Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

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Lata is annoyed with Payel's arrival at her house and informs Tapur. Shantona taunts Tapur and blames her for ruining Payel and Tupur's life. Payel feels jealous on thinking about Puti and Ratul's marriage. She seeks Tapur's help to cook a special dish, as desired by Ratul's teacher. Payel doubts Ratul's job and believes that he is hiding something from her. Later, Payel and Chaapa end up quarrelling, regarding Puti and Ratul's wedding.

tapur  tupur  -  24th  april  2012 

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Tapur Tupur - 25th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  25th  April  2012 

Ratul's teacher and his wife eat the food cooked by Payel and praise her cooking. Chaapa feels irritated as Ratul's teacher admires Payel. Debraj gets upset with Payel for staying at Ratul's place and asks her to leave, but in vain. Payel is curious to learn about Ratul's career and starts...

Tapur Tupur - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  23rd  April  2012 

Chaapa questions Payel on coming to Ratul's house. She challenges Payel to cut a jackfruit. But Ratul cuts the jackfruit for Payel. Payel's palms cover up with the fruit juice while disposing the leftover. Hence, Ratul applies oil on her palms to remove the juice. Chaapa notices Ratul holding...

Bhalobasha.kom - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  25th  April  2012 

Ajay accepts Ahana because of Sushmita. This annoys Ajay's brother. Mohona informs Debashish that she will sell off her property, but Debashish shows his objection. Debashish discusses with Brindaban about transferring Mohona's property in his name, but Tora overhears. Debashish calls Agnishwar...

Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bodhu  Kon  Alo  Laaglo  Chokhe  -  25th  April  2012 

Alo cares for Anshuman, but he feels agitated. Pradip creates a scene at Dhiman's office for Soma. Samarendra hesitates to face Anshuman which makes Anshuman anxious. Alo asks Roopa to detect the handwriting in the letter delivered to Anshuman by Haripada.

Tapur Tupur - 12th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  12th  April  2012 

As per Goda's direction, Payel prepares breakfast for Ratul. Shantona gets annoyed as Goda compares her with Chaapa. She insults Ratul and Lata as Gayatri wishes to present them New Year gifts. Ratul is upset as Payel enquires about a passport found in his bag. Later, they end up in throwing food...

Tapur Tupur - 28th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  28th  April  2012 

Payel is shocked when Debraj comes to Ratul's home and asks her to come along with him. She gets furious and slaps Ratul as he keeps mum. Ratul and Debraj end up quarrelling. Ratul surprises Debraj by speaking in English, as Debraj believed that Ratul is an illiterate. Napoleon informs Lata about...

Bhasha - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bhasha  -  25th  April  2012 

Premanshu's family discusses about Bhasha's bravery in rescuing Rajmohan from the old age home, and later saving Snehanshu's esteem before the media. Premanshu's son Sharit decides to take revenge on Snehanshu and Lalit for insulting Mary. He informs Mohit and Rajmohan about the matter and...

Maa - 25th April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  25th  April  2012 

Phulki informs Arati about her friendship with Aditya. She narrates to Arati how she has insulted Jhilik and lied about her before Aditya. Meanwhile, Aditya files a complaint at the police station against Jhilik. Harishankar's family finds Jhilik weeping and asks her for the reason, but Jhilik...

Tapur Tupur - 18th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  18th  April  2012 

Payel is shattered to know about Ratul's pre-marriage ritual. Gayatri restricts Tapur from neither visiting her parents nor having any food sent from them. Goda pleads Tapur to unite Payel and Ratul. Payel is disheartened as Lata speaks about Ratul and Puti's marriage. At Ratul's home,...

Tapur Tupur - 16th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  16th  April  2012 

Payel weeps on recalling Ratul with the beggars and blames Tapur for her ill fate. Gayatri gets furious as Payel says that Tapur will give birth to a baby girl. Debraj threatens Ratul to leave the city within 24 hours. Ratul gets upset as Rastogi taunts him. Gayatri insults Lata by gifting her...

Tapur Tupur - 20th March 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  20th  March  2012 

Tupur is depressed with her infertility. She feels jealous and decides to avenge on Tapur. Goda informs Payel that Ratul will come to her house to collect his belongings, but Chaapa witnesses Goda talking to Payel over phone and insults Payel.

Tapur Tupur - 2nd April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  2nd  April  2012 

Gayatri throws Tupur out of the house for trying to kill Tapur. Payel is depressed with this incident. She feeds Ratul. Payel turns furious as she learns from Ratul that he is missing Puti. Parijat returns home and enquires for Tupur from Gayatri. Shantona insults Lata.

Tapur Tupur - 9th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  9th  April  2012 

Ratul and Payel visit an acquaintance for dinner. Payel feels uncomfortable when the host asks her to help in the kitchen. Ratul decides to reveal his truth to Payel only if she accepts him as he is. Gayatri desires a baby boy from Tapur, but is irked as Tapur accepts Tupur's demand to raise her...

Tapur Tupur - 5th May 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  5th  May  2012 

Chaapa wishes to give Rupees 50000, a motor bike and her property to Ratul as dowry when he weds Puti. Lata refuses to take any dowry from Chaapa. Chaapa feels victorious on Payel's departure and upon Ratul's marriage getting fixed with her daughter. Payel feels nostalgic about her days spent at...

Bodhuboron - 25th March 2014 : Ep 189

Tags: Bodhuboron  -  25th  March  2014  :  Ep  189 

In episode 189 of Bodhuboron, aired on 25th March 2014, Indira asks Kanak about Sartaki's whereaboutsKanak fails to inform Indira about Sartaki's whereabouts. Indira asks her to go to her room, but Jhilmil stops her. She asks her the reason why Sartaki had left her in the party. Jhilmil accuses...

Aanchal - 7th February 2013

Tags: Aanchal  -  7th  February  2013 

Rajeshwar asks Jaya to tell a lie for him. He threatens to kill Bishwanath if she does not abide by his condition. As Tushu is about to wish Kushan on his birthday, he receives a call from a strange lady wishing him a happy birthday. The next day, during Kushan's birthday party, his family tries...

Tapur Tupur - 17th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  17th  April  2012 

Payel weeps on Ratul's departure from Gayatri's home. Ratul recalls the moments spent with Payel. Debraj annoys Ratul by asking him to divorce Payel. Goda is surprised as Ratul agrees to marry Puti. Gayatri acts insane on seeing Tapur knitting a frock for her unborn baby. Debraj visits Gayatri...

Jol Nupur - 14th October 2013 : Ep 230

Tags: Jol  Nupur  -  14th  October  2013  :  Ep  230 

In episode 230 of Jolnupur, aired on 14th October 2013, Nandini confronts Amartya for taking Parijat to his room Parijat is unable to sleep, as it is an unknown place for her. She feels scared. Amartya tries to console her. However, Parijat refuses to listen. Amartya finds himself in a dilemma....

Tapur Tupur - 19th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  19th  April  2012 

Payel is jealous as Goda informs her about Ratul and Puti's outing. During the outing, Puti recalls her childhood days spent with Ratul, whereas Ratul recalls Payel. Ratul calls Payel, but in the mean time Debraj and his goons beat him up. Debraj takes Ratul's thumb impression on Ratul and...

Bhalobasha.kom - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  23rd  April  2012 

Sushmita arrives at Chowdhury residence. She intends to take Ahana along with her to the Mallick residence as Ajay's wife. Mohona asks Tora to receive Agnishwar and Rajlekha at the railway station, but Tora gets afraid on seeing them and hides.

Tapur Tupur - 28th March 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  28th  March  2012 

Debraj yearns to take revenge on Gayatri's family. Anushree advises Debraj to take legal action against Sandeep. Debraj believes that Payel is betraying him by maintaining relations with Ratul. Meanwhile, Payel visits Puti and asks if Ratul will marry her. Payel enquires Lata, Puti and Mayna...

Tapur Tupur - 14th May 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  14th  May  2012 

Debraj offers a lift to Ratul, to which he agrees. Ratul feels jealous on hearing Payel romancing with Debraj over the phone. Debraj takes Ratul to his home and is astonished to see Ratul speaking fluent English, as he believes that Ratul is a peon. He insists Ratul to drink alcohol while...

Tapur Tupur - 3rd May 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  3rd  May  2012 

Ratul hands over his wife Payel to Debraj, but Payel is depressed with Ratul's decision. Tupur thinks that Tapur has deceived her and thrown her out of Gayatri's residence. Ratul is about to get clearance for visa. His teacher tells him that he will call Payel to let her know that Ratul will...

Maa - 26th April 2014 : Ep 1423

Tags: Maa  -  26th  April  2014  :  Ep  1423 

In episode 1423 of Maa, aired on 26th April 2014, Jhilik and Rajdeep visit a templeJhilik informs Didi that she is well and Rajdeep is taking care of her. Arati opposes Mamta and Harishankar's decision of accepting Pari as a part of their family. She incites Bidisha against Pari. Rick discusses...

Maa - 27th April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  27th  April  2012 

Jhilik pleads to the police that she is innocent, but the police lock her up. The family members are tensed as Harishankar falls sick. Harishankar feels miserable as he has to leave his house and shift to a rented one. Meanwhile, Akhil is overjoyed to learn that Jhilik has been arrested.