ARNIS Grand Master "Rodel" Dagooc

ARNIS Grand Master "Rodel" Dagooc

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Training Session at Luneta Park with GM Rodel Dagooc

arnis  grand  master  "rodel"  dagooc 

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master rodel and mr rawlins in action

Tags: master  rodel  and  mr  rawlins  in  action 

master rodel and mr rawlins demonstration dilo-dulo

MUST SEE! Grandmaster of Eskrima, Atillo Balintawak WEAPONS sparring with student Virgil.

Tags: MUST  SEE!    Grandmaster  of  Eskrima,  Atillo  Balintawak  WEAPONS  sparring  with  student  Virgil. 

World Balintawak-Arnis- Eskrima Association Atillo Balintawak- Saavedra StyleCrispulo "Ising" Atillo (Grandmaster)Visit for private lessons and seminars. Filming was done at Master Louis B. Giamo's Eagleville Taekwondo Academy in Norristown, PA

The Bladed Hand: Arnis Village with Rodel Dagooc and Bert Labaniego

Tags: The  Bladed  Hand:  Arnis  Village  with  Rodel  Dagooc  and  Bert  Labaniego 

Outtakes from my shoot with GMs Rodel Dagooc and Bert Labaniego, at the Arnis Village in Batangas

arnis / eskrima / kali practice with GM Rodel Dagooc (II)

  • Length: 4:44
  • Author: AEK

Tags: arnis  /  eskrima  /  kali  practice  with  GM  Rodel  Dagooc  (II) 

arnis / eskrima / kali practice with GM Rodel Dagooc @ Anilao, Philippines

rodel modern arnis master

Tags: rodel  modern  arnis  master 

Modern Arnis

ARNIS FIGHTING - Grand Master Galo D. Lalic (Exclusive Interview) Rainer Loeser

Tags: ARNIS  FIGHTING  -  Grand  Master  Galo  D.  Lalic  (Exclusive  Interview)  Rainer  Loeser 

Arnis and Kali is a Filipino Martial Arts system that originated around the 500AD, but it is only in recent years, its full potentials have been known. Grand Master Galo. D. Lalic is well known throughout the Philippines. To this day, he continues to teach Kalintaw and has traveled the world...

ARNIS CANE FIGHTING Grand Master Galo D. Lalic (Rainer Loeser)

Tags: ARNIS  CANE  FIGHTING  Grand  Master  Galo  D.  Lalic  (Rainer  Loeser) 

The cane is very useful indeed. Today it is used in Arnis fighting, but during the Cold war era, it was used as a lethal weapon. Grand Master Galo Lalic demonstrates some of the methods used in Arnis fighting, by using the cane. Available now on DVD at NEW RELEASE 2010.

eskrima girl

Tags: eskrima  girl 


Grand Master Rodel Dagooc and Master Giorgio Porcellana - Filippine 1996-97

Tags: Grand  Master  Rodel  Dagooc  and  Master  Giorgio  Porcellana    -  Filippine  1996-97 

Il mio inizio nella scuola del Maestro Rodel Dagooc

"Combative Baton Intro" with OJ & Nutnfancy

Tags: "Combative  Baton  Intro"  with  OJ  &  Nutnfancy 

The telescoping, impact baton is still one of my favorite non-lethal self-defense tools. In competent hands it transforms from it compat carry form into a formidable weapon. However skill, timing, speed, and footwork are required to employ it correctly. And all those things take practice and a...

Volume 7 : Two Cane Continues Disarming Techniques and Empty Hand Translation

Tags: Volume  7  :  Two  Cane  Continues  Disarming  Techniques  and  Empty  Hand  Translation 

Classic Series Video with Grandmaster Remy A. Presas - Volume 7: Two Cane Continues Disarming Techniques and Empty Hand Translation Approx: 59 minYou will learn:Practical Self Defense Part 1One Stick DisarmingPractical Self Defense Part 2Double Stick DisarmsPractical Self Defense Part 3Throwing...

Abaniko 10 Count -Kali, Arnis, Doce Pares

Tags: Abaniko  10  Count  -Kali,  Arnis,  Doce  Pares 

See more instructional videos at

Pekiti-Tirsia Kali - Military CQC Course - Patikul, Sulu, Jolo

Tags: Pekiti-Tirsia  Kali  -  Military  CQC  Course  -  Patikul,  Sulu,  Jolo 

Pekiti-Tirsia Military Edged-Impact Weapon System CQC Course conducted in Patikul, Sulu, Jolo island for the Philippine Marine Corps and US Army Special Forces ODA

Kombatan Filipino Martial Arts Demo

Tags: Kombatan  Filipino  Martial  Arts  Demo 

Kombatan Sweden went to The Philippines for the 12th IPMAF World Training Camp 2011 to train with the filipino black belts. This movie demonstrates some of the flow techniques that is used in Kombatan, originally developed by Great Grandmaster Ernesto Amador Presas, also known as Presas Style.To...

Grand Master Shorinji Kenpo demonstration

Tags: Grand  Master  Shorinji  Kenpo  demonstration 

Juho demonstration of Shorinji Kenpo

Modern Arnis Sparring

Tags: Modern  Arnis  Sparring 

Dr. Remy Presas and Senior Master Rodel Dagooc Sparring with Blade.

Rapido Realismo Kali

Tags: Rapido  Realismo  Kali 

new clips. Me sharing some few tips to my Student Junel Oliveros at Luneta, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines

Arnis of the 50s: French Documentary

Tags: Arnis  of  the  50s:  French  Documentary 

Old french documentary about Filipino Martial Arts in a little town called Patling. Thanks to fernast of finding the clip at for translating the French narration. His work made it possible for me to...

Arnis Fight

Tags: Arnis  Fight 

Inayan Eskrima - KDM "Basics" (sample)

Tags: Inayan  Eskrima  -  KDM  "Basics"  (sample) 

This is NOT a video of knife fighting techniques. This is for the use of Inayan students to complement their Serrada training. Kadena De Mano translates to "chain of hand" and is a combination of empty-hand and knife/dagger techniques. It covers basic and advanced blocks (or counters), basic and...

Triangular Footwork

Tags: Triangular  Footwork 

This is the triangular footwork matrix for our training

Do NOT Punch In A Street Fight

Tags: Do  NOT  Punch  In  A  Street  Fight - Learning how to punch in a real street fight can be useless self defense training yet it's taught as the most common martial arts technique. Here's why you should never punch in a real fight.

Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima - Empty Hand and Knife Fighting

Tags: Heyrosa  De  Cuerdas  Eskrima  -  Empty  Hand  and  Knife  Fighting 

Short clips of Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima training. Video starts off with Grand Master Uwit Jecong demonstrating some open-hand grappling techniques and the De Cuerdas system of "flow"This is then followed by some basic De Cuerdas knife fighting techniques, and then some actual knife...

DVD Modern Arnis with Master Bambit Dulay -

Tags: DVD  Modern  Arnis  with  Master  Bambit  Dulay  - 

Available : Worldwide Shipping. filmed in Negros occidental around Bacolod City - Philippines.Modern Arnis with master Bambit Dulay - IMAFPIn this next dvd : In the classical section :...

Master Rodel Dagoac

Tags: Master  Rodel  Dagoac 

Modern Arnis Master Rodel Dagoac demonstration from the 2002 "Day of Play" in San Francisco. Filmed with his permission