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limone e la ceretta

Tags: limone  e  la  ceretta 


Evandro Soldati

Tags: Evandro  Soldati 

sexy model

Dudes on Spring Break

Tags: Dudes  on  Spring  Break 

Dudes on spring break no longer to the tune of "I Touch Myself" because of the greedy, un-imaginative, corporate zombies.



Casting Yvan and making DVD at Seattle Studio Space.

Abs Training

Tags: Abs  Training 

No pain no gain -- Eastern guys training is really tough... look here!

Noah and Wade BEST I EVER HAD

Tags: Noah  and  Wade  BEST  I  EVER  HAD 

juzt a bunch of pics of noah and wade from noah's arc...the song is BEST I EVER HAD by DRAKE... Starting January 6th, LOGO is running Noah's Arc from the beginning, every Wednesday night at 10:00/9:00 CST. Please watch/show support because it could breathe "life" back into the series!!!

Daniels Waxing Part 2

Tags: Daniels  Waxing  Part  2 

Daniels Full Body Wax Part 2

Not Another Global Movie (Part 2 of 2)

Tags: Not  Another  Global  Movie  (Part  2  of  2) 

Part 2 of 2 of Kyle's Freshman Global project. Complete with fight-scenes, historical figures, gripping tales, and action-packed arrests, you'll be blown out of your seats!Here is Part 1:

Bricks Broken on His Abs

Tags: Bricks  Broken  on  His  Abs 

Painful training: breaking a pile of bricks on his abs with a hammer

Starship Troopers

Tags: Starship  Troopers 

Hot whipping punishment from a sci-fi movie

Donkey Butt - Gut Punch

Tags: Donkey  Butt  -  Gut  Punch 

Gut punch

Wolf Gut Bashing

Tags: Wolf  Gut  Bashing 

Muscle Boy Gut Bashed.mp4

Tags: Muscle  Boy  Gut  Bashed.mp4 

Hot muscle boy gets his abs worked over

Gut shot 1(Slow)

Tags: Gut  shot  1(Slow) 

Same as Gut shot just nice and slow.

My Guilty Pleasures...

Tags: My  Guilty  Pleasures... 

Here are my embarrassing guilty pleasures.Davey's website: http://www.daveywavey.tvMusic by: http://www.scottydynamo.comSnail mail me:Davey Wavey, Inc.P.O. Box 1282Woonsocket, RI 02895USA


Tags: boxerman87_09 

Video Blooper of guy boxerman87


Tags: love 

Gay Uniform

gut punched 5

Tags: gut  punched  5 

gut punch

gut punched 4

Tags: gut  punched  4 

gut punch

super gutpunching

Tags: super  gutpunching 

super gutpunching whith hammer




gutpunching june 8

Tags: gutpunching  june  8 

gutpunching , june 8 2007,video 2 ,different angle

Gut Punches

Tags: Gut  Punches 

A series of a gut punches, the last one is in slow motion.

Gutpunchtakers Variety Show Part: 3

Tags: Gutpunchtakers  Variety  Show  Part:  3 

Part three of three videos shot today. My usual puncher is taking an 2.5 pound disk weight to my stomach. Unfortunately the days events left my skin to raw to take the sting of the weight for long. Feel free to make requests. Enjoy.

musclegod getting his ass kicked??

Tags: musclegod  getting  his  ass  kicked?? 

Is it possible for SMG to have his ass kicked so bad? Bothered by the humiliation that SMG had him endure the other night, the muscled friend decided it was time for revenge. Tough gut punches, bear hugs and sleeper holds, all of this was thrown into the fight with the sole purpose of having SMG...