Kay Tse performed "Talking To A Stone Buddha" by SMCH.What a amazing song!

Kay Tse performed "Talking To A Stone Buddha" by SMCH.What a amazing song!

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kay  tse  performed  "talking  to  a  stone  buddha"  by  smch.what  a  amazing  song! 

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Talking to a Stone Buddha

Tags: Talking  to  a  Stone  Buddha 

[Hallo Buddha] Kay Tse from HongKong, in Loving the Silent Tears

Tags: [Hallo  Buddha]  Kay  Tse  from  HongKong,  in  Loving  the  Silent  Tears 

Hallo Buddha, Why do you cryIn your stone heart, how much desire?Why do your tears stream down the sea?Why give your love to the pebble?Oh Buddha, oh Buddha,Why did you leave Nirvana?What is here to search for?Endless pain or sorrow?Oh Buddha, oh Buddha,Hurry now, leave Samsara!Back to where no...

Loving the Silent Tears Ho Quynh Huong YouTube

Tags: Loving  the  Silent  Tears  Ho  Quynh  Huong      YouTube 

Một phần trình diễn hết sức tuyệt vời trong 1 vở nhạc kịch được đầu tư quy mô trong một chương trình đầy ý nghĩa mang tầm quốc tế tại USA 10/2012

[VOD] 2012.10.27 Brian Joo in 침묵의 눈물을 사랑하며(Loving the Silent Tears)

Tags: [VOD]  2012.10.27  Brian  Joo  in  침묵의  눈물을  사랑하며(Loving  the  Silent  Tears) 

2012.10.27 LA에서 열린 뮤지컬 침묵의 눈물을 사랑하여, 생중계 영상화질도 별로고 중간에 한번 놓쳤지만, 음질은 높였어요.브라이언님의 노래를 듣는 것만으로도 좋았담니다. ^^고화질로 보고 싶네요 ㅠㅠ

謝安琪 Kay Tse - Talking to a Stone Buddha (Chinese) [CD verison]

Tags: 謝安琪  Kay  Tse  -  Talking  to  a  Stone  Buddha  (Chinese)  [CD  verison] 

Loving the Silent Tears

Brian Joo in "Loving the Silent Tears"

Tags: Brian  Joo  in  "Loving  the  Silent  Tears" 

Duet with Brian & Heather Park, performed at the Shrine Auditorium in LA in a new musical based on the works of Supreme Master Ching Hai of Quan Yin Method.

Kay Tse intervew at the Premiere of Loving the Silent Tears Musical

Tags: Kay  Tse  intervew  at  the  Premiere  of  Loving  the  Silent  Tears  Musical 

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The Ocean Of Love - Music & Lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Tags: The  Ocean  Of  Love  -  Music  &  Lyrics  by  Supreme  Master  Ching  Hai 

The Ocean Of Love - Music & Lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Let's Take Each Other's Hand

Tags: Let's  Take  Each  Other's  Hand 

This beautiful composition of world-renown musician, 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha, was performed at the prestigious Shrine Auditorium on October 27th, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA, USA.Enjoy this beautiful song one more time!*************************************************Loving the Silent Tears is a...

謝安琪 - 港女的幸福星期日 (東莞红牛不插電演唱會)

Tags: 謝安琪  -  港女的幸福星期日  (東莞红牛不插電演唱會) 

謝安琪 - 港女的幸福星期日2012-11-03 東莞红牛不插電演唱會

Zen Koan - Hui-neng's flag

Tags: Zen  Koan  -  Hui-neng's  flag 

Polska strona z naukami Adyashantiegohttp://www.facebook.com/adya.polska

謝安琪(Kay Tse) - 最好的時刻 (KKBOX CD Version)

Tags: 謝安琪(Kay  Tse)  -  最好的時刻  (KKBOX  CD  Version) 

狄更斯既小說"雙城記" 背景係法國大革命 (1789 - 1799) 當時既巴黎同倫敦. 法國大革命係一個農民/工人階級反對封建君主專制, 反對貴族享有特權 (包括投票權和稅制), 支持自由,平等,民主既制度,...

Loving the Silent Tears - Rehearsing with the Stars

Tags: Loving  the  Silent  Tears  -  Rehearsing  with  the  Stars 

As October 27th draws near, the stars and ensemble have been rehearsing non-stop! Can you feel the excitement? The Loving the Silent Tears album is now available at: http://www.silenttearsmusical.com/store"May each one find his peace."Find Your Peace at http://www.SilentTearsMusical.comShare Your...

Gary Yourofsky - End Animal Murder NOW

Tags: Gary  Yourofsky  -  End  Animal  Murder  NOW 

Link to related topic;Vegetarian/Vegan Elitehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF5fPX47UdUDo Animals have Soul?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0TZsDj1BTUWhy is American Milk Banned in 27 Countries?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gQT5PWRvwkLink of Recent Disasters to Animal Slaughter - Evidence of...

Tony-nominated Director of Loving the Silent Tears: Vincent Paterson PART 2

Tags: Tony-nominated  Director  of  Loving  the  Silent  Tears:  Vincent  Paterson  PART  2 

Choreographer/Director Vincent Paterson has collaborated with the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. Let's see what he has to say about his latest project: "Loving the Silent Tears: A New Musical." (PART 2 of 2)"May each one find his peace."Loving the Silent Tears: A New MusicalOnly on October...

The Lake House-Time After Time

Tags: The  Lake  House-Time  After  Time 

I love The Lake House, but I didn't put a lot of effort into the first one, I made it in a hurry, I spent longer on this and it could be a lot better, I wanted to incude some quotes, but its converted in spanish :S

Kay Tse 謝安琪【載我走】 MV

Tags: Kay  Tse  謝安琪【載我走】  MV 


The Secrets of Venus (1/14)

Tags: The  Secrets  of  Venus  (1/14) 

http://SupremeMasterTV.com • BMD1101; Aired on 19 九月 2009In this intriguing discussion with Supreme Master Television staff, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed the history of Venus and the main cause for the destruction of Venus, sourced from the hidden Galaxy Record Library. Was Venus ever...

Supreme Master Ching Hai - The Path Of Devotion

Tags: Supreme  Master  Ching  Hai  -  The  Path  Of  Devotion 

For more info, please visit.http:/SupremeMasterTv.com "A Master is one who has the key for you to become a Master...to help you realize that you are also a Master and that you and God are also One. That's all...that's the only role of the Master."-Supreme Master Ching Hai"Our path is not a...

Tom Campbell MBT Forum March 2011 Pt 5/5

Tags: Tom  Campbell  MBT  Forum  March  2011  Pt  5/5 

Tom Campbell's My Big TOE forum has some of the most advanced information and discussions on our existence and our roles in this life available anywhere.In March 2011, many of his forum contributors came together in Charlotte, NC for the first time to ask questions of Tom in person. The result is...