Wippenberg feat Tiff Lacey - Promised Land

Wippenberg feat Tiff Lacey - Promised Land

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wippenberg  feat  tiff  lacey  -  promised  land 

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ATB - Distant Earth 2011

Tags: ATB  -  Distant  Earth  2011 



1. Matt Darey feat. Izzy - Eternity (Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix - 3rd version)2. Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey - The Truth (Reuben Halsey Chillout Remix)3. Adam Nickey feat.Tiff Lacey - Letting Go (Michael Witness Ambient Mix)4. Headstrong feat.Tiff Lacey - Show Me The Love (Reuben Halsey Chillout...

ATB Mix [Best of ATB 1998-2002]

Tags: ATB  Mix  [Best  of  ATB  1998-2002] 

produced and mixed by DJ Harry Kent (Tracklist in the description)Andre Tanneberger ist einer der bekanntesten deutschen Musikproduzenten in der elektronischen Musikszene. In 2013 feiert "ATB" nun sein 15-jähriges Bühnenjubiläum. Grund genug ein besonderes Special zu präsentieren. "The world...

Cosmic Gate - Should Have Known (Wippenberg extended remix)

Tags: Cosmic  Gate  -  Should  Have  Known  (Wippenberg  extended  remix) 

Cosmic Gate - Should Have Known (Wippenberg extended remix)

Jasper Forks - Alone (Extended Radio Mix)

Tags: Jasper  Forks  -  Alone  (Extended  Radio  Mix) 

Now on Facebook!! Join and share : http://www.facebook.com/pages/NarcizusRecords/141639585897700All songs, mixes and remixes are the property of their respective owners. The owner will let me know if he doesn`t want his tracks to be posted here. Thank You.

Super 8 Vs. Dj Tab - Needs To Feel (Wippenberg Mix)

Tags: Super  8  Vs.  Dj  Tab  -  Needs  To  Feel  (Wippenberg  Mix) 

Cannot stop listening to this tune

Thieving 501

Tags: Thieving  501 

Three Spectral Union members robbing entire Gucci Trade on Troy. Casting Athena_vn (SoS+9 Glavie), Vixie (64+7 spear), and TuyetNhi (SoS 64+7 Glavie)How to rob a union trade with 3 thieves =)

Tiff Lacey no more rain

Tags: Tiff  Lacey  no  more  rain 

Tiff Lacey no more rain 2008 Video

Sax House Florencio Cruz Wippenberg- Pong

Tags: Sax  House  Florencio  Cruz  Wippenberg-  Pong 


Wippenberg feat Tiff Lacey - Promised Land (Extended Mix)

Tags: Wippenberg  feat  Tiff  Lacey  -  Promised  Land  (Extended  Mix) 

HQ: http://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=0C-WNZlPBHE&fmt=18Utworek pochodzi z Sierpnia 2007 roku. Pamiętam jak urzekł mnie wtedy ten przepiękny vocal i cała ta otoczka wokół niego... ta nutka dla mnie pozostanie na zawsze jedną z najlepszych produkcji Wippenberga. I love it :)"You said you would...

Wippenberg feat Tiff Lacey A Promised Land original mix

Tags: Wippenberg  feat  Tiff  Lacey  A  Promised  Land  original  mix 

This is one of the best songs ever made.made by Wippenberg with beautiful vocals by Tiff Lacey!! Disclaimer !!All rights to the owners of this material.I know its against the law to publish other peoples art without their permission, but its to good to keep from people. If the owners of this...

Bobina feat. Tiff Lacey - Where Did You Go (First State Intro Mix)

Tags: Bobina  feat.  Tiff  Lacey  -  Where  Did  You  Go  (First  State  Intro  Mix) 

Great Remix of First State with the Beautiful Vocals of Tiff Lacey, Enjoy.Lyrics:I hear your voiceEven in the crowdI have no choiceListen carefullyLove the noiseSpeaking so loudIs there any chance I get to see?Where did you go? Where did you go?Where did you go to leave me and the world...

Aurosonic feat. Tiff Lacey - I Wish

Tags: Aurosonic  feat.  Tiff  Lacey  -    I  Wish 

From Aurosonic's latest album.. Always Together. A track that surely bumped my mind, kept on playing the same song for the latest 35 minutes.Being a fact I'm also a piano player, I've been struck by this album.. every track, encounters a different story.The great & unique voice of Tiff lacey,...

Cosmic Gate Ft. Tiff Lacey - Open your heart

Tags: Cosmic  Gate  Ft.  Tiff  Lacey  -  Open  your  heart 

I have lingered, for only the instantJust like searching, waiting for snowAnd now it's here, this is our momentThere's no way past, I'll won't let it goCan you sense the atmosphereDo you feel aliveEverything seems so very clearBreathing to surviveIf you open your heartShow me insideWon't let you...

Headstrong & Tiff Lacey - The Truth (David West Progressive)

Tags: Headstrong  &  Tiff  Lacey  -  The  Truth  (David  West  Progressive) 

Headstrong & Tiff Lacey - The Truth (David West Progressive Mix)

Illitheas feat. Tiff Lacey - Little Heart (Mellomania Edit)

Tags: Illitheas  feat.  Tiff  Lacey  -  Little  Heart  (Mellomania  Edit) 

One of the best vocal trance tracks, edited by Pedro Del Mar.

Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the sky (Wippenberg remix)

Tags: Ian  Van  Dahl  -  Castles  in  the  sky  (Wippenberg  remix) 

A very good remix.Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the sky (Wippenberg remix)

Pryda - Illusions (Original Mix)

Tags: Pryda  -  Illusions  (Original  Mix) 

Pryda - Illusions (Original Mix)PRY019.5out now http://beatport.com/s/r1jv1t

Wippenberg -- Promised Land (Spaera remix)

  • Length: 6:23
  • Author: nytek

Tags: Wippenberg  --  Promised  Land  (Spaera  remix) 

The Remix Redux chopped by Nytek

Wippenberg -- Promised Land (Spaera remix)

Tags: Wippenberg  --  Promised  Land  (Spaera  remix) 

Not Mine - Credits To The Owner

Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Original Version)

Tags: Karen  Overton  -  Your  Loving  Arms  (Original  Version) 

Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Original Version)

Aly & Fila - Paradise (feat. Tiff Lacey) [Club Mix]

Tags: Aly  &  Fila  -  Paradise  (feat.  Tiff  Lacey)  [Club  Mix] 

Hidden Bomb from Aly & Fila's Upcoming album "Rising Sun" played in their set recorded live @ Streamlined 26/12/2009

Headstrong feat Tiff Lacey - Close Your Eyes (factoria remix

Tags: Headstrong  feat  Tiff  Lacey  -  Close  Your  Eyes  (factoria  remix 

From dj Doboy's Vocal Ed. Vol 18 Album.just close ur eyeshave faith in what you feeljust close ur eyesand wake to what is realfeeling electrifedIt's sensual appealJust close your eyes and all will be revealed...all will be revealed