Gutpunch Flip Flop

Gutpunch Flip Flop

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Steven punches Kyle, then Kyle punches Steven. The entire video can be downloaded at

gutpunch  flip  flop 

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Daniels Waxing Part 2

Tags: Daniels  Waxing  Part  2 

Daniels Full Body Wax Part 2

Fire Branding

Tags: Fire  Branding 

From a TV movie: the guy is branded but takes it like a man without screaming

Dudes on Spring Break

Tags: Dudes  on  Spring  Break 

Dudes on spring break no longer to the tune of "I Touch Myself" because of the greedy, un-imaginative, corporate zombies.

Instructing David Vance

Tags: Instructing  David  Vance 

Working with photographer and model Cristobal.

Not Another Global Movie (Part 2 of 2)

Tags: Not  Another  Global  Movie  (Part  2  of  2) 

Part 2 of 2 of Kyle's Freshman Global project. Complete with fight-scenes, historical figures, gripping tales, and action-packed arrests, you'll be blown out of your seats!Here is Part 1:

19-Year Old Bodybuilder Erik Bends 5/8" Steel Bar into Two Loops

Tags: 19-Year  Old  Bodybuilder  Erik  Bends  5/8"  Steel  Bar  into  Two  Loops 

At 19 years old, Erik bends a 5/8" steel bar into two loops. Amazing strength and stamina. More to come on

Abs Training

Tags: Abs  Training 

No pain no gain -- Eastern guys training is really tough... look here!

Gutpunching Sequence Revisited

Tags: Gutpunching  Sequence  Revisited 

gutpunching a set of abs!


Tags: Gutpunching 

Another great day of wrestling and gutpunching at Grove Park matroom run by Iain Scott in SE London. Enjoy.

gut punched 3

Tags: gut  punched  3 

gut punch

Gut shot 1(Slow)

Tags: Gut  shot  1(Slow) 

Same as Gut shot just nice and slow.

My Guilty Pleasures...

Tags: My  Guilty  Pleasures... 

Here are my embarrassing guilty pleasures.Davey's website: http://www.daveywavey.tvMusic by: http://www.scottydynamo.comSnail mail me:Davey Wavey, Inc.P.O. Box 1282Woonsocket, RI 02895USA


Tags: love 

Gay Uniform

gut punch VS めたぼーまん

Tags: gut  punch  VS めたぼーまん 


gut punched 4

Tags: gut  punched  4 

gut punch

Bricks Broken on His Abs

Tags: Bricks  Broken  on  His  Abs 

Painful training: breaking a pile of bricks on his abs with a hammer

con games

Tags: con  games 

man tortured.... gut punching...=D


Tags: Valdez 

Charles whipped on his back

Gut Punches

Tags: Gut  Punches 

A series of a gut punches, the last one is in slow motion.


Tags: NeilandLancepunchinghardPhoenix23Aug2009 

Neil and Lance_Jeffers gut punching in Phoenix , AZ , 23 August 2009 . Hardest punches i took in session .

Abs Exercise

Tags: Abs  Exercise 

5kg Medicine Ball

gutpunching june 8

Tags: gutpunching  june  8 

gutpunching , june 8 2007,video 2 ,different angle


Tags: boxerman87_09 

Video Blooper of guy boxerman87

Gut Punch

Tags: Gut  Punch 

Gut Punch

gutpunching 2 may 18

Tags: gutpunching  2    may  18