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Woody - Since Then

Tags: Woody  -  Since  Then 

Yes! Out now on Mrsuicidesheeps label.Support woody by liking his facebook page!Share this on Facebook: it here:

Maduk ft Veela - Ghost Assassin

Tags: Maduk  ft  Veela  -  Ghost  Assassin 

Download for free (Like & download) Veela is a truly magical...

Nymfo - Conscious Minds

Tags: Nymfo  -  Conscious  Minds 

Can't stop moving to this! very contagious.Shared on facebook in 2 clicks: it here:...

Feint - Laurence

Tags: Feint  -  Laurence 

It's been some time since we had feint on Liquicity.Share on Facebook: Links:
http://feint.bandcamp.comJoin Liquicity Records Soundcloud &...

Matrix & Futurebound ft. Luke Bingham - All I Know (Rolling Out Mix)

Tags: Matrix  &  Futurebound  ft.  Luke  Bingham  -  All  I  Know  (Rolling  Out  Mix) 

Share on Facebook in 1 second: link: first single from Matrix & Futurebound's forthcoming album. Out soon on Metro/Viper Recordings.Matrix & Futurebound: Bingham:...

Perky & Ashman (ft. Anita Kelsey) - Good Lovin (Maduk Remix)

Tags: Perky  &  Ashman  (ft.  Anita  Kelsey)  -  Good  Lovin  (Maduk  Remix) 

Liquicity proudly presents it's 5th release. Out now on Liquicity Records!Buy the full EP here: on Facebook: combines both ingredients of chilled piano play with the fiery fury of oldskool organs to make the perfect Drum and Bass...

Maduk - Hourglass

Tags: Maduk  -  Hourglass 

Forthcoming on Liquicity - Date unknown. (soon to be announced)Facebook sharelink: Links:[Liquicity Merchandise:]EU:

Kinetics Bootleg

Tags: Kinetics  Bootleg 

Easy yet striking DOWNLOAD:

Netsky - Lost in this world

Tags: Netsky  -  Lost  in  this  world 

Turn on your subwoofer with this one!ForthcomingTALKIN' BEATZ001

Dexcell ft. Ellie Mae - Steal Me Away (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)

Tags: Dexcell  ft.  Ellie  Mae  -  Steal  Me  Away  (Ekko  &  Sidetrack  Remix) 

Out on breach audio 27th of August! Liquicity Records Soundcloud & Beatport!
Beatport Page:...

Exist Strategy - The Flow (Video) [Free Download]

Tags: Exist  Strategy  -  The  Flow  (Video)  [Free  Download] 

This is the track from my announcement video on 17tumba :)Exist Strategy - The Flow [Free Download]Follow Exist...

Hosta - All This Time (FREE)

Tags: Hosta  -  All  This  Time  (FREE) 

Free download at: and New school producer Hosta have got together to bring to you a free release to say happy Christmas!Track listing:A . All this timeAA. OdyC -- intention (Hosta Remix)For interview requests, and further information,...

Hybrid Minds - I'm Through

Tags: Hybrid  Minds  -  I'm  Through 

Available to buy now: this video on Facebook: a fan of Hybrid Minds: Hybrid Minds on Twitter:...

Liquicity 100K Mix

Tags: Liquicity  100K  Mix 

As promised: Here's the milestone mix to celebrate 100K of subscribers! I personally want to thank every single person who subscribed, donated, supported us by spreading the word about Liquid drum and bass & bought the merchandise to represent us.Thinking back on what the channel went through...

Angel - Wonderful (Dexcell Remix)

Tags: Angel  -  Wonderful  (Dexcell  Remix) 

Luverly music.Buy created with source material from Corrie WhiteSee her stunning Portfolio: her Facebook:...

(Liqsperiment) Idenline - Forgotten Dream

Tags: (Liqsperiment)  Idenline  -  Forgotten  Dream 

Idenline!/idenline[Liquicity Merchandise:]EU: ‪‬USA ‪‬Liquicity...

Danny Freakazoid & Strobe - Follow Me (KG Remix)

Tags: Danny  Freakazoid  &  Strobe  -  Follow  Me  (KG  Remix) 

Out now on strictly rhythm!Shared on facebook in 1 second: KG :Facebook:...

Manufactured Superstars ft. Scarlett Quinn - Take Me Over (High Maintenance remix)

Tags: Manufactured  Superstars  ft.  Scarlett  Quinn  -  Take  Me  Over  (High  Maintenance  remix) 

Out now: Yes, Liqsperiment. It will be a new addition to Liquicity where we try out new stuff. Remember that Liquicity will always be about Liquid drum and bass. With Liqsperiment we give...

Maduk ft. Veela - Ghost Assassin VIP

Tags: Maduk  ft.  Veela  -  Ghost  Assassin  VIP 

The VIP mix of Ghost AssassinVideo by KelsonArwhi: Download: MadukFacebook

Hybrid Minds - Summer Rain (Free)

Tags: Hybrid  Minds  -  Summer  Rain  (Free) 

Shared in 1 second: Facebook & Free download[Liquicity Merchandise:]EU: http://liquicity.spreadshirt.comLiquicity Facebook:

Seismix & Cahb - Midnight Sun

Tags: Seismix  &  Cahb  -  Midnight  Sun 

The melody, atmosphere.. everything just hits me straight into the heart.Free download link: links demo dropbox:[Liquicity...

EvenS - Tell

Tags: EvenS  -  Tell 

Mmmm yummy lovestep. EvenS:

Indivision & Livewire - Won't You Stay (Mistabishi remix)

Tags: Indivision  &  Livewire  -  Won't  You  Stay  (Mistabishi  remix) 

A remix like no other. Because this tune has been uploaded before I give you a Liquicity ambient...

Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Alive (QBIG Remix)

Tags: Dirty  South  &  Thomas  Gold  -  Alive  (QBIG  Remix) 

Wonderful Drum and Bass remix made for the Dirty South Remix Competition.QBIG links: Facebook: Sharelink:[Liquicity Merchandise:]EU:...

Grafix - Holding On (Phetsta Remix)

Tags: Grafix  -  Holding  On  (Phetsta  Remix) 

Share here on Facebook! now on CUE Recordingshttp://cuerecordings.comGrafix - Holding On (Phetsta Remix)This remix sees Technique's Phetsta take the subtle rolling sounds of Grafix's smash hit 'Holding On', and turn it on 
its head with fantastic results. With the...