You're Not Black!!!

You're Not Black!!!

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I have an epiphany while reading youtube comments.shirts provided by or http://caseultra.comkicks provided by http://suprafootwear.org my cd! Rick aka RickyShucks

you're  not  black!!! 

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If I Were a Girl

Tags: If  I  Were  a  Girl 

lol sometimes I get the most random ideas, manhttp://TimothyDeLaGhetto.com to my homegirl Sparklez Shucks

Love/Hate Relationship

Tags: Love/Hate  Relationship 

Love isn't so simple.Written by me 
Timothy DeLaGhetto Jess by Dustin PearlmanEdited by Eric GeorgsonProduced by Neely ShamamExecutive Produced by Mickey Meyer



written by me! lol subscribe to rick and jess! a pair of my shoes! the cannnons!http://tweakfootwear.comDirected by Layne Pavoggi



Make sure to check out Steve Greene!!! Rick! in Vancouver other channels:

Dear DeLaGhetto #32- Pedophiles & Flat Chests

Tags: Dear  DeLaGhetto  #32-  Pedophiles  &  Flat  Chests 

this bitch FINALLY uploaded. YEESHVOTE FOR WAX! provided byhttp://dwbclothing.comas always buy my cd! me! beats were provided by my boy "GNYUS"

Thugs Love Corn!

Tags: Thugs  Love Corn! 

Written by me
Timothy DeLaGhetto!

Ricky Shucks by Tremain HayhoeEdited by Blake O'Neill

Produced by Sami Kriegstein

Executive Produced by Mickey Meyer

RAP BATTLE PART 3: Chunk Dirty Vs. SupaHot Fire & Mute Spittah

Tags: RAP  BATTLE  PART  3:  Chunk  Dirty  Vs.  SupaHot  Fire  &  Mute  Spittah 

Chunk Dirty on itunes! by deshawn raw rick



TICKETS TO NYC SHOW! Neighbor: Rap Battle: Catta-Preta Directed by:Nick...

Blow It In My Moms Face!!!

Tags: Blow  It  In  My  Moms  Face!!! 

woohoo! 100,000 subscribers!!!freestyle time!watch to the end!

TSA Harassment!!!

Tags: TSA  Harassment!!! 

Check out the Bloopers Here: Get 30% off all merch on their site before January 31st 2011 when you enter this promo code: TimBKPromotional consideration provided by British KnightsStarring:Ricky Shucks Tazed Girl-...



Behind The Scenes: Out Good Neighbor by Timothy DeLaGhetto as the Skeet...

Asians In the LIBRARY?! perspective on UCLA Girl Alexandra Wallace

Tags: Asians  In  the  LIBRARY?!  perspective  on  UCLA  Girl  Alexandra  Wallace know im late but here's my response to this video a pair of my shoes! the cannnons!

Spread Those Legs! (Vlog #225)

Tags: Spread  Those  Legs!  (Vlog  #225) 

tina's info

MY FRESH- Official Music Video- Traphik & Joanlee

Tags: MY  FRESH-  Official  Music  Video-  Traphik  &  Joanlee 

FREE DOWNLOAD http://TimothyDeLaGhetto.comFollow me: T-Shirts: at Forever Ashbury http://foreverashbury.comTrack produced by Smash Hitta

No Homo is Gay

Tags: No  Homo  is  Gay 



Tags: 1-800  POP  YO  CHERRY 

lol everybody saying "it didnt hurt cuz he's Asian" thinking theyre trolling me... that's the joke! smh.Check out the Bloopers Here: Get 30% off all merch on their site before April 30th 2011 when you enter this promo code: Timbk2
Promotional consideration provided...

"Hey Selena Gomez" a Love Song

Tags: "Hey  Selena  Gomez"  a  Love  Song 

Watch Me PRANK KassemG! song is FREE at http://timothydelaghetto.comProduced by Komi and Jerry. Komi and Jerry are an upcoming production duo working with major artists.For production inquiries, please contact 18 year old Komi...

Best Rappers Alive- CHUNK DIRTY

Tags: Best  Rappers  Alive-  CHUNK  DIRTY 

CHUNK DIRTY on iTUNES! the future of the rap game, Lil DoDirty and Young Chunk, together they are CHUNK provided by Midi Mafia

That Girl Ain't Cute!

Tags: That  Girl  Ain't  Cute! 

haha.. me sharing some club experiences.shirt provided by you'd like to enter the contest, download "That Girl Ain't Cute" off itunes, make some type of funny/interesting video with the song, and post your video response to this video. We decided to extend...

Does Titty Size Matter?

Tags: Does  Titty  Size  Matter? 

download the #nojokes mixtapehttp://traphik.bandcamp.comWatch the episode of "ALL IN" with Lil Debbie! hats! provided by Booger Kids

Don't Drink That!!!

Tags: Don't  Drink  That!!! 

a few weeks ago i was given the opportunity to fly to Haiti and document the struggles communities have to go through just to get clean water. thank you to and Haiti Outreach. if you'd like to keep up with the progress of the community of Fontan, you can go...

Couples 123 Tag- How Well Do We Know Each Other? Tim and Chia

Tags: Couples  123  Tag-  How  Well  Do  We  Know  Each  Other?  Tim  and  Chia 

This is all one take and real! I only edited parts where we were sittin there thinkin in silence... lol If you like watching us, subscribe to my vlog channelmy vlog channel song in the background is my song, "Chillin Here In the Atmosphere"TAG...

"EVERY GIRL"- Lil Wayne PARODY (snippet)

Tags: "EVERY  GIRL"-  Lil  Wayne  PARODY  (snippet) 

WATCH THE FULL VERSION!!! this monster collab featuring everybody from dyme-a-duzin to alphacat to john ollie, giving you some sound advice to live by!!!

Creepy Prank! (Vlog #295- VIDCON)

Tags: Creepy  Prank!  (Vlog  #295-  VIDCON) 

apparently the old man is Sam Pepper

Gangsta Angry Birds

Tags: Gangsta  Angry  Birds 

"Cuz I'm Angry Biiiitch"written by meTimothy DeLaGhetto!Rick Shucks and Directed by Jon Na Bowers as Little Girl/ DollTremain Hayhoe as The WaiterEdited by Brandon PernaProduced by Aaron ZaragozaExecutive Produced by Mickey...