ENG | SPA Donghae is Eunhyuk's admirer, stalker & abuser - EunHae

ENG | SPA Donghae is Eunhyuk's admirer, stalker & abuser - EunHae

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This video doesn't belong to me. Name of the show starts at 00:30 (up, left). Date: 120228 Please do not mention the name of the show. Sorry, this is not the best quality.ENG subs by KL, SharonJing & Rayan. SPA subs by Alissa. Video by Alissa. DO NOT TAKE OUT DO NOT RE-UP.

eng  |  spa  donghae  is  eunhyuk's  admirer,  stalker  &  abuser  -  eunhae 

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[ENGSUB] Eunhyuk:give me a kiss donghae~

Tags: [ENGSUB]  Eunhyuk:give  me  a  kiss  donghae~ 

bbobbo=kiss eunhae^^eunhae is Real!!

All About EunHae - part 3 [ENG]

Tags: All  About  EunHae  -  part  3  [ENG] 

Here we go, part 3 of my Donghae/Hyukjae fanvid. This is for all you amazing eunhae shippers out there. I simply can't thank you enough ♥ Credits in the info box:Made by: VixoonSongs: 12:18Video credits: As taggedTranslators:0:36-0:43 - babybluelf89 / worktheroom1:23-1:38 - Alissa...

EunHae - Eunhyuk Carried Donghae FUNNY !

Tags: EunHae  -  Eunhyuk  Carried  Donghae  FUNNY  ! 

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ENG | SPA Donghae threatens Eunhyuk 'I'm gonna tell your mom!' - EunHae

Tags: ENG  |  SPA  Donghae  threatens  Eunhyuk  'I'm  gonna  tell  your  mom!'  -  EunHae 

DONGHAE, YOU. Para activar los subs al español hacer clic en CC. If the CC are activated for english users, please turn them off by doing clic on CC.PS: This (the whole 30 minutes episode) is available on mediafire without English subs. Part 1: http://bit.ly/w5odZX Part 2: http://bit.ly/zzkZCq...

Did EunHae kiss?

Tags: Did  EunHae  kiss? 

^^ ~ EunHae/HaeHyuk is real!

ENGSUB Kyuhyun's way of flirting with a guy

Tags: ENGSUB  Kyuhyun's  way  of  flirting  with  a  guy 

The guy looked shy lol :D Kyuhyun must have scared him pretty bad lololol~ But Kyuhyun's such a weirdo. *Silence* "Oh long time no see" XDCredit; yiyitt1351 and as tagged, akyufanTrans & sub; oneminutekyuShow's name; Celebrity Tour Guides*If you haven't already watched it, visit siohappy's...

Eunhae SS4 moment #10 [Eunhae's Affection - Rated 18]

Tags: Eunhae  SS4  moment  #10  [Eunhae's  Affection  -  Rated  18] 

tokyo domeeeeeee~!!! hyukkie whyyy whyyyyyy~!!! HAHAHthis is too much im not surprised if they do something more in the future btw so sorry for the super lack of uploads!im having a major project in school but im trying my best to not be MIA ;P heheVideo is not mineFull credits as tagged in video (:

ENG | SPA Donghae is Eunhyuk's idiot, forevaaaah - EunHae

Tags: ENG  |  SPA  Donghae  is  Eunhyuk's  idiot,  forevaaaah  -  EunHae 

Turn off Captions if you want to see eng sub. Hagan clic en el botón Subtítulos para ver sub esp. Not mine. Nothing is mine. Do not mention any info about it, please. You can ask me the name of the show over twitter: @hyukhaek

ENG | SPA Eunhyuk & Donghae's ridiculous fight - EunHae

Tags: ENG  |  SPA  Eunhyuk  &  Donghae's  ridiculous  fight  -  EunHae 

HD! The quality in 360p sucks big time, I don't know why. Para activar los subs al español, hagan clic en CC (if the CC are activated for english users, turn them off).Btw guys, if you know some moments that are not here anymore, please do comment about it! I would love to bring every moment...

Eunhae SS4 moment #1 [Hae is secretly jealous until he forgot his part?]

Tags: Eunhae  SS4  moment  #1  [Hae  is  secretly  jealous  until  he  forgot  his  part?] 

GUYS ARE YOU READY FOR SS4 MOMENTS?!! ^o^hahah sorry if im abit late. no. reallyyyy late!!well im still busy with school but i will try my best toupload one ss4 eunhae moment per day(or more) ;Pa eunhae moment a day, keeps the blues awayyy~& anyone here went to SS4 SG DAY 2??!!!IM STILL HAVING...

ENG Eunhyuk says Donghae is his girlfriend - EunHae

Tags: ENG  Eunhyuk  says  Donghae  is  his  girlfriend  -  EunHae 

Well, well, WELL SIR.Date: 110423

110311-13 EunHae IS REALL!!! ~♥ ALL Moment at SS3 Taiwan (MUST WATCH).flv

Tags: 110311-13  EunHae  IS  REALL!!!  ~♥  ALL  Moment  at  SS3  Taiwan  (MUST  WATCH).flv 

OMG!!! tHIS is vid is showing to much love..im really spazzing right now!!Im so loving the way Hae looks to HyukkieNo doubt Eunhae is real!!♥.♥sOOry for re uploading.. but cant handle it. loving this vid!! T.TDon't modify! Video & LOGO ~ Video by 阿絲絲 ~ Credit 阿絲絲

ENG Eunhyuk's thoughts about EunHae/SJ couples & why fans like it - EunHae

Tags: ENG  Eunhyuk's  thoughts  about  EunHae/SJ  couples  &  why  fans  like  it  -  EunHae 

Do not re-up, do not take out with full and proper credits. Do not mention the name of the show. Thanks. Enjoy![110725] For those who asked about the show's name, go here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/20/infojn.png/

ENGSUB W3 G0T M4RR13D Eunhyuk Leeteuk babies CUT

Tags: ENGSUB  W3  G0T  M4RR13D  Eunhyuk  Leeteuk  babies  CUT 

Show's name: Updated in title ^^ *Comments disabled because a lot of you are mentioning show's name in the comment box. The broadcast channel will find it easier to track down the video when that happens and give me a strike. I hope you guys understand~Translator, typesetter, encoder, timer,...

ENG Lonely Donghae calls the strawberry addicted Eunhyuk - EunHae

Tags: ENG  Lonely  Donghae  calls  the  strawberry  addicted  Eunhyuk  -  EunHae 

Just uploading this simple and cute video to celebrate that I have internet again! /TERS OF JOY.I had to cut Hyukjae talking because.. well he talked --with Donghae-- kind of a lot actually XD. They just kept talking and talking and after 2 minutes I was like "Should I cut it?", their chat was...

ENGSUB Eunhyuk talks about Donghae being attacked

Tags: ENGSUB  Eunhyuk  talks  about  Donghae  being  attacked 

FULL; http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBF6ABB8A283DC4D7&feature=plcp

Donghae Kissed Eunhyuk!!

Tags: Donghae  Kissed  Eunhyuk!! 

I was searching for this moment for ages! o.o! The user that had this in his/her account deleted the video! So I re-upped this again~

Hello Counselor - Heechul, Kang In, Shin Dong, Ryeokwook of Super Junior (2014.10.06)

Tags: Hello  Counselor  -  Heechul,  Kang  In,  Shin  Dong,  Ryeokwook  of  Super  Junior  (2014.10.06) 

Someone stop my friend. ‘Man Who Eats Anything’. Don’t get caught by my mom. ‘It’s Over When Caught’. Are they dating or not? ‘Something’s Going On’ Will ‘We’ll Be Ruined’ win for a third week?-------------------------------------------------Subscribe KBS World Official...

DongHae Wants to Play with EunHyuk [eng sub]

Tags: DongHae  Wants  to  Play  with  EunHyuk  [eng  sub] 

Found this floating around too. I LOVE EUNHAE Aren't they soo cute? xD I love how they punish each other randomly

120228 Boom the K-POP - 슈퍼주니어

Tags: 120228  Boom  the  K-POP  -  슈퍼주니어 


[ENG] Super Junior Eunhyuk Is Afraid Of injection

Tags: [ENG]  Super  Junior    Eunhyuk  Is  Afraid  Of  injection 

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