High Point C9 Upgrade

High Point C9 Upgrade

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A slide retainer pin upgrade for the Hi-point C9 and CF380 Firearms

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Hi-Point C9 Mag Fix + Feed Ramp Polish

Tags: Hi-Point  C9  Mag  Fix  +  Feed  Ramp  Polish 

I have had some problems, but the worst is with the takedown pin. No, pushing the lever up into place will NOT move the slide back. Yes, I know how to take down the pistol, however this gun was DEFECTIVE. There enjoy haters.

Differences in a Hi Point 9mm from 2000 and Hi Point 9mm from 2013

Tags: Differences  in  a  Hi  Point  9mm  from  2000  and  Hi  Point  9mm  from  2013 

Psalm 82:4So here is a video on the differences that I saw from the Hi Point 9mm Compact Luger from 2000 and one made 13 years later in 2013. They shoot the same although the one from 2013 was more accurate out of the box. If I recall I had to dial in the one from 2000 to get her where she...

Hi Point Mods.

Tags: Hi  Point  Mods. 

Seriously this is the only video on youtube that actually tells you what to do to make it better... All the other "Mod" videos are either someone painting their gun or putting a light on it... Here we actually work on internals...Trust me, I played a doctor...After some questions about what I...

Hi-Point C9 Mods. (So far)

Tags: Hi-Point  C9  Mods.  (So  far) 

Added 3m brand grip tape to the trigger guard and rear of the slide. Removed the magazine disconect safetey. Plan to polish feed ramp, and paint/texture the hand grips.

Hi-Point Pistols: The Ultimate Test MAN VS HI POINT

Tags: Hi-Point  Pistols:  The  Ultimate  Test  MAN  VS  HI  POINT 

The third and final chapter. The Hi-point came out on time despite our best efforts to destroy. If you cannot afford any other gun, you'd better have a hi-point. We will now send both the guns back to hi point to test out their warranty.

Custom Hi Point 995TS

Tags: Custom  Hi  Point  995TS 

Customized Hi Point 995TS 9mm carbine rifle. Review of the Hi Point 995ts rifle. I gave my Hi Point a custom paint job and added some cool accessories.Check out Jaydog's Custom Knives fan page on facebook for chat and discussion about knives, guns, gear and much more.facebook.com/JaydogsCustomKnives

Hi-Point C9: Tuning The Mags and Feed Ramp

Tags: Hi-Point  C9:  Tuning  The  Mags  and  Feed  Ramp 

Just like the title says, a quick video on tuning the feed lips on your magazines and polishing the feed ramp on your Hi-Point (or any gun, honestly).Don't forget to subscribe if you like the video. Feel free to link this video on any forums you may be active on. It's all about education.Follow...

Gun Show Rewards (Hi-Point C9)

Tags: Gun  Show  Rewards  (Hi-Point  C9) 

Went to the gun show looking for an FEG PA-63, came out with a brand new Hi-Point C9.

5 Bargain Handguns

Tags: 5  Bargain  Handguns 

A selection of real bargains in handguns including new and old styles

Hi-Point Pistols: "I Wish I Could Hate This" by Nutnfancy

Tags: Hi-Point  Pistols:  "I  Wish  I  Could  Hate  This"  by  Nutnfancy 

This is a gun I'd love to hate. Seriously. It has some issues to be sure. Its blowback operation makes the gun ungainly, heavy, and bulky. The Hi-Point C9 9mm weighs 32 oz and other calibers weigh even more. And for that weight you only get a single stack 8 round magazine. That's some real...

How to field strip the Hi-Point C9 9mm Pistol

Tags: How  to  field  strip  the  Hi-Point  C9  9mm  Pistol 

http://www.personaldfence.comhttp://www.facebook.com/personaldfenceHere is a VERY quick and short how-to on field stripping the Hi-Point C9 pistol. I assume this method would work for the .380 as well as the full size .40 and .45. You need a punch to do it, but the Hi-Point tool would work for...

How to fix your Hi Point pistol feeding problems - Make your trigger smoother

Tags: How  to  fix  your  Hi  Point  pistol  feeding  problems  -  Make  your  trigger  smoother 

http://www.personaldfence.com http://www.facebook.com/personaldfencehttp://www.twitter.com/personaldfencePeople ask me all the time how I got my Hi Point C9 to function so well. Here is a quick how to on how to make your trigger MUCH smoother and how to fix the feeding issues you probably have....



Here are some details in regards to the customization I performed on my Hi-Point C9.

Hi-Point C9 Compact 9mm pistol review - Range test

Tags: Hi-Point  C9  Compact  9mm  pistol  review  -  Range  test 

http://www.personaldfence.comhttp://www.facebook.com/personaldfenceAfter my review of the Hi-Point 45, I went ahead and bit the bullet so to speak and bought the Hi-Point C9. It is advertised as a compact pistol but it is FAR from being compact. Its heavy and ugly, but for 165 it cant be...

Hi Point .45 JHP after 2,000+ Rds.

Tags: Hi  Point  .45  JHP  after  2,000+  Rds. 

a lot of gun snobs out there that down the hi point and i just want to show one of the many hi point that have not had an issue even after firing over 2,000 rds. i will do a proper review at a later point but just wanted to throw this up here.

Personalizing Your Gun With Color Fill

Tags: Personalizing  Your  Gun  With  Color  Fill 

Expand for a full description.Just a quick tutorial on one of the available methods for color filling the engraving on your gun. This specific gun doesn't show the color fill all that well, due to the color of the gun itself, and the color the owner chose to have it filled with. So it doesn't...



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Tags: HI-POINT  C9  9mm  REVIEW 


Shot Show 2012 Hi-Point 9mm and 380 Carry Concealed Show

Tags: Shot  Show  2012  Hi-Point  9mm  and  380  Carry  Concealed  Show 

I had to go by the Hi-point Booth and get a Interview. I now own a Green .40 Hi-Point and I have to say it is Ugly and Heavy. But, it is a great shooting gun, great trigger and very Accurate. My personal Review of the gun will be up soon. Don't hate on Hi-Point til you've shot one yourself.Store:...



Looking at and discussing the Hi Point C9 pistol.

Cleaning and Disassembling Hi-Point Handguns

Tags: Cleaning  and  Disassembling  Hi-Point  Handguns 

This video demonstrates how to disassemble (field strip) a Hi-Point handgun, and shows how to properly clean and oil one.

Hi-Point Pistols: The Ultimate Test

Tags: Hi-Point  Pistols:  The  Ultimate  Test 

Probably the craziest thing I have ever put on Youtube. You will either love me or hate me for it. Please do not attempt anything you see in this video.Video made possible by: Moss Pawn & Gun Produced by: IV8888

Hi Point C9 10 Round Extended Magazines

Tags: Hi  Point  C9  10  Round  Extended  Magazines 

Bought two of the factory 10 round magazines for the Hi Point C9 9mm handgun. Have used them in a couple trips to the range and so far they are ok. I like the extra length for more comfortable shooting and the extra 2 rounds help also. If you have the 9mm or the .380, this mag is for both.Be sure...