Frivolite-tatting lesson 85 - Lark's head join

Frivolite-tatting lesson 85 - Lark's head join

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Como hacer la unión de boca de lobo en frivolite. How to make the lark's head join in

frivolite-tatting  lesson  85  -  lark's  head  join 

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Frivolite-tatting lesson 86 - anillo hendido - dimpled yorkie

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Como hacer hendiduras en anillos de frivolité. También aplicable a cadenas.How to make dimples in tatting rings and

Frivolite-tatting lesson 84 - picot celta - celtic picot

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Como hacer un picot entrelazado con apariencia "celta" en frivolite. How to make the Celtic picot in

Frivolite-tatting lesson 83 - Anillo Y celta - celtic Y ring

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Como hacer el anillo entrelazado en frivolite celta. How to make an interlocking ring in Celtic

Frivolite-tatting lesson 82 - Nudo celta - celtic knot

Tags: Frivolite-tatting  lesson  82  -  Nudo  celta  -  celtic  knot 

Como hacer el nudo tipico de los diseños celticos en frivolite. How to make the Celtic knot in



FACEBOOK realizzare una facile collana da arricchire a vostro gusto.....How to make a simple necklace to beautify your liking.....

Frivolite-tatting lesson 98 - Frivolite con botones - Tatting with buttons 2

Tags: Frivolite-tatting  lesson  98  -  Frivolite  con  botones  -  Tatting  with  buttons  2 

Como integrar botones al encaje de frivolite. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)How to add buttons to tatting.



Bijoux, Accessori Moda HandmadeFACEBOOK

Let's Tat A Bracelet!

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Thanks for watchingDont forget to like this videoI hope your bracelet looks just as fabulous as mine :)If you have any questions please feel free to comment down below.

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 94 - twisted picots

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Como trabajar los picots torcidos en frivolite. How to make twisted picots in tatting. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 64 - OYA 1

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Mi version del frivolite turco. Como hacer petalos y hojas. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)My interpretation of Turkish tatting. How to make petals and

Let's Tat Some Earrings

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Thank you so much for watchingDont forget to like the videoI hope you had fun tattingPost your pics of your work on my page:*** If you have any question pls feel free to ask

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 7 - picots con dos hilos - with two threads

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Picots con dos hilos/Picots with two threads. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)

Frivolite-tatting lesson 51 - anillos plasticos - plastic rings

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Como cubrir y trabajar con anillos plasticos en frivolite. How to cover, and work with, plastic rings in

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 23 - Punto victoriano - Ric-Rac

Tags: Frivolite-Tatting  Lesson  23  -  Punto  victoriano  -  Ric-Rac 

Como hacer el punto victoriano. How to make the lattice stitch, also known as node stitch or ric-rac.

Tatting - Joining (j) Picots (p) in Needle Tatting by RustiKate

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Learn how to join picots in needle tatting, with ease. Katy will show you how, step by step! *Now with transcript/CC written by Heather Robertson (Thank you Heather!)Katy is the former creative design and development, how-to expert, tatting instructor, model, and photographer for "MaryJane's...

IT'S TIME TO TAT! (Tatted Owls Earrings)

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Frivolite-Tatting lesson 15 - mock ring

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Anillo falso - mock ring. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)

Tatting Lock Join and Bead Picot

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What I'm tatting here is the outer chain of the "Bedazzled Butterfly" necklace, from my own book "Boutique Tatting".A lock join is made using the shuttle thread, locking the chain of double stitches so that they stop sliding at that point and form a natural curve. The beads for the bead picots...

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 25 - Anillos concentricos- concentric rings

Tags: Frivolite-Tatting  Lesson  25  -  Anillos  concentricos-  concentric  rings 

Los anillos concentricos y sus uniones en el frivolite. Concentric rings and the way of joining them in

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 4 - Uniones-joinings

Tags: Frivolite-Tatting  Lesson  4  -  Uniones-joinings 

Como hacer las uniones / how to join motifs. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)

Bolero de Frivolité com Crochê | Sabor de Vida 24.03.2011

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Bolero de Frivolité com Crochê | Sabor de Vida 24.03.2011REDE APARECIDAVocê em boa

frivolite-tatting lesson 67 - Anillo al final de cadena dividida - Ring at the end of split chain

Tags: frivolite-tatting  lesson  67  -  Anillo  al  final  de  cadena  dividida  -  Ring  at  the  end  of  split  chain 

Como hacer un anillo al final de una cadena dividida y pasar a la siguiente ronda. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)How to make a final ring at the end of a split chain and climb to the next

Frivolite-tatting lesson 99 - Picots en capas o fruncidos - layered or ruffled picots

Tags: Frivolite-tatting  lesson  99  -  Picots  en  capas  o  fruncidos  -    layered  or  ruffled  picots 

Interesante juego de picots en frivolite. Sottotitoli en Italiano (CC)Interesting play with tatting

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 18 - Cuentas en el hilo del ovillo - Beads on ball thread

Tags: Frivolite-Tatting  Lesson  18  -  Cuentas  en  el  hilo  del  ovillo  -  Beads  on  ball  thread 

Como añadir cuentas desde el hilo del ovillo u otra lanzadera. Sottotitoli en intaliano (CC)How to add beads from the ball of thread or a second shuttle.

frivolite-tatting lesson 78 - anillos divididos entrelazados - interlocking split rings 1

Tags: frivolite-tatting  lesson  78  -  anillos  divididos  entrelazados  -  interlocking  split  rings  1 

Una de las maneras de hacer anillos divididos entrelazados. Sottotitoli en italiano (CC)One of several ways of making interlocking split