Nassim Haramein - Science behind the Unified Field & Its applications

Nassim Haramein - Science behind the Unified Field & Its applications

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As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already developing the basis for a unified hyperdimensional theory of matter and energy, which he eventually called the "Holofractographic Universe."Haramein has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields from theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry to anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with a keen observation of the behavior of nature, he discovered a specific geometric array that he found to be fundamental to creation and from which the foundation for his Unified Field Theory emerged.This unification theory, known as the Haramein-Rauscher metric (a new solution to Einstein's Field Equations that incorporates torque and Coriolis effects) and his last published paper The Schwarzschild Proton, lays down the foundation of what could be a fundamental change in our current understandings of physics and consciousness. This groundbreaking theory has now been delivered to the scientific community through peer-reviewed papers and presentations at international physics conferences. Further, The Schwarzschild Proton paper recently received the prestigious "Best Paper Award" in the field of physics, quantum mechanics, relativity, field theory, and gravitation at the University of Liège, Belgium during the 9th International Conference CASYS'09.Fluent in both French and English, Haramein has been giving lectures and seminars on his unification theory for over 20 years. His lectures are engaging multimedia presentations that lead his audiences through the validity of his theories with extensive observational and theoretical data.In addition to his scientific papers, Mr. Haramein imparts this theory in a layman's paper, a 4 DVD set entitled "Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation," a 90-minute DVD entitled "Black Whole," and his international speaking tours.In the past 10 years, Haramein has directed research teams of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists in exploring the various aspects of unification principles and their implications in our world today . He has founded a non-profit organization, the Resonance Project Foundation, where, as the Director of Research, he continues in developing a research park in Hawai'i where science, sustainability, and advanced technology come together to generate viable solutions for our planet's current energy crisis. support the juicy living tour and to watch more video interviews, visit http://www.JuicyLivingTourDonate now to support the Juicy Living Tour at tuned on the Juicy Living Tour and where it is right now in the world from Lilou's facebook fan page at

nassim  haramein  -  science  behind  the  unified  field  &  its  applications 

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