Gutpunch Flip Flop

Gutpunch Flip Flop

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Steven punches Kyle, then Kyle punches Steven. The entire video can be downloaded at

gutpunch  flip  flop 

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Tags: EL  VENTILADOR  (The  fan) 

Corto ideado, rodado (con un móvil Nokia) y editado en 39 minutos. Short film written, shot (with a Nokia cellular) and edited in 39 minutes.

Daniels Waxing Part 2

Tags: Daniels  Waxing  Part  2 

Daniels Full Body Wax Part 2

Fire Branding

Tags: Fire  Branding 

From a TV movie: the guy is branded but takes it like a man without screaming

limone e la ceretta

Tags: limone  e  la  ceretta 


Evandro Soldati

Tags: Evandro  Soldati 

sexy model



Casting Yvan and making DVD at Seattle Studio Space.

La ceretta (parte1)

Tags: La  ceretta  (parte1) 

..Maroon 5..per tutta la qui si canta sul rido troppo e nn ce la faccio..

super gutpunching

Tags: super  gutpunching 

super gutpunching whith hammer

Abs Training

Tags: Abs  Training 

No pain no gain -- Eastern guys training is really tough... look here!

Stripping in Montreal at its Finest!!

Tags: Stripping  in  Montreal  at  its  Finest!! 

sexiest male lapdancing ever!!in sparkly red boxers!!!i lovveee these guys!!

Gut shot 1(Slow)

Tags: Gut  shot  1(Slow) 

Same as Gut shot just nice and slow.

Muscle Boy Gut Bashed.mp4

Tags: Muscle  Boy  Gut  Bashed.mp4 

Hot muscle boy gets his abs worked over it wif ur frens!

Tags:  it  wif  ur  frens! 

its violent...its unimaginable...its me and hedir and azfar being gay!ITS FFFUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!

Toy Soldiers

Tags: Toy  Soldiers 

Sean is whipped on his back

"Another Gay Movie" sneak Darryl Stephens and Mitch Morris

Tags: "Another  Gay  Movie"  sneak  Darryl  Stephens  and  Mitch  Morris 

Buy/Download/Stream: Griff (Mitch Morris) gets sexy instruction from Angel (Darryl Stephens).



Video Promo (01)

Bricks Broken on His Abs

Tags: Bricks  Broken  on  His  Abs 

Painful training: breaking a pile of bricks on his abs with a hammer

A gay Kiss

Tags: A  gay  Kiss 

movie scene

Wedding in Canada ...

  • Length: 0:43
  • Author: gmtl

Tags: Wedding  in  Canada  ... 

42-second commercial presents what initially appear to be two straight couples on the point of marrying in a chapel, only to discover at the time of the traditional kiss that each couple is in fact made up of two men and two women ... Watch the video!

Abs Exercise

Tags: Abs  Exercise 

5kg Medicine Ball

Gut Punches

Tags: Gut  Punches 

A series of a gut punches, the last one is in slow motion.

musclegod getting his ass kicked??

Tags: musclegod  getting  his  ass  kicked?? 

Is it possible for SMG to have his ass kicked so bad? Bothered by the humiliation that SMG had him endure the other night, the muscled friend decided it was time for revenge. Tough gut punches, bear hugs and sleeper holds, all of this was thrown into the fight with the sole purpose of having SMG...


Tags: Gutpunch 


Tags: stomp 

gut punch

Bisping smashes fan in the guts.MOV

Tags: Bisping  smashes  fan  in  the  guts.MOV 

UFC 127 After party. Fight fan want Bisping to punch him in the stomach