[APH,DW] Italy's intruder window

[APH,DW] Italy's intruder window

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Lack of sleep after watching through all of hetalia and all the last 3 doctor's yet again... it just worked so well... oh and it's Hetalia Axis Powers episode 32 and the Doctor Who episode 4, The Sontaran Stratagem of season 4 (of the new series). Sorry if I just wasted 12 seconds of your lives!^^ wait... but if you read this than that would add more time onto the 12 seconds I already wasted with the video and I'm just wasting more of your time the more I type so I will end my little rant with this, 42. That is all.

[aph,dw]  italy's  intruder  window 

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EDIT: 21/3/2012 - Watching this again just makes me laugh. I was such a noob at animating XDGermany and Japan search for Italy who vanished into thin air just hours after Spain, Romano, England and America have been reported missing. Their journey is interrupted by an unknown yet familiar...

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Tein tämän videon YouTuben videonmuokkausohjelmalla (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!Audio from "Doctor Who: The Beast Below" (c) BBCEngland model by KahanaSeychelles Model by Namimaanimation by me

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