FAQ: MTF Post-Op Transexual Orgasm

FAQ: MTF Post-Op Transexual Orgasm

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Effects of Estrogen After 7 Months

Tags: Effects  of  Estrogen  After  7  Months 

UPLOADED: September 3, 2010

UPDATE[Laser, Boobies, Hormones]

Tags: UPDATE[Laser,  Boobies,  Hormones] 

**I have my surgery date set for my SRS, breast aug, and trachea shave... April 9, 2012**to those wondering what size and shape of the implants... I'm getting 550cc's, high profile, silicone gel, under the muscle, inframammary....post-op i should be about a large D-DD

GRWM: From Basic B*tch to Glam

Tags: GRWM:  From  Basic  B*tch  to  Glam 

instagram: aznbarbie8806

Small Haul & Diet Update/Food Vlog 2

Tags: Small  Haul  &  Diet  Update/Food  Vlog  2 

** to skip the haul, go to 05:53.sorry it's delayed, I recorded this video on August 19, 2014, but for some reason when i was trying to convert the file, it kept kicking me out of iMovie....so far i have lost a total of 14lbs :)

Trans-female Orgasm

Tags: Trans-female  Orgasm 

One (of the many) things that I have learned post op is the orgasm is a beautiful thing. In my opinion, a female orgasm is very different from a male orgasm. This difference could be a result of many factors occurring in the mind, body and spirit. I perceive everything differently after surgery....

Indonesia's Transsexual Muslims (Documentary)

  • Length: 27:56
  • Author: VICE

Tags: Indonesia's  Transsexual  Muslims  (Documentary) 

Indonesian transsexuals, or Warias, still feel the urge to practice Islam despite being shunned by Islamic Authorities.We headed to Indonesia to visit the Senin-Kamis School, an Islamic school for Indonesian transsexuals. Our host, Hannah Brooks, meets the school's founder, Maryani, and the rest...

My Transition in Pictures

Tags: My  Transition  in  Pictures 

I said I would do something special for my 100th video. I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is! Consider this a sequel to my original "My Life in Pictures" :)Special thanks to Andy Lewis, author of the soundtrack of this video. Download this song and more from his soundcloud...

Boy to Girl Sex Change Transformation Show - Vol. 1

Tags: Boy  to  Girl  Sex  Change  Transformation  Show    -  Vol.  1 

This is a spoof on a Brazilian transgender transformation show, beautiful girls who were once boys model lingerie, watched by their brothers and mothers (I repeat, this is a spoof - it's not real, guys! Please don't comment that the captions don't match the Brazilian Portuguese commentary - that...

Jeff Beck Guitar Collection

Tags: Jeff  Beck  Guitar  Collection 

Jeff Beck shows off some of his favourite guitars. From "Jeff Beck's Rock'n'Roll Party" great rockabilly swing dvd with Emelda May and her band plus guests. Fixed the sync problem.

Transsexualität - Geboren im falschen Körper (Doku/Dokumentation) HD

Tags: Transsexualität  -  Geboren  im  falschen  Körper  (Doku/Dokumentation)  HD 

http://www.Das-Schnelle-Geld.infoOft spüren Transsexuelle schon als Kind, dass sie im falschen Körper stecken. Der Wunsch das Geschlecht ganz zu ändern manifestiert sich meist in der Pubertät. Die wichtigsten Infos zusammengefasst.Bei Transsexuellen entspricht das körperliche Geschlecht...

Teen Male To Female - From Birth To Now.

Tags: Teen  Male  To  Female  -  From  Birth  To  Now. 

So it only seems right that I make my first video on this channel a transition timeline.I made this video with my iphone, but if this video leads you guys to wanting more then obv course I'll be making them in HD. Feel free to ask anything!Follow my Instagram: ashleeryanrosexox**IF I GET ENOUGH...

My MtF Transition Timeline

Tags: My  MtF  Transition  Timeline 

I short slideshow of my journey from male to female at about 18 months on hormones. See my follow up commentary here: http://youtu.be/9LOL7xhYBdcThere were many videos that I've come across in the past that encouraged me to start my own journey. I hope my video can encourage someone else in the...

Lost in Transgender - ORIGINAL VERSION - By J. Jayson Tagle

Tags: Lost  in  Transgender  -  ORIGINAL  VERSION  -  By  J.  Jayson  Tagle 

IF YOU LIKED THIS THEN CHECK OUT MY NEW FILM: 'Voices from the 25th Hour' on my channel! ^^ and watch out for Mata's cameo in the new film!ALSO CHECK OUT THE NEW 'Lost in Transgender' Film Festival Cut and Extra Bonus Footage! Both on my channel!Please subscribe/like/comment ^^This is the...

Husband and Wife Swap

Tags: Husband  and  Wife  Swap 

Written and produced for the Instant Films 48 hour film festival in June 2009. Starring Jonathan Goldstein, Lena Bouton, and John Mallory Asher.Directed by Hank Jacobs. Produced by Lisamarie Costabile. Written by Paul Plunkett.Director of Photography Rick Davidson.

My Transition

Tags: My  Transition 

Granted, not complete and not shown from the very beginning of my life, but a VAST array of different looks I have experimented with before ending up where I am today. :)

My Transition From Male To Female Timeline

Tags: My  Transition  From  Male  To  Female  Timeline 

My Transition From Male To Female by Alexandra Luiza SantosTransexual Male To Female Transition My Male To Female Transition Alexandra Luiza ...There are pictures of me before and after my transition ... Transgender.Lived as male for 20 Years. But now ... I live as a woman I live as girl...

Believe me now?

Tags: Believe  me  now? 

a youtube user sarahadelle says she has a hard time believeing im transgender and has been harrasing me claiming i am a genetic girl makeing fun of trans women....

Cream - White Room (2005) Live At Royal Albert Hall

Tags: Cream  -  White  Room  (2005)  Live  At  Royal  Albert  Hall 

Please visit the link: *** http://bit.ly/13DeiYX ***Subo este video denuevo, debido a que el audio y el video estaban fuera se sincronizacion en el video anterior, ahora si disfrutemos de este magnifico Trio

A mais bela transexual do Brasil

  • Length: 1:53
  • Author: afpbr

Tags: A  mais  bela  transexual  do  Brasil 

A segunda edição do Miss Transex 2013, concurso de transexuais e travestis, elegeu na noite desta segunda-feira, no Rio de Janeiro, a mais bela transexual do Brasil. A vencedora Raika Ferraz vai representar o país em um concurso internacional que acontece na Tailândia.

Hormone Replacement Therapy " Estrogen " "Transsexual Male 2 Female " Melissa Prime "

Tags: Hormone  Replacement  Therapy  "  Estrogen  "  "Transsexual  Male  2  Female  "  Melissa  Prime  " 

I am Melissa Prime an international TRANSSEXUAL model, showgirl, pageant QUEEN, designer and business woman. Just making a special video tutorial on my hormone shots. I hope you enjoy and may your results be GREAT! Thanks for watching

MTF Transition Time Capsule

Tags: MTF  Transition  Time  Capsule 

MTF transition starting at 40 and showing about 2 years of estrogen effects (music by Brandi Carlile, I own no rights to it)

transexual male to female transition

Tags: transexual  male  to  female  transition 

My transition Video from male to female

Body Feminization Exercises For Transsexuals

Tags: Body  Feminization  Exercises  For  Transsexuals 

For the MTF Women trying to feminize and make her body look more slim and feminine...

KAYHAR - Boy To Girl Timeline & Fix You (Cover)

Tags: KAYHAR  -  Boy  To  Girl  Timeline  &  Fix  You  (Cover) 

**NEW VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXK3cB0jmGo (A Duet With My Former Self)*WEBSITE: http://KAYHAR.comSOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/KAYHAR INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/fire_breathing_unicornFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/FireBreathingUnicorn***DOWNLOAD THIS COVERE FOR FREE:...

A WIfe...Loving a transexual and forgiveness ....our life

Tags: A  WIfe...Loving  a  transexual  and  forgiveness  ....our  life 

A woman married to a transexual. Struggles ... The story... The passion. The funny story! LOL