Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

Tapur Tupur - 24th April 2012

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Lata is annoyed with Payel's arrival at her house and informs Tapur. Shantona taunts Tapur and blames her for ruining Payel and Tupur's life. Payel feels jealous on thinking about Puti and Ratul's marriage. She seeks Tapur's help to cook a special dish, as desired by Ratul's teacher. Payel doubts Ratul's job and believes that he is hiding something from her. Later, Payel and Chaapa end up quarrelling, regarding Puti and Ratul's wedding.

tapur  tupur  -  24th  april  2012 

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Tapur Tupur - 25th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  25th  April  2012 

Ratul's teacher and his wife eat the food cooked by Payel and praise her cooking. Chaapa feels irritated as Ratul's teacher admires Payel. Debraj gets upset with Payel for staying at Ratul's place and asks her to leave, but in vain. Payel is curious to learn about Ratul's career and starts...

Bhalobasha.kom - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  23rd  April  2012 

Sushmita arrives at Chowdhury residence. She intends to take Ahana along with her to the Mallick residence as Ajay's wife. Mohona asks Tora to receive Agnishwar and Rajlekha at the railway station, but Tora gets afraid on seeing them and hides.

Maa - 25th April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  25th  April  2012 

Phulki informs Arati about her friendship with Aditya. She narrates to Arati how she has insulted Jhilik and lied about her before Aditya. Meanwhile, Aditya files a complaint at the police station against Jhilik. Harishankar's family finds Jhilik weeping and asks her for the reason, but Jhilik...

Tapur Tupur - 14th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  14th  April  2012 

As per Tapur's advice, Payel decides to give a gift to Ratul. Meanwhile, Ratul also plans to gift Payel. Upon Goda's request Ratul plays the drums for a group of beggars, helping them to collect some alms. Debraj notices Ratul and informs Gayatri. Payel and Gayatri are shocked to see Ratul with...

Ranbir Kapoor's Performence at Zee Cine Awards 2012 (HQ)

Tags: Ranbir  Kapoor's  Performence  at    Zee  Cine  Awards  2012  (HQ) 

Ranbir Kapoor's Performence at Zee Cine Awards 2012 Awards Ceremony - 5th February 2012.It's Ranbir Kapoor's debut Performence at the Show . With the songs from Bachana ae Hassino and Rockstar . SRK and Prijanka Chopra anonnoce Ranbir's performenceRanushkaFC Official FB :...

Zee Cine Award 2012 -Part 2

Tags: Zee  Cine  Award  2012  -Part  2 

Zee Cine Award 2012

Nagor Amar Nithur Boro.TapurTupur.Full Song.Anwasha.LBM_2012_.flv - YouTube.flv

Tags: Nagor  Amar  Nithur  Boro.TapurTupur.Full  Song.Anwasha.LBM_2012_.flv  -  YouTube.flv 

this is the song from popular bangla serial Tapur Tupur telecast on Indian Star Jalsha channel.

Raat Jagay1 Song Tapur Tupur

Tags: Raat  Jagay1  Song  Tapur  Tupur 

Tapur Tupur - 20th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  20th  April  2012 

Goda believes that Payel has sent Debraj to beat Ratul and complains to Tapur. Hence, Tapur gets upset with Payel. A doctor treats Ratul at his home, while Payel visits a sacred Shiva idol and prays for his well being. Lata weeps at Ratul's condition and blames Payel. Puti orders Payel to stay...

Bangla Song : Bhalo Basbo Basbo re Bondhu Tomai Jotone

Tags: Bangla  Song  :  Bhalo  Basbo  Basbo  re  Bondhu  Tomai  Jotone 

Bhalo Basbo Basbo re Bondhu Tomai Jotone. One of the best song in Bangladesh

Tapur Tupur - 2nd May 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  2nd  May  2012 

Chaapa insults Payel and tells her to leave Ratul's home. Payel feels sad to leave her in-law's home. She takes blessings from the elders before departing. Lata informs Gayatri that she has sent Payel back forever and asks her not to send Payel to their house again. Gayatri is irate on Ratul's...

Tapur Tupur - 1st May 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  1st  May  2012 

Ratul's teacher requests Payel to give an oil massage to his wife as she suffers from joint pain. Debraj questions Ratul when he will bring Payel to him. Payel enquires Ratul's teacher about his career, but in vain. Goda figures out that Payel has fallen in love with Ratul. As per Goda's advice,...

Tapur Tupur - 20th March 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  20th  March  2012 

Tupur is depressed with her infertility. She feels jealous and decides to avenge on Tapur. Goda informs Payel that Ratul will come to her house to collect his belongings, but Chaapa witnesses Goda talking to Payel over phone and insults Payel.

Maa - 26th April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  26th  April  2012 

Aditya visits Harishankar's residence and accuses Jhilik and her family of being fraud. The family members get angry on Jhilik and insult her. Police arrest Jhilik. Aditya gives few hours notice to Harishankar family to evict the house.

Tapur Tupur - 24th March 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  24th  March  2012 

Ratul eats the food meant for Tapur and falls sick. The doctor enquires Tapur about Ratul's food. Gayatri feels disgusted seeing Ratul's condition and orders Payel to return home. Payel informs Goda about Ratul's condition. Tapur figures out that Tupur had drugged the food to harm her baby....

Bhalobasha.kom - 25th April 2012

Tags: Bhalobasha.kom  -  25th  April  2012 

Ajay accepts Ahana because of Sushmita. This annoys Ajay's brother. Mohona informs Debashish that she will sell off her property, but Debashish shows his objection. Debashish discusses with Brindaban about transferring Mohona's property in his name, but Tora overhears. Debashish calls Agnishwar...

Tapur Tupur - 26th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  26th  April  2012 

Payel finds Ratul's mark sheet and becomes anxious seeing the excellent marks. Shantona visits Ratul's place and asks Payel to leave. However, Ratul requests Payel to stay back, to which she agrees. Shantona makes a joke on Payel back at her place.

Maa - 23rd April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  23rd  April  2012 

Phulki informs Aditya about Jhilik's past as a pick pocket. She provokes him against Jhilik. Akhil is delighted as Aditya extends his friendship to Phulki. Aditya becomes furious on learning that Didi has purchased Harishankar's house for Rupees Two Crore. Jhilik is surprised to see Phulki at the...

Maa - 27th April 2012

Tags: Maa  -  27th  April  2012 

Jhilik pleads to the police that she is innocent, but the police lock her up. The family members are tensed as Harishankar falls sick. Harishankar feels miserable as he has to leave his house and shift to a rented one. Meanwhile, Akhil is overjoyed to learn that Jhilik has been arrested.

Tapur Tupur - 28th March 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  28th  March  2012 

Debraj yearns to take revenge on Gayatri's family. Anushree advises Debraj to take legal action against Sandeep. Debraj believes that Payel is betraying him by maintaining relations with Ratul. Meanwhile, Payel visits Puti and asks if Ratul will marry her. Payel enquires Lata, Puti and Mayna...

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya - 24th April 2012

Tags: Saath  Nibhaana  Saathiya  -  24th  April  2012 

The Modi family thinks that Nilesh had called Anita when in truth Aham had called her pretending to be Nilesh. Kokila tells Aham and Gopi to go home but Aham stays back in the hospital. Anita is discharged from the hospital. Rashi is distressed when Kokila tells Aham to book a hotel room for...

Tapur Tupur - 9th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  9th  April  2012 

Ratul and Payel visit an acquaintance for dinner. Payel feels uncomfortable when the host asks her to help in the kitchen. Ratul decides to reveal his truth to Payel only if she accepts him as he is. Gayatri desires a baby boy from Tapur, but is irked as Tapur accepts Tupur's demand to raise her...

Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe - 24th April 2012

Tags: Bodhu  Kon  Alo  Laaglo  Chokhe  -  24th  April  2012 

Alo and Roopa open Biman's cupboard where he has hidden Anshuman's mother's medical documents. However, Biman sees and argues with them. Anshuman's father is depressed with Anshuman's questions about his mother's death. Alo consoles him. Biman wants to teach Roopa a lesson and asks Dhiman to...

Tapur Tupur - 24th February 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  24th  February  2012 

Anushree drugs the drink of Payel and Debraj plans to abuse her at the party. In the mean time, Ratul reaches the party and saves his wife, Payel. Tapur and Shantona are surprised to see intoxicated Payel with Ratul. Ratul informs them about the incident at the party.

Tapur Tupur - 19th April 2012

Tags: Tapur  Tupur  -  19th  April  2012 

Payel is jealous as Goda informs her about Ratul and Puti's outing. During the outing, Puti recalls her childhood days spent with Ratul, whereas Ratul recalls Payel. Ratul calls Payel, but in the mean time Debraj and his goons beat him up. Debraj takes Ratul's thumb impression on Ratul and...