nails Kris Versteeg

Tags: P.K.  Subban  nails  Kris  Versteeg 

Big hit in a game between the Montreal Canadiens and Florida Panthers on Monday, October 24th, 2011 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

Scariest Ice Hockey Injuries

Tags: Scariest  Ice  Hockey  Injuries 

Ii'm going to make another part. With many injuriesSUBSCRIBEBryan Berard Eye Injury Ian Laperriere takes a puck to the faceJamie McGruffy Dies after Going Into BoardsRichard Zednik Gets Throat CutRyan Johnson Injured as He Goes Headfirst into Boards

Dennis Seidenberg flattens Kris Letang [Dual-Feed]

Tags: Dennis  Seidenberg  flattens  Kris  Letang  [Dual-Feed] 

From a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins on Saturday, March 5th at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bruins blow out Leafs 8-0 3/19/12

Tags: Bruins  blow  out  Leafs  8-0  3/19/12 

All 8 goals and the 2 fights in the 8-0 blowout of the Toronto Maple Leafs by the Boston Bruins, on March 19, 2012.

Bruins-Canucks Game 4 Stanley Cup Finals Highlights 6/8/11 1080p HD

Tags: Bruins-Canucks  Game  4  Stanley  Cup  Finals  Highlights  6/8/11  1080p  HD 

Highlights from Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks, on June 8, 2011.1st Period0:00 Bobby Orr waves a Nathan Horton flag before the start of the game0:13 Paille throws a hit on Oreskovich0:26 Lucic hits Salo0:28 Marchand dangles around Bieska but...