Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

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Lata is annoyed with Payel's arrival at her house and informs Tapur. Shantona taunts Tapur and blames her for ruining Payel and Tupur's life. Payel feels jealous on thinking about Puti and Ratul's marriage. She seeks Tapur's help to cook a special dish, as desired by Ratul's teacher. Payel doubts Ratul's job and believes that he is hiding something from her. Later, Payel and Chaapa end up quarrelling, regarding Puti and Ratul's wedding.

tapur  tupur  -  24th  april  2012 

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Tapur Tupur - 25th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  25th  April  2012 

Ratul's teacher and his wife eat the food cooked by Payel and praise her cooking. Chaapa feels irritated as Ratul's teacher admires Payel. Debraj gets upset with Payel for staying at Ratul's place and asks her to leave, but in vain. Payel is curious to learn about Ratul's career and starts...

Tapur Tupur - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  23rd  April  2012 

Chaapa questions Payel on coming to Ratul's house. She challenges Payel to cut a jackfruit. But Ratul cuts the jackfruit for Payel. Payel's palms cover up with the fruit juice while disposing the leftover. Hence, Ratul applies oil on her palms to remove the juice. Chaapa notices Ratul holding...

Tapur Tupur - 20th August 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  20th  August  2012 

Gayatri wishes to take away Tapur's baby and speaks to her lawyer about it, whereas Shantona's husband opposes her. Debraj warns Gayatri about Ratul's powerful connections, but in vain. Gayatri misleads Payel and asks her to visit her house. Later, Payel becomes astonished on seeing Debraj in...

Bhalobasha.kom - 24th April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  24th  April  2012 

Sushmita welcomes Ahana as Ajay's wife in the Mallick family. Mallick family protests against Sushmita's decision, and tries to make her understand that she is making a mistake. Sushmita compels Ajay to accept Ahana as his wife by threatening to commit suicide.

Ishti Kutum 24Apr12 Part3

Tags: Ishti  Kutum  24Apr12  Part3 

Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bodhu  Kon  Alo  Laaglo  Chokhe  -  25th  April  2012 

Alo cares for Anshuman, but he feels agitated. Pradip creates a scene at Dhiman's office for Soma. Samarendra hesitates to face Anshuman which makes Anshuman anxious. Alo asks Roopa to detect the handwriting in the letter delivered to Anshuman by Haripada.

Bhalobasha.kom - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  25th  April  2012 

Ajay accepts Ahana because of Sushmita. This annoys Ajay's brother. Mohona informs Debashish that she will sell off her property, but Debashish shows his objection. Debashish discusses with Brindaban about transferring Mohona's property in his name, but Tora overhears. Debashish calls Agnishwar...

Bodhuboron - 17th April 2014 : Ep 209

Tags: Bodhuboron  -  17th  April  2014  :  Ep  209 

In episode 209 of Bodhuboron, aired on 17th April 2014, Sartaki praises Kanak Sartaki praises Kanak. He decides to keep his promise to Indira. Indira becomes worried for Oli and discusses about the same with her husband. She thinks about getting Oli married. However, Indira's husband asks her to...

Tapur Tupur - 24th August 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  24th  August  2012 

Ratul asks Payal to leave his house. Tapur requests him to let Payel stay at his place till the puja is over. But Ratul puts a condition before Payel that Debraj should not visit his place. Tapur becomes anxious on not finding her daughter in the room. She calls Gayatri and has an argument on her...

Tapur Tupur - 14th May 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  14th  May  2012 

Debraj offers a lift to Ratul, to which he agrees. Ratul feels jealous on hearing Payel romancing with Debraj over the phone. Debraj takes Ratul to his home and is astonished to see Ratul speaking fluent English, as he believes that Ratul is a peon. He insists Ratul to drink alcohol while...

Maa - 24th April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  24th  April  2012 

Phulki lies to Aditya about Jhilik and saves Akhil. Aditya trusts Phulki and believes her to be a nice person. Phulki makes a deal with Akhil that she will help him to procure Didi's property, while he would help her to win over Aditya. Meanwhile, Aditya gets annoyed as Didi wishes to hand over...

Maa - 17th April 2014 : Ep 1415

Tags: Maa  -  17th  April  2014  :  Ep  1415 

In episode 1415 of Maa, aired on 17th April 2014, Aatish confesses to his guilt of stealing the idol The public prosecutor accuses Jhilik of stealing the astadhatu idol and killing Protima. Mamta arrives in the court, along with Aatish. She presents the astadhatu idol in the court and informs the...

Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe - 24th April 2012

Tags: Bodhu  Kon  Alo  Laaglo  Chokhe  -  24th  April  2012 

Alo and Roopa open Biman's cupboard where he has hidden Anshuman's mother's medical documents. However, Biman sees and argues with them. Anshuman's father is depressed with Anshuman's questions about his mother's death. Alo consoles him. Biman wants to teach Roopa a lesson and asks Dhiman to...

Bhasha - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bhasha  -  25th  April  2012 

Premanshu's family discusses about Bhasha's bravery in rescuing Rajmohan from the old age home, and later saving Snehanshu's esteem before the media. Premanshu's son Sharit decides to take revenge on Snehanshu and Lalit for insulting Mary. He informs Mohit and Rajmohan about the matter and...

Tapur Tupur - 20th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  20th  April  2012 

Goda believes that Payel has sent Debraj to beat Ratul and complains to Tapur. Hence, Tapur gets upset with Payel. A doctor treats Ratul at his home, while Payel visits a sacred Shiva idol and prays for his well being. Lata weeps at Ratul's condition and blames Payel. Puti orders Payel to stay...

Saat Paake Bandha April 21 '12

Tags: Saat  Paake  Bandha  April  21  '12 

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Bhalobasha.kom - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  23rd  April  2012 

Sushmita arrives at Chowdhury residence. She intends to take Ahana along with her to the Mallick residence as Ajay's wife. Mohona asks Tora to receive Agnishwar and Rajlekha at the railway station, but Tora gets afraid on seeing them and hides.

Bojhena Se Bojhena - 1st April 2014 : Ep 128

Tags: Bojhena  Se  Bojhena  -  1st  April  2014  :  Ep  128 

In episode 128 of Bojhena Se Bojhena, aired on 1st April 2014, Aranya becomes frustratedDidun blesses Aranya and Pamela. Pamela thanks Aranya for agreeing to marry her. Pakhi becomes depressed, and tries to leave the house, but Pamela stops her. Pamela enquires Pakhi on seeing her depressed....

Tapur Tupur - 30th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  30th  April  2012 

Debraj is annoyed to know that Payel is still at Ratul's home. Next morning, Chaapa creates a fuss regarding Debraj's arrival at Ratul's home and abuses Payel. Ratul agrees to give anything that Payel wishes from him, but Puti's arrival upsets Payel. Later, Chaapa mocks at Payel and Napoleon asks...

Tapur Tupur - 12th August 2013 : Ep 789

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  12th  August  2013  :  Ep  789 

In episode 789 of Tapur Tupur, aired on 12th August 2013, Suchitra tries to convince Tapur to withdraw the case against DebrajGanesh's neighbour, Kamala, arrives at his house to meet Tupur. Tupur becomes tensed as Kamala asks her to accompany her to the hospital, for some tests. Ganesh manages...

Maa - 25th April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  25th  April  2012 

Phulki informs Arati about her friendship with Aditya. She narrates to Arati how she has insulted Jhilik and lied about her before Aditya. Meanwhile, Aditya files a complaint at the police station against Jhilik. Harishankar's family finds Jhilik weeping and asks her for the reason, but Jhilik...

Tapur Tupur - 20th March 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  20th  March  2012 

Tupur is depressed with her infertility. She feels jealous and decides to avenge on Tapur. Goda informs Payel that Ratul will come to her house to collect his belongings, but Chaapa witnesses Goda talking to Payel over phone and insults Payel.

Tapur Tupur - 27th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  27th  April  2012 

Ratul sings a song upon his teacher's request. Gayatri is surprised and Payel is embarrassed as Ratul's teacher's wife desires a baby from Ratul and Payel. Ratul feels nervous to spend the night in the same room with Payel. Later, Ratul feels jealous of Debraj and dejects Payel by refusing to...

Jol Nupur- 16th April 2014 : Ep 388

Tags: Jol  Nupur-  16th  April  2014  :  Ep  388 

In episode 388 of Jol Nupur, aired on 16th April 2014, Nandini forbids Parijat's family from seeing AmartyaPurnendu, Choton, Chutki and Sona Thamma reach the hospital. Parijat informs them that Nandini has forbidden her from seeing Amartya. Nandini becomes furious on seeing Parijat's family. She...

Tapur Tupur - 21st April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  21st  April  2012 

Ratul holds Puti's hands and tells Payel that he will be marrying her, thus shattering Payel's dreams. Ratul's teacher comes to meet him and asks Payel to cook for them, to which Payel agrees. Puti gets upset as Goda introduces her as Ratul's sister to the teacher. Meanwhile, Debraj hands over...