Kay Tse performed "Talking To A Stone Buddha" by SMCH.What a amazing song!

Kay Tse performed "Talking To A Stone Buddha" by SMCH.What a amazing song!

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kay  tse  performed  "talking  to  a  stone  buddha"  by  smch.what  a  amazing  song! 

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The Real Love Musical and Don Mclean Concert part 4 of 12

Tags: The  Real  Love  Musical  and  Don  Mclean  Concert  part  4  of  12 

Part 4Amazing 2-part concert in Pasadena I attended last year.

Thỏ Và Rùa - Thúy Nga - Ca Nhạc Thiếu Nhi

Tags: Thỏ    Rùa  -  Thúy  Nga  -  Ca  Nhạc  Thiếu  Nhi 

Ca nhạc thiếu nhi xuc xac xuc xe be bao an nhac thieu nhi vui nhon be bao an be chut chit Tiếng trống trường em Kênh Nhạc Thiếu Nhi Kenh Nhac Thieu Nhi Thỏ và Rùa Nhạc Thiếu Nhi 2012 Ca Nha Thuong Nhau Thúy Nga Nhạc Thiếu Nhi Nhac Thieu Nhi Kênh Thiếu Nhi Nhac Xuan...

Hello Buddha(Talking to a Stone Buddha)

Tags: Hello  Buddha(Talking  to  a  Stone  Buddha) 


Brian Joo in "Loving the Silent Tears"

Tags: Brian  Joo  in  "Loving  the  Silent  Tears" 

Duet with Brian & Heather Park, performed at the Shrine Auditorium in LA in a new musical based on the works of Supreme Master Ching Hai of Quan Yin Method.

talking to a stone Buddha 3 - Ching Hai ' picture

Tags: talking  to  a  stone  Buddha  3  -  Ching  Hai  '  picture 

new picture 2013

謝安琪 Kay Tse - Talking to a Stone Buddha (Chinese) [CD verison]

Tags: 謝安琪  Kay  Tse  -  Talking  to  a  Stone  Buddha  (Chinese)  [CD  verison] 

Loving the Silent Tears

The Ocean Of Love - Music & Lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Tags: The  Ocean  Of  Love  -  Music  &  Lyrics  by  Supreme  Master  Ching  Hai 

The Ocean Of Love - Music & Lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Kay Tse in "Loving the Silent Tears"

Tags: Kay  Tse  in  "Loving  the  Silent  Tears" 

Kay performed at the Shrine Auditorium in LA in a new musical based on the works of Supreme Master Ching Hai of Quan Yin Method. I didn't even realise she was in the musical so it was a pleasant surprise!EDIT: Song is called 'Talking To A Stone Buddha' ~ thanks to the user that told me!


Tags: (完整版)愛喲我的媽!!!-2012-07-011-破解!外星人留下來的麥田圈訊息疑雲 

主題:破解!外星人留下來的麥田圈訊息疑雲官方Facebook : www.facebook.com/ohmymom26來賓:王尹平,眭澔平,馬西屏,黃朝明

Quen Mot Loi The

Tags: Quen  Mot  Loi  The 

Nguyen Thang

Loving the Silent Tears - Rehearsing with the Stars

Tags: Loving  the  Silent  Tears  -  Rehearsing  with  the  Stars 

As October 27th draws near, the stars and ensemble have been rehearsing non-stop! Can you feel the excitement? The Loving the Silent Tears album is now available at: http://www.silenttearsmusical.com/store"May each one find his peace."Find Your Peace at http://www.SilentTearsMusical.comShare Your...

Indian Spiritual Guru @ TED India 2009 - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Tags: Indian  Spiritual  Guru  @  TED  India  2009  -  Sadhguru  Jaggi  Vasudev 

Story of his enlightenment, his mission. At the INK Conference in association with TED at Mysore.

Kay Tse intervew at the Premiere of Loving the Silent Tears Musical

Tags: Kay  Tse  intervew  at  the  Premiere  of  Loving  the  Silent  Tears  Musical 

WATCH POPSTOPTV News LIVE! SHOW on (KILM Channel 64 Los Angeles) or online http://FilmON.tv or your mobile device at http://filmonla.com then download the FilmonTV App show is every TUESDAY and THURSDAY at 2pm - 3pm PST.CABLE Channels: (search keyword: PopStop)FIOS ch.20, AT&T UVERSE ch.64,...

Gary Yourofsky - End Animal Murder NOW

Tags: Gary  Yourofsky  -  End  Animal  Murder  NOW 

Link to related topic;Vegetarian/Vegan Elitehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF5fPX47UdUDo Animals have Soul?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0TZsDj1BTUWhy is American Milk Banned in 27 Countries?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gQT5PWRvwkLink of Recent Disasters to Animal Slaughter - Evidence of...

Live Up to Humans' Real Standard - Part 1

Tags: Live  Up  to  Humans'  Real  Standard  -  Part  1 

A preview of part 1 of the latest video conference with Supreme Master Hai. The air date of the full episode is Sunday, January 6th. Please tune in at http://SupremeMasterTV.com .

Kay Tse 謝安琪【載我走】 MV

Tags: Kay  Tse  謝安琪【載我走】  MV 


Dream in the Night!

Tags: Dream  in  the  Night! 

A Dream in the Night performed by the multi talented Spiritual Teacher from the Himalayas The Supreme Master Ching Hai.Please Enjoy For more info go to www.supremeMasterTv.com

The Women's Meditation Tradition in Tibet

Tags: The  Women's  Meditation  Tradition  in  Tibet 

Google Tech TalkJune 11, 2010ABSTRACTPresented by The Venerable Wangdrak Rinpoche.The Venerable Wangdrak Rinpoche is a native Tibetan and overseer of Gebchak Gonpa, which is the largest Buddhist nunnery in Tibet. Rinpoche will be speaking about the cultural and spiritual role of women meditators...

謝安琪 - 港女的幸福星期日 (東莞红牛不插電演唱會)

Tags: 謝安琪  -  港女的幸福星期日  (東莞红牛不插電演唱會) 

謝安琪 - 港女的幸福星期日2012-11-03 東莞红牛不插電演唱會

New Vibration in 2013

Tags: New  Vibration  in  2013 

An initiated experienced a new vibration begin 2013, people will eat less and meditate more to be suitable with the new faster vibration of the Earth in order to be uplifted higher; otherwise those who can not catch up with the faster and finer vibration, will be screened out. [Excerpt from the...