Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

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Lata is annoyed with Payel's arrival at her house and informs Tapur. Shantona taunts Tapur and blames her for ruining Payel and Tupur's life. Payel feels jealous on thinking about Puti and Ratul's marriage. She seeks Tapur's help to cook a special dish, as desired by Ratul's teacher. Payel doubts Ratul's job and believes that he is hiding something from her. Later, Payel and Chaapa end up quarrelling, regarding Puti and Ratul's wedding.

tapur  tupur  -  24th  april  2012 

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Tapur Tupur - 25th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  25th  April  2012 

Ratul's teacher and his wife eat the food cooked by Payel and praise her cooking. Chaapa feels irritated as Ratul's teacher admires Payel. Debraj gets upset with Payel for staying at Ratul's place and asks her to leave, but in vain. Payel is curious to learn about Ratul's career and starts...

Tapur Tupur - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  23rd  April  2012 

Chaapa questions Payel on coming to Ratul's house. She challenges Payel to cut a jackfruit. But Ratul cuts the jackfruit for Payel. Payel's palms cover up with the fruit juice while disposing the leftover. Hence, Ratul applies oil on her palms to remove the juice. Chaapa notices Ratul holding...

Bhalobasha.kom - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  25th  April  2012 

Ajay accepts Ahana because of Sushmita. This annoys Ajay's brother. Mohona informs Debashish that she will sell off her property, but Debashish shows his objection. Debashish discusses with Brindaban about transferring Mohona's property in his name, but Tora overhears. Debashish calls Agnishwar...

Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bodhu  Kon  Alo  Laaglo  Chokhe  -  25th  April  2012 

Alo cares for Anshuman, but he feels agitated. Pradip creates a scene at Dhiman's office for Soma. Samarendra hesitates to face Anshuman which makes Anshuman anxious. Alo asks Roopa to detect the handwriting in the letter delivered to Anshuman by Haripada.

Aanchal - 30th April 2014 : Ep 587

Tags: Aanchal  -  30th  April  2014  :  Ep  587 

In episode 587 of Aanchal, aired on 30th April 2014, the ramp show of Pravah Sarees turns out to be a successSauravi adorns Jhumur for the ramp show. Katie arrives at the show and wishes to escort Jhumur on the stage. Geeta becomes furious as Katie deceives her and comes to the ramp show. Katie...

Jol Nupur - 14th October 2013 : Ep 230

Tags: Jol  Nupur  -  14th  October  2013  :  Ep  230 

In episode 230 of Jolnupur, aired on 14th October 2013, Nandini confronts Amartya for taking Parijat to his room Parijat is unable to sleep, as it is an unknown place for her. She feels scared. Amartya tries to console her. However, Parijat refuses to listen. Amartya finds himself in a dilemma....

Ranbir Kapoor's Performence at Zee Cine Awards 2012 (HQ)

Tags: Ranbir  Kapoor's  Performence  at    Zee  Cine  Awards  2012  (HQ) 

Ranbir Kapoor's Performence at Zee Cine Awards 2012 Awards Ceremony - 5th February 2012.It's Ranbir Kapoor's debut Performence at the Show . With the songs from Bachana ae Hassino and Rockstar . SRK and Prijanka Chopra anonnoce Ranbir's performenceRanushkaFC Official FB :...

Bangla Song : Bhalo Basbo Basbo re Bondhu Tomai Jotone

Tags: Bangla  Song  :  Bhalo  Basbo  Basbo  re  Bondhu  Tomai  Jotone 

Bhalo Basbo Basbo re Bondhu Tomai Jotone. One of the best song in Bangladesh

Raat Jagay1 Song Tapur Tupur

Tags: Raat  Jagay1  Song  Tapur  Tupur 

Idhu Kadhala 07/03/14

Tags: Idhu  Kadhala  07/03/14 

இது காதலா! Ashwin stops Shruthi from shouting as everyone will notice that Priya is missing. Krishnan comes to wish Shruthi for new year and so she tries to hide Ashwin from him. Shruthi hides Ashiwn from her aunt by hiding him in her bed. அஸ்வின் ஸ்ருதி...

CID - Mahasangam - Episode 1098 - 5th July 2014

Tags: CID  -  Mahasangam  -  Episode  1098  -  5th  July  2014 

Ep 1098 - C.I.D. - Gokuldham Society's Garba Queen Daya Jethalal Gada reveals to Team C.I.D. that she has found ACP Pradyuman's wallet. Daya is busy in teaching Garba to all the C.I.D. members and Jethalal is urgently called in the CID bureau. Will Daya succeed in saving ACP Pradyuman? To know...

Episode 40 - 1st January 2012

Tags: Episode  40  -  1st  January  2012 

After 4 years and 12 successful seasons, the veterans of Comedy Circus now pair up with fresh talent.This season sees a veteran paired with a celeb mentoring a team with a new talent and a celeb. The eliminations will be on the cumulative score of the veteran team and the new team.Unusual and...

Star Jalsha Poribar Award 2011 part 2

Tags: Star  Jalsha  Poribar  Award  2011  part    2 

CID - Ek Villain - Episode 1094 - 27th June 2014

Tags: CID  -  Ek  Villain  -  Episode  1094  -  27th  June  2014 

Ep 1094 - C.I.D. - Star cast of Ek Villain Actress Sharaddha Kapoor and Actor Siddharth Malhotra is on their way for their upcoming film's press conference. Siddharth gets severely injured while rescuing Kids in the Jungle and Shraddha informs C.I.D. These kids are kidnapped by a group of people...

Maa - 26th April 2014 : Ep 1423

Tags: Maa  -  26th  April  2014  :  Ep  1423 

In episode 1423 of Maa, aired on 26th April 2014, Jhilik and Rajdeep visit a templeJhilik informs Didi that she is well and Rajdeep is taking care of her. Arati opposes Mamta and Harishankar's decision of accepting Pari as a part of their family. She incites Bidisha against Pari. Rick discusses...

Nagor Amar Nithur Boro.TapurTupur.Full Song.Anwasha.LBM_2012_.flv - YouTube.flv

Tags: Nagor  Amar  Nithur  Boro.TapurTupur.Full  Song.Anwasha.LBM_2012_.flv  -  YouTube.flv 

this is the song from popular bangla serial Tapur Tupur telecast on Indian Star Jalsha channel.

Bhasha - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bhasha  -  25th  April  2012 

Premanshu's family discusses about Bhasha's bravery in rescuing Rajmohan from the old age home, and later saving Snehanshu's esteem before the media. Premanshu's son Sharit decides to take revenge on Snehanshu and Lalit for insulting Mary. He informs Mohit and Rajmohan about the matter and...

Zee Cine Award 2012 -Part 2

Tags: Zee  Cine  Award  2012  -Part  2 

Zee Cine Award 2012

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya - 24th April 2012

Tags: Saath  Nibhaana  Saathiya  -  24th  April  2012 

The Modi family thinks that Nilesh had called Anita when in truth Aham had called her pretending to be Nilesh. Kokila tells Aham and Gopi to go home but Aham stays back in the hospital. Anita is discharged from the hospital. Rashi is distressed when Kokila tells Aham to book a hotel room for...

Bhalobasha.kom - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  23rd  April  2012 

Sushmita arrives at Chowdhury residence. She intends to take Ahana along with her to the Mallick residence as Ajay's wife. Mohona asks Tora to receive Agnishwar and Rajlekha at the railway station, but Tora gets afraid on seeing them and hides.

Rashi April 20 '12

Tags: Rashi  April  20  '12 

Watch latest "Rashi" webisodes on http://www.zeebangla.com

Tapur Tupur - 8th September 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  8th  September  2012 

Ratul's teacher informs Payel that Ratul is going to be the chairman of the new Science Academy. Chaapa insults Ratul's family as they are poor and returns the bangles that Payel had bought for Puti. Feeling embarrassed, Ratul decides to start earning. Debraj bribes Nabin and asks him to...


Tags: CHOKHER  TARA  TUI  (Star  Jalsha)  Title  Song  By  MADHURAA  BHATTACHARYA 

Song - Chokher Tara Tui Title SongSinger - Madhuraa BhattacharyaComposer - Debojyoti MishraSerial - Chokher Tara TuiChannel - Star JalshaMADHURAA BHATTACHARYA was formerly known as NILAKSHI BHATTACHARYA,Please LIKE & SHARE MADHURAA BHATTACHARYA's Official...

Maa - 21st April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  21st  April  2012 

Arati helps Phulki dress up beautifully as she will be meeting Aditya. She tells Phulki to leave as quickly as possible, while Bidisha delays Jhilik. Phulki reaches the hospital before Jhilik. Akhil introduces Phulki as a member of the Mukherjee family to Aditya. Aditya is dazzled to see Phulki.

Tapur Tupur - 21st April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  21st  April  2012 

Ratul holds Puti's hands and tells Payel that he will be marrying her, thus shattering Payel's dreams. Ratul's teacher comes to meet him and asks Payel to cook for them, to which Payel agrees. Puti gets upset as Goda introduces her as Ratul's sister to the teacher. Meanwhile, Debraj hands over...