[APH,DW] Italy's intruder window

[APH,DW] Italy's intruder window

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Lack of sleep after watching through all of hetalia and all the last 3 doctor's yet again... it just worked so well... oh and it's Hetalia Axis Powers episode 32 and the Doctor Who episode 4, The Sontaran Stratagem of season 4 (of the new series). Sorry if I just wasted 12 seconds of your lives!^^ wait... but if you read this than that would add more time onto the 12 seconds I already wasted with the video and I'm just wasting more of your time the more I type so I will end my little rant with this, 42. That is all.

[aph,dw]  italy's  intruder  window 

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[AnimationOnDisplay 2012]Spiral Knights Ian McConville Panel.mpg

Tags: [AnimationOnDisplay  2012]Spiral  Knights  Ian  McConville  Panel.mpg 

"Spiral Knights art lead Ian McConville walks you through how the style and design of this hit new Sega MMORPG were envisioned, sketched out, and ultimately worked their way into production."I just copied the description in the program guide... anyways, this was on Sunday of Animation On Display...

[MMDxAPH] Canada, WHAT are you DOING?! (Whotalia)

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  Canada,  WHAT  are  you  DOING?!  (Whotalia) 

That's a Louis Quinze! [don't get it? video link in desc.]Nyotalia!Russia makes a good Romana II, don't you think? :)Audio from "Doctor Who: City of Death" --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYSj3rJGO4I (starts about 3:10) belongs to the BBCcharacters from APH (c) Hidekaz HimaruyaNyotalia Russia...

Hetalia Witch Doctor

Tags: Hetalia  Witch  Doctor 

Tein tämän videon YouTuben videonmuokkausohjelmalla (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

[MMD x APH] Let's Make Babies

Tags: [MMD  x  APH]  Let's  Make  Babies 

Greece x Japan FTW~!--I OWN THE WHOLE MOTION and CAMERA!!I do not own the models~-I MIGHT make this a meme! Beg for it, people! BEG~!

Axis Powers: Hetalia - Let It Go (Multilanguage)

Tags: Axis  Powers:  Hetalia  -  Let  It  Go  (Multilanguage) 

A multilingual version of Let It Go, from Frozen! The song was put together by Disney, I just added the Hetalia fanart.Here are the languages used, in order:EnglishFrenchGermanDutchMandarinSwedishJapaneseLatin American SpanishPolishHungarianCastilian...

Romano's Mansion Ep. 0.5 - Missing

Tags: Romano's  Mansion  Ep.  0.5  -  Missing 

EDIT: 21/3/2012 - Watching this again just makes me laugh. I was such a noob at animating XDGermany and Japan search for Italy who vanished into thin air just hours after Spain, Romano, England and America have been reported missing. Their journey is interrupted by an unknown yet familiar...

Doctor Who + Death Note-The weeping angels

Tags: Doctor  Who  +  Death  Note-The  weeping  angels 

Video composition with images from "Doctor Who" and music from "Death Note"

[MMDxAPH] Spain Hates Pears

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  Spain  Hates  Pears 

As requested by silversmilegirl ^_^It's okay, Doctor Spain - I don't like pears, either :D-------------audio from "Doctor Who" (c) BBC ---- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEVK3j4wJvUcharacters from Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz HimaruyaSpain model by FamibunP (edits by inuneechan)animation by...

[MMDxAPH] Say Wheeeeee!

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  Say  Wheeeeee! 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!Audio from "Doctor Who: The Beast Below" (c) BBCEngland model by KahanaSeychelles Model by Namimaanimation by me

[MMDxAPH] Get down from there!

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  Get  down  from  there! 

Seborga really likes the roof. Romano disagrees.

Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 23.5

Tags: Axis  Powers  Hetalia  Episode  23.5 

hey everyone i'm still gonna do stories so don't worry. and i read this story cause i really liked the story and there will be a second story coming later on.music by: http://www.youtube.com/user/myuujihere's the original story:http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Axis_Powers_Hetalia:_Episode_23.5if...

[MMDxAPH] Doctor Spain Loves his Sonic Screwdriver

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  Doctor  Spain  Loves  his  Sonic  Screwdriver 

Taiwan is Martha! :DI don't know - it just made sense in my head for some reason =/audio from "Doctor Who" (c) BBCAPH (c) Hidekaz Himaruya[BEAUTIFUL] Taiwan model by C14Spain model by FamibunP (edits by inuneechan)animated by mecreated for educational purposes for CWIEC

[MMDxAPH] What Was Your Friend's Name?

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  What  Was  Your  Friend's  Name? 

Don't worry Romano, she still thinks you're cute ;)[Watch in HD!]Audio from "Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour" (c) BBCAPH (c) Hidekaz HimaruyaRomano model by Nachi AkiraSeychelles model by NamimaEngland model by KahanaStage by ShikaneNaraanimated by me :)

[MMDxAPH] WHAT?! (Doctor Who)

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  WHAT?!  (Doctor  Who) 

I love Hungary as Donna :Dand it looks like Doctor Spain has done some remodeling on the TARDIS ^_^------audio from "Doctor Who" (c) BBCcharacters from Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz HimaruyaHungary model by MukiMikunoHitoSpain model by FamibunP (edits by inuneechan)stage by ???animation by me

[MMDxAPH] You're so THICK!

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  You're  so  THICK! 

Looks like a certain somebody had too much to drink..... Audio from "Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace" (c) BBCcharacters from APH (c) Hidekaz HimaruyaFrance model by HanaSpain model by FamibunP (edits by inuneechan)animation by me

APH - Witch Doctor

Tags: APH  -  Witch  Doctor 

I was gonna put some credits at the end of this... but what would I put, honestly? XDgah, I am so happy to be done with this, you have no idea how annoying the editing to this was ;7; welp, guess I'll go post a picture for this on dA now, and then link it from there C:Have a nice day~

hetalia Funny Doujinshi Drunk Britania angel.

Tags: hetalia  Funny  Doujinshi  Drunk  Britania  angel. 

nothing in this video belongs to me i just made it for fun

Babelcolour Memorial: Farewell Elizabeth Shaw

Tags: Babelcolour  Memorial:  Farewell  Elizabeth  Shaw 

As recommended in 'Doctor Who Magazine' issue 450, this is a personal tribute to the beautiful Caroline John who portrayed Miss Elizabeth Shaw in 'Doctor Who', who sadly passed away on 5th June 2012. Caroline appeared as Liz Shaw in a run of 25 episodes and was the first companion to battle the...

【Hetalia MMD】 Nekomimi switch 【Prussia & Japan】

Tags: 【Hetalia  MMD】  Nekomimi  switch  【Prussia  &  Japan】 

from niconico douga : 【APヘタリアMMD】おそうじスイッチhttp://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16854345


Tags: WTHetalia? 

A bunch of random Hetalia moments that I though of...XP Hope you enjoy! NOTHING BELONGS TO ME! ALL SONGS/ AUDIO BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS AND ALL ANIMATION BELONGS TO HIDEKAZ HIMARUYA!1) Lisa, Angela, Pamela, and Renee-- Manta Claus/ The Old Spice Guy 2) Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla...

[MMDxAPH] Who has a sonic screwdriver?!

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  Who  has  a  sonic  screwdriver?! 

Don't mock the sonic!Captain America Harkness.... I like it! :D---Audio from "Doctor Who: The Empty Child" (c) BBCcharacters from axis powers hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruyagermany model by HanaBelgium model edit by inuneechanAmerica model by ZezeSonic Screwdriver by Valforwing on...


Tags: [MMDxAPH]  WHO  DA  MAN?! 

I think the characters fit rather nicely. ;)Especially Rory!Romano...... ^_^Audio from "Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour" (c) BBCcharacters from Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz HimaruyaEngland model by KahanaSeychelles model by NamimaRomano model by Nachi Akirastage by amiamy111 on dAanimated by me :)

Doctor Who The Chicken Dance HAPPY EASTER

Tags: Doctor  Who  The  Chicken  Dance  HAPPY  EASTER 

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!Well, I was trying to find an easter song but they were all babyish and then it hit me, THE CHICKEN DANCE! Lol, I know it's not very eastery but it is kinda. Just a fun video full of clipsHope you enjoy and have a great EasterCopyrightsClips: Doctor Who, Series 1, 2,...

haruhi suzumiya doctor who cross over amv

Tags: haruhi  suzumiya  doctor  who  cross  over  amv 

this is fan made video of me showing my love for haruhi suzumiya and doctor who. i tried to cross them over the best i could but i think i failed. song is simply plan astronaut

[MMDxAPH] Doctor Spain undergoes Regeneration Madness

Tags: [MMDxAPH]  Doctor  Spain  undergoes  Regeneration  Madness 

Freshly regenerated, Doctor Spain intends to drop off Belgium at home for Christmas - but things get a little bit out of hand.sorry for the awful MME... I'm not used to working with it XDAudio from "Doctor Who" Children in Need 2005 special (c) BBC---- video here:...