How to Build an Air Gun

How to Build an Air Gun

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How to build an air gun using common materials like PVC pipe, a ball pump and an empty water bottle.

how  to  build  an  air  gun 

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How to Make a Paintball Gun

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Paintball  Gun 

Channel - - this video Alex shows how to make a single-shot paintball gun using plumbing parts and a soda bottle. Its fast and easy like all videos from YodaProductionsSEE...

How a Tippmann A5 Works

Tags: How  a  Tippmann  A5  Works 

This is an animation video of how a Tippmann A5 paintball marker operates internally. The X7 blowback, 98 Custom, Alpha Black, Project Salvo, and Carver One are all similarly designed and can use this illustration.I hope it provides a foundation for a basic understanding of the marker. I'll be...

How an Airsoft gun works

Tags: How  an  Airsoft  gun  works 


Homemade Compressed air BB machine gun 2

Tags: Homemade  Compressed  air  BB  machine  gun  2

ᴴᴰ Homemade Air gun shooting to all kinds of things [ 5.5 mm ,cal .22 ]

Tags: ᴴᴰ  Homemade    Air  gun  shooting  to  all  kinds  of  things    [  5.5  mm  ,cal  .22  ] 

Homemade air gun made with a modified electric valve,a polyethylene tank and a butt designed by me.The tank pressure is about 13 bar (190 PSI)/// /MORE POWERFUL THAN SOME MARKET CARABINES ////Ask me anything you do not understand about the rifle.

Homemade Air Powered Sniper Rifle Overview

Tags: Homemade  Air  Powered  Sniper  Rifle  Overview 

Sniper Rifle Overview

Air Gun Mechanics

Tags: Air  Gun  Mechanics 

This is a basic concept model for an Air gun I created in maya.

How to Make a Full Auto Airsoft Gun - Simple

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Full  Auto  Airsoft  Gun  -  Simple 

Instructional video showing how to make a FULL AUTO airsoft gun! This is a very simple project but is quite powerful. SUBSCRIBE!!!!

How to Make a Potato Launcher

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Potato  Launcher 

!!!Before asking a question look for answers in the comments section!!!You can get a spark generator at any hardware store!!!We used gum-out cleaner, or starting fluid.Ohio University TCOM 240 Non-FictionBarrel Video Productions, LLCLucas Eichar TIm Nick and Zak

PCP Air Rifle Mechanism

Tags: PCP  Air  Rifle  Mechanism 

This 3d video show the mechanism of the side cocking lever pcp air rifles, it is not mine but i found it in another language and i want to share it with you.

Homemade Silenced Metal Airgun

Tags: Homemade  Silenced  Metal  Airgun 

This is my little brass and steel gun.It is capable of 300psi and more but that high pressure makes no sense with a silencer of this volume.The range of 110-70psi is a compromise between power and noise reduction.I have a small compressor, so every shot means a 10psi drop of pressure.The darts...

Devon AirGunner June Air Rifle Rabbit Hunt Weihrauch HW100 Scopecam

Tags: Devon  AirGunner  June  Air  Rifle  Rabbit  Hunt  Weihrauch  HW100  Scopecam 

An evening shooting with my Weihrauch HW100 air rifle. Taking control of the local pests.

Launching Lead - PVC Air Gun - Part 4 - with Hornady Muzzleloader Bullets!

Tags: Launching  Lead  -  PVC  Air  Gun  -  Part  4  -  with  Hornady  Muzzleloader  Bullets! 

If you don't care about all of the technical details skip ahead to 6:43 to see the shooting.In this Part 4 of my ongoing PVC gun series I have 3 significant upgrades to try out - a reinforced barrel, periscope sight, & some serious ammo.

How to make a homemade nerf air gun

Tags: How  to  make  a  homemade  nerf  air  gun 

A quick tutorial on how to make your own nerf gun.

fusil casero harol garcia

Tags: fusil  casero  harol  garcia 

Homemade Compressed "Air Rifle".

Tags: Homemade  Compressed  "Air  Rifle". 

This is my homemade compressed "Air Rifle" shooting Blowgun darts. This simple unit is very powerful, and was made from a fire extinguisher and other easy to find materials.

How to Make a High Powered Air gun

Tags: How  to  Make  a  High  Powered  Air  gun 

Channel - - Take 2 Seconds to FAV and Like, it helps us out ALOT!!!.How to Make a High Powered Air gun - YodaProductionsIn this video, Alex shows you his Air...

Home Made Air Rifle Complete TUTORIAL and QEV valve

Tags: Home  Made  Air  Rifle  Complete  TUTORIAL    and  QEV  valve 

NEW shotgun'm italian so please understand my english :)my italian channel is these video i will show you step by step how to buila air rifle,. usinga QEV valve.quick exaust valve

Slow Motion Rat Hunting #17

Tags: Slow  Motion  Rat  Hunting  #17 

The rats are invading! Their numbers have been increasing lately, more and more have been coming to feed on the bird food. They can give birth to 7 youngsters every 21 days and can carry a number of diseases - so they are not welcome in the garden! They could be poisoned, but as there are other...

World's Most Powerful Marshmallow Gun -- How To Make Your Own

Tags: World's  Most  Powerful  Marshmallow  Gun  --  How  To  Make  Your  Own How I built my single-action barrel sealing piston valve air gun. This gun shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger and really exceeds the power and velocity that one would reasonably want to shoot marshmallows at. Please don't build one with the idea of using it for...

PVC Deadly Nerf Air Gun - Part 2 - DIY Tutorial Build & Demo

Tags: PVC  Deadly  Nerf  Air  Gun  -  Part  2  -  DIY  Tutorial  Build  &  Demo 

Based on my original "PVC Deadly Nerf Dart Blowgun", this video takes that relatively simple project and ups the ante considerably. By utilizing a 4" by 12" PVC air reservoir, much more air pressure can be delivered to the Nerf darts than a pair of lungs could hope to. An old Ryobi cordless...

How to Make AirGun | Improvised weapons

Tags: How  to  Make  AirGun  |  Improvised  weapons 

How to Make AirGun. Improvised weapons

How to Make a Ball Valve Air Cannon (Under $30)

  • Length: 4:37
  • Author: TSRAA

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Ball  Valve  Air  Cannon  (Under  $30) 

The tutorial shown in this video is about the PVC cannon video uploaded a while ago. So many people wanted me to make a tutorial, that I decided this would be the first. Here it is.This was the first video that took longer than 1 hour to edit and upload to Youtube. In fact, it took more than 8...

Top 5 Guns For Home Defense

Tags: Top  5  Guns  For  Home  Defense 

CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE!http://www.iraqveteran8888.com YouTube Hotline: (770)692-9326Moss Pawn and Gun6382 Old Dixie HwyJonesboro, GA, 30236Like us on Facebook: us on...