You're Not Black!!!

You're Not Black!!!

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I have an epiphany while reading youtube comments.shirts provided by or http://caseultra.comkicks provided by http://suprafootwear.org my cd! Rick aka RickyShucks

you're  not  black!!! 

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Love/Hate Relationship

Tags: Love/Hate  Relationship 

Love isn't so simple.Written by me 
Timothy DeLaGhetto Jess by Dustin PearlmanEdited by Eric GeorgsonProduced by Neely ShamamExecutive Produced by Mickey Meyer

"How Girls Forgive Guys" feat. iisuperwomanii

Tags: "How  Girls  Forgive  Guys"  feat.  iisuperwomanii 

Yoooo I'm still out in NYC shooting #wildnout, but here's a collab I did with iisuperwomanii aka Lily! Check it ouuuuuut and subscribe to her!

Gimme Watchu Got!!!

Tags: Gimme  Watchu  Got!!! 

my fourth mission for the Ford Fiesta Movement time the theme is Social Activism, and my mission was to go around collecting donations from different people and drop em off at a local charity! to RickyShucks, PDFlo,my ex...

My Date with Magibon

Tags: My  Date  with  Magibon 

so i got set up on a blind date with Magibon aka MRirian. here's what happened.

Spread Those Legs! (Vlog #225)

Tags: Spread  Those  Legs!  (Vlog  #225) 

tina's info

What Women Think Vs. What Men Think w/ Dannie Riel

Tags: What  Women  Think  Vs.  What  Men  Think  w/  Dannie  Riel 

Written by: Me! Timothy DeLaGhettoAlso Starring the lovelyDannie Riel Produced by: Ricky MammoneProduction Coordinator: George Kimmel Jon Na

What NOT to Do: First Dates

Tags: What  NOT  to  Do:  First  Dates 

starring my ex girlfrienda few tips.

What NOT To Say After SEX!

Tags: What  NOT  To  Say  After  SEX! 

=)subscribe to my boy Eric! subscribe to me if you havent of course us!

CRANK Dat Imagination!

Tags: CRANK  Dat  Imagination! 

i wish i was an action movie star...CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE out FRIDAYwatch the official trailer here Ricky Shucks

Vanessa Hudgens Butt Nekkid AGAIN!!!

Tags: Vanessa  Hudgens  Butt  Nekkid  AGAIN!!! 

sooo i had links, but i think theyre down on like... every website. sorryyy! lolmy thoughts. my cd

Racist Fried Chicken Superbowl Ad

Tags: Racist  Fried  Chicken  Superbowl  Ad 

teeheebuy a shirt! http://panicpop.com RickyShucks

Twilight Ruined My Relationship

Tags: Twilight  Ruined  My  Relationship 

This Twilight thing is crazy!and I still haven't seen it. lol Me and my ex girlfriend



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RAP BATTLE PART 3: Chunk Dirty Vs. SupaHot Fire & Mute Spittah

Tags: RAP  BATTLE  PART  3:  Chunk  Dirty  Vs.  SupaHot  Fire  &  Mute  Spittah 

Chunk Dirty on itunes! by deshawn raw rick



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Behind The Scenes: Out Good Neighbor by Timothy DeLaGhetto as the Skeet...

Tough LOVE

Tags: Tough  LOVE 

This is my 2nd mission for the Ford Fiesta Movement. indestructible is the Panasonic Toughbook? I put it through 4 tests-1. The drop test2. The water test3. The stomp test4. The run it over with your car test. loli hope y'all like the little spin i...

Black Friday

Tags: Black  Friday to rick's new channel!

Twitter Got Me Fired!!!

Tags: Twitter  Got  Me  Fired!!! 

i hate to re-upload a video, but the homie david spates (who's youtube account was suspended) brought it to my attention that someone else got their account suspended for telling his subscribers to email somebody. so i removed the part of my video where i tell people to "@calpizzakitchen" but its...

If I Were a Girl

Tags: If  I  Were  a  Girl 

lol sometimes I get the most random ideas, manhttp://TimothyDeLaGhetto.com to my homegirl Sparklez Shucks

What NOT to say in a room full of black guys.

Tags: What  NOT  to  say  in  a  room  full  of  black  guys. 

There are some things you shouldn't say in a room full of black guys.Starring ME Spates Ollie FromUpDaBlock

Asians In the LIBRARY?! perspective on UCLA Girl Alexandra Wallace

Tags: Asians  In  the  LIBRARY?!  perspective  on  UCLA  Girl  Alexandra  Wallace know im late but here's my response to this video a pair of my shoes! the cannnons!

Pick Up Lines

Tags: Pick  Up  Lines 

lol so i uploaded this a couple days ago on private and totally forgot. this is somethin me and the homies at PDFlo Films put together back in 2007 for a contest. we didn't win. lol, but i still thought it was funny. so check it out.CastMe aka eGO...

Dear DeLaGhetto #32- Pedophiles & Flat Chests

Tags: Dear  DeLaGhetto  #32-  Pedophiles  &  Flat  Chests 

this bitch FINALLY uploaded. YEESHVOTE FOR WAX! provided byhttp://dwbclothing.comas always buy my cd! me! beats were provided by my boy "GNYUS"

What Kinda Asian Are You?!

Tags: What  Kinda  Asian  Are  You?! 

Those crazy people at The Station try to figure out my nationality.Check me out in The Station vid Rock and Roll! to The Station, gonna be in lots of vids over there- out the YouTubers in this...