How to Build an Air Gun

How to Build an Air Gun

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How to build an air gun using common materials like PVC pipe, a ball pump and an empty water bottle.

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air gun

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This is a gun I built out of pvc pipe and shoots almost any thing. I also can up with the desine.

Modern Pneumatic Airgun - H.M. Buckley

Tags: Modern  Pneumatic  Airgun  -  H.M.  Buckley 

My first airgun I built 3 years ago. Caliber is .22 and is built using the book by H.M. Buckley "Modern Pneumatic Airgun".

fusil casero harol garcia

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AirGun VenoN

Tags: AirGun  VenoN 

Melhorando a marvada !

How To Make Air Gun Homemade Weapon

Tags: How  To  Make  Air  Gun  Homemade  Weapon 

How To Make Air Gun Homemade Weapon.

Homemade Silenced Metal Airgun

Tags: Homemade  Silenced  Metal  Airgun 

This is my little brass and steel gun.It is capable of 300psi and more but that high pressure makes no sense with a silencer of this volume.The range of 110-70psi is a compromise between power and noise reduction.I have a small compressor, so every shot means a 10psi drop of pressure.The darts...

How to Make a Paintball Gun

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Paintball  Gun 

Channel - - this video Alex shows how to make a single-shot paintball gun using plumbing parts and a soda bottle. Its fast and easy like all videos from YodaProductionsSEE...

How an Airsoft gun works

Tags: How  an  Airsoft  gun  works 


How to make a QEV

Tags: How  to  make  a  QEV 

How to make a 1/2 QEVMaterial: 1/2 T, 1/4 QD, 1/2 to 1/4 reducerHow to make a semi-auto airgun with a QEV: to make a piston: to make a pilot for QEV: me on...

Ajax Razorfang Automatic Airgun / BB Machine Gun

Tags: Ajax  Razorfang  Automatic  Airgun  /  BB  Machine  Gun 

http://www.libertyairguns.comAjax Automatic Airguns(TM) from Liberty Airguns ( -- the world's best automatic airguns.Multi-caliber fully-automatic micro-pneumatic machineguns/autocannons.Ajax X177-X2B "Razorfang" launches round shot .177 caliber @ up to 900+ FPS w/ext...

QEV quick exhaust valve , modified sprinkler valve

Tags: QEV  quick  exhaust  valve  ,  modified  sprinkler  valve 

Here is a quick glance of QEV valve mechanism and modified sprinkler valveCorrect me if i was wrong :) Feel free to drop some of yr comments

Crosman 2289 Air Rifle converted to C02.

Tags: Crosman  2289  Air  Rifle  converted  to  C02. 

Video #4 featuring my airgun collection and the mods that I have done.

airgun mechanism: parts, assemble and operation

Tags: airgun  mechanism:  parts,  assemble  and  operation 

01: parts02: assemble03: operationobjetive: share knowledgeairgun: chinese qb36-2 underlever made by Shanghai Air Gun Factory made by me with...

Air Machinegun Evolution

Tags: Air  Machinegun  Evolution 

After a long break, I've gotten back into air machineguns. This one shows a lot of promise and works off a modified QEV. For more infomation on building air machineguns, check out my website at

home made airgun

Tags: home  made  airgun 

the best airgun gotchyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Homemade Air Powered Sniper Rifle Overview

Tags: Homemade  Air  Powered  Sniper  Rifle  Overview 

Sniper Rifle Overview

Giant Vortex Cannon

Tags: Giant  Vortex  Cannon 

Veeery cool


Tags: AngelAnimation-PTI.wmv 

Angel LED paintball marker animation. Paintball Training Institute airsmith training video.

How to make a semi-automatic airgun (version 1)

Tags: How  to  make  a  semi-automatic  airgun  (version  1) 

A step-by-step tutorial about how to make a cheap semi-automatic airgun.To buy the parts, search "QEV(quick exhaust vlave)" and "slide valve", make sure they have the same port size (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 etc...)Version 2 shows a better trigger and bigger...

Homemade semi automatic airgun

Tags: Homemade    semi  automatic  airgun 

A new video about my homemade airgun, using high pressure to show the performance of the gun.12onze co2 paintball tank, charged with air to 300 psiFps: +- 800 with a 0.25g airsoft bb50 shots from one charge.How to make a semi-auto airgun: to make the...

Homemade Air powered Sniper Rifle

Tags: Homemade    Air  powered  Sniper  Rifle 

Update: Thanks guys for the 2,500,000+ views and 700+ comments!!*CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS MUSIC VIDEO AT they just started and could use all the suport they can get!*

How to build a powerful accurate PVC airgun

Tags: How  to  build  a  powerful  accurate  PVC  airgun 

For a better discussion on this airgun, feel free to join my airgun forum at Here's the howto on building my balanced spool valve that many have asked for. Sorry for my lack of charisma. Doing the video late at night after a long day at work and keeping...

How to Make a Full Auto Airsoft Mini Gun [Halo Inspired Mobile Turret]

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Full  Auto  Airsoft  Mini  Gun  [Halo  Inspired  Mobile  Turret] 

This is a type of cloud airsoft gun - named so because of how the pellets are blown around the reservoir before being fired out the barrel. Since there is nothing mechanical to get in the way of the workings of this gun the rate of fire is extremely high, an estimated 50 rounds per...

How to Make Blowgun/Airgun Darts

Tags: How  to  Make  Blowgun/Airgun  Darts 

I show how to make 3 different types of blowgun and airgun darts. They are all made with common house hold materials and are simple to make. They work with a blowgun or an airgun. Be careful these can be potentially dangerous, use common sense and don't get hurt. I use nails for all the darts but...