You're Not Black!!!

You're Not Black!!!

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I have an epiphany while reading youtube comments.shirts provided by or http://caseultra.comkicks provided by http://suprafootwear.org my cd! Rick aka RickyShucks

you're  not  black!!! 

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No Racial! (the new "No Homo")

Tags: No  Racial!  (the  new  "No  Homo") 

The past couple years have brought us the overly used and retarded phrase "No homo." Well it's time for a new slang phrase, and that phrase is "No racial!" Ricky Shucks

Twitter Got Me Fired!!!

Tags: Twitter  Got  Me  Fired!!! 

i hate to re-upload a video, but the homie david spates (who's youtube account was suspended) brought it to my attention that someone else got their account suspended for telling his subscribers to email somebody. so i removed the part of my video where i tell people to "@calpizzakitchen" but its...

What Kinda Asian Are You?!

Tags: What  Kinda  Asian  Are  You?! 

Those crazy people at The Station try to figure out my nationality.Check me out in The Station vid Rock and Roll! to The Station, gonna be in lots of vids over there- out the YouTubers in this...



written by me! lol subscribe to rick and jess! a pair of my shoes! the cannnons!http://tweakfootwear.comDirected by Layne Pavoggi

Twilight Ruined My Relationship

Tags: Twilight  Ruined  My  Relationship 

This Twilight thing is crazy!and I still haven't seen it. lol Me and my ex girlfriend

TSA Harassment!!!

Tags: TSA  Harassment!!! 

Check out the Bloopers Here: Get 30% off all merch on their site before January 31st 2011 when you enter this promo code: TimBKPromotional consideration provided by British KnightsStarring:Ricky Shucks Tazed Girl-...

Best Rappers Alive- CHUNK DIRTY

Tags: Best  Rappers  Alive-  CHUNK  DIRTY 

CHUNK DIRTY on iTUNES! the future of the rap game, Lil DoDirty and Young Chunk, together they are CHUNK provided by Midi Mafia

Chris Brown Apology Reaction

Tags: Chris  Brown  Apology  Reaction 

my thoughtsfollow me! my cd!!!

Black Friday

Tags: Black  Friday to rick's new channel!

Twilight Saved My Life

Tags: Twilight  Saved  My  Life 

Play the Twilight 8-bit interactive game here! me!



TICKETS TO NYC SHOW! Neighbor: Rap Battle: Catta-Preta Directed by:Nick...

AAH!! Bitten By a Zombie!!

Tags: AAH!!  Bitten  By  a  Zombie!! 

Happy Halloween! !collabo with...David Spates Ollie From Up Da Block Seth Hendrix

Where Do I Shop?

Tags: Where  Do  I  Shop? 

This is my 3rd mission for the Ford Fiesta Movement. A lot of people ask me where i get my clothes, for this month's, i show you a couple of my favorite spots to shop. check out "the attic" go to me...

Gangsta Angry Birds

Tags: Gangsta  Angry  Birds 

"Cuz I'm Angry Biiiitch"written by meTimothy DeLaGhetto!Rick Shucks and Directed by Jon Na Bowers as Little Girl/ DollTremain Hayhoe as The WaiterEdited by Brandon PernaProduced by Aaron ZaragozaExecutive Produced by Mickey...

Girls Don't Make Sense!

Tags: Girls  Don't  Make  Sense! 

shirts available now! http://TimothyDeLaGhetto.comlol and no, this is not about my girlfriend. my girlfriend is the shit. for the shirt

"How Girls Forgive Guys" feat. iisuperwomanii

Tags: "How  Girls  Forgive  Guys"  feat.  iisuperwomanii 

Yoooo I'm still out in NYC shooting #wildnout, but here's a collab I did with iisuperwomanii aka Lily! Check it ouuuuuut and subscribe to her!

"You'z a Ho, Ho, Ho!" - A Holiday Acoustic Freestyle feat. JR Aquino, Lil Crazed, Jreyez

Tags: "You'z  a  Ho,  Ho,  Ho!"  -  A  Holiday  Acoustic  Freestyle  feat.  JR  Aquino,  Lil  Crazed,  Jreyez 

We were flown out to Melbourne, Australia to do a couple shows out here, so as we were chillin in the hotel, we thought, HEY! LET'S DO A STUPID SONG! lol... this is all freestyled on the spot and completely spontaneous, so enjoy! Merry Christmas!FEATURING:JR...



Behind The Scenes: Out Good Neighbor by Timothy DeLaGhetto as the Skeet...

Asian kid cries over Justin Bieber

Tags: Asian  kid  cries  over  Justin  Bieber 

watch this first to get the joke

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are - Parody "Only From Afar"

Tags: Bruno  Mars  -  Just  The  Way  You  Are  -  Parody  "Only  From  Afar" 

Eric (Ugly girl) Gramm (Beatmaker) by Layne Pavoggi by Dave McCary of Good Neighbor (big booty...

RAP BATTLE PART 3: Chunk Dirty Vs. SupaHot Fire & Mute Spittah

Tags: RAP  BATTLE  PART  3:  Chunk  Dirty  Vs.  SupaHot  Fire  &  Mute  Spittah 

Chunk Dirty on itunes! by deshawn raw rick

American Boy Parody-"First Asian Boy"

Tags: American  Boy  Parody-"First  Asian  Boy" 

FREE DOWNLOAD is my remix of estelle and kanye's "american boy." starring my lovely EX-girlfriend iliana. lol and for everyone who's asking, if you can't figure it out already... i'm THAI. get it? in the song.. she said she loves "My Thais" but...

Couples 123 Tag- How Well Do We Know Each Other? Tim and Chia

Tags: Couples  123  Tag-  How  Well  Do  We  Know  Each  Other?  Tim  and  Chia 

This is all one take and real! I only edited parts where we were sittin there thinkin in silence... lol If you like watching us, subscribe to my vlog channelmy vlog channel song in the background is my song, "Chillin Here In the Atmosphere"TAG...

DIRTY VERSION- I ROCK ONESIES!!! (with full clip of pink booty)

Tags: DIRTY  VERSION-  I  ROCK  ONESIES!!!  (with  full  clip  of  pink  booty) 

this is for everyone who wanted to hear us say the words "cock" and "dick" and also for all you horny dudes that asked about the girl in the pink onesie shakin her watch the clean version which includes all the clips of fans dancing in their onesies, go here...

The Sidechick Pregnancy Test

Tags: The  Sidechick  Pregnancy  Test 

When the wrong girl gets pregnant, what do you do?!Subscribe! the episode of "ALL IN" with Wax! Me!!/TraphikInstagram: TimDeLaGhettoStarring: -Timothy DeLaGhetto