FAQ: MTF Post-Op Transexual Orgasm

FAQ: MTF Post-Op Transexual Orgasm

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7 Months Post SRS, Breast Aug, Trachea Shave Update

Tags: 7  Months  Post  SRS,  Breast  Aug,  Trachea  Shave  Update 

*my thoughts and opinions have changed quite a bit since this video*Oh... I forgot to tell you the prices of my breast aug and SRS(in USD)* trach shave- $4.5k* Breast Aug- $8-9k* SRS/GRS/GCS- $19-20k

Update: How I'm Healing/Tip For Transgender/Lipstick OTD

Tags: Update:  How  I'm  Healing/Tip  For  Transgender/Lipstick  OTD 

Lipstick:-YSL rouge pur couture #37Nail polish:-ESSIE-- Miami Nice-- A Cut Above-OPI-- Teenage Dream

GRWM: From Basic B*tch to Glam

Tags: GRWM:  From  Basic  B*tch  to  Glam 

instagram: macjunkie88

Updates: car, weightloss, relationship

Tags: Updates:  car,  weightloss,  relationship 

instagram: macjunkie88romper from www.zouzouboutique.com

Trans: Behind the Scene2: Miss Gay & Miss Ts Australia 120211 TsCC

Tags: Trans:  Behind  the  Scene2:  Miss  Gay  &  Miss  Ts  Australia  120211  TsCC 

More gossip and detail of our behind the scene part 2 of Ms Gay & Ms Ts Australia 2012, also include the mid show break as well :) enjoyWe believe More Exposure for Transgender, will bring Better Understanding & Acceptance from the public.This episode related info :THE MS GAY & MS TRANSEXUAL...

The eroticization of M2F transsexuals by heterosexual men (semiotics lecture)

Tags: The  eroticization  of  M2F  transsexuals  by  heterosexual  men  (semiotics  lecture) 

The Eroticization of Transsexuals by [Otherwise] Straight Men(Lecture excerpts)an annual talk I did from 2007 - 2012 in Prof Francis Latchford's class Introduction to Critical Sexualities (2000 level), York University, which combined semiotics with some real life stories and my history as a sex...

Husband and Wife Swap

Tags: Husband  and  Wife  Swap 

Written and produced for the Instant Films 48 hour film festival in June 2009. Starring Jonathan Goldstein, Lena Bouton, and John Mallory Asher.Directed by Hank Jacobs. Produced by Lisamarie Costabile. Written by Paul Plunkett.Director of Photography Rick Davidson.

13 Month Hormone Effects "TRANSGENDER" Before & After

Tags: 13  Month  Hormone  Effects  "TRANSGENDER"  Before  &  After 

Follow me on:SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/spectacularspectacularFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524318912Instagram: http://instagram.com/isleyreustTwitter: https://twitter.com/isleyreust

My Transgendered Story( MtF)

Tags: My  Transgendered  Story(  MtF) 

This Was A Really Hard Video To Make , Surfaced lot Of Old Feelings , BUt It Was It Was The Past and I Over Came All Tht and It Got Better ;)) Plzzz Comment Like, And Subcribe Thnak Youuu ♥Hope You Enjoy ;)Add Me On FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/Cicibabi95Follow Me On Twitter:...

MTF 1 year transition timeline

Tags: MTF  1  year  transition  timeline 

My Transition 8 months on HRT !Like and subscribe =)Note: Some of the pictures came out orange when I uploaded it on here! I swear I don't actually have that skin tone! :Phttps://twitter.com/audrina_hiltonFollow me on Instagram @audrinahilton

male to female transition

Tags: male  to  female  transition 


Mtf transition before and after pics

Tags: Mtf    transition  before  and  after  pics 

My transition over seven months of feminizing and five of the months on hormones!

Hormone Effects MtF

Tags: Hormone  Effects  MtF 

In this video I talk about some of the effects that can be expected as a male to female transitions and what I've experienced. Thank you for your messages and support everyone and if u have ideas for future videos just let me know...^_^"here is some helpful info for transsexuals...its not pretty...

My Transformation

Tags: My  Transformation 

I don't own any rights to this song whatsoever.This video took a lot of time, effort, and courage to make. It is just me trying to send a message. That sexuality isn't just defined as male or female, because sometimes theres something in between. I am not just a girl, or just a boy. I am both and...

Teen Male To Female - From Birth To Now.

Tags: Teen  Male  To  Female  -  From  Birth  To  Now. 

So it only seems right that I make my first video on this channel a transition timeline.I made this video with my iphone, but if this video leads you guys to wanting more then obv course I'll be making them in HD. Feel free to ask anything!Follow my Instagram: ashleeryanrosexox**IF I GET ENOUGH...

Trans-female Orgasm

Tags: Trans-female  Orgasm 

One (of the many) things that I have learned post op is the orgasm is a beautiful thing. In my opinion, a female orgasm is very different from a male orgasm. This difference could be a result of many factors occurring in the mind, body and spirit. I perceive everything differently after surgery....

11 top tips for dating a transgendered mtf hetero woman

Tags: 11  top  tips  for  dating  a  transgendered  mtf  hetero  woman 

Lea needs your help: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-lea-fight-her-undiagnosed-mystery-illness/241359Contact me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Mead0wLea**Sorry about my poor reading skills.. it was too early in the morning to be reading to the public**This is a video log...

My Transition in Pictures

Tags: My  Transition  in  Pictures 

I said I would do something special for my 100th video. I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is! Consider this a sequel to my original "My Life in Pictures" :)Special thanks to Andy Lewis, author of the soundtrack of this video. Download this song and more from his soundcloud...



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Tags: SRS  MTF.mov 

Brief clip with animation showing MTF surgical procedure

Boy to Girl Sex Change Transformation Show - Vol. 1

Tags: Boy  to  Girl  Sex  Change  Transformation  Show    -  Vol.  1 

This is a spoof on a Brazilian transgender transformation show, beautiful girls who were once boys model lingerie, watched by their brothers and mothers (I repeat, this is a spoof - it's not real, guys! Please don't comment that the captions don't match the Brazilian Portuguese commentary - that...

Indonesia's Transsexual Muslims (Documentary)

  • Length: 27:56
  • Author: VICE

Tags: Indonesia's  Transsexual  Muslims  (Documentary) 

Indonesian transsexuals, or Warias, still feel the urge to practice Islam despite being shunned by Islamic Authorities.We headed to Indonesia to visit the Senin-Kamis School, an Islamic school for Indonesian transsexuals. Our host, Hannah Brooks, meets the school's founder, Maryani, and the rest...

Boy To Girl Transformation (Dark Goth Fishy Look)

Tags: Boy  To  Girl  Transformation  (Dark  Goth  Fishy  Look) 

Enjoy ! Please Excuse The Light Foundation , lol i got darker ! oh and that nasty burn on my arm , thats from the salt and ice challenge

Body Feminization Exercises For Transsexuals

Tags: Body  Feminization  Exercises  For  Transsexuals 

For the MTF Women trying to feminize and make her body look more slim and feminine...