Blonde Model in Red Dress Falls while on Runway! Funny!

Blonde Model in Red Dress Falls while on Runway! Funny!

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Lol a model on the runway falls while walking back!FAIL!____________________subscribe! got lot more great vids coming!

blonde  model  in  red  dress  falls  while  on  runway!  funny! 

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Model fail || fall compilation 2012-2013

Tags: Model  fail  ||  fall  compilation  2012-2013 

Model fail fall compilation 2012-2013.. Fail Collection, Fail compilation #Model #lol, Funny Video, Fashion Show Model Fail,I hope you guys enjoy it.. Subscribe my channel for more video. on Facebook page...

Tupac In The Studio Right Before He Shot The Movie Juice *Rare*

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Tupac (when he was 19) going to the studio and recording with appearance by Omar Epps in the studioPeep!RIP!

TOP 5 WEDDING Fails!!!!!!

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For more fail videos, visit my channel and subscribe.Top 5 reporter Fails:

Hazardous Runways

Tags: Hazardous  Runways 

It ain't an easy job modeling down the runway on slippery runways in mile-high stilettos. Here's a video podcast compilation of various and famous runway falling moments.Brought to you by

Fashion Model Falls

Tags: Fashion  Model  Falls 

Fashion Model Falls and more...

French Montana - I Made It Ft. Rick Ross and Masspike Miles (New Single)

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French Montana is doing yet another mixtape with DJ Holiday and here is a track from it.Definitely check it out!Lyrics coming soonSubscribe!

Sexy Top Models Fail / FallsCompilation - Fashion Fails

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sexy top models falls and fails on the runway, catwalk with high heels never make it. Fashion Fail.--Subscribe to my channel for more epic videos.

ESC 1985 Dress Fall

Tags: ESC  1985  Dress  Fall 

One of the best openings to a eurovision. Lill Lindfors "loses" her dress.

Fashion model falls off catwalk and into water

Tags: Fashion  model  falls  off  catwalk  and  into  water 

a fashion model fails big time during a catwalk show across water. Jesus she ain't.

Funniest Runway Model Falls of All Time!

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SHARE ON FACEBOOK: catwalk falls on the runway from charity fashion show models to A-List celebrities falling on the catwalk. There's nothing more funny than seeing models fall on the runway.Presented by Eve-Yasmine, The Teen Showbiz Journalist.Compilation by...

Runway Fall Compilation

Tags: Runway  Fall  Compilation 


Model falls in hole on runway at Shadang Fashion Show

Tags: Model  falls  in  hole  on  runway  at  Shadang  Fashion  Show 

Shaolin monk does a front flip and breaks a hole in the runway at Shadang fashion show Fashion model Sarah Welch a former contestant on the Bachelor ends up getting wet as she falls into the hole on the runway..which was above the swimming pool at Mondrian hotel...

Funny Fashion Bloopers With Models Falling On and Off The Runways

Tags: Funny  Fashion  Bloopers  With  Models  Falling  On  and  Off  The  Runways presents a funny compilation of fashion bloopers in which models fall on the runway, off the runway, through the runway (in a hole) and one disgruntled model even pees on the runway

Catwalk fail: supermodels fall over at Naomi Campbell's fashion event in Cannes

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Naomi Campbell's charity fashion show in Cannes doesn't go exactly to plan for some of the models.Get the latest headlines to The Telegraph us on Facebook...

Wiz Khalifa Talks about new single Roll Up,Cassie, Lil Wayne and Super Bowl

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Wiz talks about new single "Roll Up", Cassie, Superbowl and Lil Wayne doing Green and Yellow

Christian Dior Runway: Trips, Falls & Mishaps

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Compilation of Christian Dior by John Galliano's Runway Mishaps.

Model falls twice on catwalk wearing high heels - see if you can watch without laughing!

  • Length: 1:11
  • Author: nsr86

Tags: Model  falls  twice  on  catwalk  wearing  high  heels  -  see  if  you  can  watch  without  laughing! 

Model on a catwalk falls over TWICE - listen to the news anchors laughing - had me in stitches!

Best of FAILS 2010 Compilation

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Make Money on Auto Pilot! : Message Me!This is a huge funny compilation of funny fails and people getting pwned!Enjoy!

Top 10 Fashion Models Fail Compilation

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Top 10 Fashion Models Fail Compilation, funny fashion models fail, best fails, hilarious fail,comic fail,fashion model girls fail, big time fails,

Monty Python - Execution in Russia (funny sketch!)

Tags: Monty  Python  -  Execution  in  Russia  (funny  sketch!) 

Or shall we say failed execution in Russia?

Runway Mishaps & Models Falling

Tags: Runway  Mishaps  &  Models  Falling 

Thanks to all tFSers who has been posting videos and finding little mishaps in runways all around the globe! :D

Model Falls on Runway!

Tags: Model  Falls  on  Runway! 

The news reporters could not stop laughing!! Poor Girl.

funny Model trips and falls on runway

Tags: funny  Model  trips  and  falls  on  runway 

hope i am allowed to put this. its a wicked funny news clip.



Hot male model takes a hilarious fall on the runway...also see Eugena Washington from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7 second runner-up.