How to Build an Air Gun

How to Build an Air Gun

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How to build an air gun using common materials like PVC pipe, a ball pump and an empty water bottle.

how  to  build  an  air  gun 

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air gun

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This is a gun I built out of pvc pipe and shoots almost any thing. I also can up with the desine.

Homemade Air powered Sniper Rifle

Tags: Homemade    Air  powered  Sniper  Rifle 

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Homemade Advanced Air Gun (Sniper Rifle)

Tags: Homemade  Advanced  Air  Gun  (Sniper  Rifle) 

Okay, a lot of dislikes because of the guitar,The guitar was like $15, a cheap walmart kind of guitar. Useless, broken and I've had it for years. I would have thrown it away anyway, it was broken and I wasn't able to play it anymore.Part 1: 400 FPS with...

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PCP Air Rifle Mechanism

Tags: PCP  Air  Rifle  Mechanism 

This 3d video show the mechanism of the side cocking lever pcp air rifles, it is not mine but i found it in another language and i want to share it with you.

How to Make a Paintball Gun

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Paintball  Gun 

Channel - - this video Alex shows how to make a single-shot paintball gun using plumbing parts and a soda bottle. Its fast and easy like all videos from YodaProductionsSEE...

How To Make Air Gun Homemade Weapon

Tags: How  To  Make  Air  Gun  Homemade  Weapon 

How To Make Air Gun Homemade Weapon.

Homemade PVC Gun - Not A Toy!

Tags: Homemade  PVC  Gun  -  Not  A  Toy! 

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? I present to you the C602-1 This homemade combustible PVC firearm is not a toy and can do some real damage. Made entirely from PVC and a cheap BBQ clicker Total cost was around $23 USD

How an Airsoft gun works

Tags: How  an  Airsoft  gun  works 


home made airgun

Tags: home  made  airgun 

the best airgun gotchyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Homemade Air Powered Sniper Rifle Overview

Tags: Homemade  Air  Powered  Sniper  Rifle  Overview 

Sniper Rifle Overview

Air Gun Mechanics

Tags: Air  Gun  Mechanics 

This is a basic concept model for an Air gun I created in maya.

PVC Deadly Nerf Air Gun - Part 2 - DIY Tutorial Build & Demo

Tags: PVC  Deadly  Nerf  Air  Gun  -  Part  2  -  DIY  Tutorial  Build  &  Demo 

Based on my original "PVC Deadly Nerf Dart Blowgun", this video takes that relatively simple project and ups the ante considerably. By utilizing a 4" by 12" PVC air reservoir, much more air pressure can be delivered to the Nerf darts than a pair of lungs could hope to. An old Ryobi cordless...

Homemade Air powered Sniper Rifle- Version 2

Tags: Homemade  Air  powered  Sniper  Rifle-  Version  2 

The Full Video- Version 2

World's Most Powerful Marshmallow Gun -- How To Make Your Own

Tags: World's  Most  Powerful  Marshmallow  Gun  --  How  To  Make  Your  Own How I built my single-action barrel sealing piston valve air gun. This gun shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger and really exceeds the power and velocity that one would reasonably want to shoot marshmallows at. Please don't build one with the idea of using it for...

Make Ninja Darts for the Lighter Mini Cannon

Tags: Make  Ninja  Darts  for  the  Lighter  Mini  Cannon 

If you have not seen my lighter hack, How to Make a Mini Cannon from a Lighter, click here: darts are certainly not complicated to make, but they bring a whole new level of entertainment to the Lighter Mini Cannon. You'll be shooting flies out of...

DIY Airgun - Bull-pup

Tags: DIY  Airgun  -  Bull-pup 

Video of my bull-pup project, still lacking a proper stock, trigger guard and trigger... .177cal.

How to make a QEV

Tags: How  to  make  a  QEV 

How to make a 1/2 QEVMaterial: 1/2 T, 1/4 QD, 1/2 to 1/4 reducerHow to make a semi-auto airgun with a QEV: to make a piston: to make a pilot for QEV: me on...

How to make a homemade nerf air gun

Tags: How  to  make  a  homemade  nerf  air  gun 

A quick tutorial on how to make your own nerf gun.

Airgun with XRV

Tags: Airgun  with  XRV 

This isn't an animation-related video.. it's more about what I do with my free time. I've got some simple animation in here though, so I hope you enjoy, either way :DIn this video I made for Instructables, I demonstrate how I built an airgun complete with my own design for an explosive...

How to Make a High Powered Air gun

Tags: How  to  Make  a  High  Powered  Air  gun 

Channel - - Take 2 Seconds to FAV and Like, it helps us out ALOT!!!.How to Make a High Powered Air gun - YodaProductionsIn this video, Alex shows you his Air...

Air Compressed Marshmallow Gun

Tags: Air  Compressed  Marshmallow  Gun 

Hey guys I have been building tons of air powered guns this summer. This gun is powered by compressed air, and can shoot marshmallows, Nerf darts, and Airsoft BB's. If you would like to build your own I have a tutorial on my site.

Tutorial Air Gun (QEV)

Tags: Tutorial  Air  Gun  (QEV) 

Montagem e Funcionamento da QEV

How To Make An Exploding Air Rifle Pellet With Matches

Tags: How  To  Make  An  Exploding  Air  Rifle  Pellet  With  Matches 

How to make an Air Rifle pellet that explodes upon impact. ***BE CAREFUL WHEN CRUSHING THE MATCH HEADS*** Wear SAFETY GLASSES and HEARING PROTECTION. Ignorehow to make an exploding air rifle pellet .22.177 Air Rifle Air Gun airrifle airifle how to make air rifle more powerful gun bullet explosive...