Halo mega blocks Mark-5 Vs CQB ep1

Halo mega blocks Mark-5 Vs CQB ep1

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New series Top comment will be in the next video who do you want to see pit up against each other you decide / top comment = comment with the most likes

halo  mega  blocks  mark-5  vs  cqb  ep1 

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halo mega blocks Flight elite vs EVA ep2

Tags: halo  mega  blocks  Flight  elite  vs  EVA  ep2 

New series Top comment will be in the next video who do you want to see pit up against each other you decide / top comment = comment with the most likes

Halo mega blocks Hero packs series 4 (opening)

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  Hero  packs  series  4  (opening) 

Sorry too many different codes depending on where you live makes them unreliable :(

Halo mega blocks ODST covenant invasion part 1

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  ODST  covenant  invasion  part  1 

$40.00 9/10

Halo mega blocks hero pack series 3

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  hero  pack  series  3 

full version :D

Halo mega blocks elite ultra + flood drop pod review

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  elite  ultra  +  flood  drop  pod  review 

Buy them here :Elite ultra : http://www.badasstoysforbadassboys.com/mega-bloks-halo-covenant-drop-pod-96928.htmlFlood : http://www.badasstoysforbadassboys.com/mega-bloks-halo-flood-pod-96929.html

Halo mega blocks mantis 2013 !

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  mantis  2013  ! 

2013 halo 4 mantis review : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tru_eM0ggHcPre order here : http://www.badasstoysforbadassboys.com/2013-halo-mega-bloks-97115.html

Halo mega blocks Elite ultra vs Air assault ep3

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  Elite  ultra  vs  Air  assault  ep3 

New series Top comment will be in the next video who do you want to see pit up against each other you decide / top comment = comment with the most likes

Halo mega blocks review of the verses assault on high grounds

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  review  of  the  verses  assault  on  high  grounds 

Facebook fan page :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Philipve98-fan-page/244600505592136

How to make a Halo mega blocks gun rack tutorial

Tags: How  to  make  a  Halo  mega  blocks  gun  rack  tutorial 

There you go fokes

Halo mega blocks army UPDATE / reach figs

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  army  UPDATE  /  reach  figs 

Wanna get free mega bloks ? Sign up here and earn rewards like gift cards to buy it http://tinyurl.com/d3yu3lw

Mega Bloks Mark 6 Spartan - Master Chief!

Tags: Mega  Bloks  Mark  6  Spartan  -  Master  Chief! 

A Brand new Spartan made especially for Halo 4!Thank You Mega Bloks!Keep In Touché!FaceBook | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Xrex720/458462100853479Blog | http://xrexproductions.blogspot.ca/

Halo Mega Bloks Stop Motion Short

Tags: Halo  Mega  Bloks  Stop  Motion  Short 

This is just a short stop motion movie I made for my Video 2 class. Let me know what you think! :D*I take no credit for sounds, the video in the beginning and music used in this!*

Halo Mega Bloks: The Missing Spartan part 2

Tags: Halo  Mega  Bloks:  The  Missing  Spartan  part  2 

Its finally here. The beginning will probably suck because I wasn't able to chroma key it. But besides that every thing is fine. I hope everyone enjoys. Rate comment and subscribe. Commentary coming soon.

Halo mega bloks: The Missing spartan part 1

Tags: Halo  mega  bloks:  The  Missing  spartan  part  1 

READ ME: it is finally here! To let you guys know the beginning is alittle long, (click 3:00 if you want to skip long beginning) yea its a little rushed, but part 2 will be better and...more telling of what happened before, if questions arise. I hope everyone enjoys it. rate comment and subscribe...

Halo mega blocks floodgate review

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  floodgate  review 

http://www.youtube.com/RabidToaster55 like :D

Halo Mega Bloks Stop Motion - Big Momma

  • Length: 1:27
  • Author: KoBaC

Tags: Halo  Mega  Bloks  Stop  Motion  -  Big  Momma 

Sometimes our biggest help in life are those who raised us. This is my submission for the animation contest hosted by Mega Bloks. I am currently one of the top ten finalists, and I want to thank everyone who supported me. You are all awesome.

Opening Halo Mega Blocks mystery packs series 3 | How To Get Rare Halo Mega Blocks

Tags: Opening  Halo  Mega  Blocks  mystery  packs  series  3  |  How  To  Get  Rare  Halo  Mega  Blocks 

Me opening 3 packs of halo mega blocks series 3. BSTROUBLE is known as one of the best reviewers for new products such as HALO MEGA BLOCKS, GOGO CRAZY BONES, TRASH PACKS, STAR WARS, and much more. Check out all my videos on you tube by visiting...

Halo Mega Bloks New 2012 Sets 2: SUMMER (Toy Fair 2012)

Tags: Halo  Mega  Bloks  New  2012  Sets  2:  SUMMER  (Toy  Fair  2012) 

READ DESCRIPTION!These sets are all real. They are the Summer 2012 Sets0:20 Diecast 1:11 Normal SetsDIECASTCovenant Banshee: FOUNDUNSC Falcon vs Shade Turret: CANCELEDCovenant Wraith: FOUNDUNSC Scorpion: FOUNDHalo 4 Warthog: FOUNDBattle Packs: FOUNDNORMAL SETSBattlescape 3:...

The Convoy (Halo Mega Bloks Stopmotion Contest Entry)

Tags: The  Convoy  (Halo  Mega  Bloks  Stopmotion  Contest  Entry) 

This is my entry for the Halo Mega Bloks Toymation Contest. Here is a link to its page:http://halotoymation.megabloks.com/videos/2502-The-ConvoyWhen a UNSC convoy is attacked and a valuable data core is stolen, the only survivor must get the core back by any means necessary.

Kinivo zx120 review

Tags: Kinivo  zx120  review 

l Links l More info lV V V V V V V V V Today i will be doing the review of the Kinivo zx120 portable speaker :D Like my Facebook Page : http://tinyurl.com/khfl24dFollow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/Philipve98Buy it here: http://tinyurl.com/l5cokozKinivo's website :...

Halo mega blocks infection

Tags: Halo  mega  blocks  infection 

Halo mega bloks stop motion

halo wars mega bloks movie

Tags: halo  wars  mega  bloks  movie 

just a quick video i made cuz i was inspired when i was watching black hawk down

HALO Toys Mega Bloks 2011 HALO Toy Fair Preview

Tags: HALO  Toys  Mega  Bloks  2011  HALO  Toy  Fair  Preview 

Buy HALO Toys at http://www.atamaii.com/halo.html From the X-Box game by Bungie, this video is from the MEGA Bloks private showroom at the New York Toy Fair, this is a look at their HALO toys for 2011. This video has a look at the HALO Battlescape, the HALO Collectors Case, the Covenant Brute...

Misterios De Halo Jamas Antes Vistos 1 de 7

Tags: Misterios  De  Halo  Jamas  Antes  Vistos  1  de  7 

MISTERIOS Y CURIOSIDADES DE HALO QUE JAMAS ANTES HABIAN VISTO, Y MATERIAL ELIMINADO DE ESTOS VIDEOJUEGOS, COMENTEN X FA.Descarga nuestra Extencion para tu Navegador: http://myapp.wips.com/hunter-programs-app-3( Solo para Google Chrome y Firefox )Facebook:...