injection im ass

injection im ass

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injection  im  ass 

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Lip Augmentation VLOG: My Injection Experience

Tags: Lip  Augmentation  VLOG:  My  Injection  Experience 

*PLEASE READ ME*Here is the link to the Cosmetic Studio in Brisbane: I had a wonderful experience here and will return to get my lips done here forever more, even though I have to fly :)FAQ:WHERE DID YOU GET THEM DONE? The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane (linked just...

Intramuscular Testosterone Injection Techniques

Tags: Intramuscular  Testosterone  Injection  Techniques A tutorial demonstrating the appropriate technique for self administration of intramuscular injections of Testosterone or other medications


Tags: Miha-Ukol.mp4 

How To Give An I.M Injection At Buttocks & Choose Site For Injection?

Tags: How  To  Give  An  I.M  Injection  At  Buttocks  &  Choose  Site  For  Injection? 

very effective video explaining how to choose the correct site so as to give intramuscular injection at gluteal region.



Es mi sister preparandose para q la inyecten lo tenia bien rcerbado pero al fin lo publique primero en mi face pero como la pena y los fanceses lo pidieron ...pues s va al you tube...jajaja no paras d reir...

Injection therapy : local epidural anaesthesia via the hiatus sacralis,

Tags: Injection  therapy  :    local  epidural  anaesthesia  via  the  hiatus  sacralis, 

Infiltrations and injections in orthopaedic and sports medicine ; local epidural anaesthesia via the hiatus sacralis. Discover our new dvd on infiltrations and injections on

inyeccion, niña muy valiente!

Tags: inyeccion,  niña  muy  valiente! 

inyectando a mi hija! Arturo Alanis


Tags: Sprøytekongen 

Marius sette si første sprøyte, i rompa til Eirik!

Buttock Injection - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Tags: Buttock  Injection  -  Everything  You  Need  To  Know  -  Dr.  Nabil  Ebraheim 

Educational video describing the proper technique for injection into the gluteal region (buttocks).Become a friend on facebook: me on twitter:!/DrEbraheim_UTMC

Yamis inyection

Tags: Yamis  inyection 

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Butt Injection

Tags: Butt  Injection 

My poor baby



Descrição de como se aplicar uma injeção intramuscular utilizando-se a tecnica em Z, uma técnica utilizada para diminuir o desconforto pós-injeção e evitar a perda de pequenas doses do medicamento, o que iria alterar a funcionalidade, e/ou sua ação esperada.

inyeccion de miedo brezito

Tags: inyeccion  de  miedo  brezito 

quien no odia las inyecciones este video lo demuestra por que

The daily Progesterone in oil injection PIO

Tags: The  daily  Progesterone  in  oil  injection  PIO 

Every morning since L my IM's egg retrieval, I have had to give myself the PIO intramuscular injection. This is one the mornings

Delestrogen shot

Tags: Delestrogen  shot 

Watch as I receive a delestrogen shot for my IVF cycle for surrogacy! Ouch!

Avanti en Tu Casa (Aprende a inyectar)

Tags: Avanti  en  Tu  Casa  (Aprende  a  inyectar) 

Consejos medicos del personal de AVANTI MEDICAL CENTER en el programa TU CASA transmitido por el canal 52 MVS.Visitanos en: enTwitter: @AvantiMC1Facebook:

Pontius & Steve O Ass whoopin'

Tags: Pontius  &  Steve  O  Ass  whoopin' 

Chris Pontuius and Steve O get their asses kicked on WWE!!!

Female patient injection

Tags: Female  patient  injection 

More at: Female patient injection

Pelvic Exam

Tags: Pelvic  Exam 

http://www.pelvicexam.infoA patients talks about her previous pelvic exams.

Wonderful Shot, in my Buttocks.

Tags: Wonderful  Shot,  in  my  Buttocks. 

To make a long story short, I have B Negative blood. And i have to get a shot so my body won't fight off the baby. My mother taped me getting it, which has to go in my butt btw, and casey held down my pants. We aren't together anymore tho.

Plumbing Tips

Tags: Plumbing  Tips 

This video is kind of dumb, and the joke is so unoriginal we're a little bit embarrassed that we stooped to using it. On the other hand-- butt crack. Dumb and unoriginal... butt crack. You're going to have to make this decision on your own.

Joe's ass injection

Tags: Joe's  ass  injection 

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

My first T injection!! 1 month on T!

Tags: My  first  T  injection!!  1  month  on  T! 

Changed from tablets to injectable T. sustanon 250. 1 ml every 3 weeks :) so glad to be on it now! lets see some changes happnin :D Disclaimer i have a big ass!! PAHAHAHAAHAHAH

Ventrogluteal IM injection

Tags: Ventrogluteal  IM  injection 

My first stab(hah) at an intramuscular injection. At the end it looks like I'm about to close the safety needle with my finger, but its really just the angle. :P