Douglas Murray at his best - Israel & Nuclear Iran

Douglas Murray at his best - Israel & Nuclear Iran

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Probably Douglas Murray's finest speech delineating the inane moral fetor emanating from Western academicians on the Iranian nuclear crisis (and the hapless Jewish state Europe hates).

douglas  murray  at  his  best  -  israel  &  nuclear  iran 

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Douglas Murray - (SML) Are Muslims Too Easily Offended?

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  (SML)  Are  Muslims  Too  Easily  Offended? 

23.09.2012Douglas Murray alongside Mohammed Ansar and Ajmal Masroor. Much credit has to go to Samira Ahmed for mentioning not just the third world behaving as expected, but mainstream organisations closer to home and their behaviour over the Tom Holland documentary recently, despite Mohammed...

Douglas Murray atomise Tariq Ramadan

Tags: Douglas  Murray  atomise  Tariq  Ramadan 

Version sous-titrée en français visible ici : comment l'écrivain britannique Douglas Murray atomisait Tariq Ramadan, le 28 février dernier, à l'occasion d'un débat sur la construction de mosquées à Athènes,...

The Pro-Islamist Left; Douglas Murray & Maryam Namazie (mirror)

Tags: The  Pro-Islamist  Left;  Douglas  Murray  &  Maryam  Namazie  (mirror) 

What country would you be welcome in as a radical feminist? Hmm? What if you're a lesbian? yeah right, you'd need to live in Israel. You wouldn't last 24 hours in an Muslim country.

Douglas Murray - Western Leader's 'Islamophilia'

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  Western  Leader's  'Islamophilia' 

24.09.14Douglas Murray on SunNewsNetwork discussing the continuing phenomenon of 'Islamophilia' amongst Western leaders in the face of ISIS.

BBC Newsnight: Douglas Murray on the Muslim Brotherhood

Tags: BBC  Newsnight:  Douglas  Murray  on  the  Muslim  Brotherhood 

CSC Director Douglas Murray appears on the BBC's flagship news programme Newsnight discussing the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (4 Feb 2011).

Douglas Murray on BBC's The Big Questions

Tags: Douglas  Murray  on  BBC's  The  Big  Questions 

HJS Associate Director Douglas Murray discusses British Identity and Iran on Nicky Campbell's The Big Questions, Sunday 4 March 2012.

Douglas Murray Trainwrecking Young Leftist Tuches

Tags: Douglas  Murray  Trainwrecking  Young  Leftist  Tuches 

(05.07.07) Since MuggedVideos lost his mind and decided that the same views he's been promoting for years, make one dangerous and fascistic, I'll be trying to upload as many of the old Douglas videos as possible, starting with the Question Time appearances that his channel no longer includes.This...

Douglas Murray - IQ2 - Europe Should Shut the Door on Immigration

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  IQ2  -  Europe  Should  Shut  the  Door  on  Immigration 

28.02.2013Douglas Murray speaking at an IQ2 Greece event, in favour of the motion 'Europe Should Shut the Door on Immigration

Douglas Murray - Israel in Gaza [22.07.14]

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  Israel  in  Gaza  [22.07.14] 

22.07.14Douglas Murray discusses the military operations in Gaza on the BBC's Daily Politics. HJS:

Douglas Murray - Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  Islam  Is  Not  a  Religion  of  Peace 

[6.10.2012]Douglas Murray in an IQ2 debate arguing against the motion 'Islam is a Religion of Peace'

Douglas Murray - Islam Has Failed Europe

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  Islam  Has  Failed  Europe 

Highlights of Douglas Murray's participation in a debate about Islam and Europe where for once the kid gloves were not present, despite all of the usual whining, strawmans and ad hominem's one is used to on a debate of this matter. Fortunately despite the latter, the silent majority carried...

Debate ft. Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Full), Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Tags: Debate  ft.  Ayaan  Hirsi  Ali  (Full),  Is  Islam  a  Religion  of  Peace? 

Full high quality video of the debate that took place on October 6th, 2010 on "Islam is a religion of peace". For the motion: Zeba Khan and Maajid Nawaz. And against the motion: the beautiful and intelligent Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray. * This was a great and insightful debate and I urge...

Douglas Murray - Copenhagen - Europe and Islam

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  Copenhagen  -  Europe  and  Islam 

Douglas Murray speaking in Copenhagen in November 2011, about Europe and its response to Islamism within its borders. Full speech and Q and A.

Murray Moments

  • Length: 15:0
  • Author: smugb

Tags: Murray  Moments 

Some of my favourite clips of Douglas Murray.

Why Palestinians Want This Video Removed

Tags: Why  Palestinians  Want  This  Video  Removed 

The Arabs who occupy the land of Israel want this video to be removed .Feel free to copy this video and help spread the truth the palestinians seek to deny.Jerusalem : Muslims and JewsOr :How and why palestinians desecrate the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.One of the most important videos on youtube...

Mehdi Hasan vs Douglas Murray, on multiculturalism, on BBC2's Daily Politics show

Tags: Mehdi  Hasan  vs  Douglas  Murray,  on  multiculturalism,  on  BBC2's  Daily  Politics  show 

Mehdi Hasan debates Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society on BBC2's Daily Politics Show in March 2011. The subject is multiculturalism. Mehdi Hasan is Senior Editor (Politics) at the New Statesman magazine.

Douglas Murray - The Woolwich Attack

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  The  Woolwich  Attack 

23.05.13Douglas Murray, Anjem Choudary and Julie Siddiqi discuss the implications of Michael Adebolaj one of the perpetrators of the attack taking part in one of Choudary's protests previously on Channel Four News.

Douglas Murray on QT - Osama bin Laden (05.05.2011)

Tags: Douglas  Murray  on  QT  -  Osama  bin  Laden  (05.05.2011) 

(05.05.2011)Douglas Murray on Question Time with all the moral relativism and faux outrage you expect from the British chattering classes, after the death of OBL.

Douglas Murray - Are we too critical of Israel?

Tags: Douglas  Murray  -  Are  we  too  critical  of  Israel? 

A frightening expose of how deluded people are in regard to Israel and how much the palestinian propaganda is believed by so many deluded idiots. talking sense, and telling the truth, as usual - but surrounded by woefully ignorant and ill-informed cretins....

Douglas Murray Slaps Left and Radical Islam

Tags: Douglas  Murray  Slaps  Left  and  Radical  Islam 

No IslamofascismNowhere NowhereUnder section 107 of Copyright Act of 1976 allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism,comment,news reporting,teaching,scholarship and research. Fair use is permitted by copyright statue that otherwise be infringing. Non-profit,education and...

Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins Kill god - Greatest Hits

Tags: Christopher  Hitchens  and  Richard  Dawkins  Kill  god  -  Greatest  Hits 

Two of the most clever and entertaining non-believers, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, dismantle assorted religious Kooks and their man-made texts with the finesse of Olympic Samurais, dicing religious dogma into microscopic particles too small to be retrieved by even the sharpest...