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[AnimationOnDisplay 2012]Spiral Knights Ian McConville Panel.mpg

Tags: [AnimationOnDisplay  2012]Spiral  Knights  Ian  McConville  Panel.mpg 

"Spiral Knights art lead Ian McConville walks you through how the style and design of this hit new Sega MMORPG were envisioned, sketched out, and ultimately worked their way into production."I just copied the description in the program guide... anyways, this was on Sunday of Animation On Display...

Hetalia Axis Powers (English Dub) Episode 1

Tags: Hetalia  Axis  Powers  (English  Dub)  Episode  1 

All rights reserved to Funimation.

Hetalia ~ Poker Face

Tags: Hetalia  ~  Poker  Face 

**EDIT** 13/3/2014 103,300+ VIEWS AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(No, but seriously, no one has found an easter egg in this video yet. Hint: One's at 2:17)*EDIT* 26/1/13 OH MY GOD. 50,000+ views. Thanks, guys~ X3This is my second video... yay! The Hetalia gang try putting on their poker faces. Enjoy...

Hetalia - This is War

Tags: Hetalia  -  This  is  War 

This video took me FOREVER to make. And I absolutely HAD to make it. :)I'm really excited with how it came out, too. So please enjoy!I do not own "This is War", "Hetalia", nor the pictures. The song belongs to 30 Seconds to Mars. This video was made purely for fun.

The Best Bloopers of Anime

Tags: The  Best  Bloopers  of  Anime 

I found a bunch of blooper videos for some of my favorite animes, and I decided to take the ones that made me laugh the most, and put them all in a video.original blooper videos:OHSHC: world series:...

[APH] This is Halloween

Tags: [APH]  This  is  Halloween 

Soooo, it's that time again. Halloween is coming and I wanted to make a Halloween APH video. THIS is the result. I hope you guys like it because it was really fun to make!!!Anime: Axis Powers HetaliaIntro: The Haunted Mansion ThemeSong: This is Halloween - Marilyn MansonDisclaimer:I don't own any...

APH - This is Halloween (Multilanguage)

Tags: APH  -  This  is  Halloween  (Multilanguage) 

If anyone posts another comment about how China is in the Thai part, it will be deleted... Please read the description since it explains why China was used.MP3 download: download:...

[ APH ] - || Ѻ Je Suis Un Homme MEP Ѻ ||

Tags: [  APH  ]  -  ||  Ѻ  Je  Suis  Un  Homme  MEP  Ѻ  || 

Here it comes! The single thing you've all been waiting for! (even if you didn't know about it~ xD) The 'Je Suis Un Homme MEP' is finally complete and up~! :DA huge 'Thank you!' to all the amazing editors who participated~Part 1 - shoukri4 (Seychelles)Part 2 - Silvermoon93 (America)Part 3 -...

The Doctor Meets Light/Kira

Tags: The  Doctor  Meets  Light/Kira 

Go here to see the promotional poster... Doctor is off on another adventure but this time is faced with a killer. The Doctor meets Light (from Death Note) and learns that he can kill people just by writing...

[MMD] APH America England Japan are BACK!

Tags: [MMD]  APH  America  England  Japan  are  BACK! 

A simple meme I found here on youtube that I wanted to do for myself. I OWN NOTHING!

【Hetalia MMD】 Nekomimi switch 【Prussia & Japan】

Tags: 【Hetalia  MMD】  Nekomimi  switch  【Prussia  &  Japan】 

from niconico douga : 【APヘタリアMMD】おそうじスイッチ

[MMD APH] Hetaoni /Dark Hetalia

Tags: [MMD  APH]  Hetaoni  /Dark  Hetalia 

It's been awhile since I uploaded an animation since I'm so busy with my Ask Devil Romano blog on tumblr yeah, tada!~ The Debut of my improved Devil Romano model and also....Incubus Prussia!!!!~~~ So yeah enjoy the video!~Song: Dark Marukaite Chikyuu

"Axis Powers Hetalia: Episode 23.5"

Tags: "Axis  Powers  Hetalia:  Episode  23.5" 

Another story that's requested like crazy that I finally got to. I was a little more impressed with the story than I thought I would be.To hear the full vocaloid cover from the opening check Story can be found here:...

Hetalia Witch Doctor

Tags: Hetalia  Witch  Doctor 

Tein tämän videon YouTuben videonmuokkausohjelmalla (

APH Norway's Music Box

Tags: APH  Norway's  Music  Box 

I dont own anything the music box is from: Spirited Away - Song is: Ano Natsu He Music Box Version

Hetalia Drama【手書き】修学旅行【完成】|| [Handwriting] School Trip [Complete Eng Sub ]

Tags: Hetalia  Drama【手書き】修学旅行【完成】||  [Handwriting]  School  Trip  [Complete  Eng  Sub  ] 

[ TURN ON CC TO SEE ENG SUB‼ NO ROLE-PLAY HERE!! GET OUT OF MY VIDEOS, SPAM-RPERS!!Edit 2 [09/02/2014]: +200'000 views!! Woah, this is so incredible!! Thank you so much for watching this!! Please share this with your friends!!~Edit [20/06/13]: +150'000 views!! I'm really thankful with all you,...

[APH] Exterminate, Regenerate

Tags: [APH]  Exterminate,  Regenerate 

I really like most of Chameleon Circuit's Doctor Who songs, and this one kind of jumped out at me. I think most people see it as describing the Daleks' and the Doctor's antagonism, but I really think it describes the Master and the Doctor better. It struck me as a good song to describe America...

【APH MAD】【Radwimps - Order Made】【Sub Español】

Tags: 【APH  MAD】【Radwimps  -  Order  Made】【Sub  Español】 

Original:**: Realmente dice: no necesito otro corazón en el lado derecho de mi pecho. No lo puse textual por simple estética, suena más lindo no necesito otro corazón XD.Honestamente llore como una bebe al final XD *sirxchibitalia fangirl here* Bien...

"Warrior" - Jace & Clary

Tags: "Warrior"  -  Jace  &  Clary 

8/31/13:I'm so overwhelmed with the response to this video! Thank you guys so much! I'm glad you all like it. The one thing I have to say is, please no hate on Jamie or any of the actors. Jamie is the perfect Jace! I actually got to meet him and tell him that. The movie is perfection. Enough...

Romano's Mansion Ep. 0.5 - Missing

Tags: Romano's  Mansion  Ep.  0.5  -  Missing 

EDIT: 21/3/2012 - Watching this again just makes me laugh. I was such a noob at animating XDGermany and Japan search for Italy who vanished into thin air just hours after Spain, Romano, England and America have been reported missing. Their journey is interrupted by an unknown yet familiar...

Doctor who Hetalia.

Tags: Doctor  who  Hetalia. 

Figured since no one had done it well... here it is!I do not own the music or the pictures.Comments are apreciated

Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 23.5

Tags: Axis  Powers  Hetalia  Episode  23.5 

hey everyone i'm still gonna do stories so don't worry. and i read this story cause i really liked the story and there will be a second story coming later by:'s the original story:

APH - Witch Doctor - AMV

Tags: APH  -  Witch  Doctor  -  AMV 

I don't own the song or any of the videos.

hetalia Funny Doujinshi Drunk Britania angel.

Tags: hetalia  Funny  Doujinshi  Drunk  Britania  angel. 

nothing in this video belongs to me i just made it for fun

Doctor Who Shake It

  • Length: 3:1
  • Author: Bex19

Tags: Doctor  Who  Shake  It 

A fast paced happy video. It's about the Doctor and Rose's adventures and the effect their relationship has on others.Hope you all enjoy!Please rate and reviewClips belong to BBC and ITVWATCH IN HD GUYS IF YOU CAN PLEASE#46 - Top Favourited (Today) - Entertainment#80 - Top Rated (Today) -...