iPod Nano (2010) Review!

iPod Nano (2010) Review!

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iPod Nano (2010) Review!Giving a full review of the first touchscreen only iPod Nano from Apple. Is it worth the money?TechnoBuffalo:http://technobuffalo.com/Follow me on twitter:http://cuthut.com/0iPod Nano (2010) ReviewiPod Nano (2010) ReviewiPod Nano (2010) ReviewiPod Nano (2010) Review

ipod  nano  (2010)  review! 

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iPod Nano Features Overview (5G)

Tags: iPod  Nano  Features  Overview  (5G) 

TechnoBuffalo:http://technobuffalo.com/Follow me on twitter:http://cuthut.com/0

Playstation Move Vs. Wii Remote

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Playstation Move Vs. Wii Remote (Motion Plus)Comparing the Playstation 3's Move motion controller and the Nintendo Wii Remote.TechnoBuffalo:http://technobuffalo.com/Follow me on twitter:http://cuthut.com/0Playstation Move (PS3) Vs. Nintendo Wii RemotePlaystation Move (PS3) Vs. Nintendo Wii...

Playstation Move Unboxing

Tags: Playstation  Move  Unboxing 

The motion control wars are here, and the Nintendo Wii is no longer the only game in town. The Playstation Move for the PS3 (Playstation 3) ushers in a new era of gaming, with true one to one motion sensing, and controller that looks like an ice cream cone! I'm extremely curious to see how this...

iPod Touch (2010) Review: Everything You Need to Know

Tags: iPod  Touch  (2010)  Review:  Everything  You  Need  to  Know 

Giving a full review of the 2010 iPod Touch by Apple. TechnoBuffalo:http://technobuffalo.com/Follow me on twitter:http://cuthut.com/0iPod Touch (2010) ReviewiPod Touch (2010) ReviewiPod Touch (2010) ReviewiPod Touch (2010) Review

Apple iPod nano 6G (2011) Update: Demo

Tags: Apple  iPod  nano  6G  (2011)  Update:  Demo 

In Memory of Steve Jobs: You inspire everything I do now and forever. You'll be missed!The "new" iPod nano is cheaper and has been updated with new software that adds bigger icons, new clock faces, and better Nike+ integration. This is a quick demo of what's new and how you can update your...

Review of the iPod Nano as a Watch

Tags: Review  of  the  iPod  Nano  as  a  Watch 

Christian Cantrell reviews the iPod Nano as a watch for Watch Report. Check out the complete review at http://www.watchreport.com/2010/09/does-the-ipod-nano-make-a-good-watch.html

Apple iPod Nano 6th generation: Unboxing and Review

Tags: Apple  iPod  Nano  6th  generation:  Unboxing  and  Review 

This is the unboxing and review of the brand new 2010 iPod nano 8gb model.FEATURES: Touch screen with multi-touch ability to rotate the screenGenius featureRadioPodcastNike+ connectivity

Apple Music Special Event 2005-The iPod Nano Introduction

Tags: Apple  Music  Special  Event  2005-The  iPod  Nano  Introduction 

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever iPod Nano.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2010 (4th Generation): Unboxing and Demo

Tags: Apple  iPod  Shuffle  2010  (4th  Generation):  Unboxing  and  Demo 

This is an unboxing and demo of the 4th generation iPod Shuffle introduced in September 2010.Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/tFhOxm

Apple iPod nano 2010 (6th Generation): Unboxing and Demo

Tags: Apple  iPod  nano  2010  (6th  Generation):  Unboxing  and  Demo 

In this video I unbox, demo, and compare the newest iPod nano to it's predecessors.Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/rYp52o

The iWatch: Apple iPod nano 6G Wrist Watch Setup

Tags: The  iWatch:  Apple  iPod  nano  6G  Wrist  Watch  Setup 

In this video I show you how to configure the Apple iPod nano 6G as a wrist watch.

Apple September 2010 Music Event-The iPod Nano Touch

Tags: Apple  September  2010  Music  Event-The  iPod  Nano  Touch 

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever iPod Nano with a touch interface.

Apple iPod Nano 6th Gen Update 1.2 Review

Tags: Apple  iPod  Nano  6th  Gen  Update  1.2  Review 

This update is a week or so old but this is the first time I've actually had time to sit down and review the new clock faces and features the new iPod update has.A quick review via text of the update-Has new clock faces cover a plentiful of designs-Features a new workout mode counting steps and...

Apple iPod nano (7th Generation): Unboxing & Review

Tags: Apple  iPod  nano  (7th  Generation):  Unboxing  &  Review 

Unboxing and Review of the new iPod nano 7th Generation.$149Apple: http://goo.gl/rPfdkEarPod Review: http://youtu.be/pNZ4-kWBt_cSpecs:Capacity: 16GBDisplay: 2.5" LCD 240 x 432 (202 PPI)Battery: Music playback time: Up to 30 hours when fully chargedVideo playback time: Up to 3.5 hours when fully...

Fake Apple iPod Touch Review

Tags: Fake  Apple  iPod  Touch  Review 

It's one thing to make a 3rd party MP3/MP4 player and have it look sort of similar to an iPod, but to rip-off the interface and go as far as putting the Apple logo on it... now that's just low.Kevin's channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/kevinminwooyiFollow me on Twitter!...

i'm Watch Official Info Trailer

Tags: i'm  Watch  Official  Info  Trailer 

Lots of people are saying "how the apps function" in my other video, so I am going to show you a trailer full of info of the i'm watch.The official I'm watch website:http://www.imsmart.com/enI DO NOT own anything from this video

iPod Nano (2010) first hands-on! [HD]

Tags: iPod  Nano  (2010)  first  hands-on!  [HD] 

Here it is, the new (and completely redesigned) iPod nano. Super thin, super light, and really, the capacitive multitouch works very well. The screen is crisp and top menu navigation is smooth, but can't say we have great feel for moving back out of sub menus (via swipe or holding down the...

Apple iPod Nano (Sixth Generation)

  • Length: 3:49
  • Author: CNET

Tags: Apple  iPod  Nano  (Sixth  Generation) 

The sixth generation of the iPod Nano is the smallest yet, but it comes at the expense of valuable features and practical controls--and there's no reduction in price.CNET TV Link:http://cnettv.cnet.com/apple-ipod-nano-6th-gen/9742-1_53-50092570.html

New iWatch Unboxing

Tags: New  iWatch  Unboxing 

The New unannounced 2010 Apple iWatch is here! iPod and Watch all in one!Twitter: http://twitter.com/soldierknowbestWebsite: http://soldierknowsbest.comiPod Nano Review (6G): http://tinyurl.com/2wh52kxiWatch UnboxingiWatch UnboxingiWatch Unboxing

LunaTik Lynk for iPod Nano - Multi Touch watch

Tags: LunaTik  Lynk  for  iPod  Nano  -  Multi  Touch  watch 

The LunaTik Lynk is a jacket for iPod Nano, Here show you how to assembly the LunaTik with your iPod Nano. It become easy after watch this.For more ,visit http://www.1digitalonline.com/pd--p-12321-a-0-ex-0-pn-LunaTik-LYNK-Blackout---Multi-Touch-watch-(for-iPod-Nano).htmlContact us:Line ID:...

POV DIY Nano Ipod Power Button Repair

Tags: POV  DIY  Nano  Ipod  Power  Button  Repair 

Point of View in real time of fixing a Nano Ipod power button. The power button needed a shiv replaced because of a poor factory build. This video is NOT a how to but more of a what you're in for when you go to replace your Nano Ipod power button.WARNING:: There are a lot of little parts in...

iPod Nano 6th Generation Unboxing and Review

Tags: iPod  Nano  6th  Generation  Unboxing  and  Review 

My Complete High Definition Unboxing and Review video of the newly released 6G 6th Generation iPod Nano . This new iPod Nano 6G loses some of it's own video features for a MUCH smaller size and multitouch display, but will those sacrifices be worth it? Watch to find out, and be sure to...

New iPod Nano 6G (Multi-Touch Screen) from Apple's September 1st Live Event (Gizmodo)

Tags: New  iPod  Nano  6G  (Multi-Touch  Screen)  from  Apple's  September  1st  Live  Event  (Gizmodo) 

Watch the press release of the new iPod Touch 4th generation, the new AppleTV, and the new iPod Shuffle 4th generation also found in my channel! Steve Job's demonstration of the new iPod Nano 6th generation from the newest Apple live event that took place on September 1st. The scroll wheel and...

New iPod Nano (2010) Unboxing

Tags: New  iPod  Nano  (2010)  Unboxing 

Unboxing the brand new iPod Nano (2010). This tiny device features a touchscreen, multi-touch, FM radio, Genius playlist, and more. Twitter: http://twitter.com/soldierknowbestWebsite: http://soldierknowsbest.comiPod Shuffle Unboxing (6G): http://tinyurl.com/289h87riPod Touch Unboxing (4G):...

Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation 2010 Review

Tags: Apple  iPod  Nano  6th  Generation  2010  Review 

The Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation was launched in September 2010. Gone is the click wheel and video capability. This time around we get a tiny 1.5-inch touch screen. Check out my review to see how it performs.Useful LinksSupplied by: http://www.apple.com/Sponsor: http://www.mymemory.com/YouTube...