How to Build an Air Gun

How to Build an Air Gun

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How to build an air gun using common materials like PVC pipe, a ball pump and an empty water bottle.

how  to  build  an  air  gun 

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Spud Cannon thru Car Fender

Tags: Spud  Cannon  thru  Car  Fender 

My spud gun finally penetrated metal. Bullet was very simple. The barrel of the gun is 2" PVC, so I bought 1.5" PVC and built it up with duct tape to make it fit the 2" barrel fairly tight. I filled the center with crumbled up newspaper (you will see me pulling paper out of the hole the bullet...

Build Firing Mechanism For Your Airgun,Homemade airgun DIY

Tags: Build  Firing  Mechanism  For  Your  Airgun,Homemade  airgun  DIY 

i know ..i spelled "safety ", .. wrong step by step on how to make the trigger system for your airgunby zakamooza, check my others tutorials songs used in this vid:The Beast At Our Door-Groove AddictsResident Evil Theme Song EXTENDED

How an Airsoft gun works

Tags: How  an  Airsoft  gun  works 


Homemade bullpup pneumatic airsoftgun

Tags: Homemade  bullpup  pneumatic  airsoftgun 

Homemade bullpup pneumatic airsoftgun , full stainless !!!,p,297355.html#297355NEWS !!! FINAL PROJECT VIDEO !!!

How to make my Homemade Airgun!

Tags: How  to  make  my  Homemade  Airgun! 

This is a little guide on making an airgun like the one in my video! For 15 bucks, it is a lot of fun! Parts list:1 foot 1.5" schedule 40 pvc pipe1.5" cap1.5" coupling1.5x1/2" bushing1/2" tee1/2" female adapter1/2" elbow1/2"x1/4" brass bushing1/4" threaded shrader valve (tire valve)1/2" ball...

air gun

Tags: air  gun 

This is a gun I built out of pvc pipe and shoots almost any thing. I also can up with the desine.

Homemade Air powered Sniper Rifle

Tags: Homemade    Air  powered  Sniper  Rifle 

Update: Thanks guys for the 2,500,000+ views and 700+ comments!!*CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS MUSIC VIDEO AT they just started and could use all the suport they can get!*

DIY- homemade airsoft sniper

Tags: DIY-  homemade  airsoft  sniper 

A close look of my BB airsoft sniper that you all have been waiting for.pvc stock, co-axial chamber/barrelHow to make a QEV: to make a pilot for QEV: to make a piston for QEV:...

How to Make a Paintball Gun

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Paintball  Gun 

Jonathan has a music channel!! this video Alex shows how to make a single-shot paintball gun using plumbing parts and a soda bottle. Its fast and easy like all videos from YodaProductionsSEE IF YOU RECEIVED A SHOUTOUT AT THE END OF THE...

Air Gun Mechanics

Tags: Air  Gun  Mechanics 

This is a basic concept model for an Air gun I created in maya.

Long Range Airgun Hunting - Pigeon Paradise Episode 2

Tags: Long  Range  Airgun  Hunting  -  Pigeon  Paradise  Episode  2 

Smacking some Pigeons at ranges nearing 100 Yards. This one features some personal favourite shots...One pellet, one kill - Just how it should be:)Music by Kevin MacLeod:

How to make a QEV

Tags: How  to  make  a  QEV 

How to make a 1/2 QEVMaterial: 1/2 T, 1/4 QD, 1/2 to 1/4 reducerHow to make a semi-auto airgun with a QEV: to make a piston: to make a pilot for QEV: me on...

Air Compressed Marshmallow Gun

Tags: Air  Compressed  Marshmallow  Gun 

Hey guys I have been building tons of air powered guns this summer. This gun is powered by compressed air, and can shoot marshmallows, Nerf darts, and Airsoft BB's. If you would like to build your own I have a tutorial on my site.

How to make a semi-automatic airgun (version 1)

Tags: How  to  make  a  semi-automatic  airgun  (version  1) 

A step-by-step tutorial about how to make a cheap semi-automatic airgun.To buy the parts, search "QEV(quick exhaust vlave)" and "slide valve", make sure they have the same port size (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 etc...)Version 2 shows a better trigger and bigger...

homemade advanced air gun

Tags: homemade  advanced  air  gun 

homemade air gun made by Niels



6-19-20-2014 I took another trip with my .177 Marauder after rockchucks. I have set a 35 yard limit on trying to eliminate one. In this video I succeed in taking several larger older specimens. The .177 caliber with JSB 10.34 gr domed pellet did a very good job but it is to light of a pellet...

airgun 900 psi

Tags: airgun  900  psi 

video demonstrando a possibilidade de criação de uma airgun com alta pressão.

airgun mechanism: parts, assemble and operation

Tags: airgun  mechanism:  parts,  assemble  and  operation 

01: parts02: assemble03: operationobjetive: share knowledgeairgun: chinese qb36-2 underlever made by Shanghai Air Gun Factory made by me with...

How To Make Air Gun | Improvised weapons

Tags: How  To  Make  Air  Gun  |  Improvised  weapons 

How To Make Air Gun. Improvised weapons .SUSCRIBE:

fusil casero harol garcia

Tags: fusil  casero  harol  garcia 

How to Make a High Powered Air gun

Tags: How  to  Make  a  High  Powered  Air  gun 

Channel - - Take 2 Seconds to FAV and Like, it helps us out ALOT!!!.How to Make a High Powered Air gun - YodaProductionsIn this video, Alex shows you his Air...

Airgun Gray Squirrel Hunt EDgun R3m .25

Tags: Airgun  Gray  Squirrel  Hunt  EDgun  R3m  .25 

My first outing with the EDgun Matador on a gray squirrel hunt adventure. If you don't like hunting squirrels, PLEASE DON'T watch. This is a hunters perspective and all game take in this video is legal, ethical, and harvested for food. This video is intended for those air gun enthusiast who...

How to Make a Ball Valve Air Cannon (Under $30)

  • Length: 4:37
  • Author: TSRAA

Tags: How  to  Make  a  Ball  Valve  Air  Cannon  (Under  $30) 

The tutorial shown in this video is about the PVC cannon video uploaded a while ago. So many people wanted me to make a tutorial, that I decided this would be the first. Here it is.This was the first video that took longer than 1 hour to edit and upload to Youtube. In fact, it took more than 8...

Homemade Air Powered Sniper Rifle Overview

Tags: Homemade  Air  Powered  Sniper  Rifle  Overview 

Sniper Rifle Overview

How to make a Homemade pneumatic air gun tutorial & tips

Tags: How  to  make  a  Homemade  pneumatic  air  gun  tutorial  &  tips 

The vid is kinda fast so watch closely. otherwise u'll miss the point :)it hasn' finished yet (stay tune)although it still have a lot of room to improveI'm glad to see yr comments and ratingthx again.