BBC News - Sarah Brightman_ Space love influences new album

BBC News - Sarah Brightman_ Space love influences new album

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Singer Sarah Brightman says she has been fascinated with the idea of space travel since man first landed on the moon and now she is training to be a cosmonaut.The 52-year-old, who is hoping to make a trip to the International Space Station, says her new album Dreamchaser is influenced by her love a of space travel.

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Sarah Brightman Don't Cry For Me Argentina

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sarah brightman Don't cry for me Argentina

Dream chaser Sarah Brightman in Studio Q

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Andrew Carter's exclusive interview with artist, Sarah Brightman on CJAD 800.

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New album Sarah Brightman 2013 Dreamchaser

Sarah Brightman-BBC Breakfast Interview

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Promotion of the Symphony album. 2008.

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Symphony Promo (29/02/08)

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"Him" is a 1983 single by Sarah Brightman. = The words of 'Him' are written by Richard Stilgoe and the music is based on Hubert Parry's (1848-1918) 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind' from the oratorio 'Judith'. - - Parry is perhaps best known as the composer of 'Jerusalem'. He was director of The...

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Sarah! How rude! We had to check this actually happened.

Sarah Brightman - One Day Like This (Official Video)

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Purchase 'Dreamchaser', the new album from Sarah Brightman Webstore: iTunes: A...