Christ's Hospital School Band - Lord Mayor's Show 2012

Christ's Hospital School Band - Lord Mayor's Show 2012

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The BBC One footage of the Christ's Hospital School Band appearing in the Lord Mayor's Show 2012, playing their signature march, 'Sussex by the Sea'. Bandmaster: Terry Whittingham.

christ's  hospital  school  band  -  lord  mayor's  show  2012 

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11. (Beating The Retreat) Massed Bands, Traditional, Drummers Call.(Rajjj)

Tags: 11.  (Beating  The  Retreat)  Massed  Bands,  Traditional,  Drummers  Call.(Rajjj) 


Armed Forces Day 2011 - Edinburgh 1 off 2

Tags: Armed  Forces  Day  2011  -  Edinburgh  1  off  2 

Watch the Extended Version here:

Whitby Steam Bus, Elizabeth's 80th Anniversary Tour.

Tags: Whitby  Steam  Bus,  Elizabeth's  80th  Anniversary  Tour. 

These are clips from the new official DVD of Whitby's famous steam bus on her epic journey to London, the programme shows her travelling across the moors to York, operating a Stagecoach local bus service in Rugby, on a sight seeing trip around London, parading in the Lord Mayor's Show 2011,...

Beating Retreat 2011 at Christ's Hospital

Tags: Beating  Retreat  2011  at  Christ's  Hospital 

The traditional end-of-year Beating Retreat ceremony in the Quad at Christ's Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex. Farewell to the Leavers of 2011.

Lord, for the Years - BBC @ CH

Tags: Lord,  for  the  Years  -  BBC  @  CH 

Christ's Hospital Chapel Choir singing 'Lord, for the Years' by Timothy Dudley-Smith. It was recorded for BBC Radio 2's Sunday Half Hour. Broadcast Date: 02/09/2012Director of Music: Andrew ClearyOrganist: Peter DuttonProducer: Simon VivianRecording Engineers: Simon Westcombe, Rob Dyball© BBC...

Christ's Hospital Old Blues Day 28 April 2012

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  Old  Blues  Day  28  April  2012 

Christ's Hospital Old Blues Day 28 April 2012, when school leavers can return to visit the school. This video is of the band and students marching in. I have photos that will be on Facebook of "The Tube", in which we use to explore and brew beer during my time there! Access to The Tube has now...

Christ's Hospital Marchpast

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  Marchpast 

The pupils of Christ's Hospital perform a Marchpast for the Lord Mayor of London, his Aldermen and Sherriffs, the Governors of Christ's Hospital, the Headmaster and the Senior Grecian and Second Monitor. Filmed on Speech Day, Saturday 23rd May 2009.

The Lord Mayor's Show 2010 : The Military Bands

Tags: The  Lord  Mayor's  Show  2010  :  The  Military  Bands 

Some video clips from The Lord Mayor's Show on 13th November 2010 featuring some of the military bands which took part in the procession. The parade was led by The Band of The Grenadier Guards.

Christ's Hospital Speech Day 2013

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  Speech  Day  2013 

The annual visit of the Lord Mayor of London to Speech Day at Christ's Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex. Great music from the CH Band and the traditional marchpast by pupils from the 18 houses. 25th May 2013.

How Shall I Sing That Majesty - BBC @ CH

Tags: How  Shall  I  Sing  That  Majesty  -  BBC  @  CH 

Christ's Hospital School singing 'How Shall I Sing That Majesty' to the tune of Coe Fen by Ken Naylor (CH 1980-86). It was recorded for BBC Radio 2's Sunday Half Hour. Broadcast Date: 15/07/2012Director of Music: Andrew ClearyOrganist: Peter DuttonProducer: Simon VivianRecording Engineers: Simon...

Christ's Hospital Grecians Ball 2014

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  Grecians  Ball  2014 

Grecians Ball 2014

Christ's Hospital - Marching Into Lunch

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  -  Marching  Into  Lunch 

Every day (except Sundays), the students at Christ's Hospital march into lunch to the sound of the School Band. Christ's Hospital, often known as The Blue Coat School is near Horsham West Sussex and aims to provide an excellent education to students whose parents cannot afford normal private...

BBC Newsline

Tags: BBC  Newsline 

BBC Newsline announces Belfast hosting the World Irish Dancing Championships at the Waterfront Hall. Those interviewed are the head of An Coimision, the Lord Mayor of Belfast and a current World Irish Dancing Champion. Broadcast on Monday 20th February 2012.

Christ's Hospital - Band before marching in

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  -  Band  before  marching  in 

Every day (except Sundays) the Christ's Hospital Band plays and parades into the School Quadrangle. Once the band is stationary, the Houses march in and then the Band returns to the Music School before returning to the Dining room to each lunch.

14/20 Hussars singing sussex by the sea.avi

Tags: 14/20  Hussars  singing  sussex  by  the  sea.avi 

14/20 hussars singing sussex by the sea 1992

Christ's Hospital - Beating Retreat 2012

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  -  Beating  Retreat  2012 

30th June 2012 end of year


Tags: THE  LORD  MAYOR'S  SHOW  2013 

The Lord Mayor's Show is one of the best-known annual events in London as well as one of the longest-established, dating back to the 16th century. The 'Lord Mayor' after whom the show is named is the Lord Mayor of the City of London, a city and ceremonial county within Greater London and the...

Lord Mayor's Procession - London 2011

Tags: Lord  Mayor's  Procession  -  London  2011 

The new Lord Mayor of London, David Wootton, travels down Ludgate Hill in the gold State Coach from St Paul's Cathedral to the Royal Courts of Justice as part of the Lord Mayor's Show 2011.The Lord Mayor is preceded by the Mounted Band of the Life Guards.The 18th century coach is drawn by six...

Christ's Hospital Old Blues Day 20 April 2013 - Marching Into Lunch

Tags: Christ's  Hospital  Old  Blues  Day  20  April  2013  -  Marching  Into  Lunch 

Christ's Hospital - A School Like No Other. I have taken this extract from the School's webpage, and it sums up the school well.Christ's Hospital is in many ways unique, offering an independent education of the highest calibre to children with academic potential, from all walks of life in a...

Lord Mayor's Show (Part 3) London,UK

Tags: Lord  Mayor's  Show  (Part  3)  London,UK 

Lord Mayor's Show & Parade 2010 (Part 3) - London, UK- 13 Nov 2010

The Lord Mayor's Show 2012

Tags: The  Lord  Mayor's  Show  2012 

Yearly parade of the Lord Mayor's handover

Mark Featherstone-Witty on BBC Breakfast 23/01/2013

Tags: Mark  Featherstone-Witty  on  BBC  Breakfast  23/01/2013 

Mark Featherstone-Witty, CEO of LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) defends education in the arts.