Martin Freeman on 'The Hobbit' - Film 2012 - Episode 16 - BBC One

Martin Freeman on 'The Hobbit' - Film 2012 - Episode 16 - BBC One

Watch the video from YouTube Martin Freeman talks about the large scale production of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. For Freeman, the main advantage was the endless location catering.

martin  freeman  on  'the  hobbit'  -  film  2012  -  episode  16  -  bbc  one 

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Bradley Cooper The Sexiest Man Alive - The Graham Norton Show - Series 10 Episode 6 - BBC One

  • Length: 3:31
  • Author: BBC

Tags: Bradley  Cooper  The  Sexiest  Man  Alive  -  The  Graham  Norton  Show  -  Series  10  Episode  6  -  BBC  One 

More about this programme: Graham chats with Bradley about him being voted sexiest man alive -- Jessica being the sexiest woman and James having a sexy photo spread.

Did Richard Bury a Badger with the Banker from Deal or No Deal? - Would I Lie to You? - BBC One

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  • Author: BBC

Tags: Did  Richard  Bury  a  Badger  with  the  Banker  from  Deal  or  No  Deal?  -  Would  I  Lie  to  You?  -  BBC  One 

More about this programme: Osman claims he buried a badger with the banker from Deal or No Deal.

Christmas Carolling with Miranda & Stevie - Miranda - Series 3 Episode 1 - BBC One

  • Length: 0:42
  • Author: BBC

Tags: Christmas  Carolling  with  Miranda  &  Stevie  -  Miranda  -  Series  3  Episode  1  -  BBC  One 

More about this programme: and Miranda find themselves performing in a festive choir.

Peter Jackson on 'The Hobbit' - Film 2012 - Episode 16 - BBC One

  • Length: 1:38
  • Author: BBC

Tags: Peter  Jackson  on  'The  Hobbit'  -  Film  2012  -  Episode  16  -  BBC  One Director Peter Jackson talks about his decision to shoot The Hobbit trilogy in a higher frame rate. Critics are divided over this choice.

Explosions - ancient to present

Tags: Explosions  -  ancient  to  present 

Explosions how we shook the world, from ancient explosions to nuclear explosions

Martin Freeman - You Have Been Watching S01E05

Tags: Martin  Freeman  -  You  Have  Been  Watching  S01E05 

Martin Freeman ospite da "You Have Been Watching" S01E05

Martin Freeman Interview -- The Hobbit

Tags: Martin  Freeman  Interview  --  The  Hobbit 

He's been Arthur Dent and Doctor Watson, but now Martin Freeman is 'The Hobbit'. Not a hobbit, *The* Hobbit. Empire speaks to the former Office member about his time down in New Zealand, as well as his conkers-playing skills... to...

Martin Freeman talks The Hobbit and more!

Tags: Martin  Freeman  talks  The  Hobbit  and  more! 

Martin Freeman talks to Neil Fox about his new film, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Magic Breakfast. Martin talks about how he deals with fame, how he came to get the role of Bilbo Baggins and of course - the new series of Sherlock!-----Magic 105.4 is London's favourite radio station,...

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, meets the cast of The Hobbit

Tags: Prince  William,  Duke  of  Cambridge,  meets  the  cast  of  The  Hobbit 

If you are in the US and can't see the video, try this link - William, Duke of Cambridge, meets the cast of The Hobbit at the UK Premiere, December 12, 2012, including Peter Jackson, Ian McKellen, Richard Armtiage, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Cate Blanchett and...

Martin Freeman Talks Sherlock and Fargo

Tags: Martin  Freeman  Talks  Sherlock  and  Fargo 

Martin Freeman talks about Sherlock and Fargo. Broadcast 25/4/14.

Pure Fm : The Hobbit Martin Freeman Interview (HD)

Tags: Pure  Fm  :  The  Hobbit  Martin  Freeman  Interview  (HD) 

Toutes les interviews Cinéma : 720 p/1080p Ecoutez Pure Fm : Fm sur Facebook : Join us on Youtube :...

Hobbit Special - Martin Freeman On The Graham Norton Show Full Interview (14/12/12).

Tags: Hobbit  Special  -  Martin  Freeman  On  The  Graham  Norton  Show  Full  Interview  (14/12/12). 

Martin Freeman talks to Graham about his role in Peter Jackson's latest epic "The Hobbit" and also discusses his views on the Royal Family.

The Hobbit : Rivendell (behind the scenes)

Tags: The  Hobbit  :  Rivendell  (behind  the  scenes) 

Must see if you are a FOTC fan!Blu-ray Special features - A SHORT REST : Rivendell and LondonIan Mckellen as GandalfHugo Weaving as Elrond Bret Mckenzie as Lindir/FIGWIT

Martin Freeman Interview - Balancing Sherlock & The Hobbit

Tags: Martin  Freeman  Interview  -  Balancing  Sherlock  &  The  Hobbit 

Martin Freeman Interview - Balancing Sherlock & The Hobbit

Making Of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Full | All of Production Blogs 1-9

Tags: Making  Of  "The  Hobbit:  An  Unexpected  Journey"  Full  |  All  of  Production  Blogs  1-9 

Part 10 "The Premiere": first nine "The Hobbit: Behind the Scenes" videos presented by Peter Jackson, the director of the upcoming Hobbit Film Trilogy ("An Unexpected Journey", "The Desolation of Smaug", "There and Back Again"). The man behind the...

Martin Freeman Likes to be Naughty on the set of 'The Hobbit'

Tags: Martin  Freeman  Likes  to  be  Naughty  on  the  set  of  'The  Hobbit' 

E-asylum's Cassidy Gard sat down with British actor Benedict Cumberbatch to chat about his role as "Smaug" in The Hobbit. He also shows us how Martin Freeman flips the bird on set."LIKE" us on Facebook:

The Hobbit 3: Battle Of The Five Armies SDCC Official Comic Con Panel 2014

Tags: The  Hobbit  3:  Battle  Of  The  Five  Armies  SDCC  Official  Comic  Con  Panel  2014 

The Hobbit 3: Battle Of The Five Armies SDCC Official Comic Con Panel with Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis, Evangeline Lilly, Cate Blanchet, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Lee Pace, director Peter Jackson, screenwriter Philippa Boyens and moderator Stephen Colbert.Movie & TV Interviews, Reviews &...

Martin Freeman - Friday Night With Jonathan Ross 2005

Tags: Martin  Freeman  -  Friday  Night  With  Jonathan  Ross  2005 

An interview with actor Martin Freeman on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross from April 2005.Visit my website at

THE HOBBIT Interviews: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and Richard Armitage

Tags: THE  HOBBIT  Interviews:  Martin  Freeman,  Ian  McKellen,  Andy  Serkis  and  Richard  Armitage 

Emmy winner Jake Hamilton sits down with the stars of THE HOBBIT -- Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and Richard Armitage -- only on JAKE'S TAKES! Follow Jake around the world at

Martin Freeman - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Interview with Tribute

Tags: Martin  Freeman  -  The  Hobbit:  An  Unexpected  Journey  Interview  with  Tribute 

Ian Holm may have played Bilbo Baggins in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but when director Peter Jackson announced he was filming "The Hobbit," he wanted a new actor to take the lead. Enter Martin Freeman, who was more than pleased to accept the challenge and take over the spoke...

Martin Freeman Clips

Tags: Martin  Freeman  Clips 

Martin Freeman's funny clips in interviews, awards and The Office bloopers. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!! xxx

Hobbit cast on Anderson Cooper Live December 14, 2012

Tags: Hobbit  cast  on  Anderson  Cooper  Live  December  14,  2012 

Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage & Andy Serkis on Anderson Cooper Live, aired on December 14, 2012.Fore more Richard Armitage news, visit

The formula for a Bond woman name - The Graham Norton Show - Series 12 Episode 2 - BBC One

  • Length: 3:14
  • Author: BBC

Tags: The  formula  for  a  Bond  woman  name  -  The  Graham  Norton  Show  -  Series  12  Episode  2  -  BBC  One 

More about this programme: Graham explains to his guests the formula for finding your Bond woman name.

Help me! I've gashed my eyebrow! - Bizarre ER - BBC Three

  • Length: 3:58
  • Author: BBC

Tags: Help  me!  I've  gashed  my  eyebrow!  -  Bizarre  ER  -  BBC  Three A Bradford teenager ends up in A&E after getting a nasty gash above the eye whilst waltzing on a bouncy castle with friends.

Re-Issue: Everything Wrong With The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Tags: Re-Issue:  Everything  Wrong  With  The  Hobbit:  The  Desolation  Of  Smaug 

Yes, you have probably seen this before. Hence the "Re-Issue" part of the title. We have made a sacrifice to the gods of online video and are now able to bring back to life our sins video for The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. We hope you enjoy it as much the second time around as you did the...