You're Not Black!!!

You're Not Black!!!

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I have an epiphany while reading youtube comments.shirts provided by or http://caseultra.comkicks provided by http://suprafootwear.org my cd! Rick aka RickyShucks

you're  not  black!!! 

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No Racial! (the new "No Homo")

Tags: No  Racial!  (the  new  "No  Homo") 

The past couple years have brought us the overly used and retarded phrase "No homo." Well it's time for a new slang phrase, and that phrase is "No racial!" Ricky Shucks



Written by me 
Timothy DeLaGhetto, with some hilarious improv by Rick!Ricky Shucks by Tremain HayhoeEdited by Blake O'Neill

Produced by Sami...

CRANK Dat Imagination!

Tags: CRANK  Dat  Imagination! 

i wish i was an action movie star...CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE out FRIDAYwatch the official trailer here Ricky Shucks

No Homo is Gay

Tags: No  Homo  is  Gay 




Make sure to check out Steve Greene!!! Rick! in Vancouver other channels:

Twilight Ruined My Relationship

Tags: Twilight  Ruined  My  Relationship 

This Twilight thing is crazy!and I still haven't seen it. lol Me and my ex girlfriend

Vanessa Hudgens Butt Nekkid AGAIN!!!

Tags: Vanessa  Hudgens  Butt  Nekkid  AGAIN!!! 

sooo i had links, but i think theyre down on like... every website. sorryyy! lolmy thoughts. my cd

Put Your Finger In My A$$!

Tags: Put  Your  Finger  In  My  A$$! 

haha... a little skit dave wrote inspired by "show me your dick"David Spates

What NOT To Say After SEX!

Tags: What  NOT  To  Say  After  SEX! 

=)subscribe to my boy Eric! subscribe to me if you havent of course us!



TICKETS TO NYC SHOW! Neighbor: Rap Battle: Catta-Preta Directed by:Nick...

Asian Guys= Small Penis?

Tags: Asian  Guys=  Small  Penis? 

wanna shirt? me! music! my cd!



Behind The Scenes: Out Good Neighbor by Timothy DeLaGhetto as the Skeet...

Blow It In My Moms Face!!!

Tags: Blow  It  In  My  Moms  Face!!! 

woohoo! 100,000 subscribers!!!freestyle time!watch to the end!

Don't Drink That!!!

Tags: Don't  Drink  That!!! 

a few weeks ago i was given the opportunity to fly to Haiti and document the struggles communities have to go through just to get clean water. thank you to and Haiti Outreach. if you'd like to keep up with the progress of the community of Fontan, you can go...

Sexting Rules- "The D*ck Pic"

Tags: Sexting  Rules-  "The  D*ck  Pic" 

teehee the pic? lol

"Hey Selena Gomez" a Love Song

Tags: "Hey  Selena  Gomez"  a  Love  Song 

Watch Me PRANK KassemG! song is FREE at http://timothydelaghetto.comProduced by Komi and Jerry. Komi and Jerry are an upcoming production duo working with major artists.For production inquiries, please contact 18 year old Komi...

The Bad Sex Rap Battle

Tags: The  Bad  Sex  Rap  Battle 

Only one way to settle this. SUBSCRIBE - by: Me! Timothy DeLaGhettoTimothy DeLaGhetto: me: 
"Like" me: nevermind facebook sucksNew Shirt!...

MY FRESH- Official Music Video- Traphik & Joanlee

Tags: MY  FRESH-  Official  Music  Video-  Traphik  &  Joanlee 

FREE DOWNLOAD http://TimothyDeLaGhetto.comFollow me: T-Shirts: at Forever Ashbury http://foreverashbury.comTrack produced by Smash Hitta

Myspace is my Ex Girlfriend

Tags: Myspace  is  my  Ex  Girlfriend 

take my quiz! that doesnt work, click this you wanna like my fan page its,

Asian kid cries over Justin Bieber

Tags: Asian  kid  cries  over  Justin  Bieber 

watch this first to get the joke

Michael Jackson. Legend.

Tags: Michael  Jackson.  Legend. 

lets try this again

Dear DeLaGhetto #27- Bloody Vaginas & Marriage

Tags: Dear  DeLaGhetto  #27-  Bloody  Vaginas  &  Marriage 

aaaaand another one!don't forget to rate my contest entry 5 stars! apparently the Tragic Glory website is down, but this is the link to their facebook group all beats used are gonna...

RAP BATTLE PART 3: Chunk Dirty Vs. SupaHot Fire & Mute Spittah

Tags: RAP  BATTLE  PART  3:  Chunk  Dirty  Vs.  SupaHot  Fire  &  Mute  Spittah 

Chunk Dirty on itunes! by deshawn raw rick


Tags: SEXUAL  HARASSMENT  -  Lil  Timmy 

So check out the debut of Lil Timmy! This little guy is always gettin me into trouble... written by me!Subscribe to Andrea's Choice: to The Station:‬My Other...

SWAG= Something We ASIANS Got?? -___-

Tags: SWAG=  Something  We  ASIANS  Got??  -___-