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WonderCon 2010 Transformers HD

Tags: WonderCon  2010  Transformers  HD 

WonderCon 2010 TransformersSee more here HD wondercon 2010 transformers hd canon t2i 550D eos

WonderCon 2011: Harley Quinn Costume / Cosplay

Tags: WonderCon  2011:  Harley  Quinn  Costume  /  Cosplay 

WonderCon 2011: Harley Quinn costume Cosplay make-up poison ivy yaya hanMusic: Covert affair by Kevin MacLeod,, used under creative commons licenseCanon 550D HD 1080p footage 2012

Burning Man 2014 : The Kraken burns

Tags: Burning  Man  2014  :  The  Kraken  burns 

Burning the Kraken, at Burning Man 2014

Burning Man 2014 : Alien Siege Machine head....

Tags: Burning  Man  2014  :  Alien  Siege  Machine  head.... 

Putting the head n the Alien Siege Machine at Burning Man 2014

Don't Feed the Zombies!

Tags: Don't  Feed  the  Zombies! 

Zombies like to Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom your brains.

Stormtrooper Transformation

Tags: Stormtrooper  Transformation 

Putting on my Stormtrooper armourFind me on Facebook: me on Twitter: Where did you get it?A: eBayQ: How much was it?A: £600Q: Is it a supreme edition?A: No. It was homemade by a guy one eBay so is a one...

Lego Zombie Attack

Tags: Lego  Zombie  Attack 

Its Finally here! I have worked so hard on this video so plz give it positive comments and be sure to share it with a friend!

Re: Your Brains | GMOD EDITION |

Tags: Re:  Your  Brains  |  GMOD  EDITION  | 

A video I made for the song Re: Your Brains.Credits at end.Lyrics below.Heya, Tom' its Bob from the office down the hallGood to see you, buddy; howve you been?Thing have been OK for me except that Im a zombie nowI really wish youd let us inI think I speak for all of us when I say I understandWhy...

Zombie Stormtroopers

Tags: Zombie  Stormtroopers 

In a ravaged town one stormtrooper survives the plague that claimed the lives of his comrades, but now they live again and yearn for his demise.

Zombie Stormtroopers 4

Tags: Zombie  Stormtroopers  4 

The speed at which I make new videos will heavily rely on how you (the viewer) respond to this question: Would you rather I do frequent videos with the same visual effects I've always used, or wait till around the end of the year for me to get a really expensive program and make less frequent,...

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV

Tags: LEGO  Star  Wars  Tantive  IV 

My attempt at creating the Tantive IV scenes in LEGO.Hope You Enjoy !

Zombie Panic!

Tags: Zombie  Panic! 

Idiots keep flagging and censoring my videos so Don't expect me to submit anymore to FailTube.I made this as a teaser trailer for the Half Life 2 Mod Zombie Panic.I was a concept artist for the game.this was made on 06/21/2006

Lego Evolution

Tags: Lego  Evolution 

Are you sick of waiting for millions of years to pass to see the process of evolution take place? Why wait any longer - just watch this handy video...Be a leader and follow me on Twitter: Kevin MacLeod under Creative...

Zombie Stormtroopers 3: Retaliation

Tags: Zombie  Stormtroopers  3:  Retaliation 

The 3rd part of a possible Zombie Stop Motion series. If you guys want this series to continue then let me know in the comments section below!

Star Wars - Best of C3PO

Tags: Star  Wars  -  Best  of  C3PO 

This video is composed of clips from the original Star Wars Trilogy featuring the best scenes of C3PO, the frantic protocol droid from Tatooine. Throughout Episodes IV, V, and VI, C3PO and his counterpart R2D2 have many unusual experiences working with the Rebel Alliance as the fight the Empire....

Star Wars Rebels: Extended Preview (Official)

Tags: Star  Wars  Rebels:  Extended  Preview  (Official) 

In this special extended preview of Star Wars Rebels, the Empire arrives on Lothal -- bringing tyranny with them. Imperials and stormtroopers establish an intimidating presence on the planet, enforcing strict new laws for trade and arresting citizens for expressing dissent of any kind. A young...

Super Zombie World

Tags: Super  Zombie  World 

NOTE: I am the creator of this video.The Marioverse is now infested with zombies as Mario and Co try to get back on their feet.I really like Mario. I really like zombies. What if there was a movie with both? Ta da.So this is part 1 of x. I couldn't fit the whole movie into one flash, so I just...

Star Wars Changes - Part 2 - Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

Tags: Star  Wars  Changes  -  Part  2  -  Episode  V  The  Empire  Strikes  Back 

http://www.hellogreedo.com'Special Edition' changes found within The Empire Strikes back.

Darth Vader in Love

Tags: Darth  Vader  in  Love 

from the Peter Serafinowicz Show

Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars 2011 (Part 1)

Tags: Dance  Off  with  the  Star  Wars  Stars  2011  (Part  1) 

Rock is the theme in this year's dance off. This show is part of the Hyperspace Hoopla at Disney's Hollywood Studios' Star Wars Weekends celebration.Go here for more info on Star Wars Weekends: out my Orlando...

ZOMBIE WARS - Episode V: The Living Dead Strike Back

Tags: ZOMBIE  WARS  -  Episode  V:  The  Living  Dead  Strike  Back 

The Zombie Epidemic Continues!Based on the zombified parody movie posters by artist Matt Busch. See more at:

STAR WARS Rancor conflict (trailer)

Tags: STAR  WARS  Rancor  conflict  (trailer) 

That's the trailer of my new stop motion movie: Rancor conflict. I hope you like it.

WonderCon 2011 : Saturday HD

Tags: WonderCon  2011  :  Saturday  HD 

WonderCon 2011Canon 550D T2i eos HD footageCanon 1.4L 35MMMusic: The Way Forward by Trip Trapavailable at cosplay masquerade 2012

The Second Battle Of Hoth

Tags: The  Second  Battle  Of  Hoth 

Sorry for the bad quality vid.. It looks fine on my PC but youtube made it ..well.. badThis video represents a second battle on the planet Hoth.It merges the two games 'Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption' with 'Star Wars Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy' I made the empire at war maps myself...



Final version here: