Blonde Model in Red Dress Falls while on Runway! Funny!

Blonde Model in Red Dress Falls while on Runway! Funny!

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Lol a model on the runway falls while walking back!FAIL!____________________subscribe! got lot more great vids coming!

blonde  model  in  red  dress  falls  while  on  runway!  funny! 

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Sexy Top Models Fail / FallsCompilation - Fashion Fails

Tags: Sexy  Top  Models  Fail  /  FallsCompilation  -  Fashion  Fails 

sexy top models falls and fails on the runway, catwalk with high heels never make it. Fashion Fail.--Subscribe to my channel for more epic videos.

Engaged Father Joins Dating Website | Judge Pirro

Tags: Engaged  Father  Joins  Dating  Website  |  Judge  Pirro 

As a teenage mother, she was understanding when he wanted to go out. But on the night they brought their newborn daughter home from the hospital, he went to a concert with another woman! He says she gave him permission. Do you think that makes it ok?

funny tennis

Tags: funny  tennis 

This is the funniest from Australien open 2011. Hope everybody like it.

On The 2nd Day Of Christmas Full Movie/Mark Ruffalo

Tags: On  The  2nd  Day  Of  Christmas  Full  Movie/Mark  Ruffalo 

found this movie laying around decided to upload it since i don't see any copies on youtube

Model fail || fall compilation 2012-2013

Tags: Model  fail  ||  fall  compilation  2012-2013 

Model fail fall compilation 2012-2013..I hope you guys enjoy it.. Subscribe my channel for more video. on Facebook page Guys Check My Website:-

Top 10 Fashion Models Fail Compilation

Tags: Top  10  Fashion  Models  Fail  Compilation 

Top 10 Fashion Models Fail Compilation, funny fashion models fail, best fails, hilarious fail,comic fail,fashion model girls fail, big time fails,

Christian Dior Runway: Trips, Falls & Mishaps

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Compilation of Christian Dior by John Galliano's Runway Mishaps.

Le voyage d'une jeune top-model (Arte)

  • Length: 51:12
  • Author: qcadot

Tags: Le  voyage  d'une  jeune  top-model  (Arte) 

De la Sibérie au Japon, les premiers pas d'une adolescente dans le milieu du mannequinat. Entre quotidien amer et méthodes douteuses des agents, un tableau accablant du monde de l'image.Nadya a 13 ans. Cette jeune Sibérienne et sa famille voient dans le mannequinat l'opportunité d'échapper...

Model Falls Four Times On The Runway

Tags: Model  Falls  Four  Times  On  The  Runway 


Tupac In The Studio Right Before He Shot The Movie Juice *Rare*

Tags: Tupac  In  The  Studio  Right  Before  He  Shot  The  Movie  Juice  *Rare* 

Tupac (when he was 19) going to the studio and recording with appearance by Omar Epps in the studioPeep!RIP!

Michael Jordan and Jeffrey Jordan Interview

Tags: Michael  Jordan  and  Jeffrey  Jordan  Interview 

Joint Interview

MUST WATCH-THE FUNNIEST Synchronized Walking

Tags: MUST  WATCH-THE  FUNNIEST  Synchronized  Walking 

This is the funniest Synchronized walking ever, Just look how good these Japanese are especially during the middle and end stages.

Hazardous Runways

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It ain't an easy job modeling down the runway on slippery runways in mile-high stilettos. Here's a video podcast compilation of various and famous runway falling moments.Brought to you by

Top 10 Catwalk Fails

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model falls of catwalk.Models tripping and falling.

Model Trips on the Runway

Tags: Model  Trips  on  the  Runway 

Model Trips on the Runway. Chanel 4 news reporters crack up.

Catwalk fail: supermodels fall over at Naomi Campbell's fashion event in Cannes

Tags: Catwalk  fail:  supermodels  fall  over  at  Naomi  Campbell's  fashion  event  in  Cannes 

Naomi Campbell's charity fashion show in Cannes doesn't go exactly to plan for some of the models.Get the latest headlines to The Telegraph us on Facebook...

Ellen's Toy Tester

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With all the great new toys out for the holidays, Ellen called in the help of a professional toy tester, 10-year-old Noah!Find out where to get he toys for yourself right here!

Wiz Khalifa Talks about new single Roll Up,Cassie, Lil Wayne and Super Bowl

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Wiz talks about new single "Roll Up", Cassie, Superbowl and Lil Wayne doing Green and Yellow

Calista's Funny Fashion Show!

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Calista puts on an unusual fashion show!


Tags: WHY  I  QUIT  MODELING⎟Allie  Evans 

Expand for more info:» My Last Video:» SUBSCRIBE: this video if you want more!Thank you for standing by me during all my life choices. This is something that I feel really strongly about and everyone might feel difrently but...

funny Model trips and falls on runway

Tags: funny  Model  trips  and  falls  on  runway 

hope i am allowed to put this. its a wicked funny news clip.

Model falls during 20 meters during Scha Collection Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Tags: Model  falls  during  20  meters  during  Scha  Collection  Cibeles  Madrid  Fashion  Week 

Model falls during 20 meters during Scha Collection Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Maria Lafuente

Model Falls twice - News anchors can't stop laughing Hilarious!

Tags: Model  Falls  twice  -  News  anchors  can't  stop  laughing  Hilarious! 

This gets funnier everytime you watch it!