DUA-E-KUMAYL (By Haji Mahdi Samavati) Arabic & Engish Subtitle | rightpathchannel

DUA-E-KUMAYL (By Haji Mahdi Samavati) Arabic & Engish Subtitle | rightpathchannel

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Imam ZAIN-UL-ABIDEEN a.s Says: "The very hypocrite is that who warns people (against evil deeds) but he does not stop committing them and orders them (to do good acts) but he does not do (such acts). When he stands for offering the prayer he turns right and left, when he genuflects (in the prayer) he huddles, and when he prostrates himself, he pecks."For more Dua's, Please visit our playlist of Dua & Ziarat Here! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC7D4DAA9FC6F9444&feature=view_allThanks For Watching This Video!Please Like and Subscribe.Iltimas-e-Dua

dua-e-kumayl  (by  haji  mahdi  samavati)  arabic  &  engish  subtitle  |  rightpathchannel 

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Dua Kumayl - المدينة المنورة - Medina - 2011 - 1432 - دعاء كميل

Tags: Dua  Kumayl  -    المدينة  المنورة      -  Medina  -  2011  -  1432  -    دعاء  كميل 

A beautiful recitation by Gulamreza Zadeh in the holy city of Medina (Baynul Haramayn) at the time of Hajj this year (2011).. An experience I won't forget.. Also includes recitation by famous madah Mohammed Reza Zaheri..1:12 - Recitation of the Holy Quran6:00 - Roze by Taheri16:25 - Recitation of...

Dua Nudba - دعاء الندبة Sayed Mehdi Mirdamad -سید مهدی میر داماد

Tags: Dua  Nudba    -  دعاء  الندبة    Sayed  Mehdi  Mirdamad  -سید  مهدی  میر  داماد 

Mirdamad reciting Dua Nudba.. 'Dua' means 'to call or to seek help'. 'Nudba' means to cry or wail. The Shia books of traditions lay great stress upon 'Dua'. Dua is the weapon of the believer, the essence of belief and the connection between the Creator of the universe and his slaves. One of the...

Dua Arafah - دعا عرفه - Hajj 2011/1432

Tags: Dua  Arafah  -  دعا  عرفه  -  Hajj  2011/1432 

Schedule: Quran: 4:38Ziyarat Aal-e-Yaseen - 13:04Roze: 27:231st part of Dua by Taheri: 40:26Roze: 01:21:232nd part of Dua by Gulamreza Zadeh: 01:36:16 [my favourite part - what a voice and the words are breathtaking :'( ]This dua is prescribed for the Day of Arafah during the Hajj pilgrimage...

Dua Kumail Abu Thar Al Halawaji دعاء كميل - أبو ذر الحلوادي

Tags: Dua  Kumail    Abu  Thar  Al  Halawaji      دعاء  كميل  -  أبو  ذر  الحلوادي 

Dua Kumail Abu Thar Al Halawaji دعاء كميل - أبو ذر الحلوادي

دعاء كميل للحاج مهدي سماواتي كامل - Dua Kumail Mahdi Samavati

Tags: دعاء  كميل  للحاج  مهدي  سماواتي  كامل  -  Dua  Kumail  Mahdi  Samavati 

http://www.youtube.com/user/alirezhaDua Kumayl - Samavati - Arabic sub English (دعاء كميل)ما هو دعاء كُميل ؟دُعاء كُميل من الأدعية المشهورة و المعروفة جداً لدى أتباع مدرسة أهل البيت ( عليهم السلام ) ،...

Haj mahdi Daneshmand _ Eftekhare Shia boodan - مهدی دانشمند

Tags: Haj  mahdi  Daneshmand  _  Eftekhare  Shia  boodan  -  مهدی  دانشمند 

https://www.facebook.com/YaMahdiiAJhaj mahdi daneshmand darbare shia va islam

Dua Kumayl

Tags: Dua  Kumayl 

As taught by Ali ibn Abu talib as...This Duaa can be read by anyone no matter what school of thought you may follow..Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakha'i was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Du'a was first heard from the beautiful, though anguished, voice...

Hadith-e Kisa - Hajj Mahdi Samavati حديث الكساء - حاج مهدي سماواتي

Tags: Hadith-e  Kisa  -  Hajj  Mahdi  Samavati  حديث  الكساء  -  حاج  مهدي  سماواتي 

قراءة حديث الكساء بصوت الحاج مهدي سماواتيHadith Al-Kisa (Narration of the Cloak) is the narration of an incident where the Prophet Mohammed (saw) gathered Ali, Hassan, Hussayn and Fatema (peace be upon them all) under his cloak and announced them as his Ahl...

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali - Mahdi Samavati - دعاء أبي حمزة الثمالي

Tags: Dua  Abu  Hamza  Thumali  -  Mahdi  Samavati  -  دعاء  أبي  حمزة  الثمالي 

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali - Mahdi Samavati with English Subtitlesدعاء أبي حمزة الثمالي- الحاج مهدي سماواتيAbu Hamza Thumali (ra) was a close companion of Imam Sajjad (as) He has related that during the month of Ramadhan Imam Sajjad (as) used to spend a greater part...

Dua Kumail | Mahdi Samavati - 23rd Ramadhan 2010

Tags: Dua  Kumail  |  Mahdi  Samavati  -  23rd  Ramadhan  2010 

Dua Kumail Haaj Mahdi Samavati23rd Night of the Month of Ramadhan, 2010Tehran, Iranقرائت دعاي کميل الحاج مهدي سماواتي

Dua Umm-e-Dawood | Mahdi Samavati - دعاء ام داوود

Tags: Dua  Umm-e-Dawood  |  Mahdi  Samavati  -  دعاء  ام  داوود 

Dua Umm-e-Dawood | Mahdi Samavatiالحاج مهدي سماواتي دعاء ام داوودhttp://www.duas.org/ummedawoodline.htmWho was Umm Dāwūd?She was Fātima, the mother of Dāwūd, a great grandson of the 2nd Imam, Hasan al- Mujtaba (a) and a foster brother of the 6th Imam, Ja'far...

Dua e Kumail - Haram e Imam Hussain AS - Karbala with urdu subtitles HadiTV

Tags: Dua  e  Kumail  -  Haram  e  Imam  Hussain  AS  -  Karbala    with  urdu  subtitles  HadiTV 

This Dua is to be recited on every thursday. It was taught to Kumail Ibn Ziyad a companion of Imam Ali [as] by the Imam [as] himself.Join us:http://www.facebook.com/HadiTV.OfficialPagehttp://www.youtube.com/user/HadiTVonDemand

Haj Shaykh Mehdi Daneshmand - Full Lecture on Imam Hussein -

Tags: Haj  Shaykh  Mehdi  Daneshmand  -  Full  Lecture  on  Imam  Hussein  - 

Amazing Lecture in Farsi/persian by Shaykh Mehdi on Imam Hussein, Lessons from Imam Hussein and the benefits of remembering Imam Hussein

Sorat Alimran Abdulsamad سورة ال عمران عبدالباسط عبدالصمد

Tags: Sorat  Alimran  Abdulsamad  سورة  ال  عمران  عبدالباسط  عبدالصمد 

القران الكريم المرتل الشيخ عبد الباسط عبد الصمد سورة آل عمران (كاملة)هAbdulbasit Abdulsamad sorat alomranالمصدر: موقع الشيخ الدكتور احمد الوائلي قدس سره...

Dua Kumail - Keys to Paradise دعا كميل

Tags: Dua  Kumail  -  Keys  to  Paradise  دعا  كميل 

Keys to Paradise are compilations of the most important, touching and heartfelt dua'as as proscribed by the Ahlulbayt A.S. Broadcasting thrice a day, every day on Ahlulbayt TV with special transmissions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

DUA-E-TAWASSUL (By Haji Mahdi Samavati) Arabic & English Subtitle | rightpathchannel

Tags: DUA-E-TAWASSUL  (By  Haji  Mahdi  Samavati)  Arabic  &  English  Subtitle  |  rightpathchannel 

Imam ZAIN-UL-ABIDEEN a.s Says: "Try to earn a high position in Paradise (Jannah). Remember that highest positions will be given to those who have been most useful to their brothers in faith and who have been most helpful to the needy. Remember there are times when a person says but one good...

Dua-e Kumail With Urdu Translation.

Tags: Dua-e  Kumail  With  Urdu  Translation. 

Her Lamha Wird-e Zaban Bahukum Allah Darood Muhammadi.Allahuma Sale Alaa Muhammadin Wa Aal-e Muhammad.

HADITH-E-KISA (By Haji Mahdi Samavati) | rightpathchannel

Tags: HADITH-E-KISA  (By  Haji  Mahdi  Samavati)  |  rightpathchannel 

Imam ZAIN-UL-ABIDEEN a.s Says: "To spend moderately in times of poverty, give generously in times of luxury, treat people fairly, and greet them initiatively - these manners are within the characters of the believers."For more Dua's, Please visit our playlist of Dua & Ziarat Here!...

Dua Kumayl - Sayyed Waleed al-Mazeedi (Eng Subs) دعاء كميل - وليد المزيدي‬

Tags: Dua  Kumayl  -  Sayyed  Waleed  al-Mazeedi  (Eng  Subs)  دعاء  كميل  -  وليد  المزيدي‬ 

This dua (supplication) is one of the most beautiful duas prescribed by Imam Ali (as). He taught this dua to his companion Kumayl ibn Ziyad (ra) and it is very recommended to recite it on Thursday nights, and also to recite it on the eve of 15th Shabaan.This dua is recited by Sayid Walid Mazidi...

دعای کمیل doa komeil

Tags: دعای  کمیل  doa  komeil 

دعاى کمیل بن زیاد علیه الرحمة و آن از ادعیه معروفه است و علامه مجلسى رحمة الله علیه فرموده که آن بهترین دعاها است و آن دعاى خضر علیه السلام است حضرت امیر المؤمنین...

Amazing DUA!! Sheikh Muhammad Jebril Must Listen!

Tags: Amazing  DUA!!  Sheikh  Muhammad  Jebril  Must  Listen! 

Absolute heart touching dua by Sheikh Muhammad Jebril

Dua Joushan Kabeer - Haaj Taheri - دعاء الجوشن الكبير

Tags: Dua  Joushan  Kabeer  -  Haaj  Taheri    -  دعاء  الجوشن  الكبير 

It has been mentioned in the book, Balad al Amin and the Misbah of Kafami that Imam Ali ibn Hussein [a] related from his father from his grandfather the Propeht of Allah [p] that this supplication was taught to the Prophet of Allah [p] by Jibra'il to the Prophet [p] during one of the battles

Dua Kumail Live arbaeen from Karbala HQ Thursday night (Try to fast 1 of 3 last days of Shabaan)

Tags: Dua  Kumail  Live  arbaeen  from  Karbala  HQ  Thursday  night  (Try  to  fast  1  of  3  last  days  of  Shabaan) 

Imagine what the mothers of those fallen in the Arab Spring or Parichinar will go through this Ramadan. Karbala teaches you humanity (including) through empathy. If you empathised with the mothers of these children when you looked at your own, you would never dream of selling out. Is it not...